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Finding Boston Terrier puppies for sale in Virginia might sound easy, but you want to get them for a reputable breeder if you have any sense.

So, to make that process easier, I did a lot of research and found the 10 absolute best Boston Terrier breeders in Virginia for you to pick and choose from.

Still, you should do your due diligence, call and ask some questions, read reviews online, etc. But this gives you a good collection to choose from.

So, let’s get started.

Howling Hill Kennels11347 Eskridges Ln, Catlett, VA 20119howlinghillkennels@ymail.com
Pauley's PupsAshland, Virginiapauleyspups224@gmail.com
My Next Puppy13991 Metrotech Drive, Chantilly, VA, 20151mynextpuppy.com
Pic- A- Dillie BostonsBedford, Virginia, 01730picadilliebostons@yahoo.com
Brindle Hill's Elite BostonsManitowoc, Virginia, USAelitebostons@gmail.com
Linda's Boston BabiesElkton, Virginia 22827, USlindasbostonbabies@gmail.com
Ellenni DanesBealeton, Virginiabrittany@ellennidanes.com
Sugar Pie Boston Terriers South Boston, Virginiarchchavez@aol.com
Virginia's Colored Boston TerriersCoverly, Virginiabrooklynglloyd@gmail.com 
Petopia Lynchburg, Virginiapetopialynchburgva@gmail.com 

Howling Hill Kennels

Howling Hill Kennels is a Boston Terrier breeder located in Virginia and has been breeding Boston Terriers ever since 1995. They strive to give their customers a beautiful and healthy Boston Terrier puppy.

All their dogs are AKC registered. The dogs are also vaccinated, dewormed several times, and also microchipped before leaving the litter. 

Howling Hill Kennels gives you a one-year health guarantee, and the puppies are ready to leave the litter when they are eight months old.

They do not ship puppies; however, they could bring the puppies to you by car if they are available when you need them to do so. They charge this service $1 per mile. 

Howling Hill Kennels has some good values, and they take care of the puppies well until they leave the litter and give lifelong support when they do.

On their website, they have many photographs and videos for you to look at. 

Pauley’s Pups

Pauley’s Pups is a breeder that has been breeding puppies for over 27 years. They strive to give their customers adorable and healthy puppies for a reasonable price.

All the puppies are AKC registered, and they are all vaccinated before leaving the litter. 

They specialize in toy breeds, but they are also Boston Terrier breeders. They are serving in Ashland, Hanover, and Richmond.

I would like to advise you to visit their website and look at the available Boston Terrier puppies they have; if there are any you like, there is an option to book an appointment and visit them to see the available fur balls have. 

My Next Puppy

My Next Puppy is a breeder located in Chantilly, Virginia. They are responsible and good breeders dedicated to finding their pups the best possible home and providing their customers with the best possible experience. 

This Boston Terrier breeder in Virginia takes well care of their pup’s health and makes everything good before leaving the litter. The interesting thing about this breeder is that they allow you to pay off your pup in a few months. 

The puppies at My Next Puppy are fully vaccinated before leaving the litter, and they are all AKC registered. They offer support and will be there to answer all your questions along your journey of owning a puppy. 

  • Location: 13991 Metrotech Drive, Chantilly, VA, 20151
  • Phone Number: (703) 870-7555
  • Website: https://mynextpuppy.com/
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyNextPuppy
  • Instagram: mynextpuppy

Pic- A- Dillie Bostons

Pic- A- Dillie Bostons is a breeder located in Bedford, Virginia, and is one of the best Boston Terrier breeders in Virginia. They focus a lot on the puppy’s physical and mental health.

The puppies at Pic-A-Dillie Bostons leave the litter when they are eight weeks old. They are all pre-vaccinated, and they are dewormed before leaving the litter. 

This breeder provides its customers with a one-year health guarantee, and it covers hereditary conditions.

This breeder’s puppies are all AKC registered and are a part of the Boston Terrier Club of America as well as Tri-Angle Boston Terrier Breeder’s Club. 

They are active participants in Boston Terriers activities and causes, and that’s how you know these people are real Boston Terrier lovers and that you will be getting a good and healthy puppy from them.

For more information, we do recommend getting in contact with the breeder. 

Brindle Hill’s Elite Bostons

Brindle Hill’s Elite Bostons is a small breeder that has been breeding Boston Terriers since 1973.

