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Strong yet gentle, smart, and passionate are some traits of a boxer dog. A tough dog as it seems but soft when you get close to it. Boxer dogs are the new love for many in Florida and across the globe.

But, if you’re already looking for Boxer puppies for sale in Florida, hold on.

Getting your dog from a reliable, moral, and loving breeder, is the most important thing to make sure of.

So, to help you do that, I did some research and found some of the best Boxer breeders in Florida.

You should still do your own due diligence with these, call and ask questions, read online reviews, etc. But this gives you a good starting point.

Boxer Buddy Kennels 1558 Chobbe Street, Okeechobee, 34974, FL, USAboxerbuddykennels.com
Hard Run Acres 12239 County Side Dr, Lakeland, 33809, FL, USAinfo@hardrunacres.com 
Calvin’s Boxers 22492 Willow Dr, Lake City, 32024, FL, USAheather@calvinsboxers.com
JCS Boxers Miami, Florida, USAinfo@jcsboxers.com
LeBeaux Boxers 3140 Davis Rd, FL, USAlebeaux-boxers.business.site
Tamaron’s BoxersRalston St, Orlando, 32833, FL, USA1 407-491-3621
Osborne & Stormborn Florida Kennels 4465 Edwards Rd, Plant City, 33567, FL, USAosbornecflkennels@gmail.com
Rummer Run Boxer3554, Fair Oaks Ln, 34228, FL, USA rummerrun1@aol.com;longboatkeyaba@aol.com

Boxer Buddy Kennels 

Boxer Buddy Kennels is an AKC registered breeder in Florida. The boxers here are raised at home and mingle well with people of all ages. They are currently breeding with two AKC sired female fawn boxers. Every boxer here is known for conformation, obedience, and agility. 

The boxers here come with declaws removed and tails docked. You need to make a non-refundable deposit to lock your favorite puppy.

The waiting time at Boxer Buddy Kennels is often long, and the litters are also not available throughout the year. You need to make a $300 deposit to lock your favorite puppy. 

The breeder sends the dogs with first shots and a health certificate. 

Boxer Buddy Kennels Breeder Information: 

  • Address: 1558 Chobbe Street, Okeechobee, 34974, FL, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 863-532-8200 
  • Email: not available 
  • Website: Boxer Buddy Kennels 
  • Social Media: not available 
  • Price Range: $300 deposit + price 

Hard Run Acres 

Hard Run Acres is a farm is located in Lakeland, the heart of Florida. The breeders specialize in healthy boxers of different colors. The boxers come from American bloodlines and are of AKC standards.

The waiting list here is also quite expensive, owing to the quality of the breed here. The breeder follows different pricing for the dogs based on their gender and other aspects. 

The price range is variable for Fawn & Brindle and Reverse Brindle. The breeder can give you more information about that, based on the dog you chose.

I found that the top priority of the breeders here is their dogs’ well-being. So, you can expect a friendly puppy with a controlled temperament here. 

For scheduling an appointment or to know more information, you can contact the breeders at Hard Run Acres. 

Hard Run Acres Breeder Information: 

Calvin’s Boxers 

Calvin’s Boxers is a family-based boxer breeding place in North Florida. The breeders have more than 20 years of experience in breeding boxer puppies.

They dedicate their work to boxer breed and focus on AKC standard and healthy dogs. The boxers here grow around the breeder’s family and are accustomed to socialization. 

The breeder sends your puppy with a heath certificate and all the necessary paperwork. They also guide you with everything needed to pet your dog properly. You can ask them about the puppy’s food, vaccination, and other information.

The breeder requires a non-refundable deposit of $750 (half the puppy’s price) to book your favorite doggie. 

You can access the breeder’s website or drop an email for more information. 

Calvin’s Boxers Breeder Information: 

JCS Boxers 

JCS Boxers in Florida are known for Champion European Pure Bloodline boxers. They follow a selective breeding program to produce healthy, happy, and active dogs. They take utmost care to preserve the breed attributes and the breeding bloodlines.

The breeders also prioritize the dogs’ nutrition all the time. There is no mention of the pricing on the website. You can approach the breeder or drop a message for it. 

