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Hefty and muscular yet adorable are the English bulldogs. These are medium-sized dogs with wrinkled faces and unique noses.

Bulldogs or British bulldogs are among the top five popular pets in the US. Not surprising that numerous people search for English bulldog breeders in Massachusetts.

Why a breeder, though? 

Most people usually pick their pups from some random stores or Craigslist listings. But a breeder can provide “pure breed” dogs, which are usually healthier.

They can also provide you with some crossbreeds that are genetically healthy. They train your dogs, take care of their health, and do everything needed for the dog’s well-being. 

So, if you need to find English bulldog puppies for sale in Massachusetts, the following breeders can be a great start. 

Sandy Bottom Bulldogs East Falmouth, 02536, MA, USAsandybottombulldogs@gmail.com 
Stevens Regal Bulldogs53 Wells St unit a, Rochdale, 01542, MA, USAwww.stevensregalbulldogs.com
Olde English Bulldogges Pups Beach St, Fall River, 02721, MA, USA508-567-4573 
Tysadie’s Boxers and Bulldogs Massachusetts, USAwww.boxersandbulldogpuppies-tchumsae.homestead.com
Dream A BullzMassachusetts, USA744-836-0425
038 Bullyz 135 Beacon St, Lowell, 01850, MA, USAinfo@038bullyz.com
English Bulldog Puppies for SaleMassachusetts, USAwww.englishbulldogpuppiesforsales.com
Marvelbull Westfield, MA, USAinfo@marvelbull.com 
R & D BulldogsBrockton, Plymouth County, MA, USAwww.randdbulldogs.com
LaBonte Bulldogs Massachusetts, USAlabontebulldogs@comcast.net
Big City BulldoggesMassachusetts, USAbobby@bigcitybulldogges.com 
Bella Luna & CampcovoBoston, MA, USABCovalucci@aol.com
Burton’s BulldogsLunenburg, North Central Massachusetts, USAwww.burtonsbulldogs.com

Sandy Bottom Bulldogs 

Sandy Bottom Bulldogs present the perfect bulldogs you need. The pups are adorable, obedient, and friendly.

The breeders take pride in training the pups for commands and behavior. Interestingly, these breeders put in a lot for the dog’s wellbeing, affirmation, and bloodlines. 

These breeders from East Falmouth specialize in the rare color model of English Bulldogs.

The dogs are registered with AKC, and their breeding complies with the AKC standards. If you are looking for quality, here is where you need to go. 

There is no official website for this breeder. So, you can check their social media profiles for more information about the breeder and their methods. 

Here is all of their information:

Stevens Regal Bulldogs 

Stevens Regal Bulldogs breeders are quite famous in the Rochdale region of Massachusetts. They dedicate themselves to providing top-shelf breeds to the buyers.

With a personal affinity to the bulldog breed, the trainers and breeders here ensure that your dog is sound and healthy. 

The breeders here experiment with the breeds and yet seamlessly deliver the best. Every dog coming from here is properly trained.

Its vaccinations are also taken care of, along with the temperament. The dogs are AKC registered, and the breeders maintain the standards to better care for the dog. 

Try scheduling your appointment soon, for the waiting period is considerate. For the bookings and more information, you can access the breeders’ original website. 

Here is all of their information:

  • Address: 53 Wells St unit a, Rochdale, 01542, MA, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 (774) 578-1803
  • Website: Stevens Regal Bulldogs 
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price Range: $2000 

Olde English Bulldogges Pups 

Another famous and reliable breeder from Massachusetts, Olde English Bulldogges Pups, has hands-on experience in breeding these dogs.

Specialized for the English Bulldog breeding, this place is a perfect one for any family to find their mate. 

These breeders train the pups well and ensure that the vaccines are on time. They can also train your dog to respond to the name of your choice and some basic commands.

However, you need to visit or contact them to book your appointment. They don’t run any official website, nor any social media handle. 

Here is all of their information:

  • Address: Beach St, Fall River, 02721, MA, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 508-567-4573 
  • Website: unavailable 
  • Social Media: unavailable 
  • Price Range: $2500 

Tysadie’s Boxers and Bulldogs 

The best thing about the Tysadie’s Boxers and Bulldog breeders is the breeding environment. I found that they breed these dogs at home.

Moreover, the dogs are raised amid kids and other members of their family until someone buys them. So, you have an assurance that these are family-friendly dogs. 

These breeders also specialize in boxers, a close cousin to bulldogs. They use the exquisite stock for breeding. Every bulldog from here is sound and healthy in all ways.

If you choose this breeder, I’m sure you can pick the best fit for your family in terms of temperament, health, and behavior. 

You can check their website or follow them on Facebook for regular updates about their breeding. 

Here is all of their information:

Dream A Bullz 

Dream A Bullz is one of the finest bulldog breeder in the Massachusetts region. This breeder has been breeding for more than 15 years and presents some best English Bulldogs to you.

Pups from here are well-trained and affectionate. The breeder also takes care of the dog’s temperament and behavior. 

The bulldogs from here are trained to be a part of anyone’s family and are quite friendly. You don’t have to worry about the dog’s vaccines and its health too.

The breeder gets the dogs checked regularly by the Vets and always maintains high standards in breeding. 

You need to be a little advanced in booking your pup, for there is always a rush here. They don’t run a website so, you need to call them to reach out. 

Here is all of their information:

  • Address: Massachusetts, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 744-836-0425 
  • Website: unavailable 
  • Social Media: unavailable 
  • Price Range: $2000 

038 Bullyz 

Another famous English bulldog breeder in Massachusetts is the 038 Bullyz. They have an extensive range of pups in the sale, coming in different ages.