Their Boston Terriers are all AKC approved. They care about the health and well-being of their puppies and provide them with lots of love and care since there are born. 

Interestingly, this breeder doesn’t feed commercial foods to their pups but only gives them home-cooked food with supplements, and you can read all about it on their website.

In addition, all their pups are DNA certified as clear of carrying the gene for Juvenile Cataracts. Their breeding stock is also registered with the OFA and CERF. 

They are trying to keep the traditional Boston Terrier head eye and expression when it comes to looks. They also only have the traditional colors, as all the other colors are disallowed in the official standard, as they say. 

Linda’s Boston Babies

Linda’s Boston Babies is a breeder located in Elkton, Virginia. The breeder is a retired veterinary technician, so you know that you will be getting a healthy puppy.

Linda takes well care of their puppies from birth until they leave the litter and are always available for support if you need them afterward. 

The breeder has been breeding Boston Terriers ever since 1997, and they raise their pups in their home. The pups are vaccinated as well as chipped and dewormed before they leave the litter.

In addition, the breeder keeps the mother on NuVet Plus so the pups can go out on their own. 

Ellenni Danes

Elleni Danes is a small breeder located in Bealeton, Virginia. She started her breeding journey with Grate Dane’s but has also been working with Boston Terriers.

They care most about their puppy’s health and well-being and treat all their puppies like family. 

Elleni Danes keep her Boston Terrier puppies AKC registered. They also have professional handlers to take care of the puppies when they are very young.

In addition, they have many videos and photographs of puppies and dogs available for you to see on their website. 

The puppies are dewormed before they leave the litter as well as vaccinated. All the puppies also get puppy records, get training books, collars, leashes, toys, and chewies.

For more information, I suggest getting in direct contact with the breeder. 

Sugar Pie Boston Terriers 

Sugar Pie Boston Terriers is a Boston Terrier breeder located in South Boston, Virginia. Their puppies are raised in a loving home, and all of them are super healthy, and AKC registered.

They keep their puppies in a clean and loving environment, and they are all vaccinated and dewormed before giving them away to their new owners. 

Sugar Pie Boston Terriers have a lot of returning customers, which shows the great service they provide to the new customers.

They don’t just sell the puppy and forget about it; they are there along the way to help you with anything you may need.

This is a knowledgeable breeder, so don’t miss the opportunity to get your new Boston Terrier from them. 

You can get more information about them by contacting them directly or visiting their Facebook page, where they have a lot of videos and photographs for you to see before deciding to purchase your new Boston Terrier. 

  • Location: South Boston, Virginia
  • Phone Number: 434-404-3144
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rchchavez1018/
  • Email: rchchavez@aol.com

Virginia’s Colored Boston Terriers

This is yet another great breeder located in Amelia, Virginia. The breeder focuses on bringing healthy and well-bred puppies.

They focus on the pup’s socialization from the moment they are born. All their dogs are pets, and they treat the puppies as pets too. 

The puppies are vaccinated and dewormed before leaving the litter; the breeder also makes sure to microchip the puppy before leaving their new home.

They make sure to train the pups as much as possible before they leave the litter, and they are there for the new owner to support them for as long as they need them to.

Virginia’s Colored Boston Terriers has a great review mark on Facebook and many satisfied customers telling you all about her helpfulness. 

  • Location: Coverly, Virginia
  • Phone Number: (804) 335-9629
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/virginiacoloredbostonterriers/
  • Email: brooklynglloyd@gmail.com 


Petopia specializes in locally bred puppies; they do not buy puppies from puppy mills; they take their puppies from local breeders and ensure you are getting the healthiest puppy possible.

When getting a Boston Terrier puppy from Petopia you can rest assured that you will have a companion for many years to come. 

All the puppies are AKC or CKC registered. They have been doing this ever since 2006, and have had many returning customers in those years.

They make sure that your Boston Terrier is vaccinated and dewormed before it leaves the litter. Another great thing about them is that they give the opportunity of breaking the cost of your pet into smaller payments. 


I have made sure to find some of the best Boston Terrier breeders in Virginia for you. They are all highly rated, and all have different and exciting traits.

Make sure to visit all their websites and Facebook pages before deciding which Boston Terrier breeder is the best one for you. I wish you good luck in finding your furry companion. 

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