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If you’re looking for boxer puppies for sale in Georgia, you will have no problem at all. It is canine heaven, and you will find plenty of options for any breed.

But, it’s important to find a good breeder (or seller) and not just buy from anyone. This will affect your dog’s lifelong health and happiness.

So, I did some research and found some of the best boxer breeders in Georgia for you to go through.

These credible breeders have their pups from established bloodlines, and, most importantly, they treat their pups like little kings!

Still, do your own due diligence. Call and ask questions, read online reviews, etc. Let’s get started.

Imperial Boxers 8834 Georgia Highway 24, Bartow, GA 30413wpalmer431@yahoo.com
Georgia Boxer PuppiesNortheast Georgia facebook.com/georgiaboxerpuppies 
Southwind KennelsWoodbine, Georgia, USA raymesa@msn.com 
Southern Symphony's Love BugsBuford, GAsouthernsymphonyboxers@charter.net
LBR Boxer630 Coffee County Club Rd, Hortense, GA 31543facebook.com/LBRBoxer-127873084592314
Petland Kennesaw840 Ernest W Barrett Pkwy NW. Kennesaw, GA 30144petlandkennesaw.com
Vandalo Boxers108 S Herrington St., Glennville, GA 30427vandaloboxers@gmail.com
Dirt Road Boxers Newnan, GAfacebook.com/people/Dirt-Road-Boxers/100067554877969/ 
Wahachee Creek KennelElberton, GAwahacheecreekkennel@gmail.com
Atlanta Boxer Rescue 5322 Vinings Lake View SW, Mableton, GA nfo@atlantaboxerrescue.org 
BoxerwareSharpsburg, GAcwjcmware@gmail.com
Out of the Box Boxer RescueLoganville, GA 30052info.obbrescue@gmail.com 
Blue Side Of Heaven KennelsToccoa, Georgia, USAbluesideofheavenkennels@gmail.com

Imperial Boxers 

Operating out of Bartow, Imperial Boxers has been breeding AKC boxers since 2009, making them one of the best in the business.

This boxer breeder makes known all the dams and sires of the pups on their site, so feel free to check them out. 

When you take home one of these adorable puppies from Imperial boxers, they will be dewormed and have up-to-date shots.

The owners of Imperial boxers also make sure that their pups undergo a thorough vet exam before they leave for their new home. 

Imperial Boxers details 

Georgia Boxer Puppies

This boxer breeder in Georgia is another great place to check if you are looking for a boxer puppy. The pups are AKC registered and purebred, so you can expect nothing but the best. 

Boxer pups from Georgia Boxer Puppies come with updated shots, docked tails and AKC papers. Each puppy also has a one-year guarantee from their breeders, which is great.

The breeder does not have a website, but they engage with clients on Facebook, so you can contact them for further information. 

Georgia Boxer Puppies details 

Southwind Kennels

With over 15 years of experience breeding boxers, Southwind Kennels is home to AKC registered pups. The breeder focuses on taking great care of their pups, so they only have about two litters in a year. 

However, you will love the brindle and fawn boxer pups from this kennel. To get notified about their puppy information, feel free to contact them. 

Southwind Kennels details 

Southern Symphony’s Love Bugs

This boxer breeder has also been in business for more than 15 years and is one of the top ones in Georgia. They are located at Buford and have a good number of boxers with them at any time. 

All boxers are AKC registered and come with up-to-date shots when you take them home. To see available pups, check out their website or schedule an appointment through the email below. 

Southern Symphony’s Love Bugs details 

LBR Boxer 

LBR Boxer is a boxer rescue home-based in Hortense, GA. The pups are AKC registered, so you have little to worry about. 

This boxer kennel is open throughout the year, and the pups are available almost all the time. So don’t hesitate to contact the breeder through the details below.

Pricing for the boxer pups is also very affordable, which you will appreciate. 

LBR Boxer details 

Petland Kennesaw

You cannot fail to check out Petland Kennesaw if you are looking for a boxer pup in Georgia. This pet store is home to several dog breeds, so you have plenty of options. 

If a boxer is not available at the store when you check, don’t be disappointed. Petland Kennesaw frequently updates its canine inventory, so keep an eye out on their social media accounts. 

Petland Kennesaw details 

Vandalo Boxers 

Di Vandalo is a breeder of European as well as American boxer pups with specific pedigrees. The pups are AKC registered, ensuring that these pups are of the highest standards. 

This boxer breeder in Georgia also sells premium pet food, which your boxer will appreciate. To see the planned litter for 2022 or to bring home a puppy, check out their website.

Dirt Road Boxers

Dirt Road Boxers is a relatively unknown boxer breeder. They operate out of Newnan, GA, and they’ve been in business for 2018.

The boxer pups from this breeder are AKC registered, so you can bring home the pups with confidence. 

This boxer breeder does not have a website, so there is not much information about it. However, you can connect with the breeder directly from their Facebook page. 

