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Are you already looking for Cane Corso puppies for sale in Arizona? If so, you have landed yourself on the right page. 

While there are many Cane Corso breeders in Arizona, finding a good one is paramount to your dog’s lifelong health and happiness.

So, I did quite a lot of research and found 10 of the best ones for you to look through. Still, do your own due diligence, call them, ask questions, read online reviews, etc.

Rising Phoenix Cane CorsoCambria, Estates Rd, San Tan Valley, Arizona, United StatesRisingPhoenixCaneCorso@gmail.com
Cane Corso World Kennels9307 S 51st Ave, #740 Phoenix, Arizona(AZ)- 85339, USjohn@canecorsoworld.net
Vernon Hills Cane Corso2 ACR N 3237, Vernon, Northern Arizona, United Statesvernonhillscanecorso.com
Blue Horizon Cane Corso3184 Canal Drive Mohave Valley, Arizona (AZ), United Statesunaknls@aol.com
Solidity Cane CorsoSolidity Cane Corso, Buckeye, Arizona (AZ), United Statessoliditycanecorso@yahoo.com
Maselli Cane CorsoSan Tan Valley, Arizona, United Statesmaselli-cane-corso.business.site
Cane Corso De PhoenixCamelback Rd & 35th Ave, Phoenix, Arizona (AZ), United Statesameliasmiracle@gmail.com
Dragonheart Cane CorsoDragonheart Cane Corso, Phoenix, Arizona (AZ), USAfacebook.com/dragonheartkennels
Canine Rescue CoalitionCanine Rescue Coalition, Goodyear, Arizona (AZ), United Statesneopup6@yahoo.com
Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso5697 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV, USAredrockcanyoncanecorso.com

Rising Phoenix Cane Corso

Rising Phoenix Cane Corso is one of the most reputed and oldest breeders in San Tan Valley, Arizona, United States.

What started with an imported Cane Corso adoption in 2001 has been a breeder business for over 20 years. They are dedicated breeders working towards building a quality Cane Corso legacy.

When picking your Cane Corso puppy from this breeder, you can be assured of the highest quality and pedigree.

That is because – the breeders have a background in animal behavior and veterinary medicine.

In addition, most of their puppies have a foundation of advanced obedience, scent recognition work, protection training, and therapy work.

You can check out more details about their litter announcements and the history of all their Cane Corsos from their website.

Breeder Details –

Cane Corso World Kennels

Cane Corso World Kennels is undoubtedly one of the most famous breeders not only in Arizona but also across the US.

If you are looking for a genuine quality import of Cane Corso puppies for sale in Arizona, this breeder is not to be missed.

In addition, if you are looking for a premium quality mix of different Cane Corso breeds from other parts of the world, they have that available too!

Their Cane Corso puppies come with a 3-year health guarantee, free pet insurance worth up to 60 days, and many more! Check out their website for more information and details.

Their website is loaded with interesting facts and information. They also upload pictures of all the available and “to-be-availble” cane Corso puppies. 

You’d fall in love with the many varieties of Cane Corso puppies that they have to offer. We wish you luck in trying to pick only one puppy!

Breeder Details –

  • Address – 9307 S 51st Ave, #740 Phoenix, Arizona(AZ)- 85339, US
  • Phone Number – +1 602-819-3470
  • Website – Cane Corso World
  • Social Media – Facebook / Instagram
  • Email – john@canecorsoworld.net
  • Price range – $4000-$5000. Cane Corso puppies with additional services and amenities can go up to about $7500.

Vernon Hills Cane Corso

A couple has run Vernon Hills Cane Corso since 2003 in Northern Arizona, USA. Their Cane Corso breeding business has been named after the name of their home, which is a 7-acre fenced property.

Over 18 years in this business, they now have a fine collection of 7 Cane Corsos. 

One massive advantage of adopting Cane Corso puppies from them is the right and even balance of temperament.

Having raised in wide-open spaces, with experimental exposure to different sounds, textures, situations and animals, helps achieve that. 

Since they are renowned breeders in Arizona, Cane Corso puppies get adopted quickly. So, we suggest you drop a mail at their website or call if you want to reserve a puppy.

They encourage and welcome any queries related to their range of Cane Corsos. 

Breeder Details –

  • Address – 2 ACR N 3237, Vernon, Northern Arizona, United States. 
  • Phone Number – +1 (480) 215-4966
  • Website – Vernon Hills Cane Corso
  • Social Media – Unavailable.
  • Email – Unavailable. 
  • Price range – $4000 – $5500.

Blue Horizon Cane Corso

Blue horizon Cane Corso located in Mohave Valley in Arizona, is one of Arizona’s most trustworthy Cane Corso breeders.

This team of breeders’ love for Cane Corso’s is an interesting one. The breeders started off breeding Chinese Sharpies (Champion line), and when they discovered Cane Corsos, there was no looking back. 

Now, Blue Horizon Cane Corso breeders aim at bringing you home the top-quality Cane Corso puppies for adoption.

The Blue Horizon Cane Corso Community and their honest and positive testimonials are a mark of their dedication. 

You can check out their Facebook page for the latest updates about the availability of Cane Corso puppies, information and details. You can contact them, and expect a swift response to all your queries. 

The adorable picture updates of Cane Corso puppies on their Facebook post itself will make your heartache to welcome the little companions. 

Breeder Details –

  • Address – 3184 Canal Drive Mohave Valley, Arizona (AZ), United States. 
  • Phone Number – +1 928-768-4715
  • Website – Unavailable
  • Social Media –  Facebook
  • Email – unaknls@aol.com
  • Price range – $2500 – $4500.

