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While it is extremely important to choose the right puppy for your family, it is also important to choose the right breeder.

If you are searching for a dachshund breeder in Virginia, you will be looking for someone with a good reputation and even better ethics.

You should double-check any information that the breeder gives you and ensure that they are registered with the AKC or similar.

A good breeder will tell you everything you need to know about the breed and answer any questions you may have so that you can be sure you are making the right decision before bringing your new family member home.

A good breeder will encourage you to come to their home so that you can meet the puppies and the parents.

You need to see that your puppy is coming from a home where they and their parents have been cared for, trained, socialized, and kept in adequate conditions.

So, let’s find you some dachshund puppies for sale in Virginia!

Virginia DachshundsRadford, Virginiaamanda@virginiadachshunds.com
Our Gang DachshundsWinchester, Virginia 22603nzprouty@icloud.com
Doxie FunStringtown Road, Berryville, VA, 20151janinescott@yahoo.com
Heart And Soul DoxiesLexington Virginia, 24450heartandsouldoxies@gmail.com
Minideelites DachshundsCrimora Virginia, 24431dachsiedeelites@gmail.com
Mini Love BugsHampton Roads, Virginiaminilovebugs@yahoo.com
PDX Miniature DachshundsFront Royal, Virginiapairodoxdachshunds@gmail.com
Gleneagle FarmLuray, Virginia 22835 info@gleneaglefarm.com
Birch Hill DoxiesPaw Paw, Virginiabirchhilldoxies@gmail.com
Spout Spring DachshundsSpout Spring, Virginiaspoutspringdachshunds@gmail.com
Robertson’s Acres PupsDinwiddie, Virginia804-295-6123
Miller Homestead DachshundsGreenville, Virginiamillerhomesteaddachshunds.com
Belle Terre Mini & Toy DachshundsKents Store, Virginiaahen.rth0815@gmail.com
D&S Puppies & Doswell DachshundsDoswell, Virginiawww.instagram.com/dandspuppies
Loop Creek DachshundsLoop Creek, Fayette, Virginiabullwinkle142@aol.com
Puppy Love DoxiesAppomattox, Virginia, 24522puppylovedoxies.com

Virginia Dachshunds

Virginia Dachshunds, located in the Blueridge Mountains, exclusively breed and raise both smooth and longhaired purebred miniature dachshunds at their small, family-run kennel.

Their dachshunds are raised around children and other dogs in their home, as a part of their family.

All of their dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club, and their puppies are also registered with the AKC to their new owners.

They are dedicated breeders, and their pups are healthy, happy, and well cared for. Their dogs also receive annual health screenings, routine vaccinations, and DNA testing.

Here are all of their details:

Our Gang Dachshunds

Our Gang Dachshunds, located in Winchester Virginia, breeds standard wirehaired and miniature longhaired dachshund varieties.

Their dogs are bred in show champion lines, so if you are looking for a show dog and not just a pet, many at Our Gang are ideal show dogs.

Our Gang Dachshunds have been awarded AKC Breeder of Merit. Their pups are socialized and very well cared for.

You can contact Our Gang Dachshunds through their email address below, or the contact form on their website.

Here are all of their details:

Doxie Fun

Doxie Fun are small breeders with a large amount of love. Based in Berryville Virginia,  their dachshunds live in their home and are very well cared for.

If you choose Doxie Fun as your breeders (and they choose you too, of course!) you can be sure to get all of the information that you need about your new family member, both before and after you bring your new pup home.   

Pups are vaccinated and sent to their new home with a care package of food, puppy toilet training pads, chew spray, a collar and bandana, medical records, and AKC papers.

Here are all of their details:

Heart And Soul Doxies

Based in Lexington, Virginia, Heart and Soul Doxies breed a wide variety of colored miniature dachshunds.

Their dogs are raised in their home, well socialized with both children, adults, and other dogs, and extremely well-loved and cared for.  

Your pup will come to you microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, and vet-checked, with a care package and a one-year guarantee against life-threatening genetic illness.

Here are all of their details: 

Minideelites Dachshunds

Minideelites are located in Crimora, Virginia.

They breed mainly long-haired dachshunds and have great reviews from people who have taken pups home from Minideelites, the puppies being described as sweet of temperament, well socialized, happy, and healthy, as well as meeting AKC standards

Reviews also say that the breeder, Sigrid, is knowledgeable, friendly, and responsible.

If you choose a Minideelite pup, you will be kept in the loop about how it is doing up until the day it comes home with you, and afterwards, that breeder will be on hand if you have any more questions.

Sigrid doesn’t have a website or phone number listed but you can contact Minideelites through the email or Facebook link below.

Here are all of their details: 

Mini Love Bugs

Located in Hampton Roads, Virginia, Mini Love Bugs breeds mainly short-haired miniature dachshunds. Puppies from Mini Love Bugs come wormed and health checked with their first round of vaccinations.

If you choose a Mini Love Bug puppy, your pup will come to their new home with some of the food they’re eating, and a blanket with their mother’s scent on it.

Mini Love Bugs doesn’t have a phone number listed but you can get in touch with them using the contact form on their website or through the email address below.

Here are all of their details: 

PDX Miniature Dachshunds

PDX Miniature Dachshunds are located in Front Royal, Virginia. Their pups are bred and raised in their home, and well socialized with other animals and children.

