9 Maltese Breeders in Michigan (MI)

The Maltese Puppy is an affectionate, intelligent, gentle, trusting, and responsive dog breed. The Maltese puppies make great family pets because of their generally playful, vigorous, lively, and eagerness to learn and play new tricks. From being a great watchdog to being the ultimate couch companion, the Maltese puppies make the perfect pets indeed.

Maltese breeders in Michigan

Have you been looking for Maltese puppies for sale in Michigan? Do you want to know where you can find the best Maltese puppies to buy in Michigan? Then, have a look at the below-mentioned list of the top, acclaimed, and reputed Maltese breeders in Michigan. We are sure these breeders will help you take home the ultimate Maltese puppy for sure!

#1 Great Lakes Pups

Great Lakes Pups also known as Premier Pups is one reputed breeder located in Troy, Michigan, USA. The Great Lake Michigan Puppies strives to make their customers’ puppy buying experience as best as it can be. Their main objective is to build solid puppy communities and lasting relationships with their loyal and dedicated puppy breeding services.

At the Great Lake Pups, the breeders ensure producing well-nurtured and well-cared for Maltese puppies. All their puppies for sale are loved at every step of the way.

You can learn more about the Great Lakes Pups breeder through the breeder information given below.

Great Lakes Pups breeder information:

#2 The Family Puppy Of Genesee Valley Center

The Family Puppy Of Genesee Valley Center are another reputed breeders located in Flint, Michigan, USA. They are pioneer Maltese breeders themselves that take pride in offering a chance to connect with the best Maltese breeders in Michigan.

These acclaimed Maltese breeders deal in the happiest and healthiest of Maltese puppies available for sale in Michigan. These breeders pride themselves for producing the most playful, socializing, vet-checked, and family-oriented Maltese puppies in Michigan.

The Family Puppy Of Genesee Valley Center breeder information:

#3 Michigan Maltese Puppy

The Michigan Maltese Puppy breeder is also a trusted breeder located in Belleville, Michigan, USA. These highly acclaimed Maltese breeders have a proven record of producing outstanding and phenomenal champion pups and specimens. All the puppies available with the Michigan Maltese Puppy breeders are AKC standard and vet-checked.

Maltese breeders in Michigan

The Michigan Maltese Puppy breeder seem to have an excellent rapport with Maltese pups. The dedicated of these top-notch Maltese breeders is clearly displayed through the behaviour, health, and temperament of the pups.

Michigan Maltese Puppy breeder information:

  • Address: Belleville, Michigan, USA
  • Phone:N/A
  • Website: N/A
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Email:N/A
  • Price Range: $1800

#4 Cuddly Cotons

The Cuddly Cotons breeders are also acclaimed Maltese breeders located in Pierson, Michigan, USA. They are dedicated Maltese breeders that pour their entire heart and soul in raising top quality and affordable Maltese puppies for sale in Michigan. These breeders well-trained and well-spoilt Maltese puppies available for sale in Michigan.

The Cuddly Cotons breeders strive to protect and improve the overall breed standards of the Maltese dog breed. So, in order to maintain a standardized and quality Maltese breed they focus on producing exceptional quality, good temperament, and great condition Maltese puppies.

Cuddly Cotons breeder information:

#5 Sissy J’s Poochies

Another famous breeder located in Bangor, Michigan is the Sissy J’s Poochies. This reputed breeder is renowned for producing top quality Maltese, Teacup Chihuahua, Teacup Yorkies puppies for sale in Michigan. They are passionate dog breeders that could help you choose an adorable and perfect companion for your home.

The Sissy J’s Poochies breeder also provides door to door and nanny delivery services apart from training and breeding the puppies. You can learn more about these breeders through the contact information given below.

Sissy J’s Poochies breeder information:

#6 Dallys Puppies

Founded in 2010, the Dallys Puppies breeder in Interlochen, Michigan is a quite popular breeder as well. The established Maltese breeder follows a very integral and ethical process of breeding quality Maltese puppies.

The Dallys Puppies breeder are renowned for delivering some of the best Maltese pups to all the customers approaching them. A great years of experience has helped them offer the best pups in Michigan indeed. You can learn more about them through reaching out to them through the details mentioned below.

Dallys Puppies breeder information:

#7 Pride’s Puppies

The Pride’s Puppies in Michigan have top quality and registered Maltese puppies for sale in Michigan, USA. From providing quality Poodles to quality Maltese puppies, there is a lot that Pride’s Puppies breeder strive to deliver.

The Pride’s Puppies breeders strive to deliver highly affectionate and family-friendly Maltese puppies. They produce intelligent Maltese puppies that are well-versed in behaviour and health. Their exceptionally well-trained Maltese puppies would definitely make great pets for any home.

Pride’s Puppies breeder information:

#8 Woof Woof Puppies & Boutique

Woof Woof Puppies & Boutique located in Southfield, Michigan, is another trusted breeder. They have Maltese dogs that are well-trained by these top-notch breeders to become the perfect fit for every buyer’s family.

These breeders specialize in raising obedient and well-rounded Maltese pups. You can reach out to these top-class Maltese breeders whenever. We are sure they can deliver the best in class and genuinely affordable Maltese pups.

Woof Woof Puppies & Boutique breeder information:

#9 The Family Puppy

The Family Puppy breeders located in Troy, MI are another reputed breeders of Maltese puppies in Michigan. They have healthy and happy Maltese pups. You can reach out to the Family Puppy breeders for highly socializing, playful, and health-tested pups for sale in Michigan. Learn more about these acclaimed Maltese breeders in Michigan through the breeder information mentioned below. We are sure they could help you find some gorgeous and affordable Maltese pups.

The Family Puppy breeder information:


Finding the perfect Maltese puppies for sale in Michigan is not everyone’s cup of tea. An extensive research and analysis needs to be done to get to the best breeders of Maltese puppies in Michigan. However, with the above-mentioned list of the best Maltese breeders in Michigan, the task is definitely made a lot easier.

In this article, we have tried including all the important information about the top breeders of Maltese puppies in Michigan for your help. Now we hope you are able to make the best use of all this detailed information to get home the perfect Maltese puppy. All the best!

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