Top 13 Pomeranian Breeders in Texas (TX)

Pomeranian is a dog breed categorized under the spitz type. They were first originated between Poland and Germany. They were named after the province of Pomerania. Although, they gained popularity after Queen Victoria allowed her Pomeranians to be shown at a conformation show. This article contains all the information about Pomeranian Breeders in Texas.

Pomeranians are the smalled breed type under spitz. They were also called “german-spitz.” They’re usually light cream, red, orange, or brown color and rarely pure white. In total, Pomeranians come in 23 different colors and can change their color as they grow. Being just 7-12 inches tall with large fur is the significant characteristic of this breed. Although, Pomeranians and Indian spitz are confused by novice dog lovers.

They have double-coated fur helping them to survive in colder regions. Their thick and fluffy coats don’t only help them survive in critical temperatures but also make them one of the most adored dog breeds. They are generally cute, lovable, cheerful, and affectionate. They’re also included in athletic activities. Poms are quick learners and learn new commands or tricks after repeating them 4-5 times with positive reinforcement.

Despite their small stature and adorable looks, they can make perfect watchdogs. They are the appropriate example for the saying, “Not all that glitters are Gold.” Not because they might become aggressive but because of their determination and courage to protect their owners or their babies from a potential threat. There have been several incidents where Pomeranians chased away bigger dogs and animals.

Pomeranian Breeders in Texas

Poms have loud bark irrelevant to their body size and can develop continuous barking, which can cause serious discomfort. Thus, give your dog proper obedience training. They also need to be let out to play or can become restless and develop behavior problems.

Pomeranian Breeders in Texas

The right breeder should breed poms in an ethical way to ensure the breed’s purity and welfare. We will help you find some best Pomeranian Breeders in Texas if you accompany us on this journey.

Let’s get to it!

1. J&B Pomeranians

J&B Pomeranians are breeding both standard and toy-sized pom puppies. These puppies look incredibly cute and are prime in their health and temperaments. They’re a certified hobby breeder who fosters these puppies in-house to ensure their physical and mental health. They also take appointments for puppy visitation in which they will get to know your desire, personality, and lifestyle to guide you to pick the right puppy that better suits you. Hurry up and make your appointment now!

J&B Pomeranians Information

● Address: 101 Haywood Dr, Benbrook, TX 76126, United States
● Phone: (817) 501-0936
● Website:
● Price: NA

2. M&L Puppy Love

M&L Puppy Love is the next on our list; they are licensed, qualified, and ethical poms puppy breeders. They are dedicated to producing puppies of excellent health and temperament. These puppies are farmed in their home along with other types of dog breeds. Puppies are well socialized and pre-spoiled, which guarantees better behavior. Each puppy is vaccinated and de-wormed on a regular basis.

M&L Puppy Love Information

● Address: Archer City, Texas
● Phone: 940-733-3423
● Website:

3. La Rose Mars Cuties LLC

This breeder here has been breeding Pomeranian puppies for more than two decades. With their experience and knowledge, they are able to choose the best dam and sires to produce quality Pom puppies.

They are AKC-certified breeders, and all their dogs are DNA tested and approved by AKC. The breeder carefully handpicks the dogs that have a better temperament and behaviors. Each dog is carefully bred and is kept in a sanitized, warm place. Puppies are fed with high-nutritional foods and are of top-notch quality.

LA Rose Mars Cuties LLC Information

● Address: Marquez, Texas
● Contact:
● Website:

4. Dee Dee’s Pomeranians

The next breeder on our list is Dee Dee’s Pomeranians, who are Texas State Licensed breeds Pom puppies. They have been breeding pom puppies for more than 20 years. They’re specialized in breeding Pomeranians of exotic color. The puppy with sliver-ash color is one of their coolest collection.

Due to their excellence, they’ve received a Gold Star of Approval from the American Kennel Club (AKC). These puppies are well integrated into their family and are easy to mingle with. They are 100% transparent in the breeding process, which makes them reliable.

Dee Dee’s Pomeranians Information

● Address: Smithville, Texas 78957
● Phone: 512-785-4003
● Website:
● E-mail id:

5. Candy Land Poms

Candy Land Poms breeder is located in Houston, Texas. They’re breeding the most exotic kinds of Pom pups. The Teddy bear Pomeranian is one of those rare breeds they’re breeding. They offer puppies with excellent temperaments. Puppies are bred in a safe environment and are constantly checked for injuries or ailments. Once they’re eight weeks old and are free of any disease, they’re offered to the customers. They also support the customer until these puppies adapt to their new homes.

