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Have you been going back and forth looking for the best Chow Chow breeders in California? Well, say goodbye to endless google searches because I’ve got your back.

How? Well, I have done some digging and found you 7 leading breeders who have Chow Chow puppies for sale in California.

While I checked these breeders extensively, it’s still best to do your own due diligence. Call them, ask questions, read online reviews, etc.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Chow Chow Club747 5th St Santa Rosa, CA 95404chanchowz@yahoo.com
Windchimes (Martha E Phillips)Dos Palos, CA 93620(559) 273-1892 
Chowifornia (Anthony Thomason)Lancaster, CA 93536chowifornia@gmail.com
Adopt A Chow (Adoption)Marina del Rey, CA 90295adoptachowla@gmail.com
Audree & Michael’s PuppiesArroyo Dr, Whittier, CA 90604akc.puppies4you@gmail.com
Highland Valley Kennels Santa Clara St, Hayward, CA 94544puppies@highlandvalleykennels.com
Pet FindCaliforniasupport@puppyfind.com

Chow Chow Club

The Chow Chow Club Inc, California, is the parent organization for Chow Chows. It was established in 1906 and is currently recognized by the AKC as well.

The Chow Chow Club Inc conducts the National Specialty show every spring, which involves the participation of over 250 Chow Chows.

During this show, the members of the organization meet and enrich their knowledge of the Chow Chow breed. 

Although the organization is not specifically a breeder, attending the National Specialty show may help you get in touch with many local breeders.

The club serves as the prime source of information about the breed and gives you an opportunity to connect with people breeding and owning Chow Chows.

On the club’s Facebook page, it has been mentioned that the National Breeder Referral Representatives of CCCI can help you find a Chow Chow, in case you’re looking for one.

Windchimes (Martha E Phillips)

Windchimes is one of the finest Chow Chow breeders in California, located in Dos Palos.

The breeder, Martha E Phillips, breeds for AKC Chows and AKC Pomeranians, with her dogs being part of her family for over 40 years. She offers her pups to Chow Chow lovers at an affordable price. 

You can trust this breeder because Martha is a registered AKC breeder and strongly supports dedicated and responsible breeding.

Moreover, the pets are extremely well-behaved and lovely companions because she has upgraded their quality. 

  • Address: Dos Palos, CA 93620
  • Phone: (559) 273-1892 

Chowifornia (Anthony Thomason)

Chowifornia’s owner, Anthony Thomason, is a Chow Chow breeder from Lancaster, California, who breeds them out of his passion.

Thomason had to face many roadblocks of finding a Chow Chow puppy until he decided to breed them himself.

The dogs are raised indoors with Anthony’s children and family. They are trained and highly socialized, ready for you to start loving them. 

The Chow Chow puppies from Chowifornia belong to AKC registered parents. In addition, you can also register the puppies with the AKC.

This breeder is trustworthy because it provides a health guarantee for the puppies they sell. They are also ready to take the puppy back if the purchaser cannot keep the Chow Chow under all conditions. 

Adopt A Chow (Adoption)

The Adopt A Chow is a rescue shelter located in Los Angeles. It helps owners who cannot take care of their Chows and find new owners for them.

Handled by a small group of people, this organization is focused on helping, re-homing, educating, and advising people on Chow Chows.

They have adoption schemes and outreach programs to help people get to know about their rescued dogs. 

Adopt A Chow also caters to other breeds and dogs of all ages. Currently, it has saved about 200 Chows and mixes and other breeds as well.

The organization is open for fosterers and needs people who can provide a loving home for these dogs.

Although the organization is not a breeder nor an AKC-approved facility, it still shelters and helps Chow Chow lovers find their forever pet.

You can go through the website to check out which Chow Chows are up for adoption and contact the organization for a meet-up.

Audree & Michael’s Puppies

This is another breeder based out of California and produces one of the best quality dogs in the state. Each dog that comes from Audree and Michael’s kennel is part of the family and receives attention on a daily basis.

They are fed a high-quality diet to ensure a strong immune system, good bone structure, and overall proper health.

Along with a high-quality diet, the breeders also feed their dogs with dog supplements that ensure healthy eyes, strong bones and help them recover after giving birth to a litter. 

