9 Australian Shepherd Breeders in Wisconsin (WI)

The Australian Shepherd dogs popularly referred to as the Aussies are unfailing loyal, playful, and loyal dog breeds. They are also one of the most popular dog breeds in America right now. They are eager-to-please and highly intelligent dog breeds that are also quick learners. Presently, the Australian Shepherd is falls on 13th rank in AKC’s most popular dog breeds list.

Have you been looking forward to own this incredible dog breed? Do you want where you can find the best Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in Wisconsin? Then, have a look at the below-mentioned list of the top Australian Shepherd breeders in Wisconsin! We are sure these breeders will help you take the best Aussie puppy home any day!

#1 Driftless Australian Shepherds

Driftless Australian Shepherds is one reputed breeder located in Westby, Wisconsin, USA. They are quality dog breeders that pride themselves for their legacy and integrity in breeding. They are small breeders that are committed to raising some of the highest quality dog breeds including the Australian Shepherd dog breed.

You will find registered and top quality Australian Shepherd dog breed with the Driftless Australian Shepherd breeders. They provide Aussie puppies with excellent mental stability, conformation, and physical health to their customers.

Driftless Australian Shepherds breeder information:

#2 Towerview Kennels

Australian Shepherd breeders in Wisconsin

Towerview Kennels is another reputed breeder based in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, USA. They are state inspected and licensed breeders with some good years of experience. These breeders pride themselves for providing some of the best family temperament and good health Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in Wisconsin. You will Aussie puppies with great personalities with the Towerview breeders. 

They are responsible breeders that prioritize taking good care in socializing all the puppies available for sale with them. They have mentally and physically healthy Australian Shepherd puppies available.

Towerview Kennels breeder information:

#3 Starck’s Miniature American Shepherds

The Starck’s Miniature American Shepherd breeders are another popular breeders based in Holcombe, Wisconsin, USA. American Shepherds are excellent dog breeders with good structure, working ability, and temperament puppies available for sale in Wisconsin.

They are committed breeders that empower their customers with healthy and world-class Shepherd puppies. They have energetic and loving Shepherds for sale. So, if you have been looking for the ultimate Australian Shepherd companion for your home, then do not forget to check out the Starck’s Miniature breeder in Wisconsin.

Starck’s Miniature American Shepherds breeder information:

#4 Roche’s German Shepherds

Australian Shepherd breeders in Wisconsin

Roche’s German Shepherds breeder is another trusted breeder located in East Troy, Wisconsin, USA. They are established breeders dealing in some of the best quality Shepherd puppies since 2009. They have some of the world’s best importers, breeding specialists, and trainers for raising top-notch Shepherds for sale.

All the puppies available with the Roche’s German Shepherd breeder are sought after for companionship, workability, family protection, and for search and rescue. Interested buyers can expect to take home some of the best calibre, superior temperament, excellent workability, and world-class looking Shepherd puppies out there.

Roche’s German Shepherds breeder information:

#5 Foxwood Kennels

Foxwood Kennels is another trusted breeder located in De Pere, Wisconsin, USA. These well-versed breeders have been developing some of the best breed lines in Wisconsin since 1988. They are pioneer dog breeders having show quality and top quality companions and family pets for loving homes.

The main objective of the Foxwood Kennel breeders is to supply best temperament, structure, and healthy puppies to their customers. They also provide their customers a 1-year health guarantee, good discount offers on vet checks, housetraining restrictions, handling restrictions, and health record to their customers.

Foxwood Kennels breeder information:

#6 Midwest Labradoodle

Midwest Labradoodles are also famous breeders located in Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA. They are occasional Australian Shepherd breeders that mainly prioritize breeding Australian Labradoodles and Goldendoodles the most.

They are family breeders with some of the best quality Australian Shepherds, Australian Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Midwest Labradoodles, and Midwest Golden Labradoodles breeders. You can learn more about these breeders through the breeding information given below.

Midwest Labradoodle breeder information:

#7 Petland Racine

Located in Racine, Wisconsin, USA, the Petland Racine breeders are also quite popular Australian Shepherd breeders in Wisconsin. They have a great network of breeders throughout the country so their customers can get their hands on the best quality purebred, healthy, and mixed breed puppies for sale in Wisconsin.

The Petland Racine is a family owned and family operated breeders that are passionate about breeding world-class and high standard Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in Wisconsin. They strive to match the perfect pet for the perfect home.

Petland Racine breeder information:

#8 Stokeshire Wisconsin Designer Doodles

The Stokeshire Wisconsin Designer Doodles are another trusted breeder located in Medford, Wisconsin, USA. They are family-owned and family operated breeders with purebred bloodlines and mixed bloodlines for sale in Wisconsin.

The strive to produce some of the best quality doodle crossbreeds to supply incredibly obedient, loyal, beautiful, and medium-sized Doodles for sale. They occasionally also provide Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in Wisconsin.

Stokeshire Wisconsin Designer Doodles breeder information:

#9 Vom Geliebten Haus

The Vom Geliebten Haus breeders are another professionally acclaimed and reputed breeders in Menomonie, Wisconsin, USA. Deal in the best quality purebred German Shepherds. They have true German Line puppies for sale in the region.

They are dedicated Shepherd breeders and dog owners themselves. Dog have highly standardized Shepherd puppies available for sale in Wisconsin. Strive to raise healthy Shepherd puppies. You will find vet-checked, micro-chipped, and health-guaranteed puppies for sale in Wisconsin with them.

Learn more about these top-class Australian Shepherd breeders in Wisconsin through the details given below.

Vom Geliebten Haus breeder information:


Finding the best Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in Wisconsin is definitely made easy with the above-mentioned reputed and authentic breeders in Wisconsin. These professional and well-acclaimed breeders not only have the best Aussie puppies but also the most reasonably priced Aussie puppies.

In this article, we have tried including all the details about the best breeders in Wisconsin. Hope this informative article on the best Australian Shepherd breeders in Wisconsin will guide you in the right direction. We hope you get your favorite Aussie puppy home as soon as possible. We wish you all the best!

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