15 Australian Shepherd Breeders In Washington (WA) | Moral & Loving Certified

Australian Shepherd is an intelligent, affectionate, good-natured, smart, active, and protective dog breed.

Like most other herding dogs, this dog breed make extremely loyal pets. However, they are quite standoffish with strangers.

The Australian Shepherd dog breed needs early exposure or socialization to different situations, experiences, people, sounds, and sights. Socialization is quintessential for them to become well-rounded pets. 

But, if you’re already looking for Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in Washington, hold on.

Getting your dog from a reliable, moral, and loving breeder, is the most important thing to make sure of.

So, to help you do that, I did some research and found some of the best Australian Shepherd breeders in Washington.

You should still do your own due diligence with these, call and ask questions, read online reviews, etc. But this gives you a good starting point.

Harvest Moon AussiesLynnwood, Washington, USAharvestmoonaussies@hotmail.com
Longshadow Australian ShepherdsRoy, Washington, USAmathenala@gmail.com 
Manor Lake Australian LabradoodlesBellingham, Washington, USAoffice@manorlakelabradoodles.com
Smokey Valley Kennel LLCToledo, Washington, USAsmokeyvalley@toledotel.com
DreamyDoodles NorthwestWoodland, Washington, USAinfo@dreamydoodles.com
Little Debs ToyNewman Lake, Washington, USAwww.littledebstoyaussie.com
Jolley AussiesKennewick, Washington, USA1 509-551-1623
Taeneum Creek Australian ShepherdsCle Elum, Washington, USAwww.taneumcreekaussies.com
Sayre Australian ShepherdsCamas, Washington, USAsayredogs@gmail.com 
RidgeStarBellingham, Washington, USAinfo@ridgestaraussies.com
BAHR-S ShepherdsYakima, Washington, USApcharge1955@yahoo.com
Hall’s Miniature Australian ShepherdsPort Orchard, Washington, USAwww.hallsaustralianshepherds.com
Chuckanut Kelpies & AussiesBow, Washington, USAjan@janwesen.com
Wandering Acres RanchMt Vernon, Washington, USAwanderingacresranch@gmail.com
Americana Miniature American ShepherdsVancouver, Washington, USAamericana-miniature-american-shepherdsmini-aussies.business.site

Harvest Moon Aussies 

Harvest Moon Aussies is one reputed Australian Shepherd breeder in Lynnwood, Washington, USA. They are small hobby Australian Shepherd breeders offering top-notch and affordable Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in Washington

The breeders pay great heed upon their pet training and how to maintain a good relationship with them.

They give high priority to the temperament to raise quality Australian Shepherd puppies.

They raise genetically sound, healthy, competitive, and obedient puppies. Their dogs are also known to compete in numerous dog competitions such as AKC and ASCA.

Harvest Moon Aussies breeder information:

Longshadow Australian Shepherds

Longshadow Australian Shepherds is another reputed Australian Shepherds breeder in Roy, Washington, USA.

They are established Aussie breeders producing quality AKC or ASCA as well as working Australian German Shepherd puppies.

These breeders have been in the dog breeding business from the past 20 years. They have produced several Australian Shepherd dog litters every year.

Located in the western Washington region, the Longshadow Australian Shepherds breeder will certainly help you fetch the best pup.

Longshadow Australian Shepherds breeder information:

Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles

Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles is another famous dog breeder located in Bellingham, Washington, USA.

The well-established dog breeder has been raising multi-generational quality Aussie puppies since 2003. They have miniature, standard-sized and medium-sized dog breeds available with them.

These breeders have numerous colours of the same dog breed available with them. For instance, they have Labradoodles available in various colours like caramel, black, apricot, chocolate, red, parti, and cream colours.

We are certain you will find your favorite pet in the colour of your choice here.

Manor Lake Australian breeder information:

Smokey Valley Kennel LLC

The Smokey Valley Kennel and Farm is one of the finest Australian Shepherd breeders in Washington. They have toy and mini Australian Shepherd puppies available with them. They are world-renowned and successful dog breeders.

Smokey Valley Kennel LLC breeders have AKC-registered dog breeds available with them.

They have show dog breeds as well. If you are looking for an obedient pet, then you can certainly rely upon these breeders to meet your needs.

They also deliver a world-class experience to all their prospective pet owners.

Smokey Valley Kennel LLC breeder information:

DreamyDoodles Northwest 

DreamyDoodles is another popular dog breeder in Woodland Washington, USA. If you have been looking for a genuine and authentic pet for your home, then you should surely give the DreamyDoodles Northwest a glance.

They certainly have the dreamiest Labradoodles and Aussidoodles available with them. 

They are professional family dog breeders that have been in the same bloodline breeding since the past decade and they have happy, healthy, and genetically sounds available for sale with them.

They also provide their buyers with a 2-year genetic health guarantee along with a return policy of 7 days.

DreamyDoodles Northwest breeder information:

Little Debs Toy

Little Debs Toy is another famous Australian Shepherd breeder located near Newman Lake in Washington, United States.

