19 Rottweiler Breeders In Georgia (GA) | Moral & Loving Certified

Rottweiler dogs are among the domestic breeds adored by most pet lovers. These dogs have a unique charm that makes them the best for a pet.

But, if you’re already looking for Rottweiler puppies for sale in Georgia, hold on.

Getting your dog from a reliable, moral, and loving breeder, is the most important thing to make sure of.

So, to help you do that, I did some research and found some of the best Rottweiler breeders in Georgia.

You should still do your own due diligence with these, call and ask questions, read online reviews, etc. But this gives you a good starting point.

Peach State KennelsPowell Rd South East, Rome, 30161, GA, USApeachstatekennels.com
Atlanta Haus Rottweilers Old Senoia Rd, Fayetteville, 30215, GA, USAcontact@atlantahaus.com
Georgia Rottweilers LLC 85 Dukes Rd, Mansfield, 30055, GA, USAgarottweilers@bellsouth.net 
Smith Farms Boarding Kennels Irwin Bridge Rd, Conyers, GA, USAsmithfarmsboarding@gmail.com
StoneyCreek RottweilersWako, 30182, GA, USAsuperiordogs@hotmail.com
Von Ous Rottweilers Milam Rd, Fayetteville, 30214, GA, USAousley739@gmail.com
Haus Des Beschutzers Rottweilers GA-41 South, Buena Vista, 31803, GA, USAviking246@hausdesbeschutzersrottweilers.com
Georgia Puppies Online Powder Springs Rd, Marietta, 30064, GA, USAwww.gapuppiesonline.com
Mason Dixon Rottweilers10, Short Rd, Sharpsburg, 30277, GA, USAkrogers@masondixonrottweilers.com 
Sanders Kennels Elliott Family Pkwy, Dawsonville, 30534, GA, USAsanderskennels@gmail.com 
Boot Camp Kennels S Hampton Ct, Jonesboro, 30238, GA, USABootCampKennelsRotti@gamil.com
Vom Hause Earnest RottweilersNortheast Atlanta, GA, USAvherottweilers@gmail.com
DKV Rottweilers McDonough, 30252, GA, USAcontack@DKVRottweilers.com
Black Jade Rottweilers Snellville, GA, USAdebsrottweilers@yahoo.com
Hawk Creek Rotts Marcus Ln, Moultrie, 31788, GA, USAjody@hawkcreekrotts.com
SouthernTier Rottweilers Kingston Rd, Rome, 30145, GAsoutherntierrottweilers@gmail.com 
Bonnie and Clyde Rottweilers Baxley, 31513, GA, USAbonnieandclyderottweilers.com
Brinkhaus Rottweilers Chatsworth, 30705, GA, USAbrinkhausrotts@yahoo.com
Petland Mall of GeorgiaBuford, 30519, GA, USApetlandmallofgeorgia.com

Peach State Kennels 

These breeders have years of experience in breeding. They dedicate the services towards the breed’s temperament and conformation.

I found that these pets can be a great fit for families and in the show rings too. The breeders raise the dogs within their family to train the pets. 

You can all the information about your pup on the breeder’s official website. Their breeding process depends on hand selection considering the bloodlines.

The best part, the breeders guarantee 10-15 years of memorable companionship with the dogs. 

For more information about vaccination, certification, etc., you can reach out to the breeders. 

Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Powell Rd South East, Rome, 30161, GA, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 706-233-1751 
  • Website: Peach State Kennels 
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price Range: $1500 

Atlanta Haus Rottweilers 

Atlanta Haus breeders in Georgia have been delivering top-quality German breeds for forty years now. You can trace back your pup’s bloodline from the information provided on the breeder’s website.

Their countless years of research and experience are quite evident from the quality of dogs you can find here. 

You can find Rottweilers that are friendly, intelligent, and conformation. I also found that all the dogs from here are friendly to children and comfortable in a crowd.

The protective instincts from these dogs are sure to impress you in no time. 

For more information, you can approach the breeders or access their official website. 

Breeder Information: 

Georgia Rottweilers LLC 

Georgia Rottweilers LLC has been breeding for 15 years. You can find Champion bloodlines with perfect qualities of the breed intact.

Here, you can find dogs that are sound in beauty, temperament, intellect, structure, and generosity. 

I also found that the dogs here have a strong inheritance of qualities and rich mahogany markings. The instincts and courage of these pups are quite impressive.

You will for sure find your paw-friend from these breeders in Georgia. 

