17 Cavapoo Breeders In Florida (FL) | Moral & Loving Certified

The trendy and beautiful little pups, Cavapoos, are everyone’s favorite, right? Just a glance at these adorable pups brightens everyone’s face.

But, if you’re already looking for Cavapoo puppies for sale in Florida, hold on.

Getting your dog from a reliable, moral, and loving breeder, is the most important thing to make sure of.

So, to help you do that, I did some research and found some of the best Cavapoo breeders in Florida.

You should still do your own due diligence with these, call and ask questions, read online reviews, etc. But this gives you a good starting point.

PuppySpotSheridan St Suite, Hollywood, 33024, Floridahelp@puppyspot.com
Waggs to RichesFederal Highway, Boca Rotan, 33431, FL, USAinfo@waggstoriches.com
Sweet Manor Country Cavaliers Jacksonville, Florida, USAelsacgo@hotmail.com
Florida Pups serves all parts of Florida crystal.morrison@gmail.com
Lancaster Puppies Naples, Florida, USAwww.lancasterpuppies.com
Florida Puppies Online Davis Blvd Unit 40, Naples, 34104, FL, USAwww.flpuppiesonline.com
TLC Puppy Love Mustang Haven Ln, Jacksonville, 32226, FL, USAtlcpuppylove@gmail.com 
Jay & Rays Classy CavapoochonsRoosevelt Dr, Venice, 34293, FL, USAjayandrayclassycavapoo@gmail.com
Florida Furr Babies Sandhill Blvd, Punta Gorda, 33983, FL, USAsales@floridafurrbabies.com 
Forever Love Puppies Miami Bird Rd, Miami, 33155, FL, USA954puppies.com
Vanity PupsFleming Island, Florida, USAvanitypupsfl@me.com 
Forever Love Puppies Pembroke Pines Johnson St, Pembroke Pines, 33024, FL, USA954puppies.com
Bailey & Bella Cavapoos Florida, USAwww.instagram.com/baileyandbellacavapoos
Glamorous Puppies 8th St, SW, Miami, 33144, FL, USAglamorouspuppies.com
Chews A PuppyWest Colonial Dr, Ocoee, FL, USAwww.chewsapuppy.com
Petland Waterford LakesWaterford Lakes, Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FA, USApetland-orlando-east.com
Epic Puppies 40th St, SW, Miami, 33165, FL, USAepicpuppiesmiami@gmail.com


PuppySpot is known for the AKC breeding standards. Usually, you’ll have to wait for a long time for Cavapoos in Florida.

But this breeder is the one to contact if you want your dog immediately. PuppySpot isn’t just one breeder, but a group of them. 

This community of dog lovers led by Claire dedicates themselves to breeding and training the best Cavapoos in Florida. Their highest standards ensure that every dog is sound in health and behavior.

You don’t have to worry about the vaccination too. 

If you want to contact the breeder or access the website, I’ve included the details below. 

Breeder Information: 

Waggs to Riches 

Waggs and Riches in Florida is another famous Cavapoo breeder who hand-selects the best pups. The breeders here devote their entire time to delivering top-quality dogs to the clients.

Here, you can find vaccinated, pre-spoiled, and microchipped Cavapoos. 

Apart from selling the best pups, these breeders also provide stylish, classy, and an extensive range of pet products. You can pick up a lot of pet accessories, clothes, food, and various things from here.

You wouldn’t need to go anywhere for your dog’s requirements, right? 

For more details about the breeder, you can visit their place or check the website. 

Breeder Information: 

Sweet Manor Country Cavaliers 

This breeder in Florida only uses the Facebook platform for its sales and pups’ photos. It was hard to trace their information, and I couldn’t find a website or contact number.

But their Facebook page showed a pretty good collection of Cavapoos. This isn’t a high-quantity pup mill, and the dogs are limited in number. 

So, it is essential to clarify all the details before you buy your Cavapoo from here.

There is not much information about the pricing as well, leaving you with no choice but to contact the breeder for all the information.

Having said that, the pups here indeed looked healthy, and people were quite happy with the quality. 

Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Jacksonville, Florida, USA. 
  • Phone: unavailable 
  • Website: unavailable 
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Email: elsacgo@hotmail.com 
  • Price Range: unavailable 

Florida Pups 

Florida Pups is another famous Cavapoo breeder in Florida.

Though Cavapoo is not purebred, the breeders here ensure that the best quality of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle pups are used for crossing. Here, you can find a wide range of Cavapoo colors. 

The breeders take utmost care in raising the dogs, owing to their sensitive nature. They are on time for health checkups, vaccinations, and all the necessities.

