10 Shih Tzu Breeders In Virginia (VA) | Moral & Loving Certified 

If you are tired of researching and looking for Shih Tzu puppies for sale in Virginia, you can stop searching because I have them all laid out for you here.

Finding the best Shih Tzu breeder can be a daunting task because how do you know that you can trust someone to provide you with the healthiest and cutest furry companion?

Well, I’ve just made the job much easier for you because I have listed here the ten best Shih Tzu breeders in Virginia.

They all have different values and are unique, but they all want the same thing: to provide their customers with a loving and healthy pup. 

In the following article, you will be able to find out everything you need to know about some of the best Shih Tzu breeders in Virginia; read on to know more. 

Shihtzu by TiamariaTroy, Virginia, 22974peekabooshih-tzu@hotmail.com
BB's Imperial Shih Tzu's1668 Mt Pleasant Road Virginia Beach, VA 23322puppy@bbsimperialshihtzus.com
Santa Rosa Shih Tzu PuppyDisputanta, Virginia, 23842santarosashihtzupuppy@gmail.com
Shih Tzu Paradise Virginiahttps://shihtzuparadise.com
Thom's Shih TzusWindsor, Virginia, 23487ttppshihtzus@gmail.com
Hidden Hollow KennelMt. Crawford, Virginia 22841jeff@hiddenhollowkennel.com
Hill Family Shih-TzuRice, Virginia, 23966doglady.nancy@gmail.com
Dianne's Little Paws Richmond, Virginia, USA, 23173dianneslittlepaws@gmail.com
Magic Mountain Shih TzuLondonderry, Virginia, 5600www.gooddog.com
Precious Family JewelsArvonia, Virginia, 23004www.preciousfamilyjewels.com

Shihtzu by Tiamaria

This is one of the best Shih Tzu breeders located in Troy, Virginia. Shih Tzu by Tiamaria has been breeding puppies for more than 15 years now and has provided homes all over the country with some of the best-looking, healthiest Shih Tzu puppies you can find. 

All their puppies are bred by AKC and ASTC standards. They provide their customers with a written two-year health guarantee when the puppies live the litter.

All the puppies at Shihtzu by Tiamaria are trained to be loving and social life companions. 

Shihtzu by Tiamaria provides some of the healthiest and best-looking Shih Tzu puppies in Virginia. For more information about this breeder, visit their website or contact them directly. 

Location: Troy, Virginia, 22974
Phone Number: +1 434-589-4033
Website: https://www.shihtzubytiamaria.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sderosario/
Email: peekabooshih-tzu@hotmail.com

BB’s Imperial Shih Tzu’s

BB’s Imperial Shih Tzu is a breeder located in Virginia that takes exquisite care of its pups. All the puppies that are bred by them are treated like family, and exceptional care is given to the puppies and the mother during, before, and after the labor. 

This Shih Tzu breeder takes care of the puppy’s health and gives a one-year health written guarantee.

However, they require a $100 deposit to reserve the puppy. This breeder also has only a few litters a year, so make sure to reserve one on time. 

The puppies are AKC, and CKC registered dogs. They are vaccinated before they leave the litter and dewormed multiple times. The puppies don’t leave the litter before they are 12 weeks old, and some even stay in the litter until 16 weeks old. 

Location: 1668 Mt Pleasant Road Virginia Beach, VA 23322
Phone Number: +1 757-646-8823
Website: https://www.bbsimperialshihtzus.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/BbsImperialShihTzus/
Email: puppy@bbsimperialshihtzus.com
Price Range: $4000-$5000

Santa Rosa Shih Tzu Puppy

Santa Rosa Shih Tzu Puppy is another great breeder from Virginia. They take good care of their Shih Tzu pups and make sure all their puppies are AKC registered. All the puppies come with a health guarantee and a puppy kit upon leaving the litter. 

The breeder makes sure that the puppies are vaccinated and dewormed before they leave the litter too.

They say that puppies are their passion and will be more than happy to find them the perfect home. The usual time puppies can leave the litter is when they are eight weeks old. 

The puppies are socialized and well taken care of before they leave the litter. Make sure to visit their website or get in contact with the breeder for more information. 

  • Location: Disputanta, Virginia, 23842
  • Phone Number: +1 804-335-4452
  • Website: GoodDog
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/santarosashihtzupuppy/
  • Email: santarosashihtzupuppy@gmail.com
  • Price Range: $1,500-$3,000

Shih Tzu Paradise 

Shih Tzu Paradise is a breeder that has over five years of experience in breeding Shih Tzus. They make sure that every puppy they have is OFFA tested.

