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If you’re on the hunt for pug puppies for sale in Massachusetts, welcome! This post is especially for you. 

The American Kennel Club states that picking the right breeder and the puppy is one of the most important things.

This is because; a credible pug breeder takes responsibility for the overall wellbeing of the puppy’s life, which is paramount. 

So, I’ve done a lot of research, and without further ado, here are the top 10 pug breeders in Massachusetts.

Sidestreet Kennel233 Batchelor St, Granby, MA 01033maryanne@sidestreetkennel.com
Pug-PuppyNorth Boston, Massachusettsrenee@pug-puppy.com
Gifford PugsChicopee, MA, 01020giffo843@verizon.net
PugPuppyNowRoute 1 S Saugus, MA 01906info@pugpuppynow.com
Fila’s Pugs 793 North Street, Feeding H413-433-1234
Talegre 52 Gorham Ave Stoneham, MA 02180tonycosta01@aol.com 
The Perfect Puppy 13, Tauton St. Plainville, MA 02762 theperfectpuppyri.com
Pet Express 250 Granite St, Braintree, MA 02184, US/ 1201 Broadway, Saugus, MA 01906customerservice@petexpressboston.com 
Forever Home Rescue New England106 Adams St, Medfield, MA 02052www.foreverhomerescue.org
Pug Rescue of New England PRoNE PO Box 441667. West Somerville, MAsocialmedia@pugrescueofnewengland.org

Sidestreet Kennel

Sidestreet Kennel in Batchelor St, Granby, MA, is my top choice for a couple of reasons. A certified vet with a passion for puppies is the owner.

This breeder has been successfully breeding competitive terriers for several years before adding pugs to their list in 2014.  

In addition, Sidestreet Kennel is also an AKC Breeder of Merit, meaning that the puppies are fully health tested, including PDE DNA testing.

You will also appreciate that Sidestreet Kennel pug puppies are micro-chipped with the breeder as the secondary contact. 

Sidestreet Kennel details 


Pug-Puppy owners pride themselves on breeding and raising the pups in an indoor setting. But of course, the pups also have access to the outdoors in their one-acre wooded land in North Boston, MA. 

However, Pug-Puppy also sells their black and fawn pugs to surrounding areas, including Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire and New York.

Pug-Puppy pups are AKC registered, so you can be sure that they are well cared for, and the breeder is legit. 

When you bring a pug home from Pug-Puppy, they will be dewormed, vaccinated, and puppy pad trained. Furthermore, the pups are also from champion lines, so you have little to worry about.

The pups’ owner, Renee, also sends each puppy home with a sweater and a toy, which is quite neat. 

Pug-Puppy details 

Gifford Pugs

Located at Chicopee, MA, Gifford Pugs is home to pups raised in fully fenced yards, meaning no kennels. The pups are participants of several shows on the East Coast.

Every pug puppy from Gifford Pugs is AKC and UKC certified, which attests to their high quality.

When you bring home a pug from this Massachusetts breeder, you can be sure that the pugs are micro-chipped and vet-checked. 

In addition, the pugs also come with a health guarantee so you can confidently take your fur babies home. Gifford Pugs is a family-owned breeder, which means that the pups are fairly spoilt. 

Gifford Pugs details  


PugPuppyNow is home to both pug puppies and pug stud services. Although the pug sellers are based a little outside of Boston, they also provide their services to the city and the surrounding areas. 

The pups from PugPuppyNow come from an AKC, CKC or ACA pedigree, so you can be sure about their best qualities.

When you take home a pug from PugPuppyNow, they will have had their shots, dewormed and come with a health guarantee. 

PugPuppyNow details 

Fila’s Pugs 

Sandy of Fila’s Pugs has been breeding pups for nearly three decades. All the pups from this Massachusetts pug breeder are AKC registered and come from champion lines. 

Fila’s Pugs are bred and raised on a mini-farm with other animals, including ponies and horses, so the pups are very friendly.

Sandy is also trained from a K-9 education center, so the pugs from her mini-farm are very well behaved.   

Fila’s Pugs details 

  • Address – 793 North Street, Feeding Hills, MA, 01030
  • Phone Number – 413-433-1234
  • Website – NA
  • Social Media – NA
  • Email – NA
  • Price range – $$$


Talegre belongs to Tony Costa, who’s been breeding pups for more than four decades from Stoneham, MA.

