17 Rottweiler Breeders in Pennsylvania

Rottweilers are believed to be the descendants of drover dogs from Rome. When the Roman army marched over Germany in the 2nd century, they left some of their dogs in the city called Rottweil. Germans used this dog breed to pull carts and heavyweights.

They are classified as a working dog breed, and their sheer strength is unrivaled by any domestic dog breed. In fact, Rottweiler is one of the domestic dog breeds which can challenge Pitbulls on 1v1. This is due to their huge body and amusingly strong legs combined with insane jaw strength. 

Rottweiler has a rigid chest strong legs with docked tails. They have intimidating looks and absurdly strong bite force. Although, if they’re raised properly, they might be your best companion. Rottweilers are loyal, faithful, and protective towards their owners.

First-time dog owners might want to reconsider adopting a Rottweiler puppy because they’re not easy to train or control. But for experienced dog owners, raising a Rott puppy might be an amazing experience. Owners should consistently remind that they’re the leader of the family. Or else these dogs will take charge themselves and makes your home a mess.

Despite their arrogant character, they are loved by experienced pet owners because they’re just kids in a dog body. They are so delightful creatures waiting to please you if trained appropriately. A simple walk around the neighborhood won’t make it up for these dogs. They need rigorous playing sessions to be mentally and physically healthy.

These puppies must be socialized at a very early stage and handled properly. Beware not to buy your puppy from a Puppy Mill. They abuse and cage these animals and breed them solely for money, and these puppies will show bad temperaments and behaviors.

We will walk you through the best Rottweiler breeders in Pennsylvania from which you can buy puppies with exceptional quality and temperament.


Rottweiler Breeders in Pennsylvania

This breeder is breeding German Rottweilers with bloodline traced back to the 19th century. They invest their time and money to breed only top-grade Rott puppies. These puppies are of excellent health and exhibit great temperament. The conformation and clarity in their color code are outstanding. These puppies are desensitized and are taught to behave to humans well. They are easy to train because of the breeder’s extra efforts in teaching them certain basic obediences.

Von Valor Cross Rottweilers Information

2. Mid Penn Rottweillers

David & Michelle Weaver of Mid Penn Rottweillers breeds and raises these puppies in a home environment. These puppies get to play with their three little kids making them completely friendly with children. Not only are they properly socialized with children, but they’re also periodically screened by a certified vet for their health. They also provide stud services.

Mid Penn Rottweilers Information

3. German Select Rottweilers

The next breeder on our list has been breeding Rotweiller puppies for the past 25 years while strictly following ADRK and all German health standards. They breed for the puppies great health, lineage, and temperament. Any professional will prefer to buy from our breeder here because of their quality.

German Select Rottweilers Information

4. Shadde Barig Rottweilers

The breeder raises the dogs with adequate social interaction and a variety of environments from day one to fully develop into a stable, safe, and well-mannered dog that will be able to be trained for a pet or working dog. Both the breeder dogs and the puppies are AKC registered.

Additionally, the breeder offers the puppies a health guarantee, microchip, dog’s medical records regarding vaccination and deworming, chew toys, and other goodies.

Shadde Barig Rottweilers Information

  • Address: Richfield, Pennsylvania
  • Contact: shaddebarigrottweilers@gmail.com
  • Website: https://yahwehislord.wixsite.com/shaddebarigrotties

5. Kimbertal Kennels

Kimbertal Kennels is an outstanding professional breeder in Pennsylvania. More than 600k people have visited this kennel since 2005. These puppies are raised along with other high-energetic dogs like Doberman, which lets them mingle with other dog breeds at an early age. A typical Rottweiler can be aloof towards other dogs, but these puppies show no aggression towards pets or children. Also, the breeder offers many kinds of guarantees, including money-back and lifetime replacements.

Kimbertal Kennels Information

6. Emperor Rottweilers

Emperor Rottweilers offer majestic and healthy Rott puppies. These puppies are of excellent health and have undergone proper socialization, and the breeder exercised them properly in order to develop a healthy mindset. These puppies have been with kids and cats. These well-behaving puppies have been trained for basic obedience.

Emperor Rottweilers Information

7. Camp Haven Kennels

They breed Rottweiler puppies from working lines. They are also professional dog-trainer who have been training Rottweillers for competitions and shows for years. So, they’re a skilled professional who knows exactly how to raise these puppies. Thus these puppies excel in their manners and behavior.