Audree and Michael’s Puppies make sure that they breed their females once a year and retire by the age of 4.

The breeder’s website contains all the details of current litters.

You have nothing to worry about when you look for puppies for sale from this breeder because they have maintained all AKC standards for every breed for the past 14 years.

Highland Valley Kennels 

Highland Valley Kennels is a famous breeder located in Ramona, California, which is exactly the Northeast of San Diego, California.

The modern and family-owned breeder has a wide collection of puppies who are handled with love right after they are born.

To make the puppies adapt to a family environment, they are strictly kept indoors for the first three weeks, after which they’re potty-trained outdoors.

The kennel is dedicated to providing the best quality and sweet-tempered dogs at the best prices. In addition, the dogs are super socialized, and you will be surprised at how well-behaved they are.

The breeder breeds the dogs according to AKC’s standard and makes sure not one of the dogs is aggressive towards humans.

Pet Find

Puppy Find is a website for people looking to buy Chow Chow breeders in California or any other dog breed from breeders in the United States.

It provides a convenient and efficient way of choosing and selecting the right puppy for you from the comfort of your home.

You can purchase your Chow puppy by browsing through the website’s directory with sale listings and descriptions about the dog.

For your safety, if you’re going to buy a puppy from Pet Find, it is always good to look for breeders who offer a health guarantee.

The website has a listing of over 50,000 puppies for sale and more than 100,000 dog breeders who can ship the puppies to any part of the world, with or without additional charges.

Before Finding A Chow Chow Breeder In California

Before going ahead and making your Chow Chow purchase, you may have some questions that most Chow Chow prospective owners have. Let me address some of these questions in the below sections.

What is the average price of Chow Chows in California?

The average price of Chow Chows in California or any part of the US for that matter is between $1000 to $4000.

They are expensive mainly because of their size, and they take up a large amount of investment in maintenance. Shelters and rescue homes may charge $100 to $300. 

What is the maintenance cost of Chow Chows in California?

Average grooming costs for medium-sized Chow Chows are approximately $90.

Because Chow Chows can reach 12 to 15 years of life expectancy, the typical health care costs can come up to $11,000. 

4 Things You Need To Know About Chow Chows


The Chow Chow breed is known to have an ancient Chinese origin which can be traced back to 2000 years ago. The breed is locally found in southern China, where the locals use it for hunting and herding.

Apart from being excellent companions, these dogs are known to have an incredible sense of smell and hunting.

Chow Chows first appeared in America in 1890, and the Chow Chow Club was formed in 1906.


Chow Chows are very loyal and unique in their temperament. They are naturally the suspicious kind, especially of strangers.

In most cases, Chow Chows tend to take their home and family very seriously and get very protective of their owners.

Sometimes people misunderstand their temperament because of their serious-looking faces and lion-like mane, but Chow Chows get warmed up easily.

Regular Vet Appointments

Chows are typically healthy, but they are also prone to a few diseases and health issues. The major health issues that Chow Chows face during their lifespan are entropion and hip dysplasia.

This disease is common in Chows because 50% of all them are diagnosed with hip dysplasia. If your Chow gets diagnosed with this problem at some point in their life, they will need treatment continuously.

The most important thing to remember, however, is to ask your Chow’s breeder to provide health certificates that prove they are free from crippling diseases. 

Regular Grooming

Apart from regular vet check-ups, Chows also need very frequent grooming sessions. The obvious reason is Chows’ dense and thick coat getting tangled and its issues with matting.

You have to spend at least an hour or two every week brushing out the rough spots. What’s good is that as they get older, the coat gets smoother and softer.

Moreover, since Chows don’t gel well with other people besides their owners, it can get difficult for them to become friendly with professional groomers.


With this, I sum up the blog on the 7 best Chow Chow breeders in California.

Every breeder or place I’ve mentioned on the list may not exactly be a commercial breeder, but they will definitely be of help to you in finding a Chow Chow puppy.

The breeders and adoption homes listed are well recognized, trusted, and ranked top on Google and Facebook. 

I hope that you find the best Chow Chow puppy out there, which also suits your lifestyle and needs.

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