This Massachusetts breeder primarily focuses on Boston Terriers. However, Tony also breeds pugs occasionally, so you can check out the breeder. 

All pups from Talegre are AKC registered and come with a health certificate, and are micro-chipped. In addition, the pugs also come with a health certificate.

They are also dewormed and declawed, so you have nothing to worry about bringing home a fur baby. Tony’s pups also come with a one-year guarantee.

If you’re curious about the pup’s colors, the breeders at Talegre breed conventional colors, which are – black, white, black brindle, and seal brindle. 

Talegre details 

Top Pug Sellers In Massachusetts

The Perfect Puppy 

The Perfect Puppy is a pup store that has been in service for over two decades. This family-owned puppy seller operates in three locations, including Plainville, Massachusetts.  

The pups from this seller are fully vaccinated and come with up-to-date shots. As you might expect, the Perfect Puppy pugs are purebreds and registered with AKC, ICA, and ACA. 

This pug seller also provides financing if you are strapped for cash, so feel free to contact the team. 

The Perfect Puppy details  

Pet Express 

Pet Express in Massachusetts is another great pup seller that has been in service for almost three decades.

This award-winning pet store operates out of two locations, Braintree and Saugus, so you can visit the most convenient one for you. 

Every pup from this store is fully vaccinated and comes with a health guarantee. You will also love that the store provides ongoing support if you decide to take home a pet from them.

And, of course, the pugs are AKC registered. 

Pet Express details 

Forever Home Rescue New England

Forever Home Rescue New England is a rescue home where you can get pug puppies, provided they have it with them. All the dogs from this rescue home are spayed and micro-chipped.

You will also appreciate that the dogs from this home come with insurance for a month, a microchip, and a health certificate. 

A great feature about Forever Home Rescue New England or any rescue home is that you can get a pug of any age.

If there are no pugs available at the home when you contact them, you can still choose to be contacted by the friendly team as soon as they get one. 

Forever Home Rescue New England details 

Pug Rescue Of New England Prone 

This foster home is also a rescue-based organization, so you can find pugs for adoption.

Pug Rescue of New England or PRoNE was established in 1982 and is one of the oldest serving canine organizations in the area. 

The pugs are rescued and then neutered or spayed before you can adopt them. In addition, every pug is up to date with its shots, so you can bring them home with absolute confidence. 

Apart from adopting the pugs, you can also surrender your pugs to PRoNE if the need arises. 

Pug Rescue of New England details 

FAQs About Pugs In Massachusetts

What Is The Average Price Of A Pug In Massachusetts?

The average price of pugs in Massachusetts typically depends on several factors.

Pugs from rescue homes and adoption centers are usually the most affordable and can cost anywhere between $150 and $500. 

Chinese pugs can have a price tag from $1,200 to $2,500.

However, pugs from show and champion lines can cost more than $2,500. 

In addition, adult pugs can cost more than a pup and vice versa. In some cases, the dog’s lineage and gender can also determine its price. 

What Is The Maintenance Cost Of A Pug In Massachusetts?

Similar to the price of buying the puppy, the cost of maintaining a pug in Massachusetts also depends on a couple of factors.

That being said, the annual average cost of a pug is $1,000-$1,200.

The figure is by no means absolute. Maintaining pugs or any other dogs will also depend on how much you choose to spoil your fur babies, as well as their overall health condition. 

How Long Can I Expect A Pug To Live?

12 to 15 years is the average life expectancy of pugs, making them one of the longest living breeds in the dog world. 

On average, female pugs live up to a year longer than their male counterparts.

So for a female pug, the life expectancy can be 13 to 15 years.

Nonetheless, pugs that have are healthier and live in a happy environment can have the longest life. So ensuring that you get the pug from credible breeders and sellers is paramount.

In addition, you can also give your pug a healthy living environment and give them the best dog food. 


Locating the best pug breeders in Massachusetts can seem daunting if you don’t know where to look.

But with a comprehensive list of pug information like this one on your hands, you shouldn’t have much problem finding and bringing home a pug baby to your family. 

The key takeaway is to look for AKC registered pugs, as these are the best. If you have the budget, you can also consider getting a pug from a champion line. 

Pugs are excellent family pets, and they are great with kids too. They can be a bit stubborn, but their social skills and need for attention make up for it.

We wish you the best in your quest to bring home a pug and make a wonderful addition to your family. 

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