Breeder Information: 

Smith Farms Boarding Kennels 

Moore family, the breeders at Smith Farms Boarding Kennels have an exceptional passion for pets. The whole family dedicated themselves to taking care of your pups and easing your job.

They ensure that the dogs are hygienic, trained, and friendly. 

The breeders provide a pleasing environment for dogs, which is the reason for the dogs’ politeness. I was quite impressed with how the dogs are treated at Smith Farms Boarding Kennels.

I also found that they offer cleaning and training services for your pets too. 

For additional details about the breeder, you can access their website, visit, or call them. 

Breeder Information: 

StoneyCreek Rottweilers 

For the past 30 years, StoneyCreek is known to deliver the best quality of Rottweilers in Georgia.

The breeders have exceptional knowledge about different pets and can raise the dogs with utmost care. The dogs are healthy and sound. 

I also found that the dogs here are trained for being friendly and remain in controlled temperament.

The breeders provide additional tips to help raise your dogs easily. All the pups here are regularly checked by the vets and are vaccinated on time. 

You can reach out to the breeders through their website or walk-in for more information. 

Breeder Information: 

Von Ous Rottweilers 

If you are looking for top-rated Rottweiler breeders in Georgia, Von Ous Rottweilers is where you’ll need to go. They have been a premier breeder for 25 years and deliver the best quality pups around.

Their stellar German bloodline reflects on the quality of the dogs and their behavior. 

Loyalty, intelligence, and beauty are some qualities of the pups here. I also found that the breeders focus on the dogs’ temperament and quality above all.

Dogs here are raised in a controlled environment and have enormous love from the breeders. 

If you want to raise the best rottweiler pups, you can contact this breeder now. 

Breeder Information: 

Haus Des Beschutzers Rottweilers 

These breeders near Alabama specialize in working bloodline rottweilers. They offer dogs with the best pedigrees and come from some acclaimed breeders across the globe.

The breeders, John, Maria, and Kate excel in taming dogs. 

I found some of the most polite, friendly, and well-behaving dogs here. You don’t have to worry about the pup’s temperament too.

I also found that these dogs are trained to suit for protection and military working ambiances as well. 

You can reach out to the breeders to know more about the dog’s health, vaccination, and more. 

Breeder Information: 

Georgia Puppies Online 

Georgia Puppies Online has been breeding dogs since 2004 with AKC certification and licensing. Sammie, the breeder, provides the right match to every buyer visiting her.

She ensures that every dog gets its health checkup on time and all the necessary vaccinations. 

One best thing that I found about these breeders is their after-sales help. You can reach out to Georgia Puppies Online after years of buying your dog and they will still help you.

I also found that they recommend the best products for your pup at different stages. 

The breeders are always available for any kind of information related to Rottweiler pups and your appointments. 

Breeder Information: 

Mason Dixon Rottweilers 

Based out of Atlanta, Mason Dixon Rottweilers have been breeding pups since 2015. The breeders raise the dogs within their family amid a relaxing environment.

So, you don’t have to worry about the dog’s behavior and temperament. 

Kelly Rogers, the breeder here is against the kenneling concept. I also found that the breeders consider the pups as a part of their family and raise them with the utmost affection.

You can verify all the certifications and vaccination details on the breeder’s website or contact them. 

Breeder Information: 

Sanders Kennels 

Here at Sanders Kennels, you can find the best quality of hand-selected and imported breeds from Spain. The dogs from here are Champions and among the finest lines.

The breeders are working for more than 20 years. They specialize in the Presa Canario breeding program. 

The dogs here are sound in health, behavior, and temperament. I found that the breeders have an exceptional knowledge about the breed.

You can contact the breeders for any information related to your dog at any time. For more information, you can access their website or visit their place. 

I have attached the breeder’s information for reference. 

Breeder Information: 

Boot Camp Kennels 

Boot Camp Kennels started breeding in 2002. The breeders’ ancestry has deep connections with the German Champion bloodline.

Their elaborate selection process provides the finest yield of rottweilers in Georgia. The pups are friendly, well-behaving, and energetic. 

I also found that these pups adapt to the environment quite quickly. Their instincts and response to commands are quite impressive.

You can find the best companion for your family from Boot Camp Kennels. The breeders take care of the dogs’ health and vaccination as well. 

For details about the dogs and the breeders, you can access the website. 

Breeder Information: 

Vom Hause Earnest Rottweilers 

Matt Earnest runs the Vom Hause Earnest Rottweilers in Atlanta. Here, you can find the best rottweilers with bloodlines from Europe and Germany.

The breeders have a limited number of dogs here, for they prefer quality over quantity. 