Candy Land Poms Information

● Address: Houston, Texas
● Phone: 832-892-2366
● Website:

6. Aukland’s Poms

Aukland’s Poms are breeding Pom puppies along with french bulldogs. This gives the puppies an excellent chance to mingle with other breeds. They’re also home-bred and adequately socialized. Thus, they are of good manners and behaviors.

The breeders periodically bring these puppies to the vet, where they’re tested for illness and are vaccinated. The puppy is also micro-chipped and will be registered under AKC.

Auckland’s Poms Information

● Address: Tyler, Texas
● Phone: 262-672-5188
● Website:
● Price: $3,000-$4,000

7. Puppy World Boutique & Spa

Puppy World offers puppies that are home-raised and picked carefully by a trained animal care member. One thing they can’t compromise is the quality of the puppies. Quality means not only health but also the personality of the puppy. They don’t offer puppies that have behavioral issues like aggression, snappy attitude, or excessive barking.

They also provide individual consultations to walk you through each puppy and help you to make the right choice. Puppies are micro-chipped, vaccinated, and de-wormed. Medical records will be given along with the puppies.

Pomeranian Breeders in Texas

Puppy World Boutique & Spa Information

● Address: 7636 Harwin Drive Suite 303, Houston, Texas
● Phone: 832-667-8700
● Website:

8. BlueBonnet Pomskies

“Pomskies” are the hybrid between Husky and Pomeranian breeds. Both are equally cute and intelligent dog breeds. This breeder has specialized in breeding Pomskies that are sound and strong. All of the breeding dogs are their family dogs; hence they’re loved and respected. They’ve been bred in accord with the USDA rules.

BlueBonnet Pomskies

● Address: Weir, Texas 78674
● Phone: 512-966-4784
● Website:

9. Prettiest Puppies

Just like their name, the puppies they’re offering are also one of the prettiest and exotic. These puppies are loved and spoiled and looking for their new homes. The breeder guarantees the health and purity of the breed. Each has undergone proper medical assessment and vaccination and is completely healthy.

Prettiest Puppies Information

● Address: Jonestown, Texas
● Phone: 512-694-1137
● Website:

10. Bear Face Pomz

Are you looking for a toy breed Poms puppy? You might be in the right place because this breeder is proving top-tier quality teacup breed Pomeranians of various colors at an affordable price with proper registration. They also provide safe shipping that enables your puppy to reach your destination safely and sound.

Bear Face Pomz Information

● Phone: 6503031599
● Website:
● Price: $2,800

11. Ryan’s Precious Pomeranians

Pictures of cuttle little furry Pom pups that they breed are all over their site. They are safe and reliable breeders who love their pets and see their value over money. Puppies are sound, cheerful, and athletic. Puppies are also properly socialized.

Ryan’s Precious Pomeranians Information

● Address: 2665 SW Hulen St, Burleson, TX 76028
● Phone: (817) 944-9568
● Website:

12. Tiny Pom Paws

Tiny Pom Paw breeds tiny adorable Pom puppies who will steal your hearts. Adorable cute little puppies are playful and athletic. Once they’re eight weeks old and are vaccinated, they will leave to their forever homes. Please make your appointment today by contacting them.

Tiny Pom Paws Information

● Phone: 512-585-9510
● Website:

13. Petland Poms

If you’re looking for an authenticate breeder to adopt your Pom-friend from, Petland Poms might be the best choice. They are USDA-regulated breeders who respect these pets while breeding. They’re also licensed and certified. Each puppy is carefully examined by a vet and is then offered to the customers.

Petland Poms Information

● Address: 2930 Preston Rd Frisco, TX 75034
● Phone: 469-804-7260
● Website: times.

In Summary

Pomeranian puppies are affectionate, lovable, and clingy dog breeds. Yet, they can be bold, courageous, and athletic. Puppies with good temperament, behavior, and personality, along with excellent health, should be picked. Due to many reasons like in-line breeding and puppy mills, the quality of the puppies is reducing. Thus it is vital to adopt the right puppy from the right breeder. We hope this dedicated list of Pomeranian Breeders in Texas will help your paw-mate.

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