[FORMAT] 31 German Shepherd Breeders In Massachusetts (MA) | Moral & Loving Certified

German Shepherd is a famous dog breed known for its hardworking, loyal, and intelligent nature. They make the ultimate guide, therapy, military, police, search-and-rescue, explosive, and narcotics detective dogs.

They are courageous dogs with the best guarding instincts.

But, if you’re already looking for German Shepherd puppies for sale in Massachusetts, hold on.

Getting your dog from a reliable, moral, and loving breeder, is the most important thing to make sure of.

So, to help you do that, I did some research and found some of the best German Shepherd breeders in Massachusetts.

You should still do your own due diligence with these, call and ask questions, read online reviews, etc. But this gives you a good starting point.

Diamond Match German ShepherdsLeverette, Massachusetts, USAkevin@diamonmatchshepherds.com
Vom Rheinland German ShepherdsPlymouth, Massachusetts, USApiarhein@aol.com 
Rescue Of Nang German ShepherdWayland, Massachusetts, USAgsrne.org
Ryanhaus KennelSalisbury, Massachusetts, USAwww.ryanhaus-kennel.com
NordOsten Kennel Rowley, Massachusetts, USAnordostenkennel@comcast.net 
Von Den BrookfieldsNew Braintree, Massachusetts, USAbevmitchell@vondenbrookfields.com 
Abby KennelsChelmsford, Massachusetts, USAdogmankevin@comcast.net
Pacheco KennelsRaynham, Massachusetts, USApachecokennels@gmail.com
Fox Hill FarmAmesbury, Massachusetts, USAwww.foxhillk9.com
Atlantic K9 Training LLCBoxford, Massachusetts, USAinfo@atlantick9.com
UpperCapeK9sEast Wareham, Massachusetts, USAuppercapek9s.com
Country Side RottiesHubbardston, Massachusetts, USAcountrysiderotties.com
Millstone KennelAssonet, Massachusetts, USAinfo@millstonekennel.com 
Mellos LabradorsAcushnet, Massachusetts, USAinfo@mellolabradors.com 
Pet & Working DogsWest Newbury, Massachusetts, USAworkingk9unit.com
Greystone KennelRehoboth, Massachusetts, USArseaman985@aol.com 
Canine CollegeHolbrook, Massachusetts, USAwww.caninecollege.net
MassBay K9Wilmington, Massachusetts, USAmassbayk9@gmail.com 
Canine Protection InternationalMethuen, Massachusetts, USAwww.protectiondogs.com
Champion KennelsSterling, Massachusetts, USAwww.championkennel.com
Vom LedgemereWrentham, Massachusetts, USAvomledgemeregermanshepherds.com
Collinswood K9 ServicesAuburn, Massachusetts, USAcollinswoodk9.com
Smoke Show Shiloh ShepherdsWinthrop, Massachusetts, USA1 617-784-1475
Beauty In The BeastFall River, Massachusetts, USA1 646-847-8779
Sheldon ShepherdsNorton, Massachusetts, USAinfo@sheldonshepherds.com
Raynhan’s Perfect K9Raynham, Massachusetts, USA1 781-299-5137
Runchkin Hill FarmWest Newbury, Massachusetts, USArunchkinhill.com
Dunns German ShepherdWarren, Massachusetts, USAdunngermanshepherds.com
Tralee KennelsWalpole, Massachusetts, USAtraleekennels.com
Von Der NordseeAmesbury, Massachusetts, USA1 978-270-9200
Hayes Haus German ShepherdsWest Newbury, Massachusetts, USAhello@hayeshaus.com

Diamond Match German Shepherds

The Diamond Match German Shepherds is one reputed breeder in Leverette, Massachusetts, USA. They are a small and family-owned German Shepherd breeders in Massachusetts.

They are highly acclaimed breeders delivering top-quality and affordable Working Line German Shepherds. They have bred, trained, and owned German Shepherds from the past 15 years.

You can learn about these exceptional German Shepherd breeders through the contact links given below.

Diamond Match German Shepherds breeder information:

Vom Rheinland German Shepherds

Vom Rheinland German Shepherds are specialist German Shepherd breeders delivering top performance and versatile German Shepherds.

Whether you are looking for competitive, search-and-rescue, law enforcement, or family German Shepherds, these pioneer breeders in Plymouth have got you covered.

