Top 14 Australian Shepherd Breeders in Indiana

Australian Shepherds or Aussies and French Bulldogs have one thing in common. Like French Bulldogs are from England and not from France, Australian Shepherds are from the Western United States, not Australia. Initially, Aussies are bred to herd livestock. They are ‘working-dog’ breeds with a high level of energy.

Aussies have a fluffy, medium-length coat with multiple combinations of colors like cream, black, merle, white, etc. They live from 10-12 years when raised hygienically. These are happy and pleasing dogs that are loyal to their owners. They have been used to herd livestock from which we know how intelligent they are.

If you’re looking for a dog breed with high-athletic performance, agility, and stamina, Aussies might be the best choice for you. They are quick learners but should be trained properly. They have a habitual herding instinct, which involves chasing, nipping, and barking.

Since they are high-energy dogs, they need to be let off to exhaust themselves. Failure to do so can result in multiple behavioral problems. If you have a herd or flock which needs to be protected, Aussies might be your best solution. But they won’t do well in the apartment lifestyle. At least a small yard is required for them to play and exercise. A typical walk won’t do any good for a dog breed of such high agility.

Australian Shepherds

They can make an excellent companion with experienced dog owners. They’re protective, affectionate, and loyal to the core. They will protect you and your children and can be aloof to strangers.

These puppies need to be socialized from a young age and need to be desensitized to multiple stimuli. Or, they can end up herding your children or other pets. The temperament of these dogs should be excellent. The puppies’ parents (dams & sires) should carry good genetics and exhibit good behavior patterns.

One should check these things before adopting an Aussie. You can only get your puppy of these amazing qualities from experienced and professional breeders. It might be difficult to find top-notch Australian Shepherds breeders in Indiana because of the increase in Puppy mills and low-quality breeders. Please make sure not to adopt your puppy from a Puppy mill since it not only produce low-quality puppies but are also abusive to these pets.

That’s why we have researched and come up with the list of Top 14 Australian Shepherd breeders in Indiana. They produce top-quality puppies and are also loving and affectionate towards these puppies, which reflects in the puppies’ behavior.

1. Rockin D Aussies

Rockin D Aussies have been breeding quality puppies for versatility, soundness, type, temperament, show & pet since 1997. These experienced breeders are literally breeding dogs of multiple color combinations, which are just a delight to our eyes. These puppies exhibit amazing temperament towards their owners.

They give utmost importance to the health of the puppies. A professional vet checks each puppy. Once they are healthy, they are vaccinated and de-wormed. The puppies are AKC and ASCA registered. The puppies come along with health certificates, registration certificates, and a 2-year health guarantee on hips and eyes.

Rockin D Aussies Information

  • Phone: 812-273-2912
  • Website:
  • Price: $1,800-$2,500

2. Sunset View Aussies

Sunset View Aussies breed unique Toy and Miniature Aussies. These puppies are very rare and attractive, and they breed these puppies in multiple combinations of color that are impossible for us to mention here. Along with the toy and mini breeds, they also offer standard AKC breeds.

These puppies are genetically screened for all the diseases associated with Aussies. Once they are clear of genetic, hereditary, and infectious diseases, they are vaccinated. On the best part, they’re offering these puppies at affordable prices.

Sunset View Aussies Information

  • Address: Palmyra, IN 47164
  • Phone: (901) 488-4077
  • Website:
  • Price: $850-$1,500

3. Wigglebutt

Are you looking for well-rounded home-raised puppies? Wigglebutt got you! They are offering sound puppies with excellent temperaments. They are particularly invested in the well-being of these puppies. Adopting a puppy from a breeder who loves and respects the puppies they breed won’t let you regret your choice. These puppies are registered with AKC and UKC registries. And they also provide them with DNA clearance.

Wigglebutt Information

  • Address: Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Phone: 219-465-1624
  • Website:
  • Price: $2,300-$2,600

4. Puppies on 301

Australian Shepherds breeders in Indiana

Puppies on 301 are specialized in producing a unique variety of hybrid puppies called Aussie doodles. It is the cross between Australian Shepherd and Poodles. These excellent mixed puppies are quite a view to our eyes. The owners handle the puppies daily to desensitize touch stimuli which will reduce their biting nipping habits.

Puppies on 301 Information:

5. Paw Pals R US

Paw Pals R US has outstanding reviews from their customers. This is because of their commitment towards breeding these dog breeds with care and love. These puppies are healthy and athletic since they’re physically exercised in a 16-acre vast land every day. The dams and sires are happy, easygoing, and lovable. They love playing chasing the horse and playing with each other.

