11 French Bulldog Breeders in Oklahoma (OK) | French Bulldog Puppies for Sale

So, after years of deliberation, you are ready to take on a family pet. While there are so many different kinds of purebred and mixed breed dogs, it isn’t surprising that people are consistently on the verge of being confused and challenged about what to get that would be an ideal fit for their home and their families.

If you are in Oklahoma (OK) and want to get your hands on French Bulldogs, you are in the right place. There is a range of amazing ethical breeders in the state who have been in the business for quite a while now. That said, we’d highly recommend that you always cross-check and verify every individual breeder that we will share in this article to find the one that best suits your budget and your interests.

Following are the best French Bulldog breeders in Oklahoma (OK) that you can consider looking into. 

1. Bullworth French Bulldogs

It is quite less often that you will come across a canine breeder in the market who stand out for their quality of breeds and their behavior and approach towards their customers. Bullworth French Bulldogs is one such amazing home-grown dog breeder with 5 stars rating on Google who stands out time and time. 

They are an AKC breeder of merit, which means that they are certified and of the best quality when it comes to the health of the dogs and the puppies in the process of breeding. All the puppies are DNA tested and health certified, so you know that you are getting your money’s worth without any complaints or compromises. Not just buying, you can also get breeding prospects offered to you in case they find you responsible enough. 

Address: 54 W Toll Bridge Rd, Colbert, OK 74733, United States

Phone: +1 713-504-0800

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/BullworthFrenchies/


Email: bullworthfrenchies@gmail.com

2. S & J English Bulldogs

French bulldog breeders in Oklahoma

Another highly rated and reliable bulldog breeder around Oklahoma that are worth your time and money are the S & J English Bulldogs. They do specialize in breeding English bulldogs, so you will have to get an appointment with them regarding getting your slot for a French bulldog instead. They do take on special requests and can bring you close to your best friend.

They have a separate page for their list of available puppies. So, not only can you browse through the list of all the available options, but you also get to choose the puppy that deems the best to your liking. They have a list of all the available French and English bulldog puppies that you can look into. Besides their home breeding and purchase process, you can also have your puppy safely shipped to your doorstep around the Texas area.

Address: HC 62 Box 18825, Nowata, OK 74048, United States

Phone: +1 918-273-8052

Social media: https://www.sj-englishbulldogs.com/

Email: N/A

3. Premier French Bulldogs

Moving ahead in the list, we have the Premier French Bulldogs, who is another highly rated ethical breeder in Oklahoma. They have been in this business for years now, which means that you get quality assurance, especially because they are an AKC certified breeder. They are into ethical breeding, ensuring that there is no excess strain put on the dog for the breeding process.

They focus on health, quality and the pedigree of the puppies to bring their customers the absolute best quality of dogs. The business dates back to 1979, which means they have been around for quite a few decades, so it isn’t surprising that they are loved and trusted by the local community. They also don’t produce a fad coat color of the puppies that aren’t approved.

Address: 337148 E 880 Rd, Chandler, OK 74834, United States

Phone: +1 405-585-3036

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/premierfrenchieskennel/


Email: premierfrenchieskennel@gmail.com

4. Crosstimber Frenchies

The availability of high-quality French bulldog breeders around Oklahoma is abundant and Crosstimber Frenchies sit on top of the list. They are a recognized breeder in the state and are known for their business running over the last few years. So, if you are looking for quality Frenchies for your family and your home, you won’t regret reaching out to them at all.

The business is operated by a husband and wife duo that prioritizes the quality of the puppies over quantity. Besides their breeding business, they are into successful marketing and even work at the local church, so you know they are humble and reliable people to get your puppy from.

Address: S, 108 Maple St, Boley, OK 74829, United States

Phone: +1 866-513-1125

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/CrossTimberFrenchies/

Email: N/A

5. Elm Creek Bulldogs

If we had to mention one underrated bulldog breeders around OK that deserve more recognition and goodwill among the target audience, it has to be Elm Creek Bulldogs. They are a family-owned and operated business where the breeding dogs are taken care of, played with loved and nurtured. The newborn puppies are taken care of by hand by the business owners themselves before they are old enough to be handed off to their forever homes.

The business is run out of the home, which means that you will have to contact the owners directly to book appointments, get your timings for meeting the puppies and then pick them up when they are ready. Also, they do ensure optimal health of the pups along with basic training so the puppies don’t have a hard time adjusting. If you want your puppy to be shipped to your doorstep, it costs an additional $300.

