29 German Shepherd Breeders In New Jersey (NJ) | Moral & Loving Certified

The German Shepherd is a noble, strong, and a favorite classic dog breed. This dog breed has had a very firm and lasting impact on people’s hearts from the beginning. The breed also ranks amongst the world’s most popular dogs, especially in the United States.

But, if you’re already looking for German Shepherd puppies for sale in New Jersey, hold on.

Getting your dog from a reliable, moral, and loving breeder, is the most important thing to make sure of.

So, to help you do that, I did some research and found some of the best German Shepherd breeders in New Jersey.

You should still do your own due diligence with these, call and ask questions, read online reviews, etc. But this gives you a good starting point.

Vom Hismerh KennelsNewfield, NJ, USApetbenefit@yahoo.com
Jagermeister German ShepherdsNew Egypt, NJ, USAjagermeister408@aol.com
Northern NJ Dog ClubMahwah, NJ, USAmikesbeg@aol.com
Metro K9 AcademyRandolph, NJ, USAwww.metrok9.com
Mercer German ShepherdsPemberton, NJ, USAwww.mercergsd.com
Cross Keys K9Williamstown, NJ, USAwww.crosskeysk9.com
German Shepherd Amer Dog ClubWesthampton, NJ, USA1 609-526-5418
Lions Pride KennelGreenbrook Road, NJ, USAlionspridekennels.com
White Wolf DogWashington, NJ, USAdominantprimate@gmail.com
K9 UnlimitedFranklin, NJ, USAk-9unlimited.com
Hollands Hill KennelMilford, NJ, USAhollandlabs@yahoo.com 
Krushk9 Dog Services LLCManahawkin, NJ, USAkaseyadamsky@gmail.com
Pro Canine CenterFrenchtown, NJ, USApcci@procaninecenter.com
K9GSDWayne, NJ, USAwww.k9gsd.com
Sedona Shepherd SanctuaryMillburn, NJ, USAsedonashepherd.com
Janry Pet ResortStewartsville, NJ, USAfollowup@janrypetresort.com
American Dog FederationFarmingdale, NJ, USAadmin@americandogfederation.com
John Soares Training K9, LLCRingwood, NJ, USAjohnsoaresk9training.com
Shake A Paw Book Green Green Brook Township, USAcontact1@shakeapaw.com
Indian Creek KennelsFranklin, NJ, USAindiancreekkennels.com
IcewindPhillipsburg, NJ, USAIcewindtlc@gmail.com
Regal DobermansWaretown, NJ, USAdave@regaldobermans.com
D and G PupsPaterson, NJ, USAeastcoastpuppies.com
Wayne PuppiesWayne, NJ, USAwww.waynepuppies.com
Elite Dog Breeding & Boarding ServicesSouthampton, NJ, USAwww.elitebreedingandtraining.com
Arale Kennels IncJackson, NJ, USArottibill@aol.com 
Agincourt Kennels Stagecoach road, NJ, USA Agincrt@hotmail.com 
Red Storm Blues LLCTrenton, NJ, USAredstormbluesllc@gmail.com
Lucius Maya GSDMarlton, NJ, USAluciusmayagsd.com

Vom Hismerh Kennels

Vom Hismerh Kennels is one reputed German Shepherd breeder in New Field, New Jersey. The breeders guarantee their customer’s true German Shepherd puppies for sale in New Jersey along with the Doberman breed.

The well-acclaimed German Shepherd and Doberman pup breeders have been in business since their establishment year, 1980.

They ensure their customers receive new puppies with good temperament, good health, stunning overall physique, and some excellent protection qualities.

Vom Hismerh Kennels breeder information:

Jagermeister German Shepherds

Jagermeister German Shepherds is another reputed breeder based in New Egypt, New Jersey with years of experience. Their kennel or home facility expands to a total of 12 acres.

The breeders offer various kinds of training programs to their German Shepherds to make the breed suitable to fit their owners’ lifestyle. They train their puppies on simple house manners, problem-solving skills, obedience, Schutzhund competition, etc. 

Jagermeister German Shepherds breeder information:

Northern NJ Dog Club

Northern NJ Dog Club is another trusted breeder based in Mahwah, New Jersey with 67 years of experience.

Founded in 1954, the Northern New Jersey German Shepherd Dog Club is recognized as one of the most well-established and well-acclaimed German Shepherd Dog Club of America regional clubs.

The exclusive German Shepherd breeders host varied activities, programs, advanced training classes, show handling classes, films, lectures, exhibitions, demonstrations, AKC sanctioned specialty shows, and many more social events.

Northern NJ Dog Club breeder information:

Metro K9 Academy

Metro K9 Academy is another reputed family-operated and family-owned breeder business in Randolph, NJ. They have over 30 years of experience in providing top-quality German Shepherd puppies to their clients.

Their breeding facility includes a training field of Schutzhund size, a specialized agility or obstacle course, an outdoor kennel, and an immaculate indoor. Their global clients include many celebrities, law enforcement agencies, and other high-profile business clients. 

