16 French Bulldog Breeders in Iowa (IA) | Moral & Loving Certified

The French Bulldog popularly referred to as the Frenchie is known for its short nose and bat-like ears. The gentle and curious-natured dog breed, the French Bulldog, is one notorious dog breed.

But, if you’re already looking for french bulldog puppies for sale in Iowa, hold on.

Getting your dog from a reliable, moral, and loving breeder, is the most important thing to make sure of.

So, to help you do that, I did some research and found some of the best french breeders in Iowa.

You should still do your own due diligence with these, call and ask questions, read online reviews, etc. But this gives you a good starting point.

Jelsi’s PuppiesForest City, Iowa, USAjelsi_puppy@yahoo.com
Farm Fresh FrenchiesBirmingham, Iowa, USAwww.farmfreshfrenchies.com
Jimtown KennelsDanville, Iowa, USAmrgesink@danvilletelco.net 
Stimson BulldogsClarinda, Iowa, USAstimsonbulldogs@gmail.com
North Iowa Puppies LLCJoice, Iowa, USAnorthiowapuppies@gmail.com
Bluewave French BulldogsPisgah, Iowa, USAbluewavefrenchbulldogs@gmail.com 
Petland Iowa CityIowa City, Iowa, USAwww.petlandiowacity.com
Midwest PuppiesIndianola, Iowa, USAvickieubben@hotmail.com 
C Angel PuppiesWoodbine, Iowa, USAcangelspuppies.com
Rockytopp Heelers Lansing, Iowa, USAwww.rockytoppheelers.com
Dyer Farms PuppiesSalem, Iowa, USAwww.dyerfarms.com
Rasmussens Lil PawsHumboldt, Iowa, USA rasmussenslilpaws.com
Bundles Of LoveAlton, Iowa, USAbundlesoflovepuppies@yahoo.com 
HVK BulliesCedar Rapids, Iowa, USAanthony@hvkbullies.com
BJ’s FrenchiesCenterville, Iowa, USAsierraspuppies15@gmail.com 
Bulldog ObsessionSibley, Iowa, USAfivebeyers@gmail.com 

Jelsi’s Puppies

Jelsi’s Puppies is one reputed breeder in Forest City, Iowa, USA. These breeders hold a great reputation of providing some great French Bulldog champion puppies. They deliver AKC standard and vaccinated French Bulldog puppies to their customers.

They are dedicated French Bulldog breeders with genuinely healthy and well-mannered French Bulldog puppies for sale in Iowa.

Jelsi’s Puppies breeder information:

Farm Fresh Frenchies

Farm Fresh Frenchies are privileged French Bulldog breeders with 27 years of experience. They have quality Boston Terriers and Frenchies available for sale.

They deliver the best quality Boston Terrier and French Bulldog puppies at affordable prices to all their customers. They have the sweetest little pups to deliver to their customers.

Farm Fresh Frenchies breeder information:

Jimtown Kennels

Jimtown Kennels French Bulldog breeders began with breeding back in 1995. These breeders hold great reputation of empowering their customers with the best dog breed bloodlines in the Southeast Iowa region.

The breeders follow an ethical breeding process to raise quality French Bulldog puppies. Delivering hand-picked dogs with well-versed health and behaviour. 

Jimtown Kennels breeder information:

Stimson Bulldogs

Stimson Bulldogs is another reputed family breeders based in Clarinda, Virginia, USA. They breed their puppies on their farm located in Southeast Iowa. The breeders have an experience of 33 years in raising the English Bulldogs.

They raise their French Bulldog puppies in well-designed kennels. They are AKC inspected French Bulldog breeders delivering well-put and healthy Bulldog puppies.

Stimson Bulldogs breeder information:

North Iowa Puppies LLC

The North Iowa Puppies LLC dog breeders are fine French Bulldog breeders with great experience of raising puppies. These breeders believe their puppies to be an integral part of their life.

They are passionate breeders with 20 years of experience in breeding puppies. They deliver the highest standard French Bulldog puppies for sale in Iowa.

North Iowa Puppies LLC breeder information:

Bluewave French Bulldogs

Bluewave French Bulldogs are another reputed breeder located in Pisgah region of Iowa, USA. These famous French Bulldog breeders have a track record of delivering the best new French Bulldog puppies at genuine rates to their customers.

The breeders seem to have some of the sweetest French Bulldog babies.

Bluewave French Bulldogs breeder information:

Petland Iowa City

The Petland Iowa City breeders are a famous local pet store breeding quality French Bulldog puppies from the past 8 years. The breeders raise their French Bulldog puppies at one of the best locations in Iowa City, Iowa, USA.

