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Are you looking for Boxer puppies for sale in Pennsylvania? Well, you’ve landed on the right page.

While there are lots of places to get boxer puppies (craigslist, facebook, etc.), there are few places that you should get them from.

So, to account for that, I did a lot of research and found 10 of the best boxer breeders in Pennsylvania for you to look through.

Despite me doing research, you should still do your own due diligence, call them, ask questions, read online reviews, etc.

Bodacious Boxers110 Coolspring Rd, Mercer, PAadmin@bodaciousboxers.com
Willow Rose Boxers11 Sleepy Hollow Road, Waymart, PAwillowroseboxers@gmail.com
BJ’s Farm1055 Reading Rd, Narvon, PAinfo@bjsfarm.com
Harvest View PuppiesRonks, PAmylittleboxerpuppies@gmail.com
Shaddai KennelsKalmia Rd, Tower City, PAml.watkins@shaddaikennels.com
Maplewood BoxersJamestown, PAmblauser@zoominternet.net
Forest Ridge kennels296 S. Vintage Rd, Paradise, PAforestridgekennel@gmail.com
Arktis BoxersPetrolia, PAarktisboxers.wixsite.com
RT BoxersMill Hall, PARachelheaton18@yahoo.com 
GN Boxers & Brussels GriffonNew Stanton, PAvongnb@comcast.com

Bodacious Boxers

Bodacious Boxers is a well-known breeder located in Mercer, Pennsylvania. If you’re from around this area, then you can get the pups from them. Their Boxers are AKV purebred.

They are also well-known for their quality and strive to improve the standard of the breed. 

Furthermore, all the puppies are vaccinated, tails docked, dewormed, and dewclaws are removed.

For those who want to reserve a pup, you can do so by paying an advance amount of $200. Note that the amount is non-refundable. 

Furthermore, they also offer stud services. If you’re looking for a mate for your dog, you can contact them. They’ve got multiple numbers of well-breed sires and dams from Champion lines.

Bodacious Boxer’s info & details:

  • Address:  110 Coolspring Rd, Mercer, PA
  • Phone number:  724-475-2293
  • Email: admin@bodaciousboxers.com
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Website:bodaciousboxers.com
  • Price range: Contact breeder

Willow Rose Boxers

Willow Rose Boxers is a renowned breeder located in Waymart, PA. They’re an experienced breeder that has CKC and AKC registered pups. Additionally, they also have non-registered dogs.

One of the good aspects about this breeder is that all the dogs are raised with care and love. 

You can expect various benefits while purchasing puppies from this breeder. First, the pups are vaccinated along with a licensed health certificate. Second, the puppies are microchipped.

So, all of the initial processes are done by them, hence, less hassle for you.

If you’re around this area, you can get the puppies from them. The dogs are given a proper diet and receive timely vaccination.

Another good aspect about this breeder is that they trained the pups once they turned four weeks.

They provide crate and potty training to the puppies. In addition, the boxers also receive regular exercise and go for a timely health check-up.

Willow Rose Boxers info & details:

  • Address:  11 Sleepy Hollow Road, Waymart, PA
  • Phone number:  570-493-7623
  • Email: willowroseboxers@gmail.com
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram
  • Website: willowroseboxers.com
  • Price range: $1400-$4000

BJ’s Farm

BJ’s farm is a reputed boxer breeder in Narvon, PA, offering quality breed since 2004. It’s a family-run farm that takes care of both the Boxer and English Bulldog.

And all their puppies have Champion lines. The dogs are raised in a yard that is largely fenced. 

In addition, the pups are updated with the shots and dewormed once they reach the age to do it.

The puppies are also taken to the vet when they are six and eight weeks old. Furthermore, they also give in-house training to the pups.

You can get the boxer puppies from this breeder as their dogs are healthy and high-quality. They also provide one year guarantee on health and are open for any dog-related query.

You can also reserve puppies from them by depositing some amount. Note that the deposited amount is non-refundable. You can visit their website to know more about it.

BJ’s Farm info & details:

  • Address: 1055 Reading Rd, Narvon, PA
  • Phone number: 717-445-6485
  • Email: info@bjsfarm.com
  • Social Media: Instagram
  • Website: bjsfarm.com
  • Price range: Contact breeder

Harvest View Puppies

Harvest View Puppies have experienced breeders that have been in establishment since 1999. If you’re from around the Ronks area, you can get the puppies from them.

They also sell Golden Retrievers and French Bulldog puppies alongside the Boxer pups. It’s a family-run business that is registered with the AKC and state of Pennsylvania. 

When it comes to the puppies’ health, they’re correctly taken care of along with a proper diet. You’ll receive healthy pups that provide one year guarantee free from congenital disease.

In addition, the puppies get their vaccine, tails are docked, dewormed, and dewclaws removed. The puppies also have a health inspection with the vet.

You can cross-check with a licensed Veterinarian about the health guarantee claimed by them after purchasing the pups within 72 hours.

You can get in touch with them to know more about it by calling them or visiting their website.

Harvest View Puppies info & details:

Shaddai Kennels

If you’re looking for Boxer puppies, then you can check with Shaddai Kennels. They are one of the well-known breeders in the city.

It is located in Tower City, and they have been in the breeding business for many years. In addition, they have also been AKC has also awarded them with Breeder of Merit.

