14 Rottweiler Breeders In Maryland (MD) | Moral & Loving Certified

Rottweiler breed is an ideal dog breed that is confident, courageous, calm but never shy. They make one of the most loyal pets as well as great companions. When given the right socialization and training, they make one of the best pets.

But, if you’re already looking for Rottweiler puppies for sale in Maryland, hold on.

Getting your dog from a reliable, moral, and loving breeder, is the most important thing to make sure of.

So, to help you do that, I did some research and found some of the best Rottweiler breeders in Maryland.

You should still do your own due diligence with these, call and ask questions, read online reviews, etc. But this gives you a good starting point.

Royalty KennelWaldorf, Maryland, United Statesroyaltykennel1@gmail.com
Kel Brook FarmManchester, Maryland, United Statesmarylandrottweilers@gmail.com 
Pinelight RottweilersAnnapolis, Maryland, United Stateschrott888@yahoo.com
Kuntree Bred TeamLa Plata, Maryland, United Stateskuntreebredteam@gmail.com
Mid Atlantic BoerboelsGermantown, Maryland, United Statesmidatlanticboerboels@gmail.com 
Rossler RottweilersPittsville, Maryland, United Statesrosslerrottweilers@gmail.com
Maryland Puppies OnlineBel Air, Maryland, United Stateswww.mdpuppiesonline.com
The K-9 ChateauAbingdon, Maryland, United Statespetnanny@thek-9chateau.com
Farmstead’s Puppy ParadiseClements, Maryland, United Statesfarmsteadkennelsmd@hotmail.com 
Crouches Kennels & RescueStevensville, Maryland, United States1 410-827-5060
Charm City PuppiesColumbia, Maryland, United Statesmail@charmcitypuppies.com
Mullin’s HausWhite March, Maryland, United Statesmullinshaus.com
Von Herrschaft RottweilersLeesburg, Virginia, United Statesworldchampionrotts@gmail.com
Maryland RottweilersFredrick, Maryland, United Statesms1shopper.wixsite.com

Royalty Kennel

Royalty Kennel is one reputed Rottweiler breeder in Waldorf, Maryland, USA. They are pioneer Rottweiler breeders in Maryland with best quality and affordable Rottweiler pups. They are well-acclaimed Rottweiler breeders with years of experience.

These breeders have been delivering bundles of happiness to thousands of homes in the United States. Learn more about these incredible Rottweiler breeders and their unique breeding process through the details mentioned below.

Royalty Kennel breeder information:

Kel Brook Farm

Kel Brook Farm is another reputed dog breeder in Manchester, Maryland, USA. The well-established and well-experienced breeders have been serving their clients with AKC registered puppies ever since.

They are devoted Rottweiler breeders who are very much concerned about the kind of homes they want to place their puppies in.

However, you will have to reach out to these breeders in person because they neither ship nor are available online.

Kel Brook Farm breeder information:

Pinelight Rottweilers

Located in Annapolis, Pine Rottweilers is one of the finest Rottweiler breeders in Maryland, USA. Their owner, David Chan has been a Rottweiler enthusiast from a long-time.

The AKC active member has been breeding as well as showing Rottweilers since 1982. David has bred almost 32 AKC champion Rottweilers to date.

The passionate breeder and his determination towards confirmation speaks for quality of his Rottweiler puppies for sale in Maryland indeed.

Pinelight Rottweilers breeder information:

Kuntree Bred Team

Kuntree Bred Team are dedicated Rottweiler breeders in La Plata, Maryland, USA. These ultimate Rottweiler breeders have been empowering their customers with some great designer and stud breeds from years now.

They strive to provide top quality family and protective Rottweiler puppies for sale in Maryland. They raise and breed their puppies with good temperaments to fit in all environments.

Kuntree Bred Team breeder information:

Mid Atlantic Boerboels

Mid Atlantic is another reputed Kennel breeder located in Germantown, Maryland, USA. The well-versed breeders raise their Rottweiler breed along with other dog breeds in 3 acres of land.

These impressive breeders have 20+ years of experience and began with raising the Boerboels breed first. Rottweiler enthusiasts will surely have a lot to look up to when it comes to the Mid Atlantic Boerboels breeders.

Mid Atlantic Boerboels breeder information:

Rossler Rottweilers

Rossler Rottweilers is one passionate and enthusiastic Rottweiler breeder in Pittsville, Maryland. They love and appreciate the Rottweiler dog breed the most.