The combination of black, tan, and white color Cavapoos are sure to impress you at a glance! 

Florida Pups breeders are quite friendly. You can reach out to them or walk into their breeding area to know more information. 

Breeder Information: 

Lancaster Puppies 

If you are looking for Cavapoo puppies for sale in Florida, Lancaster Puppies can help you with that. They are typically not breeders but an online store. They can ship your dog anywhere near Florida.

I couldn’t find any information about where the puppies are coming from or their vetting process. 

The owners have also restricted the website’s access for security reasons. But I found many customers happy with their Cavapoo.

So, if you are trying to order your Cavapoo from Lancaster Puppies, verify the dog’s breed, health, vaccination, and all the relevant details before. I’ve included the store’s information for reference. 

Breeder Information: 

Florida Puppies Online 

Florida Puppies Online is a family-run small breeding business of Cavapoos. They are breeding pups for more than seven years in Naples, but actually started it all in 2004.

All the puppies here have their names and preferences. 

The breeders consider the pups’ temperament, behavior, and stability above all. If you are as passionate as the breeders are for Cavapoos, their doors are always open for you.

The pups have regular cleaning sessions, vet checkups, vaccinations, and everything on time. 

If you want to know more about their practices and impressive Cavapoo collection, you can access their website or contact them. 

Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Davis Blvd Unit 40, Naples, 34104, FL, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 239-877-1757 
  • Website: Florida Puppies Online 
  • Social Media: Instagram 
  • Price Range: $3000 

TLC Puppy Love 

Stacy Collins-led TLC Pully Love is another famous Cavapoo breeder in Florida. The breeders take care of the worm treatment, vaccination, regular health checkups, and cleaning of the pups too.

They also train the Cavapoos before delivering them to you. 

Your pups come pre-trained for potty, daytime separation, general separation, nighttime separation, no bark and no bite, leash and harness training, etc.

The breeders suggest that you continue these training techniques to have a great time with the dog. 

For further information, you can contact TLC Puppy Love or visit their website. 

Breeder Information: 

Jay & Rays Classy Cavapoochons 

This breeder started its services in 2019 and yet is a renowned Cavapoo breeder in Florida. Their business model – Family breeding dogs for Families delineates the best about their work.

The entire family of the breeder dedicated their love for pups to breeding the best quality of Cavapoos out there. 

The pups here are trained, healthy, and cute. They are properly trained before handing it over to the owner. The breeders’ extensive knowledge about the breed resulted in some best Cavapoo pups.

For more information, you can contact the breeder or call them. 

Breeder Information: 

Florida Furr Babies 

Florida Furr Babies are known for their ideal personality match. They don’t just sell the dogs but match the pups with the appropriate owners.

Your Cavapoo receives the best care and timely attention until the breeders deliver it to you. 

There is a one-year health guarantee, pet insurance, health standards video, and personal touch information video to help raise your paw-friend better.

The breeders provide healthy and sound pups to you. The owners, Crystal and Joseph, have an affinity for dogs, giving them exceptional results. 

For additional information, you can access Florida Furr Babies’ website. 

Breeder Information: 

Forever Love Puppies Miami 

Forever Love Puppies Miami offers an extensive range of Cavapoo pups in Florida. These dogs hold the certificate of Pedigree and abide by the AKC standards.

Here, you can find dogs with strong roots from European, Korean, and American bloodlines. 

The dogs here also come from the Champion bloodlines, with a health warranty. The dogs are well-trained and microchipped too. The breeders also provide vet services to ensure your dog is sound and healthy.

I’m sure you will be quite impressed with these breeders’ practices and quality. 

If you want to know more about all the benefits provided by the Forever Love Puppies breeder, you can visit the website or call them over. 

Breeder Information: 

Vanity Pups 

Vanity Pups in Fleming Island has been running its business for over 15 years. Shirley, the breeder, started off with pet grooming services before actually breeding them.

You can find AKC standard pups and the breeders are USDA licensed. 

I also found that the breeders have now limited their services and are presenting the breeds based on the customers’ orders.

The dogs here are quite impressive and are good at socializing. They are polite and understand the basic commands too. 

You can access the website or contact Vanity Pups breeders to place your orders. 

Breeder Information: 

Forever Love Puppies Pembroke Pines 

This is another branch of the Forever Love Puppies breeder that I’ve mentioned above. This breeder has four different branches, including the Pembroke Pines and Miami ones.

You get a no puppy mill promise, health certificate and warranty, and special training for your dogs from the breeders. 

