11 Shih Tzu Breeders in Arizona (AZ)

Shih Tzu puppies are one of the perkiest puppies with quite happy temperaments. They make friendly and lively puppies that tend to get along with their owners and other people well. They make great family pets for people of all ages. They are outgoing, affectionate, and alert dog breeds.

Have you been looking forward to getting a Shih Tzu puppy home? Do you want to know all about where you can find the best Shih Tzu puppies for sale in Arizona at the best prices? Then, have a look at the below-mentioned list of top, acclaimed, and highly reputed Shih Tzu breeders in Arizona to get your favorite Shih Tzu pup home.

#1 Shih Tzu Arizona

The Shih Tzu Arizona or Puppy Love Shih Tzu breeders are one reputed breeder located in Mesa, Arizona, USA. They are well-versed Shih Tzu breeders dealing in 100% purebred and AKC-registered Shih Tzu puppies. Their premium and imperial teacup puppies would surely make the best choice for most family-oriented homes. With over 30 years of experience, these promising breeders would surely offer nothing but the best to their customers.

Shih Tzu Arizona breeder information:

#2 The Paw Palace

Shih Tzu Breeders in Arizona

The Paw Palace breeders are other trusted breeders located in Tucson, Arizona, USA. They are genuine breeders dealing in Shih Tzus since 2010. They are licensed Shih Tzu breeders also offering re-homing for all the licensed and inspected breeders. The passionate Shih Tzu breeders would surely help interested dog owners find the perfect Shih Tzu pup for their homes any day.

The Paw Palace breeder information:

#3 Bells Arizona Shih Tzu

The Bells Arizona Shih Tzu breeders are some of the finest Shih Tzu breeders located in Chandler, Arizona, USA. They have been breeding top-notch dog breeds such as Shih Tzus for the past 11 years. They have premium quality and champion Shih Tzu bloodlines available for sale in Arizona. Their extremely healthy Shih Tzu puppies with the best conformation would surely make sound pups for any home.

Bells Arizona Shih Tzu breeder information:

#4 Pugs Palace Phoenix

Pugs Palace Phoenix is another pioneer Shih Tzu breeder located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. They are passionate and enthusiastic Shih Tzu breeders with good years of experience. They have premium, healthy, genetically fit, good conformation, and good temperament Shih Tzu puppies available at affordable prices. You can reach out to them to find the best Shih Tzu puppies for sale in Arizona indeed.

Pugs Palace Phoenix breeder information:

#5 Loyal Shih Tzu

The Loyal Shih Tzu breeders are another reputed Shih Tzu breeders located in Peoria, Arizona, USA. They are standard breeders dealing in AKC-registered Shih Tzu puppies. They are a family-owned breeding business that started breeding recently in 2020. They have healthy and family-oriented Shih Tzu puppies available with them for genuine prices.

Loyal Shih Tzu breeder information:

#6 Shih Tzu Precious Dreams

Shih Tzu Breeders in Arizona

The Shih Tzu Precious Dreams are another acclaimed Shih Tzu breeder in Arizona, USA. These established breeders have been breeding top-class Shih Tzu puppies since 2006. They have dedicated Shih Tzu breeders with some beautiful and adorable Shih Tzu puppies available for sale. They are responsible breeders with some really precious Shih Tzu puppies available.

Shih Tzu Precious Dreams breeder information:

#7 Perfect Little Pups

The Perfect Little Pups breeders are another fine Shih Tzu and Maltese breeders located in Glendale, Arizona, USA. They have AKC registered Shih Tzu puppies and Maltese puppies available with them. What makes these breeders unique is their 25+ years of experience in training, breeding, and raising premium quality puppies. They are highly educated dog breeders with amazing knowledge about Shih Tzus and Maltese dogs. Their one-year guaranteed, vet-checked, and healthy puppies are surely a steal deal.

Perfect Little Pups breeder information:

#8 Arizona Sunrise Shih Tzus

Other famous breeders in Arizona are the Arizona Sunrise Shih Tzu puppies. They are knowledgeable Shih Tzu breeders capable of delivering great behavior, conformation, and temperament to their puppies. You can learn more about these incredible Shih Tzu breeders through the details mentioned below.

Arizona Sunrise Shih Tzus breeder information:

#9 Arizona Mini Shih-Poo Puppies

The Arizona Mini Shih-Poo Puppies are also quite reputable Shih Tzu breeders in Arizona. They are highly acclaimed Shih Tzu breeders that prioritize delivering good temperament, healthy, and good conformation Shih Tzus to all the new family owners for the best prices.

Arizona Mini Shih-Poo Puppies breeder information:

#10 Canyon Trails Shih Tzus

The Canyon Trails Shih Tzus breeder is another acclaimed breeder in Arizona state. They have a healthy, standard size, and gorgeous Shih Tzu puppies for sale in Arizona. They have over 10 years of breeding Shih Tzu puppies. They are small and full-time Shih Tzu breeders with well-socialized and ultimate Shih Tzu companions for new owners.

Canyon Trails Shih Tzus breeder information:

#11 Arizona Shih Tzu

Another famous and reliable Shih Tzu breeders located in Arizona are the Arizona Shih Tzu breeders. They have been breeding AKC registered and AKC standard Shih Tzu as well as Champion bloodline Shih Tzu for years. You can learn about these breeders through the breeder information given below.

Arizona Shih Tzu breeder information:


Finding the best Shih Tzu puppies for sale in Arizona is surely no big deal with the best Shih Tzu breeder in Arizona by your side. In this article, we have tried including as much essential information as we could to help all our readers and prospective Shih Tzu owners make the most of it. All the breeders including the breeder information have been sourced from the most credible sources. To help you find and get home the best Shih Tzu puppy home in the most efficient way.

So, now that you have all the necessary information you need about the breeders, we hope you will make a sound purchase decision for sure! You can reach out to these breeders directly or book an appointment through phone or online to know more about them. All the best!

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