These breeders strive for excellence when it comes to breeding quality and affordable Rottweiler pups. The breeders work to cultivate their puppies through some advanced breeding programs.

The breeders also give utmost importance to the health and temperament of their puppies to raise standardised pups.

Rossler Rottweilers breeder information:

Maryland Puppies Online

Maryland Puppies is a popular online breeder with its roots in Bel Air, Maryland, USA. The reputed breeders have been in business since 2004 offline and opened its doors online back in 2017.

They take pride in empowering their customers with the right pet for their home. Their boutique style business dealing makes them one of the most efficient Rottweiler breeders out there.

Maryland Puppies Online breeder information:

The K-9 Chateau

The K-9 Chateau is a famous pet owner, fosterer, groomer, and a small breeder in Abingdon, Maryland, USA. With 14 years+ experience, the small dog breeder also delivers family style boarding services that makes a wonderful alternative to the classic kennelling services.

The CPR-certified owner can certainly help you find some of the best pets for your home.

The K-9 Chateau breeder information:

Farmstead’s Puppy Paradise

Farmstead’s Puppy Paradise, LLC is a fine dog breeder in Clements, Maryland, USA. They are a family-owned and family-operated Rottweiler breeding business actively operating since 2006.

These breeders proud themselves for serving their customers with healthy, quality, and beautiful Rottweiler puppies for sale in Maryland.

They are highly respected Rottweiler breeders that also provide some genuine pet grooming and boarding services. They are licensed and inspected Rottweiler breeders with AKC registered puppies.

Farmstead’s Puppy Paradise breeder information:

Crouches Kennels & Rescue

Crouches Kennels & Rescue counts among the finest Rottweiler breeders in Stevensville, Maryland, USA. They are ethical Rottweiler breeders in Maryland with almost 15 years+ experience.

They have best quality, genuine, and affordable Rottweiler pups that could make perfect fit for your home.

If you have been planning to get a family-friendly and healthy Rottweiler pup, then don’t forget to checkout Crouches Kennels & Rescue.

Crouches Kennels & Rescue breeder information:

  • Address: Stevensville, Maryland, United States
  • Phone: +1 410-827-5060
  • Website: N/A
  • Social Media: LinkedIn
  • Email: N/A
  • Price Range: $3000

Charm City Puppies

Charm City puppies is another incredible Rottweiler breeder in Columbia, Maryland, USA. They are dedicated Rottweiler breeders with a good experience of raising quality Rottweilers.

They have well-versed Rottweilers with good manners, behaviour, health, and temperament.

Their exceptionally well-bred and well-trained puppies ensures you get the perfect new member that would easily adjust according to your family.

Charm City Puppies breeder information:

Mullin’s Haus

Mullin’s Haus also prides themselves for breeding the best Rottweiler puppies for sale in Maryland, USA. They have German, world champion, and AKC champion Rottweiler puppies available for sale in White March, Maryland.

They are experienced Rottweiler breeders with a happy and healthy Rottweiler bloodline and they strive to produce top competition Rottweiler puppies with a happy, healthy, and long life. 

Mullin’s Haus breeder information:

  • Address: White March, Maryland, United States
  • Phone: +1 443-506-1091
  • Website: https://mullinshaus.com/ 
  • Social Media: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Price Range: $2500

Von Herrschaft Rottweilers

If you have been looking for top quality and world champion Rottweiler puppies for sale in Maryland, then don’t forget to check out the Von Herrschaft Rottweiler breeders.

They have German Rottweiler puppies as well as adult dogs, special, and youthful dogs for sale. They have high-quality Rottweiler puppies that make an excellent fit for shows and work. 

Von Herrschaft Rottweilers breeder information:

Maryland Rottweilers

Maryland Rottweilers is also a famous breeder in Maryland. They have well-trained Rottweiler puppies that would perfect match the most versatile buyers’ needs.

The patient breeders strive to raise authentic and genuine Rottweiler puppies that would make obedient, well-rounded, and the homeliest of pets any day.

They have healthy puppies well-bred for good conformation, temperament, and socializing. You can learn more about these breeders through the following details below.

Maryland Rottweilers breeder information:


Finding Rottweiler puppies for sale in Maryland is not possible or recommended without knowing all about the best Rottweiler breeders in Maryland.

Hopefully, we have made the whole process easier for you by listing some of the reputed Rottweiler breeders in Maryland

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the right breeder to find a healthy, well-bred, and affordable pet home soon. All the best!

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