Camp Haven Kennels Information

8. Vom Kaiserreich Rottweilers

They have been breeding healthy European bloodline Rottweilers. They take pride in breeding, raising, and training the finest European Rottweiler puppies. They have been maintaining the purity of the bloodline throughout the years. This breeder has outstanding customer reviews, and the happiness fulfills them that these puppies bring into families.

Vom Kaiserreich Rottweilers Information

9. Cross St. Rottweilers

Rottweiler Breeders in Pennsylvania

The next breeder on our list takes enormous efforts and invests the necessary time to offer top-tier puppies. These puppies are joyful, energetic, and playful. These smiling fur babies will make your hard time go away. The temperament and behavior of these puppies are very delightful, and they exhibit a positive vibe around them.

Cross St. Rottweilers Information

10. Lebanon County Kennel Club

Lebanon County Kennel Club is one of the reputed and renowned dog breeders in Pennsylvania. They produce Rottweiler puppies along with a huge variety of other dog breeds. They breed only to see these dogs enrich families and the unmeasurable joy they bring with them. That’s why they offer low-cost or almost no-cost assistance to all dog owners. They’re AKC-affiliated, trusted, reliable breeders in the state.

Lebanon County Kennel Club Information

11. Forest Ridge Kennel

Forest Ridge Kennel has been operating for more than 30 years in Pennsylvania. The breeder considers each puppy as one of their own and shows them overflowing love and affection. They have been carefully handled and socialized from a young age.

They have a dedicated team of vets who’re 24×7 available to treat puppies if any need arises. The puppies get their vaccination shots at an appropriate duration. They are offered only after the vet has approved that the puppy is free of any issues.

Forest Ridge Kennel Information

12. Sharp Ridge Rottweilers

These puppies are imported from Serbia, Russia, and Ukraine. They undergo a rigorous screening process to identify any health issues. After they’re clear of any kind of ailments, they’re let to play with kids on their farm under strict supervision.

The puppy’s tail is docked, and the declaw is removed. These puppies come with an additional microchip and a 2-year health guarantee covering any genetic diseases.

Sharp Ridge Rottweilers Information

13. Von Gottlich Rott

Von Gottlich Rott offers top-quality versatile Rottweilers with a focused program striving to produce dogs that excel in show and companionship. The breeder dogs are Champion and World Champion pedigrees. Usually, puppies from a Champion or World champion would be really expensive. But this breeder offers his puppies at a reasonable price possible.

Von Gottlich Rott Information

14. Royal Premio Kennel

Over eight years, this breeder has been breeding premium quality puppies that show exemplary behavior and conformation. The puppies are raised home and are well-adapted to the home environment, and they will transition to their new homes with ease.

The puppies come with a 1-year health guarantee, toy with mom’s scent, microchip, food starter bag, etc. The puppies have received vaccination shots.

Royal Premio Kennel Information

15. Vom Helligkeit

The breeder strongly respects the code of ethics while breeding puppies. They make sure that these puppies are born and raised in optimal conditions. The breeder employs Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) to help these puppies to well-behave. The puppies are checked for any indications of any genetic diseases and found to be perfectly alright.

Vom Helligkeit Information

16. Von Steinhausen Rottweilers

If you’re looking for a Rottweiler pup with great structure, a pleasant personality, and a lovely heart, Von Steinhausen might be the best option for you. They raise these dogs as a treasured member of their family. Ensuring their well-being, nutrition-rich organic food is given to these puppies. They also offer a 2-year health guarantee covering any congenital diseases like hip dysplasia.

Von Steinhausen Rottweilers Information

17. Long Rotts & Long Haul Cresteds

Their breeding pedigrees are tested with JLPP and OFA at the correct age. This shows that the breeding dogs are in perfect condition to breed. So, the puppies that are born are also disease-free and perfectly healthy. They exhibit excellent temperaments and are particularly affectionate and protective towards children.

Long Rotts & Long Haul Cresteds Information

To Sum Up

Rottweilers are highly intelligent and energetic dog breeds. They can learn anything quickly if they are taught the right way. One must spend adequate time to properly train and tame this breed and show that the owner is dominant and the family leader. If these things are done correctly, you will not like to have any other dog breeds except Rottweiler. They are smiley babies walking around with four legs and are nothing to be afraid of.

We have taken utmost care of helping you to find your Rott puppy from a reliable breeder. We hope the list of these 17 reputed, trustworthy and ethical Rottweiler Breeders in Pennsylvania is helpful. Make sure to give the love to these dogs, which they undoubtedly deserve.

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