10 Boxer Breeders in Indiana (IN)

Boxer is a muscular dog breed with premier athletic traits. This is one dog breed that thrives beside ideal companions in social environments. They are loyal, fun, and cuddly dogs that would make the most active family companions.

Looking for Boxer breeders in Indiana? Then, have a look at the below-mentioned Boxer breeders in Indiana to find the best Boxer puppies for sale in Indiana. We are sure that these top Boxer breeders would help you take the ultimate Boxer companion home any day!

#1 Eashes Boxers

Boxer Breeders in Indiana

Eashes Boxers is one reputed breeder located in Bremen, Indiana, USA. These breeders are renowned for offering top quality and affordable Boxer puppies for sale in Indiana. The breeders provide excellent AKC standard Boxer puppies along with up-to-date vets and vaccinations.

The Eashes Boxers are dedicated Boxer breeders that work well with their customers as well as pups. The dedication of these Boxer puppy breeders clearly reflects in the quality of service and pups delivered by them. Learn more about these breeders through booking an appointment or contacting them.

Eashes Boxers breeder information:

  • Bremen, Indiana, USA
  • +1 574-646-2509
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • $2000

#2 Mikes Boxers

Another enthusiastic Boxer breeders are the Mikes Boxers located in Montgomery, Indiana, USA. They are specialists in breeding the famous European Boxer puppies for sale in Indiana.

The Mikes Boxers have over 17 years of experience in breeding and raising the Boxers. They empower their customers with active and well-socializing Boxer puppies in Indiana.

While choosing their pups for breeding, the Mikes Boxers breeder keep an eye out for quality bloodlines. These phenomenal Boxer breeders surely seem to have some of the best Boxer bloodlines in the world.

Mikes Boxers breeder information:

#3 Southern Indiana Holiday Kennels

Southern Indiana Holiday Kennels is another reputed breeders located in Palmyra, Indiana, USA. They are popular for offering their customers litters at numerous times in a year.

Southern Indiana Holiday Kennels LLC breeders have been in the breeding business since 1976. They pride themselves for delivering some of the best, beautiful, well-mannered, and well-behaved Boxer puppies out there.

You can learn more about these great Boxer breeders in Indiana through the details given below.

Southern Indiana Holiday Kennels breeder information:

#4 Family Bred Puppies

Another trusted breeder located in Goshen are the Family Bred Puppies. They are passionate Boxer breeders in Indiana with years of experience. They are immensely successful breeders dealing in a wide range of dog breeds and providing them to their customers at the most affordable prices.

The brand, Family Bred Puppies basically combines all the small breeders located in Indiana and other states in the US, and then supply puppies to all their customers under one brand name.

The Family Bred Puppies specialises in offering family pets for homes.

Family Bred Puppies breeder information:

#5 Shake’s Boxers

Shake’s Boxers is another trusted Boxer breeder in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. They are respected and responsible Boxer breeders with some good years of experience. They have a good range of healthy, gorgeous, well-mannered, well-tempered, and affordable Boxer puppies for sale in Indiana. You can learn more about these great Boxer breeders through the breeder information given below.

Shake’s Boxers breeder information:

  • Address: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
  • Phone: +1 317-409-2856
  • Website: N/A
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Email: N/A
  • Price Range: $1800

#6 Petland Carmel

Petland Carmel is also a famous and well-acclaimed Boxer breeder located in Carmel, Indiana, USA. They are basically a local pet store that is located in Carmel. They follow a very hands-on Boxer breeding approach to empower their customers with healthy and happy Boxer puppies for sale in Indiana.

The Petland Carmel breeders strive to empower their customers with the right dog breed so that they have an excellent dealing experience. They are knowledgeable breeders with a great reputation in breeding since 1967.

Petland Carmel breeder information:

#7 Family Puppies

Boxer Breeders in Indiana

Another famous breeder located in Nappanee, Indiana, USA is the Family Puppies. They are reputed breeders delivering some of the best, healthy, highly socializing, and gorgeous Boxer puppies for sale in Indiana. Their genuinely priced Boxer puppies in Indiana make them the go-to place to get the Boxer puppies over there.

The breeders also offer their customers with a vet-check health guarantee of 72 hours. The breeders also offer their customers with a one-year health guarantee for overall genetic health of the puppy.

Family Puppies breeder information:

#8 Posh Puppies Indiana

Posh Puppies Indiana is another famous breeder located in Pierceton, Indiana, USA. These breeders have been actively involved in raising some of the most well-bred, well-socialized, well-mannered, and top-quality Boxer puppies out there.

The Posh Puppies Indiana breeders have been in the breeding business since 1999. They are well-experienced breeders dedicated to delivering quality puppies and quality service to their customers. Their healthy, well-tempered, and affordable pups certainly makes these breeders the top choice.

You can learn more about the Posh Puppies Indiana breeders or get in touch with them using the details given below.

Posh Puppies Indiana breeder information:

#9 VIP Puppies

The VIP Puppies are another great breeders located in Woodburn, Indiana, USA. They are excellent dog breeders that pride themselves for giving their customers a safe platform to find their favorite puppies.

They are highly knowledgeable and supportive breeders empowering their customers with a wide range of puppies for sale in Indiana. They are top-notch breeders and experts in puppy parenting. You can learn more about these breeders through the contact details given below.

VIP Puppies breeder information:

#10 Hoosier Boxers

Hoosier Boxers are also quite famous Boxer breeders in Indiana. The Mitchell-based breeders are experts in delivering sound and reliable Boxer puppies for sale in Indiana. If you have been searching for some quality and affordable Boxer breeders, then don’t forget to check out the Hoosier Boxers breeders based in Mitchell, Indiana, USA.

Hoosier Boxers breeder information:


Finding the best Boxer breeders in Indiana is surely made easy with this list of top breeders in Indiana. Save your time on endless researches and get set to get home some of the best quality and top-notch Boxer puppies with our help.

We have tried including as much information as we could about the best breeders in Indiana! Now, we hope you will make the right use of this information to get the best Boxer puppy home soon! All the best!

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