14 Maltese Breeders in Washington (WA)

The Maltese puppy is one dog breed that loves to draw attention. These ultimate pet dogs are renowned for their gentle, inquisitive, and smart nature. They fall into the category of small dog breeds and are great around other dogs, cats, children, seniors, and families. These dogs only shed infrequently and have low exercise needs. You will definitely love owning these easy-to-train and loyal puppies.

Have you been looking for Maltese puppies in Washington? Do you want to know where you will find the perfect Maltese puppies for sale in Washington? Then, have a look at the below-mentioned list of top Maltese breeders in Washington to get home the most suitable pet.

#1 Morkiesnmore Dogs

Maltese Breeders in Washington

The Morkiesnmore Dogs is one reputed private and small home-based breeder located in Maple Valley, Washington. They are caring and loving puppy breeders raising cute little Maltese puppies and other breeds. With over 15 years of experience, these breeders strive to deliver healthy and happy Maltese pups.

Morkiesnmore Dogs breeder information:

#2 Button Nose Pups

Based in Poulsbo, the Button Nose Pups are another specialist breeders located in Washington, USA. They have purebred puppies available for sale. They are devoted to raising their puppies with utmost love and care. They have vet-approved, well socialized, up-to-date on immunizations, and adorable Maltese puppies.

Button Nose Pups breeder information:

#3 Pups By Taylor

Pups By Taylor is also an established breeder located in Bothell, Washington, USA. They have flattering and appreciative Maltese puppies that are absolutely irresistible. They have well-trained and beautifully raised Maltese puppies for sale in Washington.

Pups By Taylor breeder information:

#4 Lucido Havanese

The Lucido Havanese breeder in Pasco is also one dedicated breeder in Washington, USA. They have a completely overwhelming range of Maltese puppies. These breeders strive to produce exceptionally nice and consistent Maltese puppies. You can learn more about this breeder by directly reaching out to them.

Lucido Havanese breeder information:

#5 Shorkie Puppies

The Shorkie Puppies breeder in Tacoma is a dedicated breeder that strives to protect and safeguard their Maltese puppies. They are pioneer breeders that aim to raise their puppies for good health, temperament, and longevity. They have some of the most priceless Maltese puppies for their price.

Shorkie Puppies breeder information:

#6 Howdee Kennels

Located in Lynden or the Pacific Northwest, the Howdee Kennels have a majority of puppies for sale in Washington, USA. They have really sweet and precious Maltese puppies for sale in Washington. They breed their puppies for good appearance, good temperament, and good health.

Howdee Kennels breeder information:

#7 Star View Kennels

The Star View Kennels are loving dog breeders selling affordable and quality puppies since 1991 in the Washington area. The Mount Vernon-based breeder, Star View Kennels has some genuine quality, standardized, sound-minded, and well-socialized Maltese puppies. All their puppies also come with a 3-year health guarantee and also shots for life.

Star View Kennels breeder information:

#8 Mylilyorkies.com

Another trusted dog breeder located in Olympia, Washington is the Mylilyorkies.com breeders. They are responsible breeders who have healthy, happy, and well-socialized Maltese puppies. They are careful breeders whom you can visit in person easily to learn more about the breeder.

Mylilyorkies.com breeder information:

#9 Hill Peak Pups

Another trusted breeders in Washington are the Washougal-based breeders, Hill Peak Pups. They have AKC registered, microchipped, health-tested, and lifetime support registered pups. They are an AKC inspected and USDA licensed kennel that offers 5-year health guarantees with their puppies.

Hill Peak Pups breeder information:

#10 Tuscany’s Tiny Shih Tzu

Maltese Breeders in Washington

Another specialist breeder located in Washington is the Toppenish-based breeder, Tuscany’s Tiny Shih Tzu. They have some of the highest quality Maltese pups with beautiful, innocent, and fun personalities. Their well-socialized Maltese puppies would definitely make excellent companions indeed.

Tuscany’s Tiny Shih Tzu breeder information:

#11 Gingerbred Poodles

red Poodles are also pioneer breeders located in Lakewood, Washington, USA. They are standardized breeders that focus on the health and betterment of the Poodles and Maltese dog breed. They are dedicated breeders with over a decade of experience.Gingerbread Poodles breeder information:

#12 Bowtie Pomsky LLC

Bowtie Pomsky LLC is also a skilled breeder based in Washington, USA. They are experienced breeders with top-quality Maltese puppies. You can reach out to these breeders to learn more about them.

Bowtie Pomsky LLC breeder information:

#13 Doodle Poodle

Based in Snohomish, the Doodle Poodle breeders are also reputed Maltese breeders in Washington. They strive to raise their puppies with plenty of exercise, exploration, and activity. They also have smart and lovable Maltese puppies for sale in Washington. Doodle Poodle breeder information:

#14 RJ Standard Poodles

Last but not the least, the RJ Standard Poodles breeder in Edgewood has playful, dignified personality, quick learning, and highly trainable Poodles and Maltese puppies. They have some of the best puppies that would make excellent companion dogs.

RJ Standard Poodles breeder information:


Looking for Maltese puppies for sale in Washington is often tiring because of how huge Washington is. This can lead to a lot of confusion and temptation into choosing the wrong breeder. But no one is really looking forward to an unpleasant experience in choosing their puppy, right? So, relying on an appropriate and reputed seller of Maltese puppies would make the right choice.

If you have been looking for the finest quality Maltese puppies, then the above-mentioned list of top Maltese breeders in Washington can make a huge difference. We have tried to include as much essential information as we could to help you find the best pup. Now we hope you will have a good time reaching out to any of the breeders and choosing the ultimate Maltese pup. All the best!

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