8 Rottweiler Breeders in New Jersey (NJ) | Rottweiler Puppies for Sale

Considering getting a family dog? Well, while it is true that you can rescue a pup and give them a better life, we understand that some people want to indulge in a pure-breed designer dog or a family dog that their children can grow up with. You aren’t the only person thinking like that, which is why the puppy breeding business is so flourishing.

Amidst all the common and unique breeds of dogs, Rottweiler deserves a worthy mention. It is a high potential breed and is often misunderstood to be aggressive, which isn’t always the case at all. They are quite tame and very sociable, provided that you are treating them with utmost care. 

If you are specifically looking for Rottweiler breeders in New Jersey, we have some news for you. There are a few reliable and ethical breeders in the state that are known for the quality of pups and their availability throughout the year. 

Let us walk you through some of the best breeders that you can contact to get a Rottweiler pup.

1. von Hobson Rottweilers

With 7+ years of experience in the dog breeding industry, von Hobson Rottweilers is worthy to mention if you are on the hunt for high-quality Rottweiler puppies with extreme high senses. They are a family-owned business and are based out of Stanton in New Jersey. So, if you are in New Jersey or even in New York and want to pick up a Rottweiler puppy for your home, all you have to do is contact them. 

Since they are one of the very few Rottweiler breeders around the area, they are often in high demand throughout the year, you’d have to contact them ahead of time to book your slot.

Address: Stanton, NJ 08885, United States

Phone: +1 908-672-2892

Social media: http://www.vonhobsonrotts.com/

Email: N/A

2. Omo Rotties

Looking for a Rottweiler puppy that will grow up to be a giant guard and family dog that you can rely on for your safety? Well, Omo Rotties takes care of those needs for you. Not only do you get to indulge in bringing home the best quality of Rottweiler, but you also get to indulge in choosing which kind you want. All the puppies are health-certified, so you are guaranteed that you get pure-bred puppies with no health complications.

The best thing about Omo Rotties is that you can video chat and book the puppy that you wish to purchase. And, once everything is settled, you can get your pup delivered to you safely, right at your doorstep, making the process extremely accessible. 

Address: Pine Hill. Delivers all across the United States

Phone: +1 240-229-6206

Social media: https://www.omorottie.com/

Email: N/A

3. Vom Hismerh Kennels

Rottweiler breeders in New Jersey

Another popular breeder for Rottweiler puppies that you can consider looking into is Vom Hismerh Kennels. They are popular; they are extremely well-behaved and will accommodate all your questions without any complaints. They do specialize in breeding German Shepherds and Dobermans but also deal with special requests for other big dog breeds like Rottweilers.

All of their dogs are ethically bred and pure-bred puppies. You will get health certification and the pups are trained before you pick them up. So, not only do you get to indulge in quality, you get assurance of the best sociable furry friend.

Address: 2933 Victoria Ave, Newfield, NJ 08344, United States

Phone: +1 646-515-3543

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/k9vomhismerh/

Email: N/A

4. Jasperranch Rottweilers

Although Jasperranch Rottweilers doesn’t have a very profound online presence with a website, they are a public favorite among the locals. Not only do you get to interact with the breeders, discuss your requirements and budget, you also get to pick out the puppy that you want to take home once the mother gives birth. 

All the pups undergo immediate health screening after birth to rule out any kinds of complications or other issues. So, you are assured of nothing but the best quality Rottweiler pup to take home. Besides New Jersey, they also connect with the adjoining states if you are interested.

Address: 3224 30th St, Long Island City, NY 11106, United States

Phone: +1 646-676-0690

Social media: N/A

Email: N/A

5. Arale Kennels-Lowenhart Inc

We can’t stress this enough but if there’s one local dog breeder in New Jersey who has four decades of experience in the field, Arale Kennels-Lowenhart Inc is the answer. They have been around for years now, which mean that you get quality, trust and years of assurance without any compromise.

All of their Rottweiler puppies are taken care of by them and their families under they are big and independent enough to be with their forever family. Besides Rottweiler, they also breed German Shepherds.

Address: 1000 Farmingdale Road, Jackson, NJ 08527

Phone: 732-363-8473

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/AraleKennels/


Email: N/A

6. Regal Dobermans

Regal Dobermans are one of the most highly rated dog breeders around New Jersey. They do specialize in breeding and selling Doberman puppies but they are equally accepting of special requests, in case you wish to purchase a different breed like Rottweiler. However, you’d have to contact them for the same ahead of time so they can get you the desired answer you need. 

They are known for being extremely caring and vigilant with the puppies, which ensures that you are getting nothing but the absolute best when you buy a puppy from them.

Address: 1242 Wells Mill Rd Waretown NJ 08758

Phone: 908-773-2564

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/regaldobermans


Email: Dave@Regaldobermans.com

7. Wittenhaus Kennels

Even though it has quite an atypical name, Wittenhaus Kennels is a popular breeder around New Jersey that you won’t regret indulging in. They do have a very limited batch of puppies that they sell throughout the year, so enrol in their waiting list before someone else does.

Also, their puppies are health certified, are basically trained, groomed and then handed over to their forever family. You’d have to do a personal pickup from the kennel since they don’t offer deliveries of the puppies due to safety concerns.

Address: 34 Germantown Road West Milford, NJ 07480

Phone: 201-978-9557

Social media: http://www.wittenhauskennels.com/contact-wittenhaus-kennels.html

Email: N/A

8. Wayne Puppies

Rottweiler breeders in New Jersey

Last but not least on the list of the best quality Rottweiler puppy for your family home is Wayne Puppies. They are based out of Wayne in New Jersey hence the name. They are also available at Fair Lawn in New Jersey, in case that is a closer destination for you. They do entertain puppy interaction or home visits but there could be restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic.

We’d recommend that you discuss everything in detail with them over a call to ensure you have a clear idea of things.

Address: 1055 Hamburg Turnpike Wayne, NJ 07470

Phone: 973-832-7058

Social media: https://www.waynepuppies.com/

Email: N/A

What is the Average Price of Rottweiler in New Jersey?

The average price of Rottweiler puppies in New Jersey typically ranges between $1700 to $2500. However, this is a very subjective range and will depend on other factors, including the kind of specifications that you are asking for and the color you need. The price can easily increase up to $3000 and more, depending on the choices and individual specifications.

Besides buying a Rottweiler pup, you also need to keep in mind that they require a lot of individual care and different kinds of vet checkups, vaccination and other items for their physical and mental well-being. So, not just the price, you also need to ensure that you keep the maintenance expenses for a Rottweiler in mind before you buy them from the breeder.

How long do Rottweilers live for?

When you are buying a Rottweiler puppy for your family, chances are that you want to ensure that they live a happy, healthy and comfortable life in their forever home. To ensure that, you need to cater to their basic eating, living and hygiene requirements so they can stay away from diseases and possible infections as much as possible.

As for their lifespan, Rottweilers typically live up to 10-12 years, depending on their health and their overall physical well-being. The majority of the Rottweilers reportedly die of cancer but with the right care, you can ensure that your pup lives a comfortable and fulfilling life without needing to worry about any kinds of pain or discomfort in their lives.

In case you find your dog experiencing anything amiss, we’d recommend that you consult a vet without taking any symptoms for granted.


Finding the best Rottweiler breeder in New Jersey can fetch you a few limited options. But, be assured that each one of them is quality approved, reliable and have years of experience in the field to offer you nothing but the absolute best. So, if you don’t want to compromise on the quality of the pup you are buying for your family, these are some of the best ethical breeders that you can get in touch with.

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