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Boxers can occupy a unique place in your home both as guard dogs (though they don’t guard much, they do look intimidating) and cheerful companions.

But if you’re already in search of Boxer breeders in North Carolina and nearby areas, you want to get in touch with reliable, trustworthy, and ethical sources. 

So, I’ve rounded up this helpful list so you can simply pick and choose. Still, do your own due diligence with these. Read online reviews, call and ask some questions, etc.

But without further ado, let’s find you some boxer puppies for sale in North Carolina.

Winn Creek BoxersMebane, North Carolinainfor@winncreekboxers.com 
Hillside FarmsMill Springs, North Carolinalauren@hillsidefarmsnc.net
Shamrock Boxers of Wendell, NC1029 Eagle Rock Rd, Wendell, North Carolinawww.shamrockboxers.com
Black Creek Pups225 Martin Road Godwin, North Carolinawww.blackcreekpups.com
Westpaw BoxersWingate, North Carolinawestpawboxers@yahoo.com
Euro Boxx BoxersConcord, North CarolinaEuro.Boxx@gmail.com
Portcity BoxersWilmington, North CarolinaPortCityBoxers@hotmail.com
Rock Creek BoxersJacksonville, North Carolinawww.rockcreekboxers.com
Dream and Arrow’sFour Oaks, North Carolinawww.dreamarrowskennels.com
Shuster Haus BoxersHarmony, North CarolinaShboxers@yahoo.com 
Sandman Boxers KennelEastover, North CarolinaSandmanboxers@aol.com
Babybull BoxersSanford, North CarolinaRobert@babybullboxers.com

Winn Creek Boxers

Winn Creek Boxers is a renowned breeder and kennel registered with the AKC. Located in Mebane, it’s essentially at the center of North Carolina, making it equally accessible from any part of the state. 

They’re especially known for breeding excellent mixes of both the American boxer and the European breed. This mixed bloodline gives healthy and strong boxers that also look great and have pleasing traits. 

The owner, Kim Haynes, ensures that all their dogs and puppies get the necessary health and testing procedures for any possible conditions.

Whether it’s Cardiomyopathy or hip dysplasia, these boxer puppies get the best veterinary attention. 


Hillside Farms

Hillside Farms is a breeding farm where they raise a variety of pets and animals. Don’t be surprised if you encounter anything from horses and cats to bunnies and birds. 

However, their prized pets are the superior breeds of dogs they offer. And among others, their boxers and Great Danes are often in higher demand. In most cases, they sell dogs with full American Kennel Club registration. 

They continually update pictures and information about new puppies on their website. And customers can usually collect their new companions by the eighth week. 


Shamrock Boxers of Wendell, NC

Shamrock Boxers is a breeding service that sources its knowledge and techniques from some of the best breeders in the country. As a result, they provide pedigreed boxers that are superior to most ordinary breeders. 

They take an all-around approach to breeding boxers. So, their puppies grow up to be majestic looking, ideally tempered, and of the purest bloodline available. 

Run by Ray and Donna Smith, Shamrock Boxers caters to the pet needs of not just North Carolina, but beyond too. 


Black Creek Pups

Black Creek Pups, or Black Creek Kennels as they’re also known, is a reputed breeder that specializes in Boxers, Dachshunds, and Cocker Spaniels.

While the smaller dogs are surely an adorable bunch, it’s their Boxers that truly make the top breeds in their kennels. 

They’ve been recognized as an AKC breeder for more than 20 years, starting back in 1999. Today, the owners, Todd and Sharlene Wrench, offer purebred puppies that can lighten up any home.

Also, they provide informative resources and guidance on choosing the right puppies based on your family and home. 

The ‘Upcoming Litters’ and ‘Puppy Purchase’ sections of the website both showcase the beautiful pets and puppies currently residing in their kennels. 


Westpaw Boxers

Westpaw Boxers is another name among boxer breeders in North Carolina that’s loved by pet-owners all over the region. 

Run by Jennifer West, this breeding service ensures that their pets have impeccable physical conditions and live long lives as your companion.

This means they focus a lot on the physical health, structure, and even the temperament of their pets. 

All their puppies are bought based on contracts that offer two-year guarantees. And you can be sure that both sets of parents come medically tested by the most professional vets. 


Euro Boxx Boxers

Euro Boxx Boxers pick only the best European bloodlines for producing the best boxer specimens. Whether you want a show dog, a working dog, or a loving companion, these boxers can meet any family’s requirements. 