They are experienced Australian Shepherd breeders having little toy Aussies and mini Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in Washington

They are small hobby breeders delivering the best quality and genuine Australian Shepherd puppies.

Located in the heart the Northwest Pacific, the Little Debs Toy breeders are known for their well-socialized and family-friendly puppies. 

Little Debs Toy breeder information:

Jolley Aussies

Located in Kennewick, the Jolley Aussies breeder is another one of the top Australian Shepherd breeders in Washington, USA. They are well-acclaimed Australian Shepherd breeders with years of experience. 

The Jolley Aussies breeders strive to raise healthy pups in the cleanest of environments. They have Aussie puppies with the perfect structure and temperament to make the perfect companion pets for any home.

Jolley Aussies breeder information:

  • Address: Kennewick, Washington, USA
  • Phone: +1 509-551-1623
  • Website: N/A
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Email: N/A
  • Price Range: $2000

Taeneum Creek Australian Shepherds

Taeneum Creek Australian Shepherd is one of the finest Australian Shepherd breeders in Cle Elum, Washington, USA. They are well-acclaimed Aussie puppy breeders with over 12 years of experience. 

They are passionate and versatile dog breeders that believe in breeding top-quality puppies, especially the Australian Shepherds breed. 

These breeders strive to raise their Australian pups to herd livestock, thrive as one of the most active partners, etc. They go swimming with their Aussie pups, go for trail riding, do hiking, and a lot more with them.

Their great mental and physical exercise routines help them to empower their customers with well-bred, AKC and ASCA registered puppies.

Taeneum Creek Australian Shepherds breeder information:

Sayre Australian Shepherds

Sayre Australian Shepherds is also a reliable dog breeder in Camas, Washington, USA. They strive to help interested family member picks the most suitable Australian Shepherd pup for their homes.

These breeders have AKC and ASCA registered puppies that have been thoroughly tested for a genetic concerns well in advance. They aim to empower their customers puppies with great temperament, docked tails as per breed standard, and much more.

Sayre Australian Shepherds breeder information:


Another trusted Australian Shepherd breeder in Bellingham, Washington, USA is RidgeStar. They are another ones of the pioneer Australian Shepherd breeders in Washington

RidgeStar breeders have AKC and ASCA registered Australian Shepherd puppies for sale available with them. They have incredibly intelligent mini and other Australian Shepherd breeds available. 

They are passionate Australian Shepherd small breed enthusiasts delivering loyal, affectionate, and good temperament puppies and they follow a unique puppy breeding program delivering balanced Aussie type puppies.

RidgeStar breeder information:

BAHR-S Shepherds

BAHR-S Shepherds is another famous hobby breeder located in Yakima, Washington, USA. The main focus of these breeders is to produce mindful and healthy Australian Shepherd puppies.

They offer incredibly fit Australian Shepherd puppies for various fields. Such as family companion dogs, show dogs, and work dogs. 

They are knowledgeable Australian Shepherd breeders with genetically sound and healthy pups. They have well-cared Aussie puppies for sale in Washington.

BAHR-S Shepherds breeder information:

Hall’s Miniature Australian Shepherds

Hall’s Miniature Australian Shepherds is another famous Australian Shepherds breeder in Port Orchard, Washington, USA. They have sound, happy, and healthy Australian puppies for sale in Washington area.

These breeders have well-socialized puppies that they breed for conformation, agility, and good temperament. They have fully-vaccinated Australian Shepherds with all the deworming and vaccinations complete.

You can learn more about these fantastic Australian Shepherd puppies through the details mentioned below.

Hall’s Miniature Australian Shepherds breeder information:

Chuckanut Kelpies & Aussies

Chuckanut Kelpies and Aussies is a hall of fame kennel service located in Bow, Washington, USA. They make an excellent stock dog kennel in Bow region of the United States.

They are knowledgeable and experienced Australian Shepherd and Australian Kelpies professional service providers. 

These breeders also provide clinic services for the Australian Shepherd puppies as well as Australian Kelpies.

They provide obedience, herding, conformation, tracking, and agility classes to the Shepherds as well! They only have one litter of the Kelpies and Aussies in a year.

Chuckanut Kelpies & Aussies breeder information:

Wandering Acres Ranch

Located in Mt Vernon, the Wandering Acres Ranch is one worthwhile Australian Shepherd breeder in Washington area.

They are family breeders with a military background. They are devoted animal breeders and farmers ever since

The multi-talented and versatile breeders also breed Australian Shepherds. They have well-rounded family as well as show Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in Washington.

Wandering Acres Ranch breeder information:

Americana Miniature American Shepherds

Americana Miniature American Shepherd breeders is another trusted Australian Shepherd breeders located in Vancouver, Washington, USA.

They are world-class Aussie puppy breeders with a track record of providing the best quality, well-bred, and affordable Aussie puppies.

If you have been planning to get the best priced Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in Washington, then don’t forget to take a look at these top-class breeders.

Americana Miniature American Shepherds breeder information:


Hopefully, the above-mentioned list of the top-notch, highly acclaimed, trusted, well-bred, and well-recognized list of Australian Shepherd breeders in Washington was useful to you. 

Good luck finding your new friend!

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