12 Pug Breeders in Minnesota (MN)

Pug puppies are one popular dog breed famous for their cute and squishy faces. These dogs have a charming demeanor, are very mischievous, and are beloved by their owners. This dog breed makes the perfect pet for laid-back families and homes.

Have you been looking forward to getting a Pug puppy in your family? Do you want to know where you can find the perfect Pug puppies for sale in Minnesota to get one home sooner than ever? Then, have a look at the best Pug breeders in Minnesota to make your dreams of owning the perfect Pug pet come true.

We are sure that any of the below-mentioned breeders would help you select the perfect Pug pup for your home! So, let’s get started!

#1 Puppy Paws 4 You

Pug Breeders in Minnesota

Puppy Paws 4 You are one reputed family dog breeder located in Winona, Minnesota, USA. They have been raising loving, healthy, and gorgeous puppies for the past 3 decades. The well-versed breeders strive to provide an overwhelming amount of joy and love to the new dog owners. By supplying them with well-raised, socializing, nutritionally healthy, and genetically fit puppies.

Puppy Paws 4 U breeder information:

#2 The Pug House

The Pug House is another trusted breeder located in Clear House, Minnesota, USA. They are well-experienced breeders determined to raise healthy Pug puppies and other dog breeds. By following a completely healthy and holistic approach to breed. You can learn more about The Pug House breeders by getting in touch with them through the following information.

The Pug House breeder information:

#3 Puppies And Kids

Puppies And Kids is another famous breeder located in Pine Island, Minnesota, USA. They are specialist breeders in designer non-shed hypoallergenic dog breeds. Some of the dog breeds available with them right now are Pugs, Mini Goldendoodles, Mini Teddy Bears, Cavachon, etc.

Puppies And Kids breeder information:

#4 Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeder

Minnesota Purebred Dog breeder is another popular dog breeder located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. They are reputed and acclaimed dog breeders with good years of experience. You will find healthy, genuine, authentic, well-bred, well-behaved, and well-raised Pug puppies for sale in Minnesota here.

Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeder information:

#5 Four Paws And A Tail

Located in Blain, the Four Paws And A Tail breeder is another trusted Pug breeder in Minnesota. These breeders strive to empower families with a pet that would match their personalities in the closest way. They have been raising top-quality and affordable Pug puppies for the past 40 years along with some other dog breeds.

Four Paws And A Tail breeder information:

#6 Petals And Pups Greenhouse

Pug Breeders in Minnesota

The Petals And Pups is another reputed breeder located in Lake Park, Minnesota, USA. They are acclaimed Pug breeders with high-quality, genuine, and affordable pups for sale in Minnesota. They have health-guaranteed and vet-checked pups for sale available with them. Their standardized and up-to-the-mark Pug puppies will surely make the perfect choice to get home one.

Petals And Pups Greenhouse breeder information:

#7 Pug Valley Kennels

Pug Valley Kennels are another famous breeder located in Southern Minnesota, USA. Their loving and cherishing Pug puppies are surely worth checking out. These breeders have 20 years of experience in raising quality pups. They pride themselves on raising top-quality puppies for good homes. 

Pug Valley Kennels breeder information:

#8 PuppySpot’s Pugs For Minnesota

Located in Minnesota itself, the PuppySpot breeders are recognized Pug breeders in Minnesota. They are devoted dog breeders with genuinely priced Pug puppies amongst others. Their well-raised collection of the best puppy breeds out there makes them a reliable choice to shop for the most family-oriented Pug puppies as well.

PuppySpot’s Pugs For Minnesota breeder information:

#9 Bovey Bed Pugs

The Bovey Bed Pugs is also a well-established breeder located in Hwy Hovey, Minnesota, USA. They are small-scale Pug breeders raising purebred, AKC-registered, health-tested, and Champion line of Pug puppies. They have highly standardized Pug puppies with the best behaviors available. You can learn more about these top-notch breeders through the contact details given below.

Bovey Bed Pugs breeder information:

#10 Rub A Pug Pug

Located in Moorhead, Minnesota, the Rub A Pug Pug breeders are another famous breeders in Minnesota, USA. They are compassionate Pug breeders with good years of experience in breeding them. We are pretty sure they could help you find your favorite furry friend sooner than ever.

Rub A Pug Pug breeder information:

#11 Ckpugs

The Ckpugs breeders from Graceville are another passionate Pug breeders in Minnesota. They are hobby breeders that are devoted to raising some of the most family-oriented, purebred, and affordable Pug puppies for sale in Minnesota. Their CKC registered Pug puppies will surely help you find the one.

Ckpugs breeder information:

#12 Lagotto Lady Kennels

The Lagotto Lady Kennels is another famous Pug breeder located in Lindstrom, Minnesota, USA. They have over 30 years of experience in training, breeding, and showing horses and dogs. We are sure they will entertain your Pug interests just as well as any of the other top breeders on our list.

Lagotto Lady Kennels breeder information:


Finding the perfect Pug puppy for your home is not that big of a deal when you know about the reputed Pug breeders in Minnesota. From understanding your home and family’s pet requirements best to helping you purchase the perfect puppy in the most hassle-free manner, these top Pug breeders are all you need to bet on to get the best-priced Pug puppies for sale in Minnesota.

So, now that you have all the essential information about how to reach out to the best Pug breeders as well as where to find the best Pug puppies, we are sure you won’t have to make any more effort to get the perfect Pug puppy home. We also wish you the best so you can find the ultimate Pug pet whenever you are ready to get one home.

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