Metro K9 Academy breeder information:

Mercer German Shepherds

Mercer German Shepherds is another famous breeder in Pemberton, NJ. They provide perfectly well-trained dogs that would face no issues in settling into their new owner’s family.

The German Shepherds available for sale with this pioneer breeder include puppies with the best behavior, temperament, and health. Their puppies will surely become the most obedient and well-rounded pets any day.

Mercer German Shepherds breeder information:

Cross Keys K9

Another reputed breeder in Williamstown, New Jersey that specializes in selling German Shepherd breed is Cross Keys K9.

The cost of their young adult Shepherds and trained German Shepherds highly depend on the overall training received by their puppies.

They also hire retired breeders and take in any rescue German Shepherds for an adoption fee.

Cross Keys K9 breeder information:

German Shepherd Amer Dog Club

One more established breeder in New Jersey is the Westhampton-based German Shepherd Amer Dog Club. The breeders have attained a great reputation in providing quality and affordable German Shepherd puppies for sale in New Jersey.

Their puppies are well-socialized, well-trained, and known for following even the most basic commands.

German Shepherd Amer Dog Club breeder information:

  • Address: Westhampton, NJ, USA
  • Phone:  +1 609-526-5418
  • Website: N/A
  • Social Media: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Price Range: $1300

Lions Pride Kennel

Lions Pride Kennel breeders are low-volume German Shepherd breeders based in central New Jersey. They produce only one litter of German Shepherd puppies for sale in New Jersey yearly.

They raise the pups in a home with some well-socialized puppies and children. The German Shepherd puppies are bred for excellent temperaments and breed conformation.

Lions Pride Kennel breeder information:

  • Address: Greenbrook Road, NJ, USA
  • Phone: +1 908-963-3463
  • Website: http://lionspridekennels.com/ 
  • Social Media: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Price Range: $1000

White Wolf Dog

The breeders at White Wolf Dog have good knowledge about raising the German Shepherd breed. We found out that these breeders also deal in the White Shepherd. This is a direct descendent of the famous German Shepherd breed.

The breeders are extremely patient and helpful with their clients. They certainly will help you become a proud German Shepherd owner.

White Wolf Dog breeder information:

K9 Unlimited 

Located in Franklin, New Jersey, K9 Unlimited are German Shepherd breeders with great experience in providing well-trained and certified German Shepherd puppies to security, civilians, and law enforcement alike.

They provide their clients with competitive sport dogs capable of becoming police dogs and winning various regional or national championships.

K9 Unlimited breeder information:

Hollands Hill Kennel

Hollands Hill Kennel is another famous German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever breeder in New Jersey.

The Milford, New Jersey-based breeder provides their clients with truly lovable and highly appreciable German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever puppies.

The breeders have several years of experience in training and breeding German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers. Get in touch with them to learn more.

Hollands Hill Kennel breeder information:

Krushk9 Dog Services LLC

Krushk9 Dog Services LLC is most buyers’ choice in the Manahawkin, New Jersey region in the United States. The breeders aim to build better relationships with their clients by helping them build the same with their German Shepherd puppy.

With 10 years of experience training different dog breeds, the pioneer breeders have services that would compliment clients’ versatile needs easily. They strive to deliver the best German Shepherd puppies for sale in New Jersey indeed.

Krushk9 Dog Services LLC Training breeder information

Pro Canine Center

Pro Canine Center is amongst the finest German Shepherd breeders in New Jersey. Apart from elite breeding services, the experienced breeders also provide training services in their training academy for other dog breeds.

The breeders deal in European exclusive bloodlines intending to empower families with fully trained and protective companion dogs.

Pro Canine Center breeder information:


K9GSD counts amongst one of the best German Shepherd breeders in New Jersey. The breeders use some specialized techniques to fully train the young German Shepherd pups.

They take extra care of their dog’s temperament and obedience. They provide interested buyers with well-acquainted, trained, healthy, and obedient German Shepherd pups.

K9GSD breeder information:

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary is another famous breeders in Millburn, NJ. They are rescuers who are dedicated to rescuing German Shepherds. These breeders strive to find suitable solutions as well as homes in special situations for their German Shepherds.

The breeders are keen on working around with various German Shepherd organizations rescuing German Shepherds in the North East region. The breeders also provide consultation and guidance services.

Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary breeder information:

Janry Pet Resort

Janry Pet Resort are unique German Shepherd breeders who empower their customers with luxurious puppies for an affordable buying price. The popular breeders have been serving in Stewartsville and tri-state area since the 1980s.

The breeders offer top-quality grooming, lodging, training, and dog day-care services. The breeders are also passionate about adhering to the highest care standards when it comes to raising their pups.  

Janry Pet Resort breeder information:

American Dog Federation

American Dog Federation has established breeders with a worldwide dog registry. The well-recognized dog breeders have been providing purebred German Shepherd and many other breeds since their establishment in the year 1970.

These breeders provide excellent customer service and purebred dogs with great vigor and health. They provide the German Shepherd with great conformation, obedience, and great potential.

American Dog Federation breeder information:

John Soares Training K9, LLC

Joan Soares is one of the most passionate, balanced, and fair dog breeders and trainers based in Ringwood, New Jersey. The trusted German Shepherd breeders and trainers provide cutting-edge and bestselling pets for their client’s homes.