The acclaimed breeders, Vom Rheinland, strive to breed top-class, good health, and good temperament German Shepherds puppies for sale in Massachusetts

Vom Rheinland German Shepherds breeder information:

Rescue Of Nang German Shepherd

German Shepherd Rescue Of New England is a famous charitable organisation providing adoptative, veterinary, and evaluation to countless German Shepherd Dogs.

They serve as a safe harbour for German Shepherd puppies across Massachusetts. All the dogs that they rescue are then evaluated for necessary behavioural information and temperament.

They are then provided essential medical care, vaccinations, neutered, and sprayed. So, if you show as a promising owner, then they would let you take one home for a good price.

Rescue Of Nang German Shepherd breeder information:

Ryanhaus Kennel

Ryanhaus Kennel is another famous small breeder in Salisbury, Massachusetts, USA. They are a small personal kennel breeders providing quality puppies in Massachusetts, California, and some other states in the US.

These breeders strive to provide healthy and tested puppies for sale in Massachusetts. You can find German Shepherd bloodlines, Retriever bloodlines, and some other popular dog breeds with them.

Ryanhaus Kennel breeder information:

NordOsten Kennel 

NordOsten Kennel breeders is another reputed breeder in Rowley, Massachusetts, USA. They are experience home breeders dealing in best quality working line German Shepherds.

These small personal kennel breeders strive to provide their customers German Shepherd puppies with the best health and temperament. With the sole objective to make the perfect working companions or family members.

NordOsten Kennel breeder information:

Von Den Brookfields

Located in New Braintree, the Von Den Brookfields are dedicated German Shepherd breeders in Massachusetts. These devoted breeders have the finest quality German Shepherd puppies.

They are committed breeders delivering the highest standard German Shepherd puppies. They also have imported West German Shepherd Seiger lines available with them.

Von Den Brookfields breeder information:

Abby Kennels

Based in Chelmsford, the Abby Kennels breeders are breeders and trainers with years of experience. From training bomb dogs, sport dogs, drug dogs to companion dogs, they are dedicated breeders.

You will not only find the highest standard German Shepherd pups here but also pups trained under the highest standard breeding programs.

They have stable, good conformation, AKC-registered, strong, vibrant, and healthy German Shepherds puppies for sale in Massachusetts

Abby Kennels breeder information:

Pacheco Kennels

Pacheco Kennels is another trusted breeder in Raynham, Massachusetts, USA. They are experienced breeders dealing in breeding practices since 1972. They have the highest quality German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers available with them.

They are responsible breeders offering the most extraordinary puppies for sale in Massachusetts. These breeders pride themselves for offering the happiest and healthiest of German Shepherd puppies.

Pacheco Kennels breeder information:

Fox Hill Farm

Fox Hill Farm breeders is one of the finest German Shepherd breeders in Amesbury, Massachusetts, USA. They are top-notch German Shepherd breeders with years of experience.

If you have been planning too some of the best quality German Shepherd pups home, then don’t forget to checkout the Fox Hill Farm breeders. You can learn about them using the details mentioned below.

Fox Hill Farm breeder information:

Atlantic K9 Training LLC

Atlantic K9 breeders are another promising breeders in Boxford, Massachusetts, USA. They are genius breeders that value the precious time and money of their puppies and their future families.

So, they strive to deliver proper training to their puppies to prepare them well for the future families and environment.

These passionate breeders will ensure you get unique dogs through breeding them with a holistic dog training approach.

Atlantic K9 Training LLC breeder information:


UpperCapeK9s is another trusted full-service dog kennel in East Wareham, Massachusetts, USA. They are dog breeders, trainers, and boarders as well.

They are responsible breeders providing some great day care, grooming, in-home care, and training services to their customers in Massachusetts. They have purebred German Shepherd puppies occasionally available for sale.

However, they serve their customers based their waiting lists and litters.

UpperCapeK9s breeder information:

Country Side Rotties

Located in Hubbardston, the Country Side Rotties is another reputed breeder in Massachusetts, USA. They are popular German Shepherd breeders with years of experience.

They have well-bred, well-maintained, and well-tempered German Shepherd puppies available for sale in the area. We are sure these promising delivers can deliver you some of the greatest German Shepherd pups in Massachusetts.

