22 French Bulldog Breeders in Virginia (VA) | Moral & Loving Certified

French Bulldogs is one phenomenal dog breed with its roots in England. The French Bulldog breed is bred to become great companions to their owners.

They make phenomenal babysitters, are very sensitive to sarcasm, talkative breed, and come in two kinds of ear styles. Overall, they are friendly and well-tempered breed affable by nature.

But, if you’re already looking for French Bulldog puppies for sale in Virginia, hold on.

Getting your dog from a reliable, moral, and loving breeder, is the most important thing to make sure of.

So, to help you do that, I did some research and found some of the best French Bulldog breeders in Virginia.

You should still do your own due diligence with these, call and ask questions, read online reviews, etc. But this gives you a good starting point.

Debbie’s Lovabulls Lynchburg, Virginia, USAcmommyof02@gmail.com
Shiloh French Bulldogs Pulaski, Virginia, USA1 321-615-4734
Brick House BulldogsWinchester, Virginia, USAbrickhousebulldogs.net
Virginia French BulldogsHalifax, Virginia, USAVirginiaFrenchBulldogs@gmail.com 
Chersan French BulldogsVirginia Beach, Virginia, USAchersan@verizon.net
Sugarplum Bulldogs Purcellville, Virginia, USAsugarplumbulldogs.com
Reservoir BulldogsFredericksburg, Virginia, USAreservoirbulldogs.com
EverSoEnglish BulldogsFredericksburg, Virginia, USAwww.eversoenglishbulldogs.com
CuteUglyBulldogsPowhatan, Virginia, USAcuteuglybulldogs@gmail.com
Rokcrusher BulldogsMechanicsville, Michigan, USAwww.rokcrusher.com
Southern BulldogsCoeburn, Virginia, USAsouthernbulldogsva.com
MccoysbulliesStanley, Virginia, USAmccoysbullies@yahoo.com 
Smith French Bull Dogs Mountain LakeUnion Hall, Virginia, USAtatianabraine@yahoo.com 
Dark Hollow PupsLuray, Virginia, USAwww.darkhollowpups.com
French PassionRichmond, Virginia, USAinfo@the-french-bulldogs.com
Puppy CityWinchester, Virginia, USA www.puppycityva.com
My Next PuppyChantilly, Virginia, USAmynextpuppy.com
SureFire Bulldogs Partlow, Virginia, USAwww.gooddog.com
Shenandoah Valley Bulldogs Winchester, Virginia, USAsvbulldogs@gmail.com 
SuperFly Bullies LLC Norfolk, Virginia, USAwww.manta.com
Framke French BulldogsRichmond Hill, VA, USAsframke49@gmail.com 
Greenmont French Bulldogs Brandon, VA, USAgreenmont2000@comcast.net 

Debbie’s Lovabulls 

Debbie’s Lovabulls are one reputed breeder in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA. These breeders are well-recognized for providing outstanding and champion French Bulldog breeders in Virginia, USA.

All the French Bulldog puppies available with these breeders are AKC standard. Their French Bulldog puppies also come with all necessary vaccines done from reputed Vets in Lynchburg region.

Debbie’s Lovabulls breeder information:

Shiloh French Bulldogs 

Shiloh French Bulldogs is another reputed French Bulldog breeders in Pulaski, Virginia, USA. These breeders hold a track record for their great dealing with not only their French Bulldogs but also their prospective customers.

They are dedicated French Bulldog breeders with years of experience. Their dedication reflects well in their French Bulldog puppies’ behaviour and health.

Shiloh French Bulldogs breeder information:

  • Address: Pulaski, Virginia, USA
  • Phone: +1 321-615-4734
  • Website: N/A
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Email: N/A
  • Price Range: $2200

Brick House Bulldogs

Brick House Bulldogs have family raised and well-bred French Bulldog puppies for sale in Virginia. Delivering healthy puppies to their customers is the first priority of these breeders.

The breeders have been involved in the breeding business in 2005. They began their first breeding program in 2008. They strive to provide their customers with beautiful, active and healthy companions.