Here, you can find Rottweiler pups with controlled temperament, good bone structure, and sound health. The dogs get plenty of socialization and are excellent with families.

They are vaccinated on time and have a good history of vet checkups. 

For additional information, you can approach the breeder or access their website. 

Breeder Information: 

DKV Rottweilers 

DKV Rottweilers are professional breeders providing the German variety. The breeders here have more than 20 years of breeding experience.

Here, you can find a family pup, champion, K9 working, protecting pup, and future service pets too. 

The breeders are extremely selective in breeding and are particular about temperament expectations. The best thing about the breeders is their capability in giving you the exact dog you are looking for.

You can always expect an exceptional Rottweiler pup from this breeder. 

For more details, you can check the breeder’s website or call them. 

Breeder Information: 

Black Jade Rottweilers 

Black Jade Rottweilers breeders are licensed dog breeders in Georgia. The pups here are AKC certified and Agriculture inspected. So, you can lay hands on some best dogs from these breeders.

Deborah Brown has more than 20 years of breeding experience. 

The breeders here haven’t started breeding until they learned everything about it. I also found that the pups here are healthy, intelligent, friendly, and have controlled temperaments.

You can reach out to Black Jade Rottweilers if you are serious about finding a good-quality rottweiler pup. 

The breeder’s information is attached below. 

Breeder Information: 

Hawk Creek Rotts 

Jody Johnson, the breeder at Hawk Creek Rotts owns Real Life K9. He’s been with dogs for an extensive time and holds licenses to breed dogs. The breeders present some best Rottweilers at different prices.

The dogs are trained to behave, mingle, and control their temperament. 

These breeders also help you in raising your dogs with some useful suggestions. The dogs are also trained for potty and basic commands.

Here, you can find European and German rottweilers of the best quality. For more information about the Hawk Creek Rotts breeders and to book your appointment, you can access their website given below. 

Breeder Information: 

SouthernTier Rottweilers 

SothernTier Rottweilers runs a small family-owned business. Located in Northeast Georgia, they present Champion lines from the German and Russian bloodlines.

The pups here are highly sportive and friendly. The dogs here are from the YouTuber, Aron Vom Beni. 

The pups here are healthy, sound, and friendly. I’ve enclosed the breeder’s information if you want to contact them for your paw-pal. 

Breeder Information: 

Bonnie and Clyde Rottweilers 

If you are looking for GermanChampion Rottweiler puppies for sale in Georgia, this breeder is a reliable option. The dame and sire, the roots for rottweiler pups here are imported from Europe.

The pups are AKC registered and regularly checked by vets. 

The top-quality bloodline of the pups here is the reason for their exceptional health, behavior, and controlled temperament.

I found that the customers choosing Bonnie and Clyde Rottweilers are totally satisfied with the quality of the breed. 

If you wish to get in touch with the breeder, you can check out the following information. 

Breeder Information: 

Brinkhaus Rottweilers 

Henry and his family have been breeding top-quality Rottweilers for years. Their small breeding farm sprawls along northern Georgia’s mountain foothills.

The breeding environment is quite impressive and loved by the dogs as well. 

The pups here are exceptionally well tamed to be amiable and sociable. One fascinating thing about the breeders is that they consider themselves as the best-kept secret of the Southeast.

You can lay hands on some best rottweiler dogs from here with sound health and on-time vaccinations. 

The breeding farm is so calming and I’m sure you’ll enjoy your visit there. 

Breeder Information: 

Petland Mall of Georgia

Another place where you can look out for Rottweiler puppies for sale in Georgia is the Petland Mall of Georgia.

Here, you can find a perfect dog for your family. The pups here are vet-checked, vaccinated, and are sound in health. 

Here, you can also find all the necessary supplies for your puppy. The dogs from Petland Mall of Georgia are known for their socialization and high spirits.

You can check the store’s information below if you want to get your furry friend from here. 

Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Buford, 30519, GA, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 678-582-2469 
  • Website: Petland Mall of Georgia 
  • Social Media: unavailable 
  • Price Range: $1500 

Over to you 

Generally, you can find a rottweiler pup in Georgia between $1500 and $2500. The breeders I listed above provide the best quality pups at convenience.

You can choose the delivery option or can pick your pups too. Some breeders listed above also provide tips and necessary supplies to raise your dog.

So, you can reach out to them if it is your first time raising a rottweiler. Remember to schedule your appointment with these breeders, if interested.

They don’t allow you to visit their breeding area unless you have the meet scheduled.

Have a happy time choosing the best rottweiler for your family and enjoy their boundless love! 

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