Country Side Rotties breeder information:

Millstone Kennel

Millstone Kennel is a family breeder based in Assonet, Massachusetts, USA. From rabbits to chickens to dogs, these popular German Shepherd seem to have a lot to offer.

Established in 2014, the Millstone Kennel have healthy, happy, and long-life German puppies for sale in Massachusetts.

They raise their puppies for sale with utmost attention at home. Their outgoing and happy puppies are what you can look up to any day.

Millstone Kennel breeder information:

Mellos Labradors

Located in Acushnet, the Mellos Labradors are another famous breeder in Massachusetts, USA. They are devoted German Shepherd breeders providing quality puppies for sale in the area.

They are regular breeders that have some of the most loving and welcoming German Shepherds and Labradors.

They are versatile and cooperative breeders delivering quality, homely, good temperament, conformation puppies.

Mellos Labradors breeder information:

Pet & Working Dogs

Pet & Working Dogs breeder information:

Greystone Kennel

Greystone Kennel is an award winning breeder in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, USA since 1990s. They are a quality service kennel offering cat and dog breeding services to their customers.

Their hired staff works tirelessly to provide their customers some of the most well cared for pets as per their customers’ convenience schedule. They also offer a wide array of crucial and general pet care services.

Greystone Kennel breeder information:

Canine College

Canine College provides reputed dog breeding, day care, training, and boarding services in Holbrook, Massachusetts, USA. They are a family-owned business occasionally empowering their customers with breeding services.

They are decade-old service providers comprising of some of the best expert trainers. They empower their canines with unique training programs that have been specifically tailored.

Canine College breeder information:

MassBay K9

MassBay K9 is another trusted breeder and trainer in Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA. They are well-experienced German Shepherd breeders and trainers delivering the right dog for the right family or situation.

They have some of the best German Shepherd dogs available for sale. You will trained dogs, puppies, as well as training supplies with them.

MassBay K9 breeder information:

Canine Protection International

Canine Protection International is another popular protective dog breeder located in Methuen, Massachusetts, USA. The pioneer breeders entered the protection dog market back in 1997.

Since then, Canine Protection International seems to have the finest dog along with the most advanced training schedules to deliver top-notch German Shepherd puppies for sale in Massachusetts.

They are certainly one of the most dependable breeders in Massachusetts right now. 

Canine Protection International breeder information:

Champion Kennels

Another ideal breeder in Sterling, Massachusetts is the Champion Kennels breeder. They are specialists in taking utmost care of the puppies that come for boarding or day care with them.

They are also occasional breeders offering happy, loving, and the safest puppies available with them.

They are an enthusiastic kennel passionate about their puppies’ comfort. Check out their website to learn more about them right now.

Champion Kennels breeder information:

Vom Ledgemere

Located in Wrentham, the Vom Ledgemere breeders are another trusted German Shepherd breeders in Massachusetts. They have quality German Shepherd puppies with the best-in-class training services delivered to them.

Their good tempered, well-behaved, socializing, and intelligent German Shepherds would easily complete any basic family’s lifestyle or portrait pretty easily.

You can learn about the Vom Ledgemere breeders through the details mentioned below.

Vom Ledgemere breeder information:

Collinswood K9 Services

Collinswood K9 Service are passionate and dedicated breeders located in Auburn, Massachusetts, USA. They are specialist breeders with some of the best Collinswood German Shepherd puppies for sale in Massachusetts.

If you have been looking for the ultimate, healthiest, affordable, or genuine German Shepherd puppies then you can rely on the Collinswood K9 Services.

They also provide some basic training, grooming, and dog handles service at minimal prices.

Collinswood K9 Services breeder information:

Smoke Show Shiloh Shepherds

Smoke Show Shiloh Shepherds are another reputed and acclaimed breeders in Winthrop, Massachusetts, USA. These experienced breeders aim to provide their customers with some of the best German Shepherd puppies.

If you have been looking forward to purchasing the best German Shepherd puppies, then the Smoke Show Shiloh Shepherds.

They have well-bred, well-behaved, well-maintained German Shepherds available with them.

