13 Shih Tzu Breeders In Georgia (GA) | Moral & Loving Certified

Cute pups are always a dream for many. Most people often wish for a Shih Tzu for their short snout and beautiful round eyes. The name translates to little lion, but these are gentle, friendly, and adorable.

But, if you’re already looking for Shih Tzu puppies for sale in Georgia, hold on.

Getting your dog from a reliable, moral, and loving breeder, is the most important thing to make sure of.

So, to help you do that, I did some research and found some of the best Shih Tzu breeders in Georgia.

You should still do your own due diligence with these, call and ask questions, read online reviews, etc. But this gives you a good starting point.

B & L Pets Inc 2381 Carter Rd, Sycamore, 31790, GA, USAbandlpets@aol.com
Puppies for Sale Local Breeders 1848 Old Norcross Road, Lawrenceville, 30044, GA, USApuppiesforsalelocalbreeders@gmail.com
Simply Southern KennelStatesboro, 30458, GA, USALisa@simplysouthernkennel.com
Hart to Heart Pups923 Perry Rd, Moultrie, 31778, GA, USAhartw0930@gmail.com
Georgia Puppies Online2365, Powder Springs Rd, Marietta, 30064, GA, USAsales@gapuppiesonline.com
Jerries Pet Place272 Deerwood Cir, Fort Valley, 31030, GA, USAinfo@jerriespetplace.com
Georgia Dog Club 4434 Red Bud Rd NE, Calhoun, 30701, GA, USApuppycare@georgiadogclub.com
Petland Kennesaw 840 Ernest W Barret Pkwy, NW Kennesaw, 30144, GA, USAwww.petlandkennesaw.com
Shih Tzus & Furbabies 5068 Saint Mary’s, 31558, GA, USAstfbr.org
Jenny’s Furbaby FarmsMonticello, GA, USAJenns0476@gmail.com
Uptown Puppies Georgia, USAhello@uptownpuppies.com
Justin’s T-Cup & Toy Puppy’s Georgia, USAmariettapups@gmail.com
Southern Magnolia Shih TzuGeorgia, USAwww.southernmagnoliashihtzu.com


B & L Pets Inc 

B & L Pets Inc is a licensed breeder in Georgia. Every puppy at this breeding center is vaccinated on time and is wormed. This breeder delivers exceptionally friendly Shih Tzu, which is warm, friendly, and well-behaving.

I found that these breeders are available for call only between 9 AM and 7 PM. So, if you wish to contact them after this window, you can leave a mail. 

I also found that the breeder gives you a bag with a sample of the food that your pup eats and their personal toy. You can either make cash deposits or use PayPal transactions.

Remember that the deposits to this breeder are non-refundable. So, check with the pups and then make the deposit if you liked the Shih Tzus here. 

You’ll need an appointment to visit B & L Pets to see the puppies there. I’ve attached the breeder’s information for reference. 

B & L Pets Inc Breeder Information: 

Puppies for Sale Local Breeders 

Another place to find Shih Tzu puppies for sale in Georgia is the Puppies for Sale Local Breeders store. This place is a little expensive but, the dogs from here are among the best.

The breeders take good care of the Shih Tzu here. The puppies are purebred and designer breeds. They provide all the assistance possible to raise your furry friend. 

The breeders are on par in terms of paperwork when you adapt your Shih Tzu. I also found that every Shih Tzu from this breeder comes with a microchip and is vaccinated on time.

Every person working with pups here has good knowledge about the breed and can help you if it is your first time handling a Shih Tzu. 

I’ve attached the breeder’s information here if you want to contact them for more information. 

Puppies for Sale Local Breeders Information: 

Simply Southern Kennel  

Located in Bulloch County, Simply Southern Kennel in Georgia are DOA licensed breeders. They are known for purebred and designer puppies in small and medium sizes.

With strong ethical practices and proper knowledge of the breed, these breeders try out some crossbreeds too. 

I found that the puppies from here are healthy and are of the required standards. Every dog from Simply Southern Kennel is genetically healthy and sound. You can contact the breeder for adopting your puppy or any assistance in the future after picking your Shih Tzu. 

The breeder requests everyone to not call after 9 PM. But you can still leave a text or an email anytime. 

Simply Southern Kennel Breeder Information: 

Hart to Heart Pups 

This breeder has over 15 years of experience in breeding Shih Tzu puppies. This is a family-owned and operated business, and so you can expect an active and adorable dog from here.

If you really love Shih Tzu puppies and are serious about adopting one, this is the perfect place for you. 

I found that all the dogs from this breeder are AKC and CKC standards. I also found that these breeders accept only cash payments, and you need an appointment to see their puppies.

The breeders are welcoming and have a wide range of dog collections here. 

You can contact the breeders for pricing and other information. 

Hart to Heart Pups Breeder Information: 

Georgia Puppies Online 

Georgia Puppies Online started in 2017 but the breeders here have been breeding since 2004. Here, you can find the healthiest, most playful, and active Shih Tzu puppies in Georgia.

The breeders are quite friendly and can help you with everything related to your dog. 

Through my research, I also found that these breeders get the puppies vaccinated on time. They maintain a proper record of the dog’s health, its food, microchip, and everything required.

You can lay hands on AKC standard Shih Tzus with basic and ultimate care packages provided by this breeder. 

For more information about the breeder and get Shih Tzu from here, you can refer to the following breeder information. 

Georgia Puppies Online Breeder Information: 

Jerries Pet Place 

Jerries Pet Place in Georgia is another place you can rely on for a good Shih Tzu puppy. I found that the breeders raise the dogs here in a heated and cooled kennel.

They are licensed and pad-train every pet before giving them to you. Every puppy from Jerries Pet Place is AKC, DBR, and CKC certified. 

