15 Boxer Breeders in Wisconsin (WI)

The Boxer puppies are playful, very highly energetic, and intelligent dogs. They are busy-natured dogs whose temperament reflects clearly during breeding. Boxer puppies are a loyal dog breed that love people and are also quite affectionate. They would surely make good pets for any home.
Looking for Boxer puppies in Wisconsin? Do you want to know where you can find reasonably priced, affordable, and best quality Boxer puppies for sale in Wisconsin? Then, have a look at the below-mentioned Boxer breeders in Wisconsin to find the perfect one.

Boxer Breeders in Wisconsin

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started already!

1 Grey Oak Boxers

The Grey Oak Boxers located in Friendship, WI have been breeding and raising quality puppies for the past 30 years. They are family-oriented dog breeders producing top-quality and hands on socialized Boxer puppies. They have properly vaccinated, wormed, happy, and healthy Boxer puppies. These breeders also sell their Boxer puppies on a first come first serve basis. You can learn more about them below.
Grey Oak Boxersbreeder information:
• Address: Friendship, Wisconsin, USA
• Phone:+1 608-339-2172
• Website:http://www.greyoaksboxers.com/
• Social Media:N/A
• Email:greyoakskennels@yahoo.com
• Price Range:$2000

Boxer Breeders in Wisconsin

2 A Boxer World

A Boxer World are dedicated breeders in Wisconsin, USA. They have been raising healthy and happy Boxer puppies that would make loyal family companions. Their beautiful and good tempered Boxer puppies would make a perfect joyful addition to the homes of their prospective owners. These breeders also strive to provide intelligent, healthy, and loving Boxers puppies at genuine prices to their customers.
A Boxer World breeder information:
• Address: Wisconsin, USA
• Phone: +1 630-542-1430
• Website:http://www.aboxerworld.com/
• Social Media: Facebook
• Email: aboxerworld@att.net
• Price Range: $1800

3 SubZero Boxers

The SubZero Boxers breeder is also one reputed breeder in Minnesota also serving puppies in Wisconsin, USA. They are pioneer breeders producing healthy, happy, and well-socialized Boxer pups along with incredible dispositions. SubZero Boxers are acclaimed small family breeding business with over 10 years of breeding experience. They certainly make the go-to shopping place for getting home a perfect Boxer pup.
SubZero Boxers breeder information:
• Address: Farm Island Township, Minnesota, USA
• Phone:+1 218-232-2803
• Website:http://www.subzeroboxers.com/
• Social Media: Facebook
• Email: N/A
• Price Range: $2500

4 Made In Heaven Puppies, LLC

The Made In Heaven Puppies LLC is one reputed breeder that provides quality puppies in Wisconsin, USA. These established breeders have owned and bred wonderful Boxer puppies with great care. These breeders pride themselves for providing some of the most loving, healthy, intelligent, happy, family oriented, and well-socialized Boxer puppies. Their impeccably tempered and good conformation Boxer puppies surely make them the right choice to get a Boxer pup.
Made In Heaven Puppies, LLC breeder information:
• Address: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
• Phone: +1 414-395-0858
• Website:N/A
• Social Media: N/A
• Email: N/A
• Price Range: $2000

5 Petland Racine

The Petland Racine is also one trusted breeder located in Racine, Wisconsin, USA. They are happy and healthy Boxer puppy breeders raising all-rounder puppies that would ease into the hustle and bustle life of their prospective owners best. Not only do these breeders offer great breeder support but also genuinely priced Boxer puppies for sale in Wisconsin.
Petland Racine breeder information:
• Address: Racine, Wisconsin, USA
• Phone: +1 262-222-2704
• Website:https://petlandracine.com/
• Social Media: Facebook
• Email: racine.petland@gmail.com
• Price Range: $2400

6 Boxer Rebound Inc.

The Boxer Rebound Inc. is a volunteer run and not-for-profit corporation providing genuine and authentic Boxer puppies. They are dedicated Boxer breed rescue, placement, and rehabilitation organisation. The mission of the Boxer Rebound Inc. is to rehabilitate and rescue Boxer puppies and place them in feasible homes. They also provide quality pet care to the Boxers so they can become the ultimate pets.
Boxer Rebound Inc. breeder information:
• Address: Ringwood, Illinois, USA
• Phone: +1 815-728-1400
• Website:http://www.boxerrebound.com/
• Social Media: Facebook
• Email: sandy@boxerrebound.com
• Price Range: $2800

7 Wisconsin Rapids Kennel Club

Located in Port Edwards, the Wisconsin Rapids Kennel Club is home to some of the finest Boxer breeders and puppies in Wisconsin, USA. They have acclaimed breeders and trainers that understand the needs of the Boxer puppies as well as the interested customers in Boxer puppies well. These breeders have a proven record of delivering polite and well-trained Boxer puppies to all their customers.
Wisconsin Rapids Kennel Club breeder information:
• Address: Port Edwards, Wisconsin, USA
• Phone: +1 715-887-3007
• Website:https://www.womply.com/biz/wisconsin-rapids-kennel-club-port-edwards-WI/
• Social Media: N/A
• Email: N/A
• Price Range: $1800