Dirt Road Boxers details 

Wahachee Creek Kennel

Located in Elberton, Wahachee Creek Kennel is home to boxers and Australian Cattle dogs. The owners of this kennel are sisters who breed quality boxers that are AKC registered.

Since the pups come from high-quality sires and dams, they have a good temperament, which you want in a pup. 

Apart from the boxer pups, Wahachee Creek Kennel also provides stud services, so check them out if you’re interested. 

Wahachee Creek Kennel details 

Atlanta Boxer Rescue 

This charity organization in Georgia is also a great option if you like to adopt boxers.

The organization has boxers almost throughout the year, so you have good chances of getting a pup or adult dog. 

Since the organization primarily deals with rescue dogs and those surrendered to the shelter, the dogs are very affordable.

If you are a true boxer lover, you can even get a chance to volunteer at this shelter as they welcome dedicated and passionate volunteers. 

Atlanta Boxer Rescue details 


This boxer breeder is located in an idyllic small town in Sharpsburg, GA. It is a family-owned business, and they are passionate about boxers and dogs in general. 

The pups from this breeder are AKC registered and come from great lineage. So expect the pups to have up-to-date shots, vaccinations and, of course, stable temperament.

Since the breeders consider the pups a part of the family, expect a lot of questions before taking home a pup. 

Boxerware details 

Out Of The Box Boxer Rescue

Out of the Box Boxer Rescue is a great choice to adopt boxer pets in Georgia. The boxers from this organization come in all sizes, so you get a lot of options.

In addition to adoption, there are other ways you can associate yourself with boxers when you check out this dog rescue.

You can foster a boxer at $35 and participate in boxer events, which is fantastic. You can also donate to the boxer rescue organization if you are feeling generous.

If you’re strapped for cash, you can still volunteer and at Out of the Box Boxer Rescue. 

Out of the Box Boxer Rescue details 

Blue Side Of Heaven Kennels

This boxer breeder in the northeast of Atlanta, Georgia, also breeds boxer pups of pure bloodlines. With AKC registered pups, the boxers from this breed are nothing but the best. 

The owners seem to be closing the kennels soon, but it is not permanent so keep an eye out through their Facebook page.

Another fantastic thing about this kennel is that the owner Brittany offers a lot of friendly advice about boxers and dogs in general.

So feel free to give them a call or reach out to them on social media. 

Blue Side Of Heaven Kennels details 

Three Things You Need To Know About Boxer Breed Of Dogs

Before you bring home a boxer pup or an adult, here are some things you need to know about this big baby. 

They Crave Attention And Company

Despite the large sizes, boxers are extremely affectionate and require companionship from their human family.

In addition, boxers are also great with kids, so you don’t have to worry about adding them to a family with children.

On the flipside of their loyalty and attention-loving personalities, boxers can develop separation anxiety when left alone for extended periods. 

Grooming Them Is Effortless

If you’re worried about grooming your boxer often, relax. Boxers are effortless to care for, and grooming is very easy, even for first-time pet owners. 

The reason primarily comes down to their short coat and very little shedding. Brushing these big boys once a week is all you need. 

However, they are high energy bred, so they will need their daily exercise without exception. 

Boxers Love The Warmth

Although boxers originated in Germany, this breed of dogs does not do well in cold climates. Their short coat offers them very little protection from the chilly cold. 

If you’d still love to have a boxer in a cold environment, you can consider getting them a jacket. A pair of canine winter boots will also come in handy when he goes outside during the cold winter months. 

FAQs About Boxers In Georgia 

What’s The Average Price Of A Boxer In Georgia?

Despite their size and fantastic breed, boxers are not very expensive, which is fantastic. In Georgia, boxer pups can cost anywhere between $500 and $1,500 on both extremes. 

In rare cases where the boxer comes from champion lines, the cost can be a bit higher. In addition, the age and overall health of the boxer can also affect the average cost of the boxer. 

Boxers from reputed breeders can also come at a higher price than rescue homes and charity organizations. Per head, boxers from shelters and rescue homes can cost $50 to $300 on both extremes. 

What Is The Maintenance Cost Of A Boxer In Georgia?

An average maintenance cost of a boxer in Georgia is about $1,200 per year. On both extremes, you can expect to pay $600 to $1,800.

This includes the cost of puppy food, grooming, and essential pet supplies.

If you were to include vet visits, insurance, a pet walker, and other ways to pamper your boxer pup, then the cost would be significantly higher. 

After the initial year, taking care of your boxer pup can cost about $140 per month, which clocks in about $1,680 in a year. 

How Long Does The Boxer Breed Live?

Boxers have an average life expectancy of 9 years, which is relatively short for a canine.

However, with the right diet, exercise, and health checkups, especially dental care, your boxer can live up to 12 years without any problems. 

Final Thoughts 

This list of the top boxer breeders in Georgia should give you a head start to finding the right canine friend to add to your family.

The breeder and sellers on this list are credible, so you can check them out with full confidence. 

All the best for hunting the right fur baby!

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