Here, you can find purebred and designer dogs too. Every dog is genetically sound and healthy. With over 30 years of breeding experience, Jerrie helps you find the best Shih Tzu puppy that can match your family.

I also found that Jerrie’s puppies are intelligent and loyal. 

For more breeder-related information, you can access their website. 

Jerries Pet Place Breeder Information: 

Georgia Dog Club 

Georgia Dog Club is a group of breeders working to provide good Shih Tzu puppies to their clients.

The breeders provide a 10-year health warranty to your puppies and have a good knowledge of the breed. I also found that the Shih Tzus from here are healthy, stable, and active. 

There is an on-site team available throughout the day to take care of every puppy. They are a network of professional breeders with years of on-field experience.

You can also lay hands on puppy essentials from Georgia Dog Club when you get your puppy. 

The breeder’s information is added below for reference. 

Georgia Dog Club Breeder Information: 

Petland Kennesaw 

Operating in the Kennesaw Community, Petland Kennesaw is on the field for 15 years. It is a family-owned business where puppies are raised as a part of their family. So, you can get a friendly, loyal, and active Shi Tzu from this breeder. 

I found that these breeders also sell everything needed to raise your puppy. It is more like a one-stop solution to get your Shih Tzu home. Schedule an appointment with the breeder if you want a little discount on your puppy’s price. 

The breeder information for contact and reaching out to them is added below. 

Petland Kennesaw Breeder Information: 

  • Address: 840 Ernest W Barret Pkwy, NW Kennesaw, 30144, GA, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 678-496-3613 
  • Website: Petland Kennesaw 
  • Email: not available 
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price Range: not available 

Shih Tzus & Furbabies 

Located at Saint Mary’s, this breeder is well known in Georgia for Shih Tzu puppies. I found that these breeders do a lot more than breeding, including rescue, fostering, and more. Here, you can find both purebred and mixed-breed pups. 

Their puppies are sound in health, behavior, temperament, and loyalty. One thing that fascinated me is the Shih Tzus’ activeness and getting along with various families. These breeders are ethical, responsible, and have a sound knowledge of the breed. 

You can approach the breeders or apply online to get your Shih Tzu home. 

Shih Tzus & Furbabies Breeder Information: 

  • Address: 5068 Saint Mary’s, 31558, GA, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 912-673-0041 
  • Website: Shih Tzus & Furbabies 
  • Email: not available 
  • Social Media: not available 
  • Price Range: around $1500 – $2000 

Jenny’s Furbaby Farms 

This breeder in Georgia is renowned for hands-on care and commitment to Shih Tzu breeding. Every dog from here is good in health, behavior, temperament, and cognitive development. The breeders ensure the sweet disposition of the puppies so that you are not troubled by them. 

I found that the Shih Tzu puppies from here are quite friendly and easy-going with families.

The breeders here are a family taking care of these puppies all the time. So, these are worth considering when you are looking for Shih Tzu puppies for sale in Georgia. You can find puppies with rare colors here. 

Here is more information about the breeder for your reference. 

Jenny’s Furbaby Farms Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Monticello, GA, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 678-315-1276 
  • Website: Jenny’s Furbaby Farms 
  • Social Media: not available 
  • Email: Jenns0476@gmail.com 
  • Price Range: $3000 

Uptown Puppies 

Uptown Puppies in Georgia provides Shih Tzu puppies that clear 47 breeder standards. They are known for ethical, honest, and experienced breeding practices.

I found that these puppies are good in health and behavior. Moreover, the breeders have considerate knowledge about the breed. 

Here, you can find soft and cuddly Shih Tzus with a controlled temperament. I found that the breeders help you gain proper knowledge if it is your first time raising a Shih Tzu. 

I have attached the breeder’s information if you want to contact them. 

Uptown Puppies Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Georgia, USA. 
  • Phone: not available 
  • Email: hello@uptownpuppies.com 
  • Website: Uptown Puppies 
  • Social Media: not available 
  • Price Range: $2500 

Justin’s T-Cup & Toy Puppy’s 

Justin’s T-Cup & Top Puppy’s are a group of breeders with years of breeding experience. Here, you can find the cutest of Shih Tzus with teddy-bear and doll faces. They come with non-shedding coats and a year of genetic warranty.

I found that every Shih Tzu from this breeder is well-behaving and adorable. You can lay hands on Shih Tzus with the best health from these breeders. 

You can refer to the following information if you want to get in touch with the breeders. 

Justin’s T-Cup & Toy Puppy’s Breeder Information: 

Southern Magnolia Shih Tzu 

Matty and Lisa are two best friends running Southern Magnolia Shih Tzu. They specialize in AKC standard puppies raised at home.

Though it started in 2015, the breeders have been involved with Shih Tzu puppies since 2000. Lisa can help you groom your puppies apart from raising them. 

When you buy your Shih Tzu from these breeders, you get a health certificate with all the relevant information about your dog. I also found that the puppies from these breeders are healthy, strong, sweet, socialized, and adorable. 

You can access the breeder’s website for more information. 

Southern Magnolia Shih Tzu Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Georgia, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 706-690-8141 
  • Website: Southern Magnolia Shih Tzu 
  • Email: not available 
  • Social Media: not available 
  • Price Range: $3000 

Over to You 

Finding the best Shih Tzu breeders in Georgia is necessary when you are trying to find a puppy of that breed. The breeders mentioned above provide AKC standard puppies with sound health.

You can check every information related to them, including their breeding practices, the dog’s temperament, and everything else, before getting your Shih Tzu. 

Try checking for your puppy’s health history by checking with the breeders when visiting them. I would suggest that you personally visit the breeding area and choose your paw-pal instead of just looking at the pictures.

This way, you can observe the dog’s behavior and activeness. Have a great time getting your Shih Tzu home! 

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