You can expect healthy puppies from this breeder. Furthermore, they’re also known for show dogs. Here, all the dogs are taken care of properly with a timely health check-up.

We have listed the information of the breeder below if you want to connect with them.

Shaddai Kennels info & details:

  • Address: Kalmia Rd, Tower City, PA
  • Phone Number: 717-926-6648
  • Email: ml.watkins@shaddaikennels.com
  • Social Media: NA
  • Website: shaddaikennels.com
  • Price Range: Contact breeder

Maplewood Boxers

Maplewood Boxers have been in the breeding business for over fifteen years. They’re experienced breeders located in Jamestown.

If you’re from around the town or near the area, then you can purchase from them. The dogs are healthy and give them regular exercise. 

Furthermore, the pups are guaranteed one year free from congenital issues. However, within seven days, you should check the puppy with a licensed Veterinarian to verify the claims.

You can also avail stud service from them if you’re looking for a mate for your Boxer. 

Maplewood Boxer’s info & details:

  • Address: Jamestown, PA
  • Phone Number: 724-932-5428
  • Email: mblauser@zoominternet.net
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Website: mapleboxers.com
  • Price Range:Contact breeder

Forest Ridge Kennels

Another reputed breeder in Pennsylvania is Forest Ridge. It’s a family-run business that has been operating for many years.

This breeder deals with multiple numbers of breeds. The pups are well-bred and have a healthy lifestyle. In addition, they’re given first and second shots. 

They also have Veterinarians available on call 24/7. It would be great to get boxer puppies from this breeder as they’re experienced and keep the pups healthy.

However, you need to make an appointment first before paying a visit to the kennel.

Forest Ridge Kennels info & details:

  • Address: 296 S. Vintage Rd, Paradise, PA
  • Phone Number: 717-442-4259 
  • Email: forestridgekennel@gmail.com
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Website: forestridgekennels.net
  • Price Range: Contact breeder

Arktis Boxers

Despite being a small kennel, Arktis Boxers are well-known for providing quality breeds. In addition, the breeder is experienced and has over thirty years in working with boxers and breeding as well.

One of the good aspects about this breeder is that they’re quality-oriented. Additionally, they also focus on the well-being of the boxers.

Furthermore, they also try to educate the new owners on how to take care of the puppies. All of their pups are vaccinated, and all the necessary medical needs are done.

They also offer an eighteen-month guarantee on health. You can take the puppies home after eight weeks. 

The breeder takes care of all the processes before passing them to the new owner. They microchip the puppies, shots, deworming and AKC registration as well.

If you’re interested, you can reserve a puppy with them by going through the contacts below. 

Arktis Boxer’s info & details:

RT Boxers

RT Boxers is a family operating business located in Mill Hall, PA. All their puppies have AKC registration with champion bloodlines.

This breeder focuses on the health and well-being of their pups and treats them like a family. 

All the pups are given appropriate vaccination along with vet examination and deworming.

Furthermore, they are thorough with the medical check-up. So, you don’t have to worry about the health issues of the puppies.

In addition, the one-year guarantee on health covers genetic defects and conditions.

They also do personal delivery within the state of Pennsylvania. To know more about it, you can visit their website given below.

RT Boxer’s info& details:

  • Address: Mill Hall, PA
  • Phone Number: 570-755-1641
  • Email: Rachelheaton18@yahoo.com 
  • Social Media: NA
  • Website: rtboxers.weebly.com
  • Price Range: $1500

GN Boxers & Brussels Griffon

Another reputable family-run breeder is GN Boxers &Brussels Griffon. You can find them in New Stanton, PA. Along with Boxer, they breed Brussel Griffon as well.

So, if you want to get both the breed, then you can visit this breeder.

They’re a well-known breeder that strives for the quality and wellness of the puppies. All their pups have AKC registration along with licensed medical certification.

The breeder also lets the puppies be exposed to regular activities to be more friendly with their new owner or stranger.

You also don’t have to worry about the vaccination and other medical processes. All the medical procedures like vaccination, deworming and microchipping etc., are done by the breeder.

They also provide thirty days agreement on the health of the puppies. 

 GN Boxers & Brussels Griffon info & details:

  • Address: New Stanton, PA
  • Phone Number: NA
  • Email: vongnb@comcast.com  
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Website: gnboxers.com
  • Price Range: Contact breeder

Final thought

We hope that this article will be helpful to you in searching for suitable puppies for you. Finding a reputed breeder is essential as they follow the ethical norms of breeding a dog and offers quality breed.

Therefore, it’s necessary to look for a breeder that follows the standards and is mainly kind towards the dogs.

Additionally, getting a pup from a breeder helps you get an insight into the dog’s bloodline. It will also help you understand the characteristics and personality of the breed more.

Note that there are also breeders that poorly manage the dogs and are often ill-treated. Hence, it’s vital to do proper research and before you make a final decision.

The ten Boxer breeders listed above are well-known breeders that have followed the norms specified by the authority. And most of the puppies have AKC registration along with verified health certificates.

Also, some are experienced breeders with in-depth knowledge about Boxers.

If you’re within the state of Pennsylvania, it would be good to check out this list of breeders mentioned. We hope that through this post, you can get a new furry friend of your choice.

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