12 Maltese Breeders in Massachusetts (MA)

The Maltese Puppy is a fearless and gentle dog breed that loves to greet its owners as their best friends. They are upright and vigorous dogs that would make an excellent companion. They are highly obedient dogs that love to be surrounded by people. You will definitely love owning this easy-to-train and wanderlust potential dog breed.

Looking for Maltese puppies in Massachusetts? Want to know where you could find top-quality and affordable Maltese puppies for sale in Massachusetts? Then, the below-mentioned list of the top Maltese breeders in Massachusetts can more than help.

#1 Pet Express

Maltese Breeders in Massachusetts

Pet Express is one reputed breeder located in Saugus, Massachusetts, USA. They are a local family-owned and operated pet store in Massachusetts. They are passionate Maltese breeders raising adorable and high-standard Maltese pups. They have state of art and temperature-controlled breeding facilities. You can reach out to this breeder for healthy, playful, and happy Maltese puppies.

Pet Express breeder information

#2 Pacheco Kennels

business since 1972, the Pacheco Kennels are also reputed breeders in Raynham, Massachusetts, USA. These breeders have some of the highest standard and AKC registered Labrador Retrievers, Maltese, and Vizslas dog breed. They are responsible breeders that are dedicated to raising extraordinary Maltese puppies for sale in Massachusetts. They are dedicated breeders to raising their puppies with utmost care. Pacheco Kennels breeder information:

#3 Cavachons From The Monarchy

Located in Holland, the Cavachons From The Monarchy are authentic breeders with over 13 years of experience. They are highly energetic breeders breeding specialty dog breeds. They have uniquely treasured Maltese puppies. They prioritize following high standards of safety, care, and comfort. They also follow a very vigorous deworming and vaccination program. You will find health-guaranteed puppies with this breeder.

Cavachons From The Monarchy breeder information:

#4 Cove Angels

Cove Angels is another reputed home-based breeder in Taunton, Massachusetts, USA. They have well-socialized, well-mannered, and beautiful Maltese puppies available for sale in Massachusetts. They have served their customers with quality and healthy Maltese puppies for over 15 years now. They pride themselves for providing the perfect furry Maltese puppies suitable for their customers.

Cove Angels breeder information:

#5 The Perfect Puppy

The Perfect Puppy is well-versed breeders of Maltese puppies in Plainville, Massachusetts, USA. They are established local breeders of Maltese puppies in Massachusetts. You will find fully vaccinated and vetted Maltese puppies for sale with this breeder. They have gorgeously well-bred Maltese puppies from head to toe. These breeders will ensure you get the Maltese puppy that you truly deserve.

The Perfect Puppy breeder information:

#6 Windsong Shih Tzu

The Windsong Shih Tzu is a small breeding program dedicated to serving quality not the quantity of Shih Tzu and Maltese puppies for sale in Massachusetts. They have family-raised puppies pre-spoiled in the cleanest of environments. They offer extensively guaranteed puppies for sound genetic health. They provide tested puppies from top champion bloodlines to their customers.

Windsong Shih Tzu breeder information:

#7 Yorkie & Biewer Terriers

The Yorkie & Biewer Terriers breeder in Chelmsford are reputed hobby breeders in Massachusetts, USA. They have been raising quality and affordable Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese puppies in Massachusetts. They have absolutely amazing Maltese and Yorkie puppies available for sale. They offer AKC and non-AKC registered puppies for sale to their customers. You can learn more about them below.

Yorkie & Biewer Terriers breeder information:

#8 Lakeshore Maltese

Maltese Breeders in Massachusetts

The Lakeshore Maltese puppies are pioneer hobby breeders raising authentic and genuine quality Maltese and Yorkshire puppies for sale in Massachusetts. The Rindge-based breeders have AKC standard champion line puppies available for sale in the region. They have show dog quality and well-cared-for Maltese and Yorkshire puppies. They strive to raise their puppies for good temperament, good health, great genetics, and beauty.

Lakeshore Maltese breeder information:

#9 Pups Unlimited

Pups Unlimited is pioneer breeder and all-breed dog grooming salon located in Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA. They are influential breeders that sell quality Maltese, Shih Tzu, Bichon, and other small breeds through word of mouth. They have well-raised and homely puppies for sale raised with the utmost love and care. You can learn more about this breeder through the details given below.

Pups Unlimited breeder information:

#10 Richard’s Luxury Kennel

Established in 1973, Richard’s Luxury Kennel is a family-owned and operated kennel located in Leominster, Massachusetts, USA. They are devoted and attentive breeders, groomers, and boarders in Massachusetts. They are family-oriented breeders with many years of experience in the industry. These breeders aim to give comfort assurance to their customers by delivering safe, sweet, healthy, and intelligent puppies.

Richard’s Luxury Kennel breeder information:

#11 Quickstep Havanese

Another trusted breeder in Cumberland is the Quickstep Havanese breeder in Massachusetts. They are devoted Maltese breeders in Massachusetts with great years of experience. They have well-bred and well-raised Havanese and Maltese puppies for sale in Massachusetts. You can learn more about this breeder through getting in touch with them.

Quickstep Havanese breeder information:

  • Address: Cumberland, Massachusetts, USA
  • Phone: +1 401-333-6047
  • Website: N/A
  • Social Media: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Price Range: $1500

#12 The Puppy Place

The Puppy Place in Massachusetts is family-owned breeders located in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. They are excellent breeders who have been serving their customers with healthy and well-bred puppies for over 20 years. They are reputed breeders that put the care and well-being of their pups at the forefront.

The Puppy Place breeder information:


Finding the perfect Maltese puppy is definitely a huge decision for any prospective owner. They wish to research and analyze some of the best Maltese breeders in hope of finding the perfect Maltese companion. This is when our list of top Maltese breeders in Massachusetts can make a huge difference.

In this article, we have included detailed breeder information about the best breeders of Maltese puppies in Massachusetts. Now, we believe you have all that you will need to get home the best pup. We hope you find the ultimate Maltese companion sooner than ever. All the best!

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