The breeders and trainers have been recognized for their ability to aid in building a substantial relationship between the pets and their owners. Learn more about them through their contact information below.

John Soares Training K9, LLC breeder information

Shake A Paw Book Green 

Another famous breeder in New Jersey is the Green Brook Township-based Shake A Paw breeders. The breeders make one of the largest and the most reputable healthy pet stores in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Connecticut.

The breeders basically make finding German Shepherd puppies for sale in New Jersey and their shopping & accessories easier. You will definitely not only find your paw friend but much more here.

Shake A Paw Book Green breeder information

Indian Creek Kennels

Indian Creek Kennels count amongst one of the finest breeders based in Franklin, New Jersey. The breeders provide the best quality and affordable German Shepherd puppies for sale in New Jersey.

Their puppies have helped several pet owners feel like proud German Shepherd owners due to their champion and national award-winning pups. Get in touch with them to learn more.

Indian Creek Kennels breeder information


Icewind is one of the most established breeders in New Jersey. The Phillipsburg-based breeders have devoted their lifetimes to breeding and training pets. They strive to deliver nothing but the best pets to their future German Shepherd owners.

They have been dealing in the pets business since the 1960s. The breeders have extensive knowledge and are enthusiastic about providing the best puppies to their customers. 

Icewind breeder information:

Regal Dobermans

Regal Dobermans are only a small European Doberman family breeder. They are professional and well-acclaimed dog breeders with selective and carefully researched dog breeds.

They strive to provide faithful, loving, healthy family guardians with good temperaments and also the highest breed standards. These breeders import their dog breeds from various countries like Slovakia, Latvia, and Serbia.

Many of their German Shepherds have won national and international titles as well.

Regal Dobermans breeder information:

D and G Pups

D & G puppies or East Cost puppies buy and sell quality and affordable breeds online and offline.

The breeders are known for empowering their clients with some really affordable German Shepherd puppies for sale in New Jersey amongst other puppies available for sale.

They aim to provide their customers with the most user-friendly and accessible German Shepherd puppies that all their customers always truly appreciate.

D and G Pups breeder information:

Wayne Puppies

Wayne Puppies make other reputed breeders located in the Wayne, New Jersey region, USA. The famous breeders have a wide range of puppy selections in New Jersey as well as many other prominent cities in the United States.

The breeders train their German Shepherd puppies with high-level as well as basic obedience. The passionate breeders are known for providing their customers with the finest quality German Shepherd dogs. 

Wayne Puppies breeder information:

Elite Dog Breeding & Boarding Services

Elite Dog breeding and boarding services provide the best breeding environment for German Shepherds in Southampton, New Jersey. These breeders are highly qualified and also have a great affinity for dogs.

They aim to provide the perfect fit German Shepherd puppy to their customers through proper training and interaction. The breeders treat their pets really well in order to help them become the best family pets in the future.

Elite Dog Breeding & Boarding Services breeder information:

Arale Kennels Inc

Arale Kennels Inc is another well-established German Shepherd breeder based in Jackson. The pioneer German Shepherd breeders have been dealing in selling top-quality and genuine puppies for sale since the 1960s.

Over the years, these breeders’ involvement in caring, breeding, importing, and training has only grown. Their show-class dog breeds surely have a lot in store for their customers indeed.

Arale Kennels Inc breeder information:

Agincourt Kennels 

Located on Stagecoach road in New Jersey, the Agincourt Kennels are quite polite and humble dog breeders. The famous German Shepherd breeders seem to have quite a considerate knowledge about the German Shepherd breed.

Thanks to their 25 years of experience in breeding. They have a wide range of great champions, giants, easily trained, loyal, and super-pleasing German Shepherd puppies for sale in New Jersey. Get in touch with them to learn more.

Agincourt Kennels breeder information:

Red Storm Blues LLC

Red Storm Blues LLC is another trusted dog breeding company located in the Trenton region of New Jersey. The breeders also adopt breeds. The breeders have been dealing in selling top-quality and authentic German Shepherd puppies for the past 5 years.

The breeders take pride in providing the customers with the healthiest and full-grown puppies. Learn more through the details mentioned below.

Red Storm Blue LLC breeder information:

Lucius Maya GSD

Lucius Maya GSD breeders are top-notch German Shepherd breeders located in Marlton, NJ, USA. They are dedicated breeders who hold a legacy of delivering the best quality and pure German Shepherds.

The well-experienced breeders will certainly be your best bet for finding the most protective, serviceable, pleasurable, and sporty German Shepherd puppies for sale in New Jersey.

Lucius Maya GSD breeder information:


Looking for German Shepherd puppies for sale in New Jersey is not one of the simplest tasks indeed.

Doing your research can sometimes feel tempting or even confusing. Mainly because of the risk involved if you end up selecting the wrong breeder.

However, relying on one of the above-mentioned breeders might make a wise decision. 

We have done our best to fetch you all the essential information about the most reputable breeders in New Jersey. So, choose the one that resonates with your heart best. Hope you find your paw friend soon! All the best!

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