9 Pug Breeders in Oregon (OR)

Pugs make sturdy puppies. They are compact dogs included in the toy group of the American Kennel Club. Puppies are most popularly categorised as the canine world clowns because of their great sense of humour. They are the kind of puppies that really like to show off.

Have you been looking for Pug puppies in Oregon? Do you want to know where you could find the best Pug puppies for sale in Oregon? Then, have a look at the below-mentioned list of the top Pug breeders in Oregon to find your perfect Pug puppy.

#1 Lodas Pugs

Lodas Pugs is one reputed breeder located in Salem, Oregon, USA. These breeders home some of the most spoilt pug puppies out there. Located in the heart of Salem, these recognized Pug breeders are renowned for raising standard coloured pugs.

These breeders have been raising and breeding Pug puppies since 2011. They strive to deliver a healthy and happy new family member to all their customers.

Lodas Pugs also have adult AKC registered pugs. They deliver vet-checked, up-to-date shot, and wormed Pug puppies.

Lodas Pugs breeder information:

#2 Happy Tails To You Kennel, LLC

Another reputed breeder located in Oregon is the Portland-based breeder named Happy Tails To You Kennel. These breeders pride themselves for delivering outstanding quality, AKC standards, purebred, and non-registered puppies. All their puppies for sale are also backed with a genuine health guarantee.

These pioneer breeders were also chosen by U.S. Commerce Of Association for providing best animal speciality services in Portland in 2010. They have also received Best of Local Business and some more awards.

Happy Tails To You Kennel, LLC breeder information:

#3 Country Doodle Dogs

Pug Breeders in Oregon

The Country Doodle Dogs are also trusted breeders located in Oregon City, Oregon, USA. They are a family owned and family operated breeders since 2003. Although they began their journey originally as Labradoodle breeders, today they also provide some other quality dog breeds like Pugs.

They are loving breeders raising some of the most beautiful, non-shedding, and hypoallergenic free family dogs available for sale in Oregon. They are hardworking breeders raising some of the most wonderful Pug puppies for sale in Oregon.

Country Doodle Dogs breeder information:

#4 Margem Hills Shar-Pei

Located in Tualatin, the Margem Hills Shar-Pie breeders have some of the smartest, easy to train, and loyal puppies for sale in Oregon, USA. They are knowledgeable breeders with over 40 years of experience. They are reputed breeders that aim to provide prospective Pug puppy buyers with essential information.

The Margem Hills Shar-Pei are pride breeders renowned for raising only the best Pug puppies. Learn more about this famous Pug breeder in Oregon through accessing the breeder information given below.

Margem Hills Shar-Pei breeder information:

#5 Hill Peak Pups

The Hill Peak Pups is also a specialist breeder located in the hilltops of Washougal, Oregon, USA. They have some of the most wonderful Pug puppies that most owners and their families would love and cherish.

Prospective buyers can reach out to this breeder for getting home the best quality and affordably priced Cavalier puppies, Pug puppies, and also Cavapoo puppies for sale in Oregon.

They have AKC international and microchipped Pug puppies along with lifetime registered membership.

Hill Peak Pups breeder information:

#6 Luscious Frenchies

The Luscious Frenchies breeder based in Portland also produces some of the best quality Pug puppies out there. They have some small and strongly built Pug puppies for sale in Oregon. All their puppies have exceptionally amazing personalities.

These breeders are also recognized as one of the leading Pug breeders in Oregon. They strongly believe that all puppies deserve highest level of care and love. You can learn about the Pug puppies and some of its best breeders by going in the right direction.

Luscious Frenchies breeder information:

#7 Pacific Northwest Bulldog Rescue

Pug Breeders in Oregon

The Pacific Northwest Bulldog rescue is also a reliable rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home centre. They are passionate and enthusiastic Pug breeders in Oregon providing accurate training and breeding information. Their aim is to provide their customers with healthy and happy Pug puppies in the region.

You can learn more about the Pacific Northwest Bulldog Rescue by referring to the breeder information mentioned below.

Pacific Northwest Bulldog Rescue breeder information:

#8 Umpqua Valley Kennels French Bulldogs

Another reputed breeders located in Drain, OR are the Umpqua Valley Kennels French Bulldogs breeder. They are dedicated breeders who have been serving dog owners by fulfilling their ultimate Pug puppy and other dogs adoption needs.

They are well-known for raising family-friendly and affordably priced Pug and French Bulldog puppies for sale in Oregon, USA. You will find loving, sociable, and well-trained puppies that would make ideal pets any day.

Umpqua Valley Kennels French Bulldogs breeder information:

#9 Trail’s End Labradoodles

Last but not the least, the Trail’s End Labradoodles are family breeders focused upon raising standard mini and medium Pug puppies for sale in Oregon. They are loving and caring Pug breeders having the most joyful, healthy, playful, energetic, and cuddly Pug puppies.

These breeders are renowned for genetically tested and guaranteed Pug puppies. They pride themselves for raising calm, obedient, and loving-temperament Pug puppies. You will find some really smart, wonderful, beautiful, and sweet Pug puppies.

Trail’s End Labradoodles breeder information:


Looking for Pug puppies for sale in Oregon can be a really tiring job sometimes. Mainly because Oregon is a huge place with good number of Pug breeders. So, most prospective owners can often get confused or even tempted as a matter of fact. And, they could end up selecting an inappropriate breeder.

No one looks forward to having a bad experience while choosing their favorite Pug puppy. This is why relying on reputed breeders rather than a random seller can make a huge difference.

If you have been looking for Pug puppies in Oregon, then any of the above-mentioned Pug breeders in Oregon would help you the best Pug puppy in Oregon. We have tried including as much breeder information as we could about the best Pug breeders in region. Now, we hope you will have a good time choosing a suitable pup from the appropriate breeder

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