I really liked the way they responded to the queries and doubts almost immediately. 

Here, the pups are healthy and vaccinated. They also go through regular checkups at different Vets.

Moreover, these dogs are extremely friendly and affectionate towards everyone. This breeder has years of expertise in the field and breeds some excellent bulldogs in MA. 

You can either book your pup from the website, call them, or just drop an email for more information. 

Here is all of their information:

English Bulldog Puppies for Sale 

This breeder has a proven record of delivering exceptional English bulldogs to everyone. The dogs are constantly checked by Vets.

They are also trained for potty and are dewormed. The breeders have a considerate knowledge about the breed and its temperament. 

The pups here are healthy and fit in with your family in no time. I also found that the breeder ships the dogs to your address, if needed.

You don’t have to worry about their vaccine shots too. English Bulldog Puppies for Sale provides an excellent range of pups with all the necessary records. 

For more information, you can visit their website, visit them personally, or can call them too. 

Here is all of their information:


Marvelbull Breeders are renowned in the Westfield, Massachusetts region. These breeders have more than ten years of experience in breeding.

They breed both English and French bulldogs simultaneously. I found that these breeders have an affinity to English bulldogs and comply with the standard breeding regulations. 

The dogs are Vet checked, vaccinated, and trained well. They get along with families easily and are not temperamental.

Moreover, the colors of bulldogs you find here are within the acceptance range. So, you can find a generous and healthy pup from this breeder at any time. 

For more information and to register for your bulldog, you can access their website or contact them. 

Here is all of their information:

  • Address: Westfield, MA, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 413-875-5417
  • Website: Marvelbull 
  • Social Media: unavailable 
  • Email: info@marvelbull.com 
  • Price Range: $2500 

R & D Bulldogs 

R & D Bulldogs is another breeder from Brockton. They provide you with an interesting range of English bulldogs.

You can see the care and attention given to every pup from its behavior. These dogs are sound, family-friendly, and are trained for temperament. 

The dogs are certified, vaccinated, and examined by Vets regularly. I’m sure you would be confused about picking your dog, for every pet here is adorable. 

For more information, you can check R & D Bulldogs’ website or contact them and book your appointment. 

Here is all of their information:

  • Address: Brockton, Plymouth County, MA, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 508-232-0953 
  • Website: R & D Bulldogs 
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price Range: $2000 

LaBonte Bulldogs 

LaBonte Bulldogs is a breeding center run by Gary and Laurie. They are the members of reputed bulldog clubs and breed the best English bulldogs in Massachusetts.

The breeders strive to present even-tempered, healthy, and sound bulldogs. 

They have five Champion bulldogs and have years of experience in breeding. You can find both English and French bulldogs here.

Your dog is trained with all the basics until you take it home. I also found that the breeders give some tips to the bulldog owners to help raise them easily. 

You can reach the LaBonte couple either through their website or call them directly. 

Here is all of their information:

  • Address: Massachusetts, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 413-283-9305 
  • Website: LaBonte Bulldogs 
  • Social Media: unavailable 
  • Email: labontebulldogs@comcast.net 
  • Price: $2000 

Big City Bulldogges 

Big City Bulldogges is among the sought-after breeders in Massachusetts. The breeders scrutinize the pups right from their birth.

I also found that the breeders raise the dogs along with their families and kids. So, there is a guarantee that your dog is pretty comfortable with families. 

The dogs are trained for good behavior and temperament. They are vaccinated and examined by Vets regularly.

Every bulldog from this breeder is gifted with adaptability and is exceptionally friendly. I’m sure you will find the best English bulldog from this breeder. 

If you want to know more about the breeder or have any queries related to their collection, you can access their website. 

Here is all of their information:

Bella Luna & Campcovo 

With years of breeding experience, Bella Luna & Campcovo breeders raise some best English bulldogs in Massachusetts.

They are a family full of breeders and treat every dog equally. Not only are these dogs healthy but also sound. 

The breeders ensure that the dogs have a controlled temperament and are obedient. You can find a perfect bulldog that can fit well and is healthy.

I also found that these breeders have an extensive range of French bulldogs too. 

The contact information and the breeder’s website are given below for reference. 

Here is all of their information:

Burton’s Bulldogs 

Burton’s Bulldogs in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, provide AKC-registered quality English bulldogs. Their breeds come from Champions and Grand Champions.

These breeders have more than 10 years of breeding experience and take good care of every pup. 

Here, you can find healthy, friendly, and sound puppies. The breeders consider colorations, personality traits, and physical traits for breeding the bulldogs.

So, you can lay hands on an adorable and affectionate pup for your family. I also found that the pups are Vet scrutinized and vaccinated on time. 

If you want to book your English bulldog from Burton’s Bulldogs, you can visit their website or contact them. 

Here is all of their information:

  • Address: Lunenburg, North Central Massachusetts, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 (631) 827-9494 
  • Website: Burton’s Bulldogs 
  • Social Media: unavailable 
  • Price Range: $2000 


You should’ve known by now that finding English Bulldog puppies for sale in Massachusetts is not easy.

This breed needs additional care and patience from the breeder. So, you’ll need to find a breeder who is serious about the English bulldogs and their quality.

Don’t be fooled that a breeder charging more breeds the best dog or vice versa. On average, you can buy an English bulldog in Massachusetts for around $2000.

I have sorted the best English bulldog breeders in Massachusetts based on their ratings and experience. You can rely on any of them at convenience for laying hands on your newbie.

Just ensure that you receive all the necessary information about your pup before bringing it home.

Check for the registrations, training, temperament, and health to pick the best one. It would be best if the bulldogs come with AKC registration. 

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