Brick House Bulldogs breeder information:

Virginia French Bulldogs

Virginia French Bulldogs is another famous French Bulldog breeder in Halifax region of Virginia. They aim to deliver quality French Bulldogs to all their customers.

They have AKC registered French Bulldog puppies for sale in Virginia that are sourced from a tremendously well-acclaimed pedigree. You will definitely find the ultimate French Bulldog companion for your home here.

Virginia French Bulldogs breeder information:

Chersan French Bulldogs

Located near Virginia Beach, the Chersan French Bulldogs breeder is another fine dog breeder in Virginia. They aim to deliver French Bulldog breed like no other dog breeder. They deliver AKC registered French Bulldog puppies to all their buyers.

They follow a unique buying process for matching their puppies with a suitable family. They provide vet checked puppies with micro-chip and a spay or neuter contract.

Chersan French Bulldogs breeder information:

Sugarplum Bulldogs 

Sugarplum Bulldogs are another reputed breeders based in Purcellville, Virginia, USA. They provide playful and healthy French Bulldog puppies to their buyers. They have AKC registered English French Bulldogs for sale in Virginia.

They have puppies from AKC registered multi-champion French Bulldogs only. Buyers can expect French Bulldogs with great temperament, expression, and physique from here.

Sugarplum Bulldogs breeder information:

Reservoir Bulldogs

Reservoir Bulldogs are another reputed French Bulldog breeder with years of experience. They follow a significant French Bulldog breeding process. Their buyers report of buying one of the best French Bulldog pups from here.

The years of practice has inspired these breeders to outshine themselves and launch healthy and well-versed French Bulldogs. They have exceptionally trained and outstanding pups for everyone indeed.

Reservoir Bulldogs breeder information:

EverSoEnglish Bulldogs 

EverSoEnglish Bulldogs breeders are a small hobby breeders based in Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA. They are honest and ethical French Bulldog breeders with top-notch French Bulldog puppies for sale.

Their aim is to breed their puppies with utmost care to pay way for a better generation in the future. The breeders also offer reliable vet reference to all their customers. 

EverSoEnglish Bulldogs breeder information:


CuteUglyBulldogs are a reputed, family-owned, and a home-based breeder of the finest quality French and English bulldogs. They provide purebred French and English Bulldog puppies.

The breeders are located in the Powhatan region and have 7 years of experience in breeding French Bulldogs. They well-train their puppies and raise them with utmost care. They can provide you with the sweetest and the loveliest French Bulldog puppies.

CuteUglyBulldogs breeder information:

Rokcrusher Bulldogs 

Another reputed breeder in Mechanicsville, Virginia, Rokcrusher Bulldogs, provides the best French Bulldogs out there. With a huge experience in the past years, this French Bulldogs breeder presents the healthiest and the finest French Bulldog puppies.

The French Bulldogs pups for sale here are well-socialized and well-trained. From good manners to great health status, these puppies are healthy and free from genetic defects.

Rokcrusher Bulldogs breeder information:

Southern Bulldogs

The loyal and Integral French Bulldogs breeders takes great care of their puppies. They take great care of their French Bulldog puppies’ health and happiness. Buyers can reach out to these breeders for any kind of concerns related to their French Bulldogs puppies before and after the sale.

Their French Bulldog puppies are fast-selling so reach out to these breeders fast if you wish to purchase your new companion from them.

Southern Bulldogs breeder information:


Mccoysbullies is another famous breeder in Stanley, Virginia, USA. They raise AKC standard or AKC-registered French Bulldogs. These breeders only deal in AKC registered French Bulldogs sale in Virginia.

The breeders live along with 6 frenchies and 5 bulldogs with their families. They are always looking forward to bring in new visitors. They strive to raise healthy French Bulldogs for superior genes. 

Mccoysbullies breeder information:

Smith French Bull Dogs Mountain Lake

The breeders at Smith French Bulldogs Mountain Lake are well-equipped with all essential knowledge to raise the best French Bulldogs.

These breeders show great concern and care to understand what their buyers want. The have a good choice in French Bulldog puppies. They also provide their French Bulldogs with a little training to prepare them for their new home well.