They have a great reputation in the breeding sector since 1967. They are committed Bulldog breeders delivering healthy pets to their customers.

Petland Iowa City breeder information:

Midwest Puppies

Midwest Puppies is one of the finest breeders in Indianola, Iowa, USA. They breeders offer beautiful French Bulldog puppies that would easily socialize with their older pets. They are small breeders with their roots in the central Iowa region.

They raise healthy, beautiful, high-quality AKC registered pups. The breeders also deliver extremely tiny pups as well. 

Midwest Puppies breeder information:

C Angel Puppies

C Angel Puppies is a quality French Bulldog breeder committed to delivery only the finest Frenchies for sale. These breeders encourage their customers to not buy a French Bulldog puppy from them.

But to adopt a French Bulldog puppy on impulse or even for someone else. These breeders have been raising top-notch and affordable French Bulldog pups with 60 years of experience.

C Angel Puppies breeder information:

Rockytopp Heelers 

Rockytopp Heelers are another trusted French Bulldog breeders located in Northeast Iowa region of USA. These breeders have been raising top-quality dog breeds since 1993.

They have AKC, ACA, APRI, and IACA registered breeding stock. They are always looking forward to breed happy and family-like dog breeds for the fellow dog lovers. 

Rockytopp Heelers breeder information:

Dyer Farms Puppies

Located in Salem, Iowa, the Dyer Farm Puppies is a well-acclaimed French Bulldog breeder. The breeders have helped numerous dog lovers get healthy pups and happy French Bulldog puppies home.

These breeders have UKC registered French Bulldogs and other dog breeds available for sale. The breeders also provide some good guarantees, vaccinations, and agreements as per their comfort. 

Dyer Farms Puppies breeder information:

Rasmussens Lil Paws

If you have been looking for the ultimate fir companion for your home, then Humboldt, Iowa’s Rasmussens Lil Paws breeder would also make a great choice.

From providing waiting lists for their litters to providing detailed updates on various kinds of puppy breeds available. Book an appointment with these breeders first to make the most of their insightful information. 

Rasmussens Lil Paws breeder information:

Bundles Of Love

Bundles Of Love is among the finest French Bulldog breeders in Iowa. They are passionate family French Bulldog breeders. They are renowned for breeding healthy, happy, and top-quality French Bulldog puppies for sale.

The breeders take great pleasure in maintaining their puppies bloodline. They have AKA and AKC registered Frenchies with 2 years health guarantee.

Prospective French Bulldog owners can find their paw companions in different colors and then choose what suits them best accordingly. Learn about these pioneer French Bulldog breeders using the details mentioned below.

Bundles Of Love breeder information:

HVK Bullies

Another phenomenal French Bulldog breeder in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is HVK Bullies. They in-house breeders breeding both French and American bulldogs. They deliver high-quality Frenchies that are carefully raised.

They also have AKC registered French Bulldogs and American Bulldogs. They raise and breed only Champion bloodline French bulldog puppies. The French Bulldog puppies delivered by HVK Bullies are also quite well-mannered, socializing, and would make the perfect paw companions. 

HVK Bullies breeder information:

BJ’s Frenchies

The famous family breeder, BJ’s Frenchies are another quality French Bulldog breeder in region. They are dedicated French Bulldog breeders empowering families with high-quality and loving French companions.

They provide good tempered, healthy, and family-friendly French puppies with one-year health guarantee. They deliver only AKC registered French Bulldog puppies for sale in Iowa

BJ’s Frenchies breeder information:

Bulldog Obsession

Another reliable French Bulldog breeder is the Bulldog Obsession breeder located in Sibley, Iowa, USA. These family operated and family owned breeders have good reputation of raising both French and American Bulldog puppies.

They have well-socialized French Bulldog puppies for sale in Iowa. They deliver French Bulldog puppies with a genuine and authentic health guarantee to all their customers. These breeders also provide microchips to interested customers for some additional cost.

We highly recommend the Bulldog Obsession breeders because of their stud service. 

Bulldog Obsession breeder information:


Looking for French Bulldog breeders in Iowa can take a long time without the right assistance. Searching for reputed breeders one by one can make the process all the more difficult.

Reading this article and getting in touch with any of the above-mentioned breeders can save you from an unpleasant encounter. 

Claim one of the finest French Bulldog puppies for sale in Iowa with the help of these breeders. This article has all the relevant breeder information and contact details you will require to make a suitable French Bulldog purchase in the Iowa region.

So, what are you waiting for? Find your ultimate Frenchie with the help of this article in no time. We hope you get the best companion home! All the best!

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