PDX Miniature Dachshund pups are described as sweet, loving, and healthy, and the breeder, Jennifer, as knowledgeable and caring.

Jennifer does not have a phone number listed but you can contact PDX Miniature Dachshunds through their Facebook page, or the email below.

Here are all of their details: 

Gleneagle Farm

Located in Luray, Virginia, the breeders at Gleneagle Farm have over 40 years of experience breeding dogs for both conformation and fieldwork.

They specialize in breeding wire-haired and smooth-haired miniature dachshunds.

Here are all of their details: 

Birch Hill Doxies

Located in Paw Paw, Virginia, Birch Hill Doxies specialize in breeding smooth and wirehaired miniature dachshunds, and standard long hair dachshunds.

Their dachshund show-dogs come from both European and American champion bloodlines.

They also have miniature long-haired dachshunds that make great companions and are raised in their home, well socialized and healthy.

Their pups are described by past customers as healthy, loving, affectionate and fun, and the breeder, Kim, as responsible and knowledgeable.

Here are all of their details: 

Spout Spring Dachshunds

Located in Spout Spring, Virginia, Spout Spring Dachshunds responsibly breed healthy pups and say that they strive to help each one grow up with confidence so they are ready to thrive with their new families.

The pups from Spout Spring Dachshunds are raised and socialized in their home.

They are intelligent, healthy, and affectionate, and arrive at their new home vaccinated, with a collar, food starter bag, heath certificate, and breed club registration, as well as blankets and toys with their mothers and littermates scents.

Spout Spring Dachshunds don’t have a phone number listed but you can contact them through their Instagram or Facebook links below.

Here are all of their details: 

Robertson’s Acres Pups

Located in Dinwiddie, Virginia, Robertson’s Acres Pups raise miniature dachshund pups as well as Siberian husky pups. Reviews say that the pups are healthy and happy, and the breeder is professional, caring, and trustworthy.

The pups are raised in the breeders home, they are well socialized and have great temperaments.

They come to their new home with CKC paperwork, vet records, and a puppy welcome kit.

The breeder, Tiffany, is described as communicative and knowledgeable, and Robertson’s Acres Pups has a lot of five-star reviews from very happy dogparents.

You can contact Tiffany through phone or the Facebook link below.

Here are all of her details: 

Miller Homestead Dachshunds

Located in Greenville, Virginia, Miller Homestead Dachshunds take pride in their smooth-haired miniature dachshund pups and strive to place the right puppy with the perfect new family.

Their pups come to their new home well socialized, with an AKC registration application, a health check, their first vaccinations.

Miller Homestead Dachshunds do not have a phone number listed but you can contact them and subscribe to their newsletter through their website below.  

Here are all of their details:

Belle Terre Mini & Toy Dachshunds

Located in Kents Store, Virginia, the puppies of Belle Terre Mini and Toy Dachshunds are loved and well cared for.

They are raised in a family setting in the family home, and so are well socialized and used to people and other dogs.

If you choose a Belle Terre pup, you will receive weekly updates & photos of your puppy, and they will come to their new home with medical records and a guarantee of health.

Here are all of their details: 

D&S Puppies & Doswell Dachshunds

Located in Doswell, Virginia, D&S Puppies & Doswell Dachshunds breed French bulldogs and miniature dachshunds. The puppies are healthy and well socialized, with great temperaments.

If you choose a pup from D&S Puppies & Doswell Dachshunds you can expect weekly pictures with updates on their health, growth, and vaccinations.

The breeder, Megan, is described in reviews as professional, easy to stay in contact with, and extremely friendly.

She does not have a phone number or email listed but you can contact her through the Facebook and Instagram links below.

Here are all of her details:

Loop Creek Dachshunds

Located in Fayette, Virginia, Loop Creek Dachshunds offer pups with smooth hair, wire hair, and long hair, with a variety of patterns.

Their breeding dogs are CKC or AKC registered, are vet-checked annually, and up to date on vaccines.

Loop Creek puppies are not hunting dogs; they are only sold to homes where they will be pets.

They are raised in the breeder’s home and will come to their new home well socialized and healthy, vaccinated and wormed.

If you choose a pup from Loop Creek Dachshunds you can expect weekly updates of your puppy’s progress, lots of pictures until it is time to take them home, and all the information you need.

Here are all of their details: 

Puppy Love Doxies

Located in Appomattox, Virginia, Puppy Love Doxies breed beautiful long-haired dachshunds with wonderful temperaments.

All of their dachshunds and litters are registered with the AKC, their pups come with a one-year health guarantee against life-threatening genetic diseases and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Puppy Love Doxies also start to toilet train your pup with wee-wee pads so that you can finish training them at home, and Katherine is available before and after your puppy comes home for any questions you may have.

You can contact Katherine by phone or through the contact form on the website below.

Here are all of their details:


So, these are the best dachshund breeders in Virginia!

It’s hard to believe that these adorable dogs were originally bred to be badger hunters. In fact, some owners still choose their dachshund for their hunting capabilities.

They still have those short cute little legs and long strokable sausage bodies, perfect for getting into a tunnel, and powerful noses low to the ground.

Nowadays, however, it is more common to find a dachshund curled up in front of the fire or even on a lap, than sniffing their way through a badger’s sett.

Whichever size, type or color dachshund you choose, you can be sure that you are going to have a loyal, brave, and constant companion that you will have the pleasure of loving for many years to come.

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