6 Boxer Breeders in South Carolina (SC)

Boxer puppies and dogs are quite playful and animated dog breed that love jump and romp around. They more and more dignified and deliberate as they grow up. You would certainly love being around these loyal companions throughout.

Have you been looking for the best Boxer breeders in South Carolina? Do you want to get to the right breeder selling the best Boxer puppies for sale in South Carolina? Then, have a look at the below-mentioned list of the top Boxer breeders in South Carolina to get started. We are sure they have got a lot in store for you!

#1 Pats Precious Puppies

Pats Precious Puppies is a reputed breeder located in Ridgeway, South Carolina, USA. Puppies are genuine breeders with a proven record of providing some really outstanding Boxer puppies for sale in South Carolina. They have AKC registered Boxer puppies available with all their latest set of vaccinations and vet checks complete.

Puppies are authentic Boxer breeders that have an excellent rapport of breeding and raising Boxer puppies. The dedication and efforts put in by these phenomenal breeders are clearly visible in how they have raised and bred their Boxer puppies. We are certain these breeders would help you get some of the most gorgeous Boxer puppies out there.

All the dogs available for sale at the Pats Precious Puppies breeders have been sent for checkup on time. Whether it is their checkup for vaccinations, to a vet, for registration purposes, or a lot more.

Pats Precious Puppies breeder information:

#2 S and D Boxers

The S and D Boxers are another reputed breeders located in Hartsville, South Carolina, USA. They are highly experienced Boxer breeders that follow a very genuine, authentic, and ethereal breeding process. We found that the S and D Boxer breeders have a track record of offering top notch and affordable Boxer puppies for sale in South Carolina.

With years of practice, the S and D Boxers breeder has increased their breeding business. Over the years, they have become well-versed with a good range of dog breeds, including the newest ones available out there.

The S and D breeders have some of the most well-socialized and well-versed Boxer puppies. If you have made up your mind to purchase a Boxer puppy from these breeders, then we assure you their well-adjusted puppies will provide you the smoothest adjustment experience. They hold a great reputation for providing their customers with the soundest of Boxer puppies out there.

S and D Boxers breeder information:

  • Address: Hartsville, South Carolina, USA
  • Phone: +1 843-339-9452
  • Website: http://sdboxers.com/
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Email: N/A
  • Price Range: $2500

#3 Imperial Boxers

Boxer breeders in South Carolina

The Imperial Boxers are another trusted Boxer breeders located in Townsville, South Carolina, USA. They are famous Boxer breeders dealing in AKC-registered Boxer puppies for sale in South Carolina. The Imperial’s Master Griffon is their main sire.

They are well-acclaimed breeders that pride themselves for breeding beautiful and quality Boxer puppies. They are determined breeders that strive to empower their customers with some of the healthiest and happiest of Boxer puppies out there.

These breeders have been offering a reliable, trustworthy, and satisfactory experience to all their customers for many years. They have been successful in delivering satisfactory experience to their loving pets and their owners for years. You can surely rely on the Imperial Boxer breeders when it comes to getting the perfect new Boxer or family member home.

All the puppies provided by the Imperial Boxers come with a one-year health guarantee.

Imperial Boxers breeder information:

#4 Petland Summerville

Petland Summerville breeders are another reliable breeders located in Summerville, South Carolina, USA. They have been successfully operating in the retail pet industry and have become leaders in animal care over the years. They have been in the breeding industry or the pet business for over 6 years.

These top-notch dog breeders have been setting some great standards for the pet industry from the past few years. They are exceptional breeders that empower their customers with the highest standard of Boxer puppies for sale in South Carolina. Over the years, the Petland Summerville breeders have also become an unbeatable force in the breeding and pet industry.

However, the Petland Summerville breeders not at all source any of their puppies for sale from the puppy mills. They strive to concentrate on educating their customers on responsible ownership and practices. You can learn more about these breeders through the breeder information given below.

Petland Summerville breeder information:

#5 Shannon’s Shamrock Kennels

Boxer breeders in South Carolina

The Shannon’s Shamrock Kennels breeder is another trusted breeder in Elgin, South Carolina, USA. They are another dedicated Boxer and other dog breeders based in South Carolina. They have some of the most well-trained and well-bred Boxer puppies available for sale with them. You will find healthy, happy, and good temperament Boxer puppies for sale in South Carolina with them.

They have a great reputation for raising some of the best quality, obedient, and completely well-rounded Boxer puppies out there.

The Shannon’s Shamrock Kennels have a good years of experience in delivering adorable and beautiful Boxer puppies to their customers. They have well-trained and well-socialized Boxer puppies available. They born, raise, and train on the best quality Boxer puppies for their customers.

Shannon’s Shamrock Kennels breeder information:

#6 PRO Web Design

Located in Summerville, the PRO Web Design breeders are another trusted Boxer breeders in South Carolina right now. They are responsible and careful Boxer breeders with a pictorial history in breeding and raising quality puppies for sale.

Customers can reach out to the PRO Web Design breeders for show dogs, ancestors, pedigrees, health certified Boxer puppies, and much more.

The PRO Web Design breeders also pride themselves for being reputed members of the American Boxer Club, Georgia Boxer Club, and also the American Kennel Club. You can learn more about these phenomenal breeders of Boxer puppies or get in touch with them through the contact details given below.

PRO Web Design breeder information:


Finding out the best Boxer breeders surely is not easy! But getting in touch with the best Boxer breeders in South Carolina can certainly help you.

In the above-mentioned article, we have included some of the topmost Boxer breeders in South Carolina right now. Have a look at the above-mentioned breeders, get in touch with them, and see for yourself whether or not they can offer you the best Boxer puppies for sale in South Carolina or not.

We hope this Boxer breeders in South Carolina article can help you find the best breeders in the area. And we hope you get to your paw friend soon! All the best!

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