The owner, Tara O’Connor, ensures that her boxer bloodlines come from Italian, Dutch, German, or Spanish descent.

The parent boxers get regularly checked for any genetic conditions, which ensures that the puppies are healthy and free of disease. 

They also focus on producing boxers whose temperaments can suit children who have special needs. So, if you’re in search of a therapy dog for a special child, Euro Boxx Boxers is a good bet. 


Portcity Boxers

Portcity Boxers is a breeding service that’s dedicated to connecting the right boxer with the ideal home. Their premium breeds are sought all over the southeastern regions of North Carolina.

And their commitment to providing quality pets is loved by customers from all over the country. 

Running as a family business, Portcity Boxers strives to produce Boxer breeds that friendly dispositions, intelligent traits, and affectionate companionship.

Put together, these qualities make their Boxers some of the best in the region. 

Portcity Boxers also nurture their animals in a holistic lifestyle that includes weather variations, natural noises and surroundings, physical exercises, and behavioral trainings.

This allows them to rear pets that can adjust with any home and family. 


Rock Creek Boxers

Rock Creek Boxers is run by a couple whose love for dogs and caring for pets led to where they are today.

With two special-needs children in their home, they realized how important and valuable service dogs are. As a result, they sought to start a foster home for Boxer rescues. 

With careful nurturing, care, and attention, this foster home became Rock Creek Boxers. And today, you can get in touch to find some of the purest and healthiest Boxer breeds in the region. 

You can browse their Nursery Page if you want to make a booking. Alternatively, if you have questions about their service, breeds, or pets, you can get in touch and they usually get back in as little as 24 hours. 


Dream and Arrow’s

Dream and Arrow’s is a premier kennel that specializes in high-quality bred Boxers and German Shepherds. As part of gooddog.com’s Responsible Breeding Program, they maintain very high levels of care and nurturing for their dogs.

They showcase dedicated profiles for all their puppies and litters on their website. So, you can easily browse and place bookings for the puppies you want.

All of their puppies come with shots and de-worming updated when leaving their home. 

They also offer a co-ownership program. Here, you can buy puppies at discounted rates, but Dream and Arrow’s can still recall them for a few more litters as co-owners.

This program requires you to live at least 250 miles or closer to Dream and Arrow’s Kennels. 

Their puppies all come with regular vet checkups and a one-year guarantee for congenital conditions. 


Shuster Haus Boxers

Shuster Haus Boxers is a dedicated breeding service that strives to raise quality puppies that are healthy, playful, and of the purest pedigrees. 

They train and raise all their new puppies indoors where they learn how to socialize with kids, adults, and other pets.

And they ensure that each puppy comes with AKC registration and a one-year guarantee on health conditions. 

The puppies all get a thorough checkup and required vaccinations by a registered veterinarian before they’re moved to their new home. 

Their ultimate goal is to offer trained and healthy puppies that will bring love, value, and companionship to any family they enter. 


Sandman Boxers Kennel

Sandman Boxers Kennel is a breeder that deals mostly with Champion European Boxers imported to the US.

As a result, you’ll find that their boxers come with impressive physical traits like majestic heads, full chests, stout noses, and broad muzzles. 

So, if you’re someone who loves these classic features of the boxer, Sandman Boxers Kennel is certainly worth checking out.

They supply mostly purebreds that are tested for health issues and properly socialized to adjust in any home (with other pets). 

As a breeder with over two decades of pet-care experience, their puppies all come with AKC registration (limited) and required shots. 

They also have a meticulous process of checking if you qualify as a potential parent for their puppies. So, if you do apply, be ready to answer questions on how and where you intend to raise the puppy. 


Babybull Boxers

Babybull Boxers is arguably the most experienced breeder on this list with more than three decades of pet-rearing experience under its belt.

Based out of Sanford, North Carolina, you’ll get some of the best boxer puppies for sale with this breeder. 

They breed everything from European to American bloodlines, with each puppy being inspected for health and physical soundness.

They also ensure that the puppies conform to the best temperaments and pleasing demeanors. Taken together, these traits make them one of the best boxer breeders in North Carolina. 

They do not allow physical visitations ordinarily. This is to prevent unnecessary contamination of the kennels or infections that may harm the vulnerable puppies.

When you finally get your puppy, they also offer a year-long health guarantee and a clear contract that records all the details of this guarantee. 



Finding reliable boxer breeders in North Carolina can be tough with so many options yet so few reliable sources.

With this list, I hope and pray that you find quality boxer puppies for sale that were treated right and will live long and happy lives. Good luck! 

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