17 Cavapoo Breeders In Virginia (VA) | Moral & Loving Certified

When it comes to a loving companionship, nothing compares to the Cavapoo breed. It is one of the smartest, playful, and cuddlesome breed. If you are someone who is looking for a low-allergen pet then this amazing crossbreed will make the best choice for you.

But, if you’re already looking for Cavapoo puppies for sale in Virginia, hold on.

Getting your dog from a reliable, moral, and loving breeder, is the most important thing to make sure of.

So, to help you do that, I did some research and found some of the best Cavapoo breeders in Virginia.

You should still do your own due diligence with these, call and ask questions, read online reviews, etc. But this gives you a good starting point.

Premier PupsManassas, Virginia, USAsales@premierpups.com
Gleneden Labradoodles Berryville, Virginia, USAhello@labradoodles.com
Windy Way PuppiesLebanon, Virginia, USAcindy.barrett@windywaypups.com 
Forest Creek KennelsWaynesboro, Virginia, USAwww.forestcreekkennels.net
Old Mill DoodlesStaunton, Virginia, USAwww.oldmilldoodles.com
Dogs SiteManassas, Virginia, USA1 703-314-8189
My Next PuppyChantilly, Virginia, USAmynextpuppy.com
Pauley s PupsAshland, Virginia, USApauleyspups224@gmail.com
Pups N StuffVirginia Beach, Virginia, USApupsnstuffva@gmail.com
Fox Creek FarmMauzy Road, Virginia, USAwww.goldendoodles.net
Pets Plus Inc.Stafford, Virginia, USAwww.petsplusinc.com
PetopiaLynchburg, Virginia, USApetopiava.com
The Puppy ShopWarrenton, Virginia, USAwww.thepuppyshop-virginia.com
Rutledge Park LabradoodlesRoanoke, Virginia, USA info@rutledgeparklabradoodles.com 
Pets-N-PalsStaunton, Virginia, USApetsnpals.biz
XO PupsChantilly, Virginia, USAxopupsva.com
BB s Imperial Shih Tzus Chesapeake, Virginia, USApuppy@bbsimperialshihtzus.com

Premier Pups

Premier Pups is a reputed breeders with years of experience based in Manassas, Virginia, USA. These breeders prioritize in offering top quality Cavapoo puppies for sale in Virginia unique to every family’s needs.

They are dedicated Cavapoo and other dog breeders that offer premier breeding services that would easily exceed their industry standards. Reach out to them to adopt well-bred and healthy Cavapoo puppies any day.

Premier Pups breeder information:

Gleneden Labradoodles 

Located in Berryville, Virginia, the Gleneden Labradoodles are another trusted breeders in the region. These breeders began with their first breeding program at Gleneden back in the 1990s.

All the Cavapoo and other dog breeds available with Gleneden Labradoodles breeders have been registered with the American Kennel club. Several of their puppies have been registered in the pedigree with multiple championships.

Learn more about them using the details below.

Gleneden Labradoodles breeder information:

Windy Way Puppies

Another famous breeders located in the Lebanon, Virginia are the Windy Way Hill Puppy breeders. These breeders breed their puppies in wonderful grasslands.

They raise their puppies through giving them enough time to play and run without being concerned about getting hurt. Their unique breeding process makes these breeders a considerable choice to get Cavapoo puppies for sale in Virginia indeed.

Windy Way Hill Puppies breeder information:

Forest Creek Kennels

Forest Creek Kennels is another genuine and authentic Cavapoo dog breeder based in Waynesboro, Virginia, USA. These breeders have a very integral process for breeding to follow. We believe these breeders would make a right choice for most prospective Cavapoo owners.

Their great experience and years of practice in breeding Cavapoo puppies has helped them in offering the best quality and affordable Cavapoo puppies for sale in Virginia

Forest Creek Kennels breeder information:

Old Mill Doodles

Old Mill Doodles breeders are one of the finest Cavapoo breeders in Virginia right now. These Cavapoo breeders seem to have a proven record of empowering their customers with the right family member every single time.

These breeders have been in business from the past 26 years. They began their journey as dog breeders through breeding top quality AKC Golden Retrievers. These breeders are known to offer a two years health guarantee for every puppy they sale.

Old Mill Doodles breeder information:

Dogs Site

Dog Site is another pioneer dog breeder based in Manassas, Virginia, USA. They are top-notch Cavapoo breeders in Virginia delivering quality and affordable Cavapoo pups. These breeders strive to provide their customers with only the best dog breeds.

They prioritize in selling new dog owners with healthy, confident, and family-friendly Cavapoo puppies. The experienced breeders surely seem to have a lot in store for all their Cavapoo customers.

Dogs Site breeder information:

  • Address: Manassas, Virginia, USA
  • Phone: +1 703-314-8189
  • Website: N/A
  • Social Media: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Price Range: $3000

My Next Puppy

Based in Chantilly region of Virginia, My Next Puppy are responsible dog breeders with years of experience. The family-friendly and pet community loving breeders strive to provide nothing but the best Cavapoo breeds to future dog owners.