Here, you can get the best quality of boxers with sound genetics and controlled behavior. They look adorable and are quite active.

Since the breeders treat every dog like family, the boxers here make a great fit for families. The dogs are vaccinated, vet checked, and come with all the necessary precautions. 

For scheduling an appointment or to know more about the breeder, you can access their website or ping them. 

JCS Boxers Breeder Information: 

LeBeaux Boxers 

Another boxer breeder in Florida is LeBeaux Boxers. They provide AKC-registered and top-quality boxer dogs. I found that all the puppies here are raised under controlled temperature in a birthing room.

The breeders ensure good health and sound genetics of every dog here. You need to directly contact the breeder for the pricing information of the puppy you liked. 

They are always open to any queries or guidance needed to raise boxers. They can help you train the dog, feed its food, take care of its health, and do anything you want to know.

They provide a detailed medical history of your puppy and help you with vet checkups too. You also don’t have to worry about worming too. 

There is usually a long waiting list here. But they are always open to assisting and matching you with your furry friend whenever you need one. 

LeBeaux Boxers Breeder Information: 

  • Address: 3140 Davis Rd, FL, USA
  • Phone: not available 
  • Email: not available 
  • Website: LeBeaux Boxers 
  • Social Media: not available 
  • Price Range: not available 

Tamaron’s Boxers 

Tamaron’s Boxers is located in Orlando, Florida. There is not much information about the breeder and no official website.

But their Facebook page shows the collection of beautiful boxer puppies up for adoption. They have been breeding for more than 3 years now, and provide healthy boxer puppies. 

I found that this breeder takes good care of the dog’s health. Vet checkups, vaccinations, worming, and declaws are all taken care of by the breeder.

You have to contact the breeder to know about the upcoming litters or check their Facebook page for more information. 

Tamaron’s Boxers Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Ralston St, Orlando, 32833, FL, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 407-491-3621
  • Email: not available 
  • Website: not available 
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price Range: not available 

Osborne & Stormborn Florida Kennels 

Osborne & Stormborn Florida Kennels is located in the Tampa region. The breeders are known to raise healthy and athletic dogs of AKC standard.

They are family-based and breed boxers that can suit families, services, and others. The boxers are sound in biddability and intelligence, improved temperaments, healthy genetics, and structure. 

The breeders give you a 100 percent health guarantee of all the puppies growing with them.

You can expect top-quality boxers from this breeder, for they have been breeding for 15 years. I found that the puppies here are quite intelligent and have exceptional working facilities. 

For more information, you can visit the breeder personally or contact them. 

Osborne & Stormborn Florida Kennels Breeder Information: 

Rummer Run Boxers  

Rummer Run Boxers have been breeding since 1993 and are known among the best Boxer breeders in Florida. Rick Justice handles the breed’s training and every puppy’s quality.

They deliver Champion bloodlines with AKC standards and good health. They received various awards and accolades for their finest breeding quality. 

The winning show dogs are a result of Rick’s exceptional training. Ann and Steve handle the breeding and follow an extremely selective process.

They ensure that every boxer here is of good health, structure, genetics, and behavior. The breeders raise the dog amid the family environment and train them for controlled temperament. 

For more information about the training and the dogs’ attributes, visit their website or contact them. 

Rummer Run Boxers Breeder Information: 

Over to You 

These are some best-rated breeders to adopt a boxer puppy in Florida. Try personally visiting any of these breeders and see the puppies yourself, instead of looking at the pictures.

Also, ask for the puppy’s medical health, vet checkups, vaccine information, and food. Try knowing about the dog’s genetic history as well. These can help you in training your dog well and control its temperament. 

On average, you can get a Boxer in Florida for around $2000. It can go a little high, considering the boxer’s bloodline, health, and the chosen breeder. Most breeders claim to be registered with AKC.

So, ask for the registration paperwork to ensure the quality. Apart from these breeders, you can also opt for the AKC Marketplace and various other platforms to adopt a boxer puppy. Have a great time choosing your Boxer from a trusted breeder!

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