Apart from these, there are financial programs, veterinary checkups, and various other necessities for Cavapoo pups.

The dogs are microchipped and have a controlled temperament too. You can also buy food and accessories for your pets. 

Breeder Information: 

Bailey & Bella Cavapoos 

Run by Johnese Fontanez, Bailey & Bella Cavapoos breeder is renowned for the best quality pups. The breeders take utmost care in choosing the parents for crossing.

The dog’s temperament, behavior, and everything are considered before breeding them. 

The breeders take good care of the pets while keeping their health, training, and socialization intact.

You need to apply for your Cavapoo to get your dog home. Remember to schedule it sooner if you want your dog home soon. 

For slot bookings and more information about the breeder, you can check Instagram or contact them directly. I couldn’t find any website for Bailey and Bella Cavapoos. 

Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Florida, USA. 
  • Phone: unavailable 
  • Website: unavailable 
  • Social Media: Instagram 
  • Price Range: $3000 

Glamorous Puppies 

If you are looking for Cavapoo puppies for sale in Florida with AKC and CKC registrations, Glamorous Puppies is the breeder you will need.

You can find an extensive range of pups from different breeders here, including Cavapoo. Every pup is vaccinated on time, and the breeder provides the health certificate too. 

The puppies breeding here are friendly, sociable, intelligent, and calm. They mingle well with kids and your entire family in no time.

The team led by Denisse and Daniel is quite patient and clarifies every query you have in mind. I found several positive opinions and ratings for these breeders too. 

You can use their website or call the breeders at Glamorous Puppies to get more information. 

Breeder Information: 

  • Address: 8th St, SW, Miami, 33144, FL, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 786-803-8230 
  • Website: Glamorous Puppies 
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price Range: $3500 

Chews A Puppy 

Another popular Cavapoo breeder in Florida is the Chews A Puppy. Here, you can find a wide range of pups in different colors and breeds.

I found that the breeders offer the complete puppy vaccination package to every dog. There is also a one-year health guarantee for your pup. 

All the dogs from Chews A Puppy are microchipped and are trained for good behavior. I also found that this training lasts for life. The housebreaking process is elaborate and quite useful to tame your dogs.

You can always contact the breeders for any information related to your Cavapoo pup, its food, health, and others. 

The breeders are friendly and receive everyone with utmost preference. 

Breeder Information: 

  • Address: West Colonial Dr, Ocoee, FL, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 407-439-0440 
  • Website: Chews A Puppy 
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price Range: $3000 

Petland Waterford Lakes 

Petland Orlando is run by a local family in Waterford Lakes, Florida. This family of breeders has been in the business since 2000 and delivers the best Cavapoo puppies in Florida.

The breeders here take great care of every dog and commit to animal welfare. 

I found that these breeders teach you a hands-on approach to mingling with your dogs. So, they are preparing you and your Cavapoo for each other.

Sounds great, right? This pet store also offers different accessories for your dog along with different breed dogs. 

The breeders use a state-of-the-art location to train you. To know more, you can contact Petland Waterford Lakes or visit their website. 

Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Waterford Lakes, Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FA, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 407-273-8839 
  • Website: Petland Waterford Lakes 
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price Range: $2500 

Epic Puppies 

The match and connection from Epic Puppies are happening for 15 years now. You can lay hands on an extensive range of pups from here. The breeders are certified and licensed with USDA.

The best thing about these breeders is their matching program, where they match you with the exact dog you are looking for. 

I also found that the breeders are quite selective and particular about the breed quality. So, you have nothing to worry about your dog’s health, behavior, training, checkups, and anything.

You can either contact Epic Puppies store directly, ping them on Instagram, or write to them to schedule your Cavapoo bookings. 

The breeder information and the contact details are listed below. 

Breeder Information: 

Over to you 

Finding Cavapoo breeders in Florida is not difficult. But you may have to wait for too long to receive your dog. There is often an extensive waiting list for Cavapoo pups.

So, I’ve listed these breeders that can help fetch your furry friend soon. I’ve mentioned all the contact information related to the breeders so that you can get in touch with them.

If not, you can also use search platforms like AKC Market Place, Puppies for Sale Today, Adopt a Pet, etc., for the same purpose. 

Like I said earlier, you can find Cavapoo pup easily but, what matters is its quality. On average, you can buy a Cavapoo breed pup for $1500.

Make your choice by considering all the factors like vaccination, health, Champion, K9, training, etc.

If you are looking for additional benefits, you can opt for the breeders presenting pet accessories or different training programs too. I’ve included some of such Cavapoo breeders too.

Have an exciting time bringing your Cavapoo home! 

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