Solidity Cane Corso

Founded in 2015, Solidity Cane Corso is successfully running as a trusted Cane Corso breeder in Arizona. 

Paul Hull started the Solidity Cane Corso breeder business. It began with simple love and obsession for the Cane Corso breed.

But eventually, with more research, he wanted to explore and focus more on understanding this breed. Thus, it became a career for him.

For more details on his Cane Corso dogs, information and testimonials from clients – you can check out the official website. 

There is a range of mixed breeds of Cane Corsos too. Should you want to reserve a Cane Corso puppy for yourself, you can connect with him using the following contact information. 

Breeder Details –

  • Address – Solidity Cane Corso, Buckeye, Arizona (AZ), United States.
  • Phone Number – +1 623-262-1278
  • Website – Solidity Cane Corso
  • Social Media – Facebook / Instagram
  • Email – soliditycanecorso@yahoo.com
  • Price range – $2500-$3500

Maselli Cane Corso

Based in the San Tan Valley of Arizona is the Maselli Cane Corso Breeder. 

As a dog breeder business for quite some time now, Maselli Cane Corso has a broad client base. They have a host of high-quality breed Cane Corso, thus giving quality Cane Corso puppies. 

If you check the website, they drop major announcements of Cane Corso puppies that are on the way. You can keep an eye on the website and mark your calendar for the information. 

If you want to ask for quotes for the puppies, you can directly submit the quote form on their website. Otherwise, you can also call/text/e-mail them using the information below. 

Breeders details –

  • Address – San Tan Valley, Arizona, United States. 
  • Phone Number – +1 (480) 862-3449
  • Website – Maselli Cane Corso
  • Social Media – Unavailable. 
  • Email – Contact form available on the website. 
  • Price range – $2500 – $4000.

Cane Corso De Phoenix

Cane Corso De Phoenix breeders are amongst the trusted Cane Corso breeders in Arizona. Located in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ), United States, they started the breeding business in 2015.

With over 6 years in the industry, they have been giving out quality Cane Corso puppies for sale. 

You can trust them to get your quality pure breed Cane Corso Italian Mastiff from them. Both their male and female Cane Corso, named Sire and Dame, are registered with CKC and ICCF. 

To check out more details, you can check the following credentials. They are swift to respond to queries.

Hence, you can contact them for availability. We believe you’d find your solid Cane Corso Italian mastiff puppy from these breeders.

Breeder Details –

  • Address – Camelback Rd & 35th Ave, Phoenix, Arizona (AZ), United States
  • Phone Number – +1 602-483-0339
  • Website – Unavailable
  • Social Media – Facebook
  • Email – ameliasmiracle@gmail.com
  • Price range – $2400- $2600.

Dragonheart Cane Corso

A family-owned kennel runs the Dragonheart Cane Corso breeders business, located in Pheonix, Arizona. 

The Dragonheart Cane Corso breeders are known for their love and passion for Corsos.

The highest quality breed and trained Corso puppies are something you can expect when adopting from this breeder. 

The dogs owned by this family also participate in various dog shows across the country. And having won several prizes and recognition for best-trained dogs and best-of-breed titles sure speaks for itself. 

If you want to fetch more details about them, you can log in and check their Facebook page. They are very active on Facebook, with a very swift response time to any queries that you may have.

Their passion, warmth, friendliness, and enthusiasm for dogs make it easy to strike a chord with these breeders!

Breeder Details –

  • Address – Dragonheart Cane Corso, Phoenix, Arizona (AZ), USA.
  • Phone Number – +1 480-217-4434
  • Website – Not available.
  • Social Media – Facebook
  • Email – Not available. 
  • Price range – $2000 – $2400.

Canine Rescue Coalition

Canine Rescue Coalition is a little different than regular breeders. As the name suggests, Canine Rescue Coalition is a non-profit Mastiff rescue organization in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Here, you will find Cane Corsos that lose their owners due to circumstances or are given up for adoption. The team rescues needy Cane Corsos.

It is then followed by bringing them back to health and spreading awareness and news for adoption. 

If your heart goes out to give these Cane Corsos a loving and permanent home, then don’t forget to check out their website. You’ll find all the listed Cane Corsos that are up for adoption. 

You can connect with them via the contact information given below. 

Breeder Details –

  • Address – Canine Rescue Coalition, Goodyear, Arizona (AZ), United States.
  • Phone Number – +1 602-281-0901
  • Website – Canine Rescue Coalition
  • Social Media – Unavailable. 
  • Email – neopup6@yahoo.com
  • Price range – $1000 – $2500.

Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso

Is a good quality cane Corso is your top concern and priority? If you don’t mind taking a short drive to bring a Cane Corso puppy to your Arizona home, do check out this breeder.

The Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso Breeders are officially based in Las Vegas, USA. It takes about a 5-hour ride to reach there from Arizona. 

One of the most notable factors about the Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso breeders is the affiliation from AKC.

It means that this breeder is recognized as Breeder of Merit. Hence, there will be no compromise of the quality of Cane Corso puppies from this breeder. 

You can check out their website to get full access to their puppy availability and more information.

If you want to check out the puppies, you need to first fill out the puppy application on their website.

Breeder Details –

  • Address – 5697 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • Phone Number – Not available. 
  • Website – Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso
  • Social Media – Unavailable.
  • Email – Direct contact from a website submission form. 
  • Price range – $4000-$6000.


Many a times, misleading ads can make you land in a backyard breeders or sometimes puppy mills, when looking for pet adoption.

To save you the time and hassle, we have prepared this intensive list of quality breeders for you. 

We tried our best to bring out the most of what you want and need to know about each breeder. We are sure that our listings will help you pick one favorite breeder for your new Cane Corso.

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