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Being a pet owner, especially that of a dog is a rewarding experience. You get to take care of an animal that you know will love and respect you just the same way. However, while some people opt for shelters to rescue dogs for their homes, some people have very specific requirements when it comes to owning a dog. Whatever your choices are, we’d recommend that you look into healthy and ethical breeders.

Poodles are decorative pups that will steal your heart right then and there. They are soft, a big fur ball and equally tame when you put them in a home setting. They aren’t the easiest to care for, especially because they come with very specific requirements about their health and care.

If you are looking for standard Poodle breeders in Texas (TX), you have come to the right place. Given how in-demand poodles are in the market, it isn’t surprising that the availability of breeders across the United States is quite high. This allows you to make the most out of the accessibility and find your furry best friend.

Let us take a look at all the best and most reliable Poodle breeders in Texas and the adjoining areas.

Namaste Bernedoodles

With a whopping 4.9 stars rating on Google, the Namaste Bernedoodles is a very popular and highly reliable breeder that you can contact. They do specialize in Bernedoodles, hence the name. However, you need to realize that they breed standard Poodles too if you are specific about the breed of dog you want.

Their business caters to Texas, California and New York, which means that you can order as per your requirements and either pick up your puppy or have them safely delivered to your doorstep with an additional fee.

They are a family-operated business where all the puppies are taken care of by hand. They raise sociable, fun and very healthy puppies without any complications in terms of quality.

Address: Dallas, Texas.

Phone: 214-364-7114

Social media: https://namastepoodles.com/

Email: info@namastepoodles.com

Dog Town Pups

The Dog Town Pups is another popular and high-quality standard Poodles breeder in Texas you can contact. Ideally, they breed a variety of dog breeds, some pure and some mixed. If you want to get a standard Poodle puppy, we’d recommend contacting them ahead of time since they are quite busy year-round and ethically breed their dogs.

Their waiting list is quite long, especially when it comes to the common breeds. Also, the puppies are hand-raised and they come with the basic vaccinations and documents that you’d need before taking them home.

Address: 281 Co Rd 5005, Blue Ridge, TX 75424, United States

Phone: +1 214-474-0017

Social media: dogtownpups.com

Email: N/A

Texas Red Toy Poodles

Standard Poodle Breeders in Texas (TX)

The Texas Red Toy Poodles is a highly rated and good-quality standard Poodle breeder across Texas. They do specialize in breeding and raising standard, toy and miniature poodles that you can take back home. They have a very detailed website with all the updated information that you can follow along to keep yourself aware of the information.

Their waitlist page is often filled to the brim and booked out. So, if you have specific requirements in terms of breed, color or pedigree, we’d recommend that you contact them directly and set up an appointment for further discussion. They don’t ship the puppies and encourage house pick-ups.

Address: 6420 N Interstate 35, Denton, TX 76207, United States

Phone: +1 972-672-1908

Social media: https://instagram.com/Texasredpoodles 


Email: TexasRedToyPoodles@gmail.com 

Pedigree Standard Poodles

Standing out with the full 5 stars rating on Google is the Pedigree Standard Poodles. Their mission is to breed and connect families with healthy and cheerful poodle puppies that will be their companions for years. They do focus on ethical breeding according to the AKC certification so you know that both the dogs and the puppies are healthy without any compromises at all.

The dogs are family raised, so the entire business is operated by the family members without any unnecessary cruelty involved. The puppies come with basic training and the required documentation that you’d need before taking them home.

Address: Corinth and nearby areas

Phone: +1 214-458-6922

Social media: N/A

Email: N/A

Wolfe Island Poodles

Next up on the list is the Wolfe Island Poodles. They operate out of Dayton, Texas and are a locally owned business that is spread across a whopping 2 acres of land. This ensures that every dog breed is happy and has the freedom to comfortably move around and spend the time of their lives.

They do live around the outskirts, which mean that you will have to drive down to find the puppy that best aligns with your and your family’s dynamics. They focus on breeding and raising healthy, smart and intelligent puppies that will right into your family.

