10 Maltese Breeders in Virginia (VA)

The Maltese puppies are a royal dog breed that are typically energetic, playful, loving, and attentive towards their dog owners. They are sophisticate puppies and are usually picky eaters. They love sunbathing and also make wonderful dogs for therapy. Maltese puppies have loving personalities and are absolute people pleasers. They love being around people and appreciate closeness and attention.
Are you looking for Maltese puppies in Virginia? Do you want to know where you could find the perfect Maltese puppies for sale in Virginia? Then, have a look at the below-mentioned list of the top Maltese breeders in Virginia. We are sure any of these breeders will help you find the perfect Maltese puppy for yourself sooner than ever!

Maltese breeders in Virginia

Maltese breeders in Virginia

So, let us get started!

1 Windy Way Hill Puppies

The Windy Way Hill Puppies are one reputed breeders located in Lebanon, Virginia, USA. They are family owned and operated kennel that raise their puppies in the perfect place for Maltese puppies. These breeders have a wonderful grassland wherein the Maltese puppies play, run, and learn to become the most obedient and loyal pets ever. You should definitely reach out to this breeder if what you have been looking for is well-raised and well-bred Maltese puppies.
Windy Way Hill Puppiesbreeder information:
• Address: Lebanon, Virginia, USA
• Phone:+1 276-889-5056
• Website:http://windywaypups.com/
• Social Media: Facebook
• Email:windyhillpups@gmail.com
• Price Range: $1500

2 Foxy’s Furry Angels

The breeders at Foxy’s Furry Angels in Richmond train their puppies for basic as well as high-level obedience. They are passionate breeders that pride themselves for raising top quality Maltese pups. They have highly adaptive and family environment friendly Maltese pups for sale in Virginia. All the puppies available with this breeder are genetically sound and genetically healthy.
Foxy’s Furry Angelsbreeder information:
• Address: Richmond, Virginia, USA
• Phone:+1 804-519-2986
• Website:http://www.breeders.net/detail.php?id=213093
• Social Media: Facebook
• Email:sheronnfox@gmail.com
• Price Range: $1200

3 My Next Puppy

My Next Puppy are another reputed and responsible family breeders located in Chantilly, Virginia, USA. They are loving Maltese breeders whose main purpose is to deliver treasured bundles of joys to amazing family homes. These breeders strive to provide some of the happiest and healthiest of Maltese puppies for sale in Virginia. These breeders also provide lifetime puppy protection to all their customers.
My Next Puppybreeder information:
• Address: Chantilly, Virginia, USA
• Phone:+1 703-870-7555
• Website:https://mynextpuppy.com/
• Social Media: Facebook
• Email:petcounselor@mynextpuppy.com
• Price Range: $1200

Maltese breeders in Virginia

4 Pauley’s Pups

The Pauley’s Pups are small business puppy breeders located in Ashland, Virginia, USA. With over 27 years of experience, these established Maltese breeders in Virginia strive to deliver loveable and healthy Maltese puppies in Virginia. These breeders have competitively priced Maltese puppies that would make loyal, gentle, and affectionate companions for life. They also have some other small breed dogs available for sale in Virginia in affordable prices.
Pauley’s Pupsbreeder information:
• Address: Ashland, Virginia, USA
• Phone:+1 804-798-7877
• Website:https://www.pauleyspups.com/
• Social Media: Facebook
• Email:pauleyspups224@gmail.com
• Price Range: $1400

5 Puppy Love

The Puppy Love is a reputed local pet store located in Roanoke, Virginia, USA. They have state-of-art breeding facilities for raising top-quality and affordable Maltese puppies. Puppy Love are family oriented breeders that follow a hands-on breeding approach to raise some of the best Maltese pups in Virginia, USA. They are loving and caring breeders that have helped thousands of people adopt suitable puppies. They have a hand selected and health guaranteed puppies for sale in Virginia.
Puppy Lovebreeder information:
• Address: Roanoke, Virginia, USA
• Phone:+1 540-265-7387
• Website:http://www.puppyloveusa.com/
• Social Media: N/A
• Email:N/A
• Price Range: $1200