Smith French Bull Dogs Mountain Lake breeder information:

Dark Hollow Pups

Dark Hollow Pups is among one of the finest French Bulldog breeders in Luray, Virginia, USA. They have a track record of empowering their customers with well-behaved, patient, jolly, and adorable French Bulldogs.

They are highly professional French Bulldog breeders who breed quality and affordable French Bulldog puppies. They are certainly one of the best French Bulldog breeders in Virginia in today’s date. 

Dark Hollow Pups breeder information:

French Passion

Another breeder in Richmond, Virginia, French Passion, deals in adorable French Bulldog puppies for sale in Virginia. They are a small hobby yet popular French Bulldog Kennel in Richmond.

These breeders specialize in breeding the best French Bulldog types to offer the most charming French Bulldog puppies to their buyers. These breeders also provide an domestic interstate shipping. 

French Passion breeder information:

Puppy City

Established in 2015, the Puppy City LLC dog breeders is a famous small pet store located in Winchester, USA. They specialize in delivering healthy as well as happy French Bulldog puppies.

They have an excellent customer service that strives to match the best fir French Bulldog with a new owner or family. Owners or families on the lookout for new best friends can reach out to Puppy City LLC to grab their new pet any day. 

Puppy City breeder information:

My Next Puppy

My Next Puppy is one reliable breeder amongst the top French Bulldog breeders in Virginia. These breeders commit their buyers to deliver nothing less than an exceptional customer service.

They provide their customers with microchipped French Bulldog puppies to buyers with a clean and welcoming environment homeowners’ environment only. 

My Next Puppy breeder information:

SureFire Bulldogs 

SureFire Bulldogs have top-notch quality French Bulldogs to steal the hearts of everyone. They have a wide range of dog breeds such large, small, or designer breeds.

They provide healthy as well as registered French Bulldog puppies to all their buyers. And, have great experience of working in the Pet Industry for years. 

SureFire Bulldogs breeder information:

Shenandoah Valley Bulldogs 

Shenandoah Valley Bulldogs is another trusted French and English Bulldog breeder in Virginia. Located in northern Virginia region, the breeders have been dealing in Bulldog puppies for sale since 2009 spring.

They are knowledgeable breeders that deliver quality Bulldog breeds free from any possible health issues. From breeding show stock standard color to recent and new stock colors, they breed them all.

Shenandoah Valley Bulldogs breeder information:

SuperFly Bullies LLC 

SuperFly Bullies LLC is another popular French Bulldogs breeder based in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. The breeders are always focused in improving the health and well-being of their French Bulldog breeds.

With the main objective to create one of the healthiest and best quality French Bulldog puppies out there. They are versatile French Bulldog breeders.

SuperFly Bullies LLC breeder information:

Framke French Bulldogs

Framke French Bulldogs is one of the most experienced and establish French Bulldogs breeders in Virginia to date. This breeder first began showing back in 1964.

This one is a unique breeders that believes in breeding quality dog breeds instead of a great quantity of dog breeds. They provide Champion French Bulldogs at affordable prices.

Framke French Bulldogs breeder information:

Greenmont French Bulldogs 

Greenmont French Bulldogs is an experienced French Bulldog breeder that acquired their first show Bulldog back in 2000. These breeders are hobby breeders that aim to provide quality show dogs of great conformation and obedience.

Their quality pups would certainly make good family companions because of their sound temperament, good health, and genuine breed standard.

Greenmont French Bulldogs breeder information: 


Looking for French Bulldog breeders in Virginia is one such time-consuming task that is ought to be done. It is the first thing you would do as a part of your shopping research.

However, the growing number of inappropriate and fraudulent breeding information makes it all a risky process. This is where articles from credible websites claiming about authenticity of the breeders counts. 

If you have been looking for quality and affordable French Bulldog puppies for sale in Virginia, then the above-mentioned French Bulldog breeders list can more than help.

We have tried including the finest and the most well-acclaimed French Bulldog breeders in the Virginia region. We hope you find your paw friend sooner than ever with the help of this article. All the best!

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