The adult puppies are carefully selected, making sure that they have the looks as well as the health. The puppies undergo training and socialization process while still in the litter. 

What is interesting about this breeder, in particular, is that they do neurological stimulation since the puppies are four days old, and it does not stop until the puppies leave the litter.

This gives the pups improved cardiovascular performance (heart rate), stronger heartbeats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress, and greater disease resistance.

They offer lifetime support and will make sure to give you all the information you need. Shih Tzu Paradise also offers a two-year health guarantee. 

Thom’s Shih Tzus

Thom’s Shih Tzus is a breeder located in Windsor, Virginia. They are an experienced breeder; they apply all their knowledge about breeding into the process and are happy to find a home and provide a family with a furry life companion. 

The puppies are Thom’s Shih Tzus, playful and energetic; they are socialized as well as AKC registered. They give lifelong support and a health guarantee for your pups and are dedicated to doing their best for their dogs. 

For more information, we would suggest getting in contact with the breeder. Here are some of the ways you can get in touch with them. 

Location: Windsor, Virginia, 23487
Phone Number: (724) 590-1135
Website: https://thoms-shih-tzus.ueniweb.com/
Email: ttppshihtzus@gmail.com

Hidden Hollow Kennel

Hidden Hollow Kennel is a breeder located in Virginia, specializing in many small breed dogs, including the Shih Tzu breed. They take well care of their puppies, and the satisfaction of their customers is their priority, as well as puppies being their passion. 

Mom puppy always gets a prenatal diet before breeding to make sure they give you the healthiest puppies possible, as the health of their puppy is their priority. The puppy comes with a health guarantee, and your puppy gets free microchipping. 

Hidden Hollow Kennel requires a deposit so you can make a reservation on your puppy, and all deposits you make are not refundable. 

Hill Family Shih-Tzu

Hill Family Shih Tzu is a Shih Tzu breeder with over 30 years of experience in their field. They take pride and joy in their puppies.

All the puppies at Hill Family Shih Tzu are AKC registered. They all come with a health guarantee and are some of the cute Shih Tzu puppies on the market. 

The Hill Family does this job out of love for the breed and are owners of Shih Tzu’s themselves. They would offer lifelong support and advice if you were ever to need one.

They are located in Rice, Virginia and have many returning customers and great reviews on their page. 

For more information, you could get in contact with the family and learn more about the pups and look at the pictures if you plan on adopting them. 

Dianne’s Little Paws 

Dianne’s Little Paws is an at-home breeder that takes well care of its pups. What’s interesting and unique about this breeder is that they give a four-year health guarantee on your pup!

The breeder has been doing this for more than 45 years, and Shih Tzus are, as she says, the loves of her life. 

Dianne’s Little Paws puppies get high-quality food, vitamins and are vaccinated and dewormed before leaving their litter. They are AKC-approved pups, and we recommend visiting the website so you can see how cute this four-legged furball is. 

The puppies are held inside, not in a kennel, they are socialized, and there are no shortcuts being taken on the journey of raising these furballs.

Magic Mountain Shih Tzu

Magic Mountain Shih Tzu is a Shih Tzu breeder located in Londonderry, Virginia. They have new breeds only one or two times per year because they focus on quality, not quantity.

They take good care of the puppy’s health, and all their puppies are AKC registered. 

The puppies in Magic Mountain Shih Tzu are treated as a part of the family and are given love and care until they leave the litter. The approximate time pups leave the litter is when they are eight months old. 

  • Location: Londonderry, Virginia, 5600
  • Phone Number: (802) 824-1042
  • Website: GoodDog
  • Price Range: $1,200-$1,500

Precious Family Jewels

Precious Family Jewels are the last but not least Shih Tzu breeder we will talk about here. They are located in Arvonia, Virginia, in the middle of the state, and are a short drive from anywhere.

Precious Family Jewels have good ethical values and believe that their responsibility with the puppy does not stop when they are given away. 

They will provide you with lifelong information and everything you may need along the years of owning the pup. The puppies are all AKC registered, and they consider the puppy’s health more important than the money.

On their website, you can see some adorable pictures of Shih Tzus that may make you fall in love with them. 


As said above, finding a good Shih Tzu breeder in Virginia might be hard, especially if you are a beginner and have no prior knowledge about them. That’s why I hope that this article helped you find the perfect breeder for you. 

All of the breeders mentioned above have great values; the only thing left for you is to look at pictures and videos and fall in love with your furry friend. Good luck on your journey! 

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