8 Beagle Breeders in Michigan (MI)

Beagle puppies are becoming the primary choice for pets right now. Their adorable look and cute behavior attract us all! I found several people searching for a beagle puppy in Michigan. So, I am listing all the reputed breeders who can help you with that. 

You can get a puppy from a pet store too. But getting your furry friend from the best beagle breeders in Michigan has a lot of benefits. The following breeders are all reputed, licensed, and follow all the health standards. They can provide you with the finest beagles with excellent bloodlines. Have a look! 

#1 Galaxy Kennels 

Galaxy Kennels is located in Rockford. The breeder, Mike, is an expert in dealing with the little beagles. He has excellent knowledge about the breed and can help you find the smartest puppy you can have. The breeding area is calming, refreshing, and is extensive. 

You can see the beagles running around the area and socializing with everyone visiting them. Mike takes care of every puppy’s vaccination, worming sessions, vet checkups, etc. There is no website for this breeder and not much information too. But you can contact Mike or visit his Facebook page for upcoming litters and further information. 

Galaxy Kennels Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Gavin Lake Ave NE, Rockford, 49341, MI, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 616-835-4824 
  • Email: not available 
  • Website: not available 
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price Range: not available 

#2 SaraBay Kennels LLC 

Beagle puppies for sale in Michigan

This is another kennel run by experienced breeders for more than 30 years in Michigan. The breeders are welcoming, and their breeding area is perfect for breeding. They have outdoor fences and clean areas to let the beagles move around and socialize with the visitors. 

The breeders at SaraBay are an expert in training the puppies before delivering them. You can find a healthy and well-behaving puppy from this breeder. These breeders train your dogs for basic commands and temperament, apart from their vaccine and vet checkups. 

You can check their website or contact them for pricing and upcoming litters. 

SaraBay Kennels LLC Breeder Information: 

#3 Petland Novi 

Petland Novi in Michigan is a perfect place to find family-friendly beagles. You can find well-behaving and cute-looking beagle puppies coming from licensed breeders here. They have a clean and exciting area where you can socialize with their puppies and decide the perfect one for your family. 

Their staff trains the puppies using different enrichment and upbringing techniques. You can approach them at any time if you need help in raising your beagle. They provide a training kit for every client with the canine kit accompanying your puppy. You can use these guidelines to socialize your dog with your family! 

You can check their website for additional benefits and more information about their policies. 

Petland Novi Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Novi, 48377, MI, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 248-449-7340 
  • Email: not available 
  • Website: Petland Novi 
  • Social Media: FacebookInstagram 
  • Price Range: not available 

#4 Black Point Gun Dogs 

The breeders at Black Point Gun Dogs have over 50 years of experience in breeding. The ambiance of this breeding area is refreshing and helps socialize the puppies. You can find AKC standard beagles here, coming from Champion bloodlines. 

These breeders only breed a couple litters every year. So, there is often an extensive waitlist for their puppies. They train every puppy for behavior, temperament, and basic commands too. Black Point Gun Dogs focus more on the breed quality rather than fur colors and coats. 

The information about upcoming litters and breeding practices is mentioned in detail on their website. 

Black Point Gun Dogs Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Black Point Rd, Moran, 49760, MI, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 906-643-6942 
  • Email: not available 
  • Website: Black Point Gun Dogs 
  • Social Media: not available 
  • Price Range: $300 and up. 

#5 Russells Kennel 

Russells Kennel in Hillsdale is a family-based breeding area. The breeders here are breeding AKC standard beagles for around 30 years. The beagle puppies here are from Champion bloodlines with sound genetics. The breeders raise their puppies amid their family to improve their socialization. 

Every puppy is vaccinated, vet checked, has its worming sessions before reaching you. The breeders have excellent knowledge about the breed and can help you raise your pups easily. They also train your beagle for basic commands and behavior, before its delivery. 

You can contact the breeder for pricing information and upcoming litter availability. 

Russells Kennel Breeder Information: 

#6 Hunter’s Moon Kennel 

Hunter’s Moon Kennel focuses on preserving the breed’s qualities and behavior. The breeders here are particular and train every puppy before putting them up for adoption. Kevin and his wife run this breeding area and have years of experience in handling breed dogs. 

They prioritize the dog’s health and get them vaccinated on time. Kevin maintains a record of the puppy’s vet checkups and worming sessions right from its birth. You can ask him for any information or paperwork related to your puppy at any time. He can also help you raise your pup. 

You can check their website for upcoming litter or contact Kevin for more information. 

Hunter’s Moon Kennel Breeder Information: 

#7 Pocket Beagles 

Beagle puppies for sale in Michigan

Midwest Pocket Beagles is a beautiful breeding area around the Irish Hills in Michigan. Kathy and her husband specialize in English Pocket Beagles. They follow ethical breeding practices to preserve the breed’s natural hunting instincts. 

Kathy and her grandchildren train the beagles for temperament, behavior, and socialization as the puppies grow. They take care of the vaccination and worming sessions too. The breeders get every dog checked by a vet regularly. You can find 10–12-inch beagles from Pocket Beagles. 

Check the breeder’s website or contact the breeder for more information. 

Pocket Beagles Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Michigan, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 517-574-1219 
  • Email: not available 
  • Website: Pocket Beagles 
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price Range: not available 

#8 The Barking Biotique 

The Barking Biotique is a luxurious place and works on different dog breeds. The breeding environment is wonderful and helps every canine with its behavior. The entire staff focuses on raising the puppies with care and training them for socialization. 

You can find healthy beagles with excellent behavior and controlled temperament from here. You can contact the breeder for more information and upcoming litter. 

The Barking Biotique Breeder Information: 

Off to You 

You can choose any of these breeders to get your furry mate. Check with the breeder’s licenses, practices, and breeding area before getting your beagle. Usually, you can get a beagle puppy in Michigan for around $550. Have an excellent time finding your beagle, and drop in any queries related to this breed or the breeders listed above. 

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