8 Wildwood Acres

Wildwood Acres is another trusted breeder located in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, USA. These breeders strive to be genetically-fit and completely healthy Boxer puppies to all their customers. These breeders have a state-of-art facility that they use to breed their Boxer puppies. Their puppies are also well-versed with different commands. Their reasonably priced and friendly Boxer puppies would definitely help you take home a polite Boxer pup.
Wildwood Acres breeder information:
• Address: Cedarburg, Wisconsin, USA
• Phone: +1 262-377-9141
• Website:http://cockapoolove.com/
• Social Media: Facebook
• Email: poodlemixes2luv@aol.com
• Price Range: $

9 Wilson Creek Kennels, LLC

The Wilson Creek Kennels, LLC located in Spring Green, WI have healthy, happy, and hybrid puppies available for sale in Wisconsin. They have light and non-shedding puppies that are free from any kind of allergies. They have long-living and extremely intelligent Boxer puppies for sale in Wisconsin. You will find absolutely adorable and excellently trained Boxer puppies with this breeder.
Wilson Creek Kennels, LLC breeder information:
• Address: Spring Green, Wisconsin, USA
• Phone:+1 608-588-9344
• Website:http://www.wilsoncreekkennelsllc.com/
• Social Media: Facebook
• Email: wilsoncreekkennels@yahoo.com
• Price Range: $2400

10 Hillview Kennels

Hillview Kennels in Birchwood is one reputed Boxer breeder in Wisconsin with good years of experience. They are AKC registered and licensed breeders providing quality and affordable Boxer puppies. Hillview Kennels have been raising quality puppies for sale in Wisconsin since 1981. They are specialist Labrador breeders that also occasionally provide Boxer puppies.
Hillview Kennels breeder information:
• Address: Birchwood, Wisconsin, USA
• Phone: +1 630-365-6792
• Website:http://hvlabradors.com/
• Social Media: N/A
• Email: N/A
• Price Range: $1500

11 Wisconsin Puppy Patch

The Wisconsin Puppy Patch is another licensed small breeder located in Chilton, Wisconsin, USA. They are family breeders in Wisconsin with loving and caring Boxer puppies. Wisconsin Puppy have healthy and happy Boxer puppies available for sale in Wisconsin. They are careful breeders that prioritize on raising well-socialized and good conformation puppies.
Wisconsin Puppy Patch breeder information:
• Address: Chilton, Wisconsin, USA
• Phone: +1 920-464-0359
• Website:https://wisconsinpuppypatch.com/
• Social Media: Facebook
• Email: N/A
• Price Range: $2800

12 Spring Green Pups

The Spring Green Pups located in Spring Green are another passionate breeders in Wisconsin, USA. These pioneer breeder have selective small designer, purebred, and mixed puppies available for sale. These breeder have been raising and breeding pups for all their lives. You will definitely find gold standard Boxer puppies for sale in Wisconsin with this breeder. You can learn more about this breeder through the details given below.
Spring Green Pups breeder information:
• Address: Spring Green, Wisconsin, USA
• Phone: +1 608-574-7931
• Website:http://www.springgreenpups.com/
• Social Media: Facebook
• Email: springgreenpups@gmail.com
• Price Range: $2000

Boxer Breeders in Wisconsin

13 Patty’s Boxers And Bulldogs

The Patty’s Boxers and Bulldogs breeder is most buyers’ choice in Cannon Walls, Minnesota, USA. The best part about these established breeders is that they deliver quality Boxer and Bulldog puppies to Wisconsin at affordable prices. These breeders also follow a very refreshing and soothing breeding process to raise top-notch puppies. We are sure you will find your ultimate Boxer pet with this considerate breeder.
Patty’s Boxers And Bulldogs breeder information:
• Address: Cannon Walls, Minnesota, USA
• Phone: +1 507-581-1670
• Website:https://pattys-boxers.business.site/
• Social Media: Facebook
• Email: N/A
• Price Range: $1800

14 Sun-Golden Kennels

The Sun-Golden Kennels breeder in Edgerton, WI is renowned for breeding quality and AKC standard Boxer puppies. They are one of the most trusted Boxer breeders in Wisconsin to date. They are specialist Golden Retriever breeders with some great Boxer puppies available for sale in Wisconsin.
Sun-Golden Kennels breeder information:
• Address: Edgerton, Wisconsin, USA
• Phone:+1 608-884-4000
• Website:https://www.sungoldenkennels.com/
• Social Media: Facebook
• Email: N/A
• Price Range: $1800

15 Puppy Paws 4 You

Last but not the least, the Puppy Paws 4 You breeder in Winona, is also one top-notch breeder of Boxer puppies in Minnesota, USA. What makes these breeders so uniquely popular is the fact that they also deliver quality Boxer puppies to customers residing in Wisconsin, USA. You can learn more about them through the breeder information given below.
Puppy Paws 4 You breeder information:
• Address: Winona, Minnesota, USA
• Phone:+1 507-454-4266
• Website:http://www.puppypaws4you.com/
• Social Media: Instagram
• Email: N/A
• Price Range: $2000
Finding the perfect Boxer puppy for yourself is definitely made a lot easier with our list of the top Boxer breeders in Wisconsin. From contact number to the price range at which breeders in Wisconsin offers quality Boxer puppies, we have tried including as much information as we could to help prospective Boxer owners.
Now that you know all about where you could find the best Boxer puppies for sale in Wisconsin, we hope you will make the right choice for yourself. We wish you all the best!

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