Top 4 Dachshund Breeders in Arkansas

Dachshunds were hunting dogs from Germany in the 15th century. They’ve been called the “badger dogs” because of their physique, similar to Honey Badgers. They belong to the family of hounds(scent tracking dogs). These short hounds have excellent tracking skills combined with bold hunting skills. They’ve been initially used for hunting small tunnel animals like rabbits and foxes.

Their short legs and narrow chest with excellent digging skills have made them stealth hunting machines. Hunters used dachshunds to track down rabbits, foxes, and wild boars. Their long flap-down ears provide them with an advantage. Dirt and debris are prevented from entering their internal ears because of their long flap-down ears.

There were larger and miniature breed dachshunds used to hunt different animals. Large dachshunds hunted wild boars and much bigger animals. At the same time, the small breed hunted animals inside tunnels and narrow spaces.

In the 17th century, dachshunds were introduced in the United States of America. After a few centuries had passed, in 1935, this specific breed has gained massive popularity on US soil. And in later years, dachshunds became famous all over the world. Dachshund Breeders in Arkansas.

Standard dachshunds

Now, dachshunds are ranked 12th in popularity among dog breeds. People love and adopt them because of their pleasing character and lovely personality. They’re playful, energetic, and even snuggle with you while you’re watching your favorite show. Due to their tiny appearance, they can be adopted by people with smaller apartments.

The standard dachshunds have a small fur coat, but there are other types of dachshunds with larger coats. Dachsunds and poodle cross-overs have more wrinkled fur. Large coat dachshunds require periodical grooming.

They’re bold, protective, and defensive despite short legs and tiny structures. They take offensive measures to protect their owner from potential danger.

Dachsunds are known for their frequent barking, which might become an annoying behavioral issue. Should give basic obedience training at a younger age to substitute this issue. They have a history of hunting animals, leading to further complications with children and other pets. Especially pets like rodents and hamsters must be in a protective area.

Dachshunds are prone to several hereditary and physical ailments. For example, obesity might lead to intervertebral disease – a severe backbone condition. Walking can reduce the risk of obesity, thus ending leading to further complications. Still, they’re prone to other genetic diseases. Thus adopting dachshunds from a good breeder is crucial.

We will walk you through one of the best Dachshund breeders in Arkansas who are certified professional breeders producing top-quality pups. 

1. Get Along Little Doxies

At an early age, dachshunds puppies need to be socialized. ‘Get Along Little Doxies’ are in-house dachshund puppy breeders who continuously expose their puppies to human presence to avoid their behavioral issues. They exhibit well-behaving personalities towards children. Dachshund Breeders in Arkansas.

They carefully breed these beautiful dachshunds for great temperament, personality, and intelligence. Thanks to this breeder, these puppies exhibit a loving character towards their owners. Dachshund Breeders in Arkansas.

Puppies from ‘Get Along Little Doxies’ comes in a huge variety of colors. From rare bindle to dapple, you can select a puppy of your liking. A long-haired coat is the only kind of dachshund that is bred because of its attractiveness.

Get Along Little Doxies Information

  • Address: 80 Oak Street, Pleasant Plains, Arkansas 72568
  • Phone: (501) 658 – 4514
  • Website:
  • Price: NA

2. Mouse Bluff Kennel

Dachshund Breeders in Arkansas

Mouse Bluff Kennel offers multiple types of dachshunds, from miniatures to tweenies. They come in different colors and different coat lengths. They’re specialized in producing top-notch Piebald, extreme Piebald, and Dapple types dachshunds. Classic red and black tan skin coat puppies are also available occasionally. Typically the puppy weighs from 7-10 lbs. But tweenie kind puppies weigh ranges from 11-13 lbs.

The puppies come along with the standard American Kennel Club(AKC) registry certification. Upon your request, they also offer other certifications from APR, APRI, and PRA registries. You can reserve your puppy by paying a small non-refundable deposit.

This dachshund breeder in Arkansas commits themselves to raise wonderful pets for people who love dogs. They take care of these dachshund puppies until they’re eight weeks old, and Puppies are made sure of their physical and mental health and sent to their forever homes.

Mouse Bluff Kennel Information

  • Address: Ratcliff, AR 72951 US
  • Phone: (479) 209-5876
  • Website:
  • Price: NA

3. Cranberry Dachshunds

Cranberry Dachshunds breeds a wide range of healthy dachshunds. Puppies are short, long, and wired hair coats. Cream-colored golden long hair dachshunds are their exclusive types of breed. The breeders take time to socialize these puppies before they’re off to their new homes. Puppies receive ENS(Early Neurological Stimulation), ensuring good behavior and smooth handling. Puppies are raised with their parents in-house to eliminate their instinctual hunting behavior problems. These puppies get along well with children and other pets.

The breeder is very careful in ensuring the puppy’s well-being. Periodically, a certified vet checks the puppies’ health. Puppies receive shots and de-worming in accords with the USDA guidelines. The puppy goes through a thorough check-out by the vet before being handed over to its new owners.

They provide an unconditional 2-year warranty for any genetic disease the puppy faces. Puppies will be available for pickup after they’re 12-14 weeks old. Cranberry Dachshunds also takes the puppy back if the owner can’t provide support and requests so without any questions.

Cranberry Dachshunds Information

Puppies In The Pines

Dachshund Breeders in Arkansas

Our next breeder – Puppies In the Pines have several years of experience in breeding mini dachshunds. This breeder not only breeds dachshunds alone but also other miniature dog breeds. These puppies can be offensive and possessive towards their owners. So it must be properly tamed. At Puppies in The Pine, puppies’ temperaments are tested and given therapy to better their behaviors. Dachshund Breeders in Arkansas.

Instinctual behaviors like digging and hunting other animals are properly diluted from the puppies by these breeders. The dachshund’s puppies here are raised along with other breed puppies like Shih Tzu and mini schnauzer, thus eliminating hunting tendencies. Each puppy has been undergone a thorough screening process of checking for any genetic or congenital disorder. Vaccination shots and de-worming are complete up to date. 

Puppies In The Pines Information

  • Address: Don&Georgia Cowell London, Arkansas
  • Phone: 479-754-3777
  • Website:
  • Price Range: $2,500 – $4,000

More About Dachshunds

These scent hounds with dark barking make excellent watchdogs. They’re alert, protective, and defensive towards what they love. Improper training can cause behavior problems such as biting and digging. But these are loving creatures who’ll snuggle with you.

Due to their short legs, this breed is not supposed for long runs or strenuous swimming. They’re bred to hunt dangerous prey’s using their scent tracking skills.

It is vital to keep your dachshund puppy in optimal wait. Failure to do so can result in slip or rupture in discs. Physical activity and exercise for 30 mins a day with a proper diet can keep your pup healthy.

In Summary

By now, you’d have understood that dachshunds should be bred properly and with care. Finding a Dachshund breeder in Arkansas might be extremely difficult. To make your job easier, we have provided you with the safest, most trustworthy, reliable, and top-notch breeders in the whole state. Also, we have included their contact details for you to contact them. Please make a reservation and pay them a visit to your soon-to-be adopted furbaby.

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