Address: N County Road 4560, Keota, OK 74941, United States

Phone: +1 918-966-3348

Social media: http://elmcreekkennelbulldogs.com/

Email: sharon_harris54@yahoo.com

6. Cedar Lane Bulldogs

Looking for highly rated and certified French bulldog breeders in Oklahoma? Well, Cedar Lane Bulldogs are a good name in the market. They do specialize most in English bulldogs but often have French bulldog puppies up for sale too. You’d have to contact them directly to get an idea about the availability of dogs and puppies with them at the moment.

Since they assure optimal health and even have financial support for the purchase, it isn’t surprising that they are often overbooked and have a long waiting list. Besides the ethical breeding, this trusted breeder has been around for years now, offering their expertise in grooming and training these pups too.

Address: 1401 E Cedar Lane Rd, Norman, OK 73072, United States

Phone: +1 405-329-0066

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/cedarlanebulldogs

Email: cedarlanebulldogs@cox.net

7. Chitawee French Bulldogs

French bulldog breeders in Oklahoma

Chitawee French Bulldogs is another popular and very reliable French bulldog breeder in South Oklahoma. The business is run and operated by Kathy Clayton who has years and decades of experience in the ethical breeding of dogs. Kathy also ensures to breed according to the FBDCA colors and standards to ensure there are no grounds of ethics compromised in the process.

The primary objective of the business is to ensure good health and optimal temperament of the puppies in the breeding program. This is also one of the reasons why she has gained a good name in this niche of business. They also focus on basic training the puppies so they are sociable and get on well with their forever family.

Address: 1846 Manning Rd, Southwest City, MO 64863, United States

Phone: +1 918-801-3528

Social media: https://www.chitaweefrenchbulldogs.com/aboutus 


Email: chitaweefrenchies@gmail.com

8. Bull Run Kennels

Although Bull Run Kennels don’t have a very prominent online presence or popularity, they are adored and trusted by the local community. They, like most of the other ones, specialize in breeding French bulldogs. Besides the fact that they are AKC certified, the business focuses on breeding show puppies and highly temperamental puppies. 

They have a highly functional website that lists out all the updated information concerning their puppies, availability of puppies and even the booking process. Once the puppies are born, they are thoroughly checked and assessed by their vet to ensure they are in the prime of their health. They do ship nationwide across the United States depending on the weather.

Address: 62781 E 140 Rd, Miami, OK 74354, United States

Phone: +1 918-542-1539

Social media: http://bullrunkennel.com/index.php/contact-2/

Email: N/A

9. Miami French Bulldogs

When talking about French bulldogs, there’s no way we can miss out on the Miami French Bulldogs. Although they aren’t based out of Oklahoma, they are known for providing their services online and also offer nationwide shipping with extra charges. They are known for their ethical breeding of AKC-certified French bulldogs. 

This is also a family-owned business and everything is done in the comfort of their home under strict vigilance. They take care of their dog with utmost care love and compassion. Also, all of their puppies are certified and come with basic training done, so you can take home a calm and compassionate pup.

Address: Miami and Port Saint Lucie, Florida; serving online

Phone: 786-340-3056

Social media: N/A

Email: info@miamifrenchbulldogs.com

10. New Puppies 4 U

The New Puppies 4 U, just like their name suggests, is a very popular puppy breeder around Oklahoma. They don’t necessarily specialize in French bulldogs but you do get an assurance for the best quality puppies around the corner. They have a range of amazing labradoodle, retriever and other big dog breeds. However, they do specialize in small dogs too.

Also, all the latest updates are available on their websites, which means that you won’t have any issues keeping up with their schedules and their available puppies from the litter. They are certified under USDA and focus on ethical breeding practices for the right quality of the puppy.

Address: Lisa Fielder 1236 E Redbud Road Goldsby, OK 73093

Phone: 918 839-6420

Social media: https://www.newpuppies4u.com/

Email: lisa@newpuppies4u.com

11. ATOO French Bulldogs

Last on the list of the best French bulldog breeders that you can look into is the ATOO French Bulldogs. They have a range of high-quality and high-bred French bulldogs from the comfort of their home. It is a family-run business and is an AKC certified business with updates around the year.

Make sure you do keep an eye out on their available list of litters, especially because they are often overbooked with the kind of demand that they work with. They are complete home-based, so you need to book out their slots for the puppies before you end up being part of their long waiting list.

Address: DFW Metroplex in Decatur, Texas

Phone: (940) 242-1127

Social media: https://www.atoofrenchbulldogs.com/


Email: N/A


Although there are several French bulldog breeders around Oklahoma, there are some amazing breeders that we have sorted out for you in this article. Make sure that you focus on the quality of the breed that you are buying along with the kind of price that you pay for the individual puppies. We hope that you find some of your best furry friends from one of those breeders.

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