Address: 6329 County Road 602 Dayton, Tx 77535

Phone: 281-324-1518

Social media: https://wolfeislandpoodles.com/


Email: N/A

East Texas Poodles

The East Texas Poodles is quite an underrated breeder across Texas if you are particularly looking for Standard poodles. They also specialize in tiny toy Poodles if that piques your interest. Since they are a family-raised and owned business, all the dogs and the involved puppies are nurtured with utmost care and love to give them a happy home for the rest of their lives. Standard Poodle Breeders in Texas (TX).

They do stay booked out almost throughout the year since they don’t actively and inhumanely breed their dogs. So, you can get the best out of these puppies without feeling guilty about your purchase. You will have to contact them to book your appointment to see the puppies beforehand.

Address: 711 Ruth St, Athens, TX 75751, United States

Phone: +1 903-910-5578

Social media: http://easttexaspoodles.com/

Email: Easttexaspoodles@gmail.com

WeKay Poodles

Standard Poodle Breeders in Texas (TX)

If you are looking for a trendy breeder with all the modern amenities, WeKay Poodles is your choice of interest. They are very popular among their local community, especially because of their ethical breeding practices and how good they are with the dogs that they breed. They specialize in breeding multicoloured standard and miniature poodles with top-notch health.

They are AKC certified, which contributes to the quality and the pedigree of the puppies they sell. Also, they have been in the business for quite a few years now, which means that you won’t have to complain about the quality of the poodles that you are buying. You can buy with assurance from them.

Address: 3523 W Erwin St Tyler, TX 75702

Phone: 903-253-2445

Social media: https://www.wekaykennels.com/


Email: wekaykennels@yahoo.com

Royal Standard Poodles

Based out of Flatonia, Texas, the Royal Standard Poodles is another popular standard Poodle breeder in the state. They are quite popular among the locals, especially because there are not many available businesses in the close vicinity, making them a standout breeder in the area. Also, they cater to healthy and well-taken care of dogs. No dog is harmed or forcefully bred.

The dogs and the puppies are all hand-raised by the family to ensure that no dog lives a questionable life out on their ranch. They meet the AKC standards for breeding, which is again a reason enough why they stand out.

Address: 142 Zimmerhanzel Rd Flatonia, TX 78941

Phone: N/A

Social media: http://www.royalstandardpoodles.com/

Email: N/A

KrisKen Poodles

With over 14 years of experience in the breeding business, the KrisKen Poodles are another popular and well-acclaimed breeder around Texas that you can consider contacting. They do specialize in a range of poodle breeds, including Standard Poodles, miniature poodles and so many more. Standard Poodle Breeders in Texas (TX).

They are experienced and ethical breeders who are here to connect families with their forever furry friends. All the poodles that are bred are genetically tested and they undergo consistent health screenings to rule out possibilities of lingering health disorders in the dogs. This is another reason why they have gained so much popularity.

Address: 6071 Neubauer Ranch Rd, Aubrey, TX 76227, United States

Phone: +1 940-536-8833

Social media: https://kriskenpoodles.com/


Email: N/A

Texas Teacup Poodles

Last on the list are Texas Teacup Poodles. They do specialize in teacup and toy poodles; however, you can find standard Poodle puppies at their centre too. We’d recommend that you contact them ahead of time to book a slot for you on the waiting list.

The worst part about their business is that they don’t have any online presence or a website, which makes them susceptible to not getting the recognition they need. So, if you have specific requirements in terms of poodle breeds, color, etc., you’d have to contact them personally to sort out the specifics. Standard Poodle Breeders in Texas (TX).

Address: Round Rock, TX 78680, United States

Phone: +1 512-945-2351

Social media: N/A

Email: N/A


If you were looking for high-quality and well-known ethical standard Poodles breeders in Texas, we hope this article answers all your questions. Make sure you pick the option that is located the closest to your home so it is easier for you to pick up the puppies when they are born and are ready to be with their forever families.

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