Usually, Aussies are not cuddly, but this breeder socialized them adequately that they would love to snuggle with you while you watch a movie. The puppies’ temperaments are sound, and they behave well with children.

Paw Pals R US Information

6. Deep Creek Mini Aussiedoodles

Deep Creek Mini Aussiedoodles is located in Northern Indiana with a 40-acre landmass. This breeder not only breeds top-quality puppies but also trains them appropriately before their departure. These puppies start their potty training as soon as they’re mobile. These puppies are well-socialized, and you can see these puppies enjoying human company on their websites.

Deep Creek Mini Aussiedoodles Information

  • Address: 16663 Filbert Rd, Tippecanoe, IN, 46570
  • Phone: NA
  • Website:

7. JV Shininger Farms

JV Shininger Farms has been carried out for generations. They’ve been breeding since 1952. These breeders can’t compromise the quality of the puppy. The puppies are social, intelligent, affectionate, playful, and easygoing. They offer puppies to caring and loving families with AKC Registration.

Puppies are raised amongst a loving family, which helps the newborn puppies to adapt to crowded surroundings. This socialization helps them to keep their bad habits at bay.

JV Shininger Farms Information

8. Alangus Aussies

Alangus Aussies breed the rare kind of miniature Aussies. Their dogs live with them in their house and have over an acre with underground fencing to give them space to play, exercise, and be dogs. This ideal environment ensures the dog’s mental and physical health.

Also, these dogs in their breeding program have been tested for any health issues for our breed through Paw Print Genetics, and hips are registered with OFA. They also train these dogs before they leave for their forever homes. This training creates a rapport between them and the humans, guaranteeing appropriate behavior.

Alangus Aussies Information

9. Triple Threat Ranch

Triple Threat Ranch, located at Otwell, Indiana, was established in 2003. These breeders are raising Aussies along with horses. This gives these dogs to live a life in their natural habitat, which keeps them mentally and physically healthy.

The puppies are bred under optimal conditions. These puppies are fed with natural and organic foods and are free of any diseases or ailments. Since they’re herding horses all day, they’re physically fit. These characteristics are then inherited by the puppies.

Triple Threat Ranch Information

10. Our Lil Aussies

Our Lil Aussies presents a wide range of sound and active Aussie puppies. They have the best conformation and come in various colors. They also offer toys and miniature Aussies. These home-raised puppies are loyal, loving, obedient, and eager to please, making them the best choice for people looking for a paw-friend.

They also received various awards for breeding healthy dogs, and they also won the ‘American Stock Dog Registry Awards’ in 2019. Apart from these awards and fame, this breeder considers the love they receive from their customers for providing top-quality puppies as the ‘true prize.’

Our Lil Aussies Information

11. Neirman Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds breeders in Indiana

This breeder offers puppies that are also delightful in nature. They are sweet and impressive cute little furballs running around to catch your attention. These puppies are of good temperament and outstanding conformations. The puppies are raised in the home along with children to ensure proper behaviors.

Neirman Australian Information

  • Address: Columbus, IN
  • Phone: 812-530-1530
  • Website: NA

12. A Heart for Puppies LLC

If you’re looking for classic AKC registered Australian Shepherds, A Heart for Puppies LLC is the best place to adopt your puppies from. They offer a wide range of puppies from registered and certified breeders. These breeders take pride in providing quality puppies that exceed the customers’ expectations. These puppies come with proper medical records and are microchipped.

A Heart for Puppies LLC Information

  • Address: Columbus, Indiana
  • Phone: (574) 238-8084
  • Website:

13. New Market Aussies

These puppies are raised and trained in their home. Puppies put a lot of care into socializing these puppies so they can transition easily into their new lives with their forever families. They also teach these puppies basic manners, ‘no’ biting or chewing, potty, and crate training. They ensure the puppy’s health by checking it with a vet. The vaccination shots and de-wormings are up to date.

New Market Aussies Information

14. TK Australian Shepherds

TK Australian Shepherds offers us an opportunity to adopt their home-raised puppies with exceptional qualities. Each dog is bred under the ASDR standard. Puppies are ready to leave their home when they’re eight weeks old, and Vaccinations and de-worming are completed before that. Also offer a 1-year health guarantee.

TK Australian Shepherds Information

  • Address: Crawfordsville, IN
  • Website:
  • Price: $800-$1,300

In Summary

Australian Shepherds or Aussies can make excellent companions for experienced owners. They might do well for first-time dog owners who have enough time to educate, socialize and train them. These are agile and energetic working dog breeds and are loyal to their owners. To help you find the best-quality dogs from the most reliable breeders, we have carefully handpicked and customized this list.

We wish you all the best to find your Paw-friend!

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