Top 12 French Bulldog Breeders in Maryland

You may have thought that the French Bulldog was from France. It’s quite not true. They have actually originated from Nottingham, England, in 1800. In the 1860s, British craftsmen moved to France, where these dogs became quite popular and were called the “French Bulldogs.”

They were bred to be the smaller version of the English Bulldog. However, some believe that they are a hybrid between a Pug and Terrier. French Bulldogs are commonly referred to as “Frenchies.”

French Bulldog Breeders in Maryland

Frenchies are miniature-sized non-sporting breeds that are very affectionate and make a wonderful pet for anyone. They pretty much look like shrunken English Bulldogs but are nothing alike in terms of behavior and temperament. They are joyful, pleasant, and lovely breeds indeed. Their significant physical characteristics are short snout, large head, and bat-like ears. They come in multiple colors such as fawn, brindle, a combination of fawn and white, or brindle and white.

We can compare these dogs’ personalities and characteristics with Pugs because they both share similar temperaments and nature. Frenchies can be adapted to live in apartments. They don’t need much physical activity to lead a healthy and happy life. However, they need to be exercised for at least 15 minutes a day to ensure sound mental health. They’re prone to genetic diseases like Hip Dysplasia.

Since they are very affectionate and attached towards their owners, they can’t tolerate being left alone for a long time. This can lead to depression in these breeds. So, people who are off their homes for an extended period might want to reconsider adopting a Frenchie. People who have much time to spend with can adopt them, and you will feel much loved and happier.

Frenchies are dated back to nearly two centuries, and their bloodline is of much importance. They must be bred under proper conditions and regulations. And it is crucial to adopt your puppy from professional breeders who either raise their puppy in-home or in healthy kennels. Puppy mills are breeding low-standard dogs to make some bucks out of it. Their puppies are not only are of poor-standard but are also abused or mistreated.

French Bulldog Breeders in Maryland

In order to find your healthy, sound, and pure-bred puppy, we have done the research and analyzed hundreds of breeders to provide you with one of the top-notch Frenchie breeders. This is our dedicated list of those top 12 French Bulldog Breeders in Maryland who’re partial to quality over quantity.

1. Campbell Castillo French Bulldog

Campbell Castillo French Bulldog is the first breeder on our list. They’re breeding absolutely healthy puppies and are of multiple combinations of colors. They have excellent temperaments and conformation puppies.

Puppies have been properly socialized and tested for any genetic, congenital, or infectious diseases. Once they’re eight weeks old and are completely vaccinated, they’re sent with their lovely new owners with multiple benefits from the breeder.

Campbell Castillo French Bulldog Information:

2. Home of The French Bulldogs

HTFB has adult breeder dogs that are registered as Premium DNA in the AKC. They provide genetic disease-free dogs that have been raised by premium food. They’re specialized in breeding exotic colors of Frenchies. But they provide the standard puppies as well.

This breeder offers unique transportation for these home-raised Frenchies. A nanny travels with these dogs through the airline, where she makes sure the puppy’s mental and physical well-being.

HTFB Information

  • Address: 7012 Contee Rd, Laurel, MD 20707
  • Phone: 301-442-9225
  • Website:
  • Price: $3,500-$4,500

3. IDYLLS French Bulldogs

This breeder is AKC registered and certified. They don’t breed their dogs often to ensure their health. But when they do breed, the puppies are of exceptional quality and temperament. This is because of their experience of breeding for over three decades and also the irreplaceable love they kept for these breeds. These puppies are also easy to mingle with new members as they were raised at home.

IDYLLYS French Bulldogs Infomation

4. Wicked French Bullies

Funnily, as the name suggests, this breeder is offering mischievous and energetic Frenchies from a healthy bloodline. They’re reliable because they’ve been practicing breeding for 17 years.

The puppies are handled and played with daily to eliminate biting, nipping, or chewing habits. They’re potty trained before they leave their home. Also, they’ve been appropriately vaccinated up to date. They also welcome you to visit their lovely, wonderful family.

