Top 20 French Bulldog Breeders in Kansas

You may have assumed that French Bulldogs or Frenchies are from France. On the contrary, they are actually from Nottingham in England in the 1800s. They have got the name French Bulldog because a group of craftsmen from England shifted to France, where this breed became famous.

The inspiration of English Bulldogs bred these dogs. To be specific, they have been bred to replace English Bulldogs or Bullies, and Frenchies have a slightly smaller body than Bullies.

Frenchies are a non-sporting dog breed with short snouts and sharp ears. These are happy, cheerful, and pleasant creatures. They’re like human kids who just want to be with you the whole day. Frenchies behavior can be found similar with of Pugs, and they both almost carry similar temperaments and behavior patter. These both are lovely creatures to have around in our home.

Frenchies can be an excellent pet for both first-time owners as well as for experienced ones. Due to the lack of athleticism, these breeds can do well in apartments. But we should adequately exercise them to maintain a proper weight and good mental health. A simple walk in the roads or tug of war with your Frenchies will be adequate.

These dogs can become really attached to their human companions, and thus leaving them for prolonged hours can cause severe mental discomfort for them. People with busy schedules might want to reconsider adopting a Frenchies puppy if you can’t give them enough attention.

French Bulldog Breeders in Kansas

French Bulldog Breeders in Kansas

These puppies should be bred carefully as they are fragile in nature. Adopting a puppy from a Puppy mill is discouraged as they breed low-quality puppies and abuse these dogs for their own sake. Thus adopting a puppy from an ethical breeder is vital. We will help you find out the reliable French Bulldog Breeders in Kansas.

1. Spring Valley Bulldogs

This breeder has been raising Frenchie puppies for more than nine years. All the puppies are of AKC standard and of perfect health and temperament. The puppies will be available for you to adopt when they’re seven weeks old. Until then, the breeder takes complete care of the puppies like vaccinating and de-worming

The puppies come with a special 1-year health guarantee covering any congenital diseases. The breeder takes care of the puppy’s airline or ground delivery arrangements.

Spring Valley Bulldogs Information

  • Address: 12405 Red Hen Rd, Onaga, KS 66521
  • Phone: 785-249-9235
  • Website:

2. Cute Bulldogs

Cute Bulldogs have committed themselves to breeding AKC standard puppies that excel in conformation, temperament, and health. All these puppies are raised in-home along with children and neighbors. These breeders make efforts to offer well-socialized puppies that excel in their behaviors. We can know that they’re dedicated and experienced breeders from their positive customers’ reviews.

Cute Bulldogs Information

3. Frenchie Pugs

They are small brewers who breed French Bulldogs, Pugs, and Frenchie-Pugs. Frenchie-Pug is the hybrid between French Bulldogs and Pugs. These first-generation puppies are free of any hereditary genetic diseases. They are charismatic, calm and lovely because they inherited these characteristics from their Frenchie and Pug Parents. Lastly, they are all AKC standard puppies.

Frenchie Pugs Information

4. Gaugers Little Bullies

This breeder offers Frenchies puppies that carry the Champion Bloodline. Puppies come in different colors and conformation. Each of the puppies is AKC registered and healthy puppies checked and approved by a professional vet. These puppies come along with their health certificate and microchips.

Gaugers Little Bullies Information

5. Woodward Bulldogs

Woodward Bulldogs is a small family breeder breeding French and English Bulldogs. This breeder breeds only to offer top-quality puppies. They are one of the breeders who values puppies’ well-being over money. Thus, these puppies are of excellent temperament and health. Also, these puppies are spoiled with their children and other dogs.

Woodward Bulldogs Information

6. FairyTail Frenchies

These puppies do really look like fairy tale creatures. Their beautiful color combination, silky fur, and mysterious eyes distinguish them from other typical Frenchies. On the best part, they also breed English Bulldogs, which gives our Frenchies a wonderful opportunity to mingle with them. They are certified and registered Kansas State licensed breeders.

FairyTail Frenchies Information

7. Waltman’s Bulldogs

This amazing breeder has been breeding since 1985 for the sole purpose of maintaining the excellence of their bloodline. These puppies are like little clowns with a sense of humor. They are playful, cuddly, and loving. The breeder shows them proper love and respect while breeding these puppies. Thanks to the breeder, these puppies are eager to please their owners and are free of any hereditary diseases.

Waltman’s Bulldogs Inforamtion:

  • Address: Wichita, KS 67216
  • Phone: 316-706-8762
  • Website:

7. Siess Ranch LLC

If you’re looking for an experienced breeder to adopt your Frenchie puppy from, Siess Ranch LLC must be the right place to stop by because they have been breeding for almost 18 years. They only breed top bloodline and temperament puppies, and they are perfectly healthy and exhibit sound behavioral patterns. They’re brought up with other dog breeds like Labrador and Poddles, giving them a fantastic opportunity to socialize.

Siess Ranch LLC Information

8. Kansas Frenchies

Kansas Frenchies breed one of the most exotic color types of Frenchies. The blue merle color puppy with the silky coat is truly a delight for our eyes. They also breed the standard Frenchie puppies too. The puppies are exposed to large crowds and strangers to eliminate anxiety or fear when in a new place. You can adapt your puppy from here if you are looking for a well-socialized one.