Smoke Show Shiloh Shepherds breeder information:

  • Address: Winthrop, Massachusetts, USA
  • Phone: +1 617-784-1475
  • Website: N/A
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Email: N/A
  • Price Range: $2000

Beauty In The Beast

Located at Fall River, the Massachusetts, the Beauty In The Beast breeders and trainers are no less. They are well-acclaimed breeders with some really cute and intelligent German Shepherds puppies available for sale.

These breeders making finding well-behaved and well-trained German Shepherd puppies incredibly easy.

Their unique pet training schedules along with versatile dog breeds, make these Fall River breeders the top choice indeed.

Beauty In The Beast breeder information:

  • Address: Fall River, Massachusetts, USA
  • Phone: +1 646-847-8779
  • Website: N/A
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Email: N/A
  • Price Range: $2200

Sheldon Shepherds

Located in Norton, the Sheldon Shepherd breeders offer loyal, gentle, intelligent, fierce, and strong-built German Shepherd puppies for sale in Massachusetts. They have AKC-registered, de-wormed, health-certified, and vet checked German Shepherd puppies.

These breeders are exceptionally talented in creating a homely environment for breeding their German puppies with utmost care and affection. Their homely and interactive German Shepherd puppies are surely what you will need.

Sheldon Shepherds breeder information:

Raynhan’s Perfect K9

Located in Raynham, the Raynham Perfect K9 breeders are another popular German Shepherd breeders in Massachusetts, USA. They are highly acclaimed breeders known for raising their puppies with the utmost care and affection.

They have a host of well-trained, well-bred, well-maintained, and well-socialized German Shepherd puppies for sale.

We are pretty certain that these exceptional German Shepherd breeders can deliver you the best possible German Shepherd pup in an affordable price range.

Raynhan’s Perfect K9 breeder information:

  • Address: Raynham, Massachusetts, USA
  • Phone: +1 781-299-5137
  • Website: N/A
  • Social Media: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Price Range: $2100

Runchkin Hill Farm

The Runchkin Hill Farm breeders are recognized German Shepherd breeders from over 30 years. These well-versed breeders have helped thousands of families find their highest potential dog companions through exceptional breeding, boarding, and training services.

They are professional breeders delivering quality German Shepherd puppies at all levels. Be it working German Shepherds, family German Shepherds, or sport German Shepherds, Runchkin Hill Farm has them all.

Runchkin Hill Farm breeder information:

Dunns German Shepherd

The Dunns German Shepherd are no less popular than any other German Shepherd breeders in Massachusetts on our list. They are age-old breeders having some of the best dog breeds at the best prices available for sale in or near the Massachusetts region.

If you have been looking for some good quality, good temperament, or good conformation German Shepherd puppies, then these Warren-based German Shepherds are surely not the ones to miss out during your search process.

Dunns German Shepherd breeder information:

Tralee Kennels

Tralee Kennels are another fine German Shepherd breeders in Walpole, Massachusetts, USA with years of experience.

Their quality and affordable German puppies will surely help you find some of the most perfect German Shepherd puppies in the Massachusetts area. 

Tralee Kennels breeder information:

Von Der Nordsee

Located in Amesbury, the Massachusetts, USA, the Von Der Nordsee breeders are famous breeders too. Their unique breeding and customer approach process makes them a good choice to get your favorite German Shepherd puppy.

Von Der Nordsee breeder information:

  • Address: Amesbury, Massachusetts, USA
  • Phone: +1 978-270-9200
  • Website: N/A
  • Social Media: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Price Range: $2000

Hayes Haus German Shepherds

The Hayes Haus German Shepherds breeder is also a reputed breeder with years of experience.

They strive to provide healthy and good temperament dogs to all their customers. You can expect to healthy life span puppies with good trainability, memory, and focus here.

Hayes Haus German Shepherds breeder information:


Getting a German Shepherd puppy home is surely big deal. So, finding the right German Shepherd breeders is also crucial.

However, if you live in or near the Massachusetts area, then the above-mentioned list of top German Shepherd breeders in Massachusetts can help.

From helping you find the best German Shepherd puppies for sale in Massachusetts to helping you get them at the most reasonable prices, these German Shepherd breeds surely have a lot to offer.

We have tried including as much essential information as we could to help you get the best German Shepherd puppies home.

Now, we hope you have all the things you will need to get the ultimate German Shepherd home. All the best!

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