Top 7 Boxer Breeders in Minnesota

In the 19th century, Germans butchers bred boxers to help bait their cattle and help them in their slaughterhouse. They are believed to be the cross between the extinct Bullenbaiser and Mastiff. Some believe that Great Dane and Terriers might be involved in breeding them.

Boxers are classified as ‘working dog’ breeds. They made their first appearance in the USA only after World War 1. After the 1940s, this breed gained huge popularity among Americans due to its agility, playful nature, and loyalty. They are one of the first dog breeds to be used as police dogs by the police department. They also serve as guide and guardian dogs.

The physical characteristics of these dogs include tall, firm legs, rigid chest, docked ears and tails, and small snout. These dogs are majestic dog breeds with short shiny coat fur of many colors.

Speaking about Boxers’ personalities, they’re agile, happy, and loyal creatures. Many Boxer owners find that the presence of a Boxer in the home is similar to having a kid. This is true because they are just four-legged babies who will make every effort to grab your attention. These dogs are known for their ‘kidney-bean’ shaped dance, where they fold their body like a kidney bean and perform little wiggles. They also make a weird but entertaining ‘woo-woo’ sound when they’re happy or excited.

Boxers’ personalities

Boxers are calm and composed dog breeds that can even do well with children and infants, and this can only be possible with proper socialization. These calm dogs can become extremely aggressive to protect their owners when they perceive danger.

They’re agile and high-energetic dogs so adequate exercise must be given to keep them healthy both mentally and physically. Typical walks around your neighborhood won’t meet their daily physical exercise needs. Lack of exercise makes them restless, leading them to develop bad habits such as chewing furniture, barking, and biting. Games like tug of war and frisbee can be more efficient to keep them in ideal shape.

Though they’re naturally sound and calm dogs, adequate socialization is required. And it is also vital to adopt your puppy from a reliable breeder who is committed to protecting the bloodline of these puppies. Be aware of adopting your puppy from a Puppy Mill because they abuse and produce low-quality puppies.

Finding ethical and trustworthy  Boxer Breeders in Minnesota by yourself can be an exhausting task. To save you from the trouble, we have carefully researched and handpicked the breeders who commit themselves to the quality and well-being of the puppies.

1. Breezy Boxers

Boxer Breeders in Minnesota

Breezy Boxers are ethical and caring pet owners who breed their puppy in-house to ensure their health. They breed puppies of a healthy bloodline, and they breed puppies that soon exhibit outstanding personalities, conformation, and colors. They have exceptional temperaments and can be easily trained.

These puppies are AKC registered and had their dews and claws docked. They also offer these puppies along with a 4 lb bag of puppy food, a toy, and a blanket (smells like mom and littermates to make the transition easier.) These puppies are properly vaccinated and de-wormed, and proper medical records will be produced upon purchasing the puppy.

Breezy Boxers Information

2. Outside Inn Ranch

Outside Inn Ranch breeds Boxers, Bulldogs, and sport horses. This gives our Boxer puppies an environment similar to their natural habitat. The breeder dogs are healthy as they guard and guide these horses all day long. This breeder breeds the puppies for temperament, health, soundness, longevity, intelligence, and beauty.

The puppies are spoiled, potty trained, and house trained before they leave to their new homes. The puppies will be retested, fed, pottied, and ready for your arrival. Puppies are also microchipped along with vaccinations.

Outside Inn Ranch Information

3. J&S Boxers

Over the past two decades, J&S BOxers have been breeding dozens of European and American Boxers. These puppies are socialized and handled daily by these breeders, and these puppies are more affectionate and attached to their owners.

Puppies are offered with a complete package including a 5-year health guarantee, AKC papers, the pedigree of the parents, starter bag of foods and toys. Also, the puppy’s medical records, including timely vaccinations and de-worming, are produced.

J&S Boxers Information

  • Address: 507-838-9947
  • Phone: 315 Jefferson Pl, Faribault, MN 55021
  • Website:
  • Price: $1,800

4. Spring Water Boxers

Spring Water Boxers was registered and established in 2003. Ever since then, they have been producing top-notch Boxer puppies that particularly excel in conformation and colors. Their special type of puppies is the rare pure breed fawn and brindle. They produce puppies that outperform in agility, health, and physical appearances. They are reputed breeders renowned for their puppies’ well-behaving temperaments.

Spring Water Boxers Information

5. Patty’s Boxers -n- Bulldogs

This breeder is breeding puppies of the AKC Champion bloodline. They are family breeders who are living on a 10-acre land. The puppies born are socialized and handled by the family and children. These puppies get along with children at an early age. They’ve been offering top-grade puppies since 2002, which is over two decades.

Patty’s Boxers-n-Bulldogs Information

6. Sub Zero Boxers

Sub Zero Boxers breeders are particularly considerate about their breeder dog’s health, and thus they only breed a female once a year. This healthy breeding practice makes the dams and puppies to be more sound and healthy. The puppies are home-raised and made sleep along with them in their bed, molding them into perfect snuggle partners.

Sub Zero Boxers Information

  • Address: 31181 407th Pl, Farm Island Township, MN 56431
  • Phone: 218-232-2803
  • Website:
  • Price: $850-$1,000

7. My Boxer Puppy

Boxer Breeders in Minnesota

My Boxer Puppy is an experienced breeder who’s been practicing breeding exquisite boxer puppies for 29 years. Both the parents and the puppies are AKC registered dogs. The AKC papers will be produced along with medical records saying timely vaccinations and de-wormings upon purchase. Puppies are ready to adopt once they’re eight weeks old. Until then, the breeder takes care of these puppies’ well-being.

My Boxer Puppy Information

  • Address: Akeley, Mn
  • Phone: 218-652-4633
  • Website:
  • Price: $1,200-$1,800

In Summary,

Boxer puppies can grow up to be your best pal if appropriately raised. The owner should spend adequate time with these dogs and trains them consistently. The training session creates a rapport between the trainer and the dog. Hence, it is advisable to train your dog yourself.

Apart from your contribution, the breeders play an essential role in shaping the puppies’ personalities. They have to be properly socialized and handled with care making them social animals. Unethical breeders don’t spend adequate time with their puppies or their breeder dogs. But each breeder in our list of Top 7 Boxer Breeders in Minnesota is individually invested in the puppy’s well-being, temperament, behavior, and personality. Thus adopting your breeders from this list is a wise choice to adopt your paw-friend.

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