The main objective of these breeders is to empower their Cavapoo puppies with amazing family homes. The have the happiest and the healthiest of Cavapoo puppies eagerly waiting for their new family homes.

My Next Puppy breeder information:

Pauley s Pups

Another specialized Cavapoo dog breeders in Virginia are the Pauley’s pups. These Ashland-based breeders have been selling healthy and happy puppies since 1994.

These breeders have a wide range of different dog breeds or puppies available for sale. Pet lovers looking for their ultimate Cavapoo companion can reach out to Pauley’s Pups for top quality and affordable Cavapoo puppies for sale in Virginia.

Pauley s Pups breeder information:

Pups N Stuff

Pups N Stuff are another one of the finest breeders located near Virginia, USA. These breeders can understand the versatile needs of all their unique customers in the best way. These breeders pride themselves for being the ultimate pet experts.

They highly knowledgeable and well-experienced breeders can certainly help you get the most suitable companion home. These locally owned and operating breeders are highly concerned about the happiness and well-being of all their dogs.

So, you will be lucky if they choose you for their Cavapoo breed.

Pups N Stuff breeder information:

Fox Creek Farm

Fox Creek Farm are another honest and reliable dog breeders in Virginia. These breeders are the proud creators of the famous mini Goldendoodle dog breed.

These breeders pride themselves to be providers of health-tested and warrantee Cavapoo puppies for sale in Virginia. You can trust these breeders when it comes to buying Cavapoo puppies free from any genetic defects and registered puppies.

Interested buyers can reach out to these breeders or learn more about them through the breeder information below.

Fox Creek Farm breeder information:

Pets Plus Inc.

Located in Stafford region of Virginia, the Pets Plus Inc. dog breeders count amongst the finest Cavapoo breeders in the United States. All puppies of these trusted breeders are sent to their new homes with a totally full puppy package.

These breeders provide Cavapoo puppies in Virginia with up-to-date immunizations, de-worming regimen, veterinarian health examination, Canine or AKC registered puppies. Get in touch with them for reasonable and affordable Cavapoo puppies.

Pets Plus Inc. breeder information:


Petopia breeders specialize in almost all local bred puppies. These breeders have a really wide selection of lovable and fun Cavapoo and other puppy breeds. They strive to provide their customers with the healthiest choice of dog breeds, especially the Cavapoo breed.

They make the pet selection process super-easy for all their customers through providing hand-picked puppy breeds. Their AKC or CKC puppies would make the best pets for a family home any day. 

Petopia breeder information:

The Puppy Shop

The Puppy Shop is another quality dog breeders based in Warrenton, Virginia, USA. These breeders strive to provide their customers with well-trained and affordable Cavapoo and other dog breeds.

These breeders give incredible weightage upon temperament, behaviour, and health of their puppies when it comes to breeding or training them. They can surely provide you with obedient and well-bred Cavapoo puppies.

The Puppy Shop breeder information:

Rutledge Park Labradoodles 

Buyers looking for reasonable and affordable Cavapoo puppies for sale in Virginia definitely need to check out Rutledge Park Labradoodles dog breeders.

The breeders are concerned about providing their customers with the healthiest and genetically disorder-free puppies for the best price. They have a good range of sophisticate and genuine dog breeds for their customers.

Rutledge Park Labradoodles breeder information:


Pets-N-Pals is an independently-owned business that has been empowering its customers with quality and affordable dog breeds since 1989.

These breeders specialise in puppies and partner with concerned dog breeders to help their customers find healthy, happy, well-socialized, and well-cared puppies for their homes.

They are devoted breeders who have been following strict government regulations and sports standards from years.

Pets-N-Pals breeder information:

XO Pups

XO Pups are one reputed breeders based in Chantilly region of Virginia. These breeders aim in delivering best quality dog breeds with loyalty since day one.

They strive to empower their customers with happy Cavapoo puppies for a happy home. Their aim is to make the perfect match between the Cavapoo puppies and their future family homes.

XO Pups breeder information:

BB s Imperial Shih Tzus 

BB’s Imperial breeders raise their puppies in homes. They are reputed breeders based in Chesapeake region of Virginia with years of experience.

They take proper care of their puppies’ health and follow a unique whelping process to raise them with utmost care. Prospective dog owners looking for warm and loving Cavapoo puppies can also prefer these breeders to get a new pet home.

BB s Imperial Shih Tzus breeder information:


Looking for Cavapoo breeders in Virgina can be an exhausting experience overall. However, if you are someone who finds it hard to work around such an extensive place, then the above-mentioned Cavapoo breeders will help you find your new family member at reasonable price.

Why search for other Cavapoo breeders when we have got a whole list of reputed and authentic Cavapoo breeders above? 

The above-mentioned well-experienced Cavapoo breeders will be your best bet any day. We have provided all the information you will need to know about them. You could even contact them to learn more about them through the given breeder information.

So, why waste a moment longer? Go on get your new pet home soon. We hope you get them sooner than ever! All the best!

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