3 Pug Breeders in Wisconsin

The infamous Pugs have been originally bred in China centuries ago. Due to their appearance and charming personality, they have been quite popular in Western Europe in the 16th century. They’ve been kept as a prized possession by the queens of that age. Their story doesn’t end there. They have been widespread like a wildfire in recent times. Americans are more fond of the Pugs. Modern technology made adopting pug puppies in hot countries possible. This article contains all the information about Pug breeders in Wisconsin.

The Pugs are toy breed dogs who have a smaller stature with a height of 10-14 inches. And weighing up to 14-18 pounds. Usually, males and females in canine species will have an observable difference in their appearance. But Pugs of both gender share a similar physique.

Pug breeders in Wisconsin

They have a smooth and glossy coat with various colors from fawn, silver fawn to black. Despite their body color, they have a black face with definite wrinkles. A short-muzzled nose with a deep chest is its unique physical characteristic. Bulldog and Pug share a similar facial and body structure which leads us into believing they are related. DNA testing has proved that both the dog species are not related. Pugs are descended from Pekingese whereas the Bulldogs are related to Pitbull and Mastiffs.

Their relation to their ancestors gives us an insight into their character, behavior, and temperament. Pugs are playful with lesser aggression compared to other breeds. And the small and curved structure of their mouth makes them reasonably harmless. Which makes them adorable and apt pets to have in our household. They’re incredibly friendly and caring towards children and infants. They’re also observant and quick learners. They might learn new commands within a few days.

Pug breeders in Wisconsin

But due to their genetic modification, they’re prone to many illnesses. So it is crucial to get the best quality breeds. We will lead you right to the best Pug breeders in Wisconsin who are experienced of years in breeding and farming puppies.

1. Petland Racine

Petland Racine is in business for more than 50 years. The founder of Petland Racine and his wife have traveled 5000 miles around the earth to offer pure breed dogs. They take pleasure in serving you with only the best grade Pugs available. The puppies are registered at the time of purchase. Puppies will be registered under the AKC registry.

To make your quest easier, Petland Racine’s customer service counselor walks you through every puppies’ character, personality, and behavior. They assist you in eliminating bad choices and making the right one. Moreover, Petland provides breeder visits to check the environment the puppies grow in. They provide safe and secure transportation to get your puppy safe for you.

Additionally, puppies from Petland Racine are microchipped before departure to ensure their safety. The details to track the puppy using a microchip will be handed over to the customers after the purchase. The puppy comes along with USDA inspection reports which approve that the puppy has been bred under the USA Regulation Act. The puppy’s infectious disease has been covered for the first 10 days. And any congenital or hereditary disease is covered by a warranty for the next year.

Petland Racine Information

  • Address: 2310 S Green Bay Rd. Racine, WI 53406
  • Phone: (262) 458-6493
  • Website: https://www.petlandracine.com/
  • Price: NA

Frank’s Frenchies

Frank’s Frenchies are in-house breeders who take pride in breeding french Pugs for the past eight years. They are state-licensed authenticate breeders. Merely, Koi and Panda are the exclusive types of pugs they offer. These types of pugs are very rare and expensive. But Frank provides them at a reasonable and affordable price.

As professional breeders, they the pups as well their parents through various screening processes such as Embark, Animal Genetics, and Optimal Select.

Despite the multiple screenings, every puppy is checked for any physical ailments by a certified veterinarian along with vaccinations. And to ensure their mental health they spend time with the puppies as long as they can. The puppies are trained to sleep in crates to make them feel safe.

Frank’s Frenchies Information

  • Address: 727 70th Ave, Amery, WI 54001, USA
  • Phone: (715) 553-0127
  • Website: https://www.franksfrenchies.com/
  • Price: $3,250-$5,500

LilyLou Pugs

LilyLou Pugs are also grown in-home with extensive care and love. The parent Pugs as well as the puppies have never been caged nor kenneled. They know nothing except the love they receive from their owners. Thus, the puppies are socialized and are of excellent mental health.

Each puppy has undergone a thorough examination by the vets and is vaccinated. When the puppies are eight weeks old, they are ready to go to their new home. The puppies are healthy, sound, and energetic, making them excellent companions. They’re available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week

LilyLou Pugs Information

  • Phone: (262) 960-4890
  • Website: https://lilyloupugs.business.site/
  • Price: NA
  • IG: @lilyloupugs


Pugs don’t have long snouts or pronounced skeletal brow ridges, thus their snouts are shorter. They also have narrow breathing airways, making many of them susceptible to breathing problems or unable to regulate their temperature effectively by evaporation out from the tongue through panting. The usual body temperature of a pug is between101 °F and 102 °F. When the temperature reaches 105 °F, oxygen demand skyrockets, necessitating quick cooling. Body temperature surpassing 108 °F can result in organ failure. This is the major reason that pugs are not common in humid and hot countries.

Obesity is a risk for pugs who live a primarily sedentary lifestyle, but it may be avoided with regular exercise and a good diet. These things are not to be worried about if you can find the right breeder who’ll provide you with a healthy pup.

Most dogs are bred to be a companion to human beings. So they evolved to live in packs and need to be with their pack. Pugs are not tolerant to be left alone. They are like human babies who would need attention. They can fall into depression just like us when left alone.

Pug breeders in Wisconsin

Yet, they’re affectionate to the family. People who reside in small apartments can adopt a Pug as their pet. Because their smaller physique and inability to bark loud would make them very appropriate to live in small apartments. They also get along with other animals and even birds. Pugs are a mini version of a panda who loves to eat and sleep all day. The maintenance for pugs is considerably low compared to other canines.

To Sum Up

Pugs are fragile canine species so they need intensive care while breeding. And it’s quite hard to find someone who takes care of these tiny creatures just like their family. These 3 Pug Breeders in Wisconsin are treating these lovely pugs as their children. They value the joy that these puppies will bring inside each home. They take pride in breeding mentally and physically healthy Pugs.

Apart from that, they provide safe, reliable, and transparent service for these pups along with a warranty covering any congenital diseases Positive reviews and good customer support make them more reliable. I have included the necessary information to contact them.

Note: Make prior reservations before visiting the farm

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