6 Forest Creek Kennels

The Forest Creek Kennels are among one of the finest Maltese breeders in Virginia, USA. They are specialist breeders that follow unique and specialized breeding procedures to raise some of the most well-behaved and well-mannered Maltese pups. Forest Creek have healthy, well-acquainted, and polite Maltese pups that easily follow even the most basic commands as well. They are humble and polite Maltese breeders along with great personalities and temperament.
Forest Creek Kennelsbreeder information:
• Address: Waynesboro, Virginia, USA
• Phone:+1 540-241-4279
• Website:http://www.forestcreekkennels.net/
• Social Media: Facebook
• Email:srbratbabies@comcast.net
• Price Range: $1400

7 Magnolia Hills Breeder

Located in Baskerville, the Magnolia Hills Breeder in Virginia have genetically fit and healthy puppies for sale in Virginia. They have top-notch and rejuvenating breeding location wherein they raise healthy and happy Maltese puppies. They have adorable and loving Maltese puppies that are specifically trained to become the ultimate pets for any family. You can learn more about this breeder or get in touch with them through the details given below.
Magnolia Hills Breederinformation:
• Address: Baskerville, Virginia, USA
• Phone:+1 434-210-6021
• Website:http://magnoliahillkennels.com/
• Social Media: N/A
• Email:N/A
• Price Range: $1500

8 Grizzly Hollow Farm

The Grizzly Hollow Farm is a trusted small farm located in Gore, Virginia, USA. They have certified vet technicians that make sure that every puppy they raise get the very best care. They are respected breeders that would easily fit into any family lifestyle sooner than ever. The best part about these breeders is that they never dock the tales of their puppies. Get in touch with this breeder to learn more about them through the breeder information given below.
Grizzly Hollow Farmbreeder information:
• Address: Gore, Virginia, USA
• Phone:+1 540-539-0608
• Website:http://www.grizzlyhollowfarm.com/
• Social Media: Facebook
• Email: ghf200892@gmail.com
• Price Range: $1200

9 Crowe’s Nest Farms

The Crowe’s Nest Farms is another respected breeder located in Christiansburg, Virginia, USA. They have truly wonderful dog breeds including Maltese puppies for sale in Virginia. They have some great dog dispositions and pride themselves for producing some great temperament, working drive, and intelligent Maltese puppies.
Crowe’s Nest Farmsbreeder information:
• Address: Christiansburg, Virginia, USA
• Phone:+1 540-739-2534
• Website:http://www.crowesnestfarms.com/
• Social Media: Facebook
• Email:will@crowesnestfarms.com
• Price Range: $1500

10 SuperStar Puppies For Sale

Located in Fairfax, the SuperStar Puppies is another established breeder and puppy boutique store located in Virginia. These breeders strive to provide the perfect Maltese puppy to all their customers. They are licensed breeders renowned for delivering healthy and happy Maltese pups. With over 35 years of experience, we are sure this breeder will have a lot in store for you.
SuperStar Puppies For Salebreeder information:
• Address: Fairfax, Virginia, USA
• Phone:+1 571-223-6770
• Website:https://superstarpuppies.com/
• Social Media: Facebook
• Email:contact@superstarpuppies.com
• Price Range: $1500

Looking for Maltese puppies for sale in Virginia can often be tiring, mainly for the reason that the place is pretty extensive. With the availability of so many breeding options, choosing a suitable Maltese puppy that would match your expectations can be a hard decision. So, rather than relying on an unknown breeder and ending up choosing an inappropriate breeder, the above-mentioned list of top breeders in Virginia can more than help.
If you have been looking for the finest quality Maltese puppies, then make sure to get in touch with any of the above breeders to get home the perfect Maltese pup. We have tried including all the necessary breeder information for helping you find the best Maltese puppy in Virginia. Have a great time reaching out to these top Maltese breeders in Virgina and choosing the ultimate Maltese! All the best!

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