Wicked French Bullies Information

5. Ponytails Kennel

They bred first-generation cross puppies between French Bulldogs and Pugs. Since they’re offsprings of two pure breeds, they’re mostly healthy and free of genetic issues. They exhibit characteristics of Frenchies and Pugs which are both lovely creatures. Because of their 15 years of experience in breeding, they’re able to produce top-notch quality puppies throughout the years. They also provide the puppy’s medical certificate and 72-hour health guarantee.

Ponytails Kennel Information

  • Address: Woodbine, Howard County, Maryland
  • Contact:
  • Website:
  • Price: $1,500

6. Bengals and Bullies

Bengals and Bullies are 25 years experienced breeder who offers standard, premium, and exotic color puppies. They’re social, intelligent, affectionate, playful, and easygoing. They offer puppies to loving and caring families with Limited AKC Registration.

They provide guides and study materials for a smooth transition into their new homes. They’re de-wormed and vaccinated and are checked by a certified vet.

Bengals and Bullies Information

7. Big House Frenchies

Big House Frenchies’ puppies exhibit relatively higher athletic performance due to their perfect health conditions. These puppies are noise desensitized to various kinds of sounds that other dogs might find disturbing. Their breeding program is primarily focused on health and temperament. These puppies receive high-quality nutrition, great care, lots of love, affection as well as training and stimulation.

Big House Information

8. Promise Land LLC

Promise Land LLC says, “We strive for great health combined with loving temperaments.” They’re state-registered and licensed Kennel intending to provide Frenchie puppies that set a worthy example of the breed. They offer a 1-year health guarantee which can be extended to 3 years given that they’re provided with NuVet foods.

Promise Land LLC

9. Windsor Oak Farm

Windsor Oak Farm has a reputation for being the leading breeder in the Baltimore region of Maryland. If you have allergic reactions to pets, you might want to get your Frenchie from this breeder because they produce low-shedding, hypoallergenic puppies. Puppies are ensured of prime health before leaving their home.

French Bulldog Breeders in Maryland

Windsor Oak Farm Information

10. Spalding Farm Bullies

Spalding Farm Bullies are renowned for producing Frenchies puppies that even exceed the American Kennel Clubs standards. They’re specialized in producing standard and exotic French Bulldogs. One of the eye-catching Frenchie breeds is the long-haired Frenchies. They look like the cross between Shih Tzu and the French Bulldog. These are very rare kinds of hybrids. Visit their website’s gallery to view these exotic Frenchie puppies.

Spalding Farm Bullies Information

11. A Cozy Kennel

Most Frenchies are of very short-coat fur. It is rare to see fluffy Frenchies. But this breeder offers this rare and unique fluffy French Bulldogs for sales. They also produce standard puppies if you’re on a tight budget. This fluffy Frenchies initial price starts from $8,000.

A Cozy Kennel Information

  • Address: Tracys Landing, MD (South of Annapolis)
  • Phone: (443) 532-4472
  • Website:
  • Price: $3,900-$4,500

12. Cedar Croft Kennel

Cedar Croft Kennel has top-quality dams and sires. The sire is a Champion and working on making it to the Grand Champion, and the dam is just two wins away from becoming a Champion. Both their DNAs are tested and are free of any genetic issues. The puppies carry their bloodline, are of optimal health, and exhibit excellent temperaments.

Cedar Croft Kennel Information

To Sum Up

 French Bulldogs or Frenchies are a lovely and affectionate dog breed that needs people’s attention. You may be loving and caring, but it’s also vital that the breeders are lovely when fostering them, which sets the tone for the puppy’s personality. Also, discourage getting your puppy from Puppy Mills, which are abusive towards their breeders.

So, we have made a dedicated list of authenticate, reliable, and ethical French Bulldog Breeders in Maryland who value the joy these puppies bring to their new home more than anything else.

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