Kansas Frenchies Information

  • Address: Wamego, Kansas 66547
  • Phone: 785-249-1643
  • Website:

9. Hillbuckle’s French Bulldogs

This breeder has been breeding Frenchies for ten years. The puppies they breed are of show-quality, and they’re exclusive puppies that are rare to get. But this breeder offers us a chance to adopt a Frenchie puppy of this standard. He is 4th generation breeder whose family has a long history of breeding French Bulldogs. To mention, these puppies come from the Champion bloodline.

Hillbukle’s French Bulldogs Information

10. Brenglora Bulldogs

This breeder breeds puppies with exquisite physiques. Brenglora Bulldogs was established in 1979. Ever since then, they have been breeding Champion lineage puppies. They are not only healthy, but they also live up to 14 years. This shows us the quality of their breeder dogs. Their expertise in breeding these puppies remains unrivaled.

Brenglore Bulldogs Information

  • Address: Augusta, KS 67010
  • Phone: 316-775-5921
  • Website:
  • Price: $4,500

11. Heartland Frenchies

Krystall Murray is the breeder behind Heartland Frenchies. The breeder screens their breeding dogs’ DNA for multiple genetic diseases. The dams and sires are free of any hereditary diseases. They’ve also been tested for common eye problems that occur in this kind of breed. After these series of tests, the parents are let to breed to produce one of the top-notch French Bulldog puppies. After they are ten weeks old, they’ve been available to go to their new forever homes.

Heartland Frenchies Information

12. Elite Bulldog

Elite Bulldog offers AKC standard, classic French Bulldogs with proper conformation. The puppies are sound, cheerful, and playful. These puppies are energetic fur balls that are eager to please their owners. Puppies are tested for any infectious diseases, vaccinated and de-wormed. Also, each puppy has been micro-chipped.

Elite Bulldog Information:

13. CC’s Bullies

The puppies have a rigid structure, firm legs, and brave stares. The conformation of these puppies is outstanding, and when combined with their unique color combinations, they are one of a kind. These puppies are raised in the home with children and other dog breeds to ensure proper mental health.

French Bulldog Breeders in Kansas

CC’s Bullies Information

14. TLH French Bulldogs

TLH French Bulldogs offer puppies of superior conformation, temperament, and health. The breeder dogs are screened with countless tests looking for any genetic diseases. These disease-free dams and sires are then bred to produce healthy puppies that carry the French Bulldogs’ unchanged characteristics.

TLH French Bulldogs Information

15. JoyBull Frenchies

If you’re looking for professionally trained and socialized puppies, JoyBull Frenchies likes to offer your their puppies. They have an AKC certified trainer who trains these puppies every day since the day they started to be mobile. Also, they’re desensitized to noise, touch, and other stimuli, and this prevents the dog from biting anyone out of fear.

JoyBull Frenchies Information

  • Address: Hutchinson, KS
  • Phone:
  • Website:
  • Price: $3,000-$5,000

16. Hi Stand Frenchies

Hi Stand Frenchies offer a two-year health guarantee ensuring the puppies’ health. These puppies are playful and pleasing in nature. Since these puppies are raised with other dog breeds like Boxers and Tibetian Mastiffs, they exhibit a relaxed and composed behavior in public places. Puppies are vaccinated twice before they’re eight weeks old.

Hi Stand Frenchies Information

  • Address: Paola, KS
  • Phone: 913-259-9505
  • Website:

17. R Little Puppies

R Little Puppies breed French Bulldogs of extraordinary conformations. These puppies are rigid, solid, and have intimidating looks. But they’re soft, friendly creatures who want nothing else than to spend all the day with you. They also offer hypoallergenic puppies, which are appropriate for pet owners who’re allergic to dogs. They are AKC registered breeders who breed standard and designer kind puppies for sales.

R Little Puppies Information

18. Dog Blessed Bullies

The puppies from this breeder are really blessed because of the love and care they receive when they’re born. This caring dog breeder raises these puppies in the home, ensuring that they’re in good health. Health supplements and organic foods are feeded to these puppies. These puppies come with AKC registration, medical records, microchip, and a 1-year genetic health guarantee.

Dog Blessed Bullies Information

19. Day Star French Bulldogs

This breeder is reputed for top-notch breeding puppies in the Valley Centre of Kansas. This renowned breeder in fostering puppies for over 29 years. DayStar French Bulldogs can’t compromise one thing, which is the quality of the puppy. They’ve dedicated themselves to producing puppies of great health and mentality. Over these years, they have bred hundreds of French Bulldogs making hundreds of families home happier.

DayStar French Bulldogs Information

 20. Salt Creek Frenchies

This is the last breeder on our list, but not least. They strive to offer the finest French Bulldogs in both personality and conformation. They consistently delivered the best quality puppies each time. The dams and sires are of top-quality. The puppies are home-raised and spoiled, making them a better fit with their new owners. To put shortly, Salt Creek Frenchies are reliable dog breeders in Kansas.

Salt Creek Frenchies Information

To Sum Up,

Frenchies are very loyal, lovely, and playful creatures, and they expect nothing from you except the love you show for them. We have provided the list of these top trustworthy, high-quality French Bulldog Breeders in Kansas with the hope of helping you to find your new Frenchie-friend.

We wish you all the best in finding your new dog-pal!

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