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When talking about small family dogs, Dachshunds make it to the top of the list. Also often known as weiner dogs, they are cuddly, affectionate, and highly sociable. If you are one of those families that don’t have the space for a large dog in your home, Dachshunds make for an amazing alternative. The long body with those floppy ears will win your heart the moment you lay your eyes on them.

They are fun, not to mention that they are extremely active when you leave them free around in your home. Despite their size, they do require a lot of playtime and walkies around the park because they are charged with a lot of energy from the day in.

If you are based out of Indiana and have been considering getting your hands on the Dachshund breeders in Indiana (IN), we have got your back. We understand that bringing a dog into a family involves a lot of responsibilities. Choosing an ethical and well-reputed breeder ensures that you are ready to tackle the best for your pup and your family.

Dachshund Breeders in Indiana

1. Roxies Doxies

As fun, their name is, Roxies Doxies is an equally fun and good-quality Dachshund breeder that you can look into if you are from around Indiana. They specialize in mini-Dachshund puppies if that is something you are actively interested in. Besides their primary breeding business, you can also find connections to other breeding kennels that are looking for families for purchasing the puppies.

Since Roxies Doxies is one of the busiest breeders around Indiana, it isn’t surprising that their waiting list is often long and involves a lot of people looking to bring home a Dachshund puppy home. They undergo AKC inspection and all of their dogs are AKC-registered, which is another reason why they are so popular.

Address: 10598 US-24, Idaville, IN 47950, United States

Phone: +1 765-412-8436

Social media: http://www.roxiesdoxiesminis.com/


Email: roxiesdoxies@ffni.com.

2. Wilson Acres Dachshunds

If you are based out of French Lick in Indiana and have been looking for some good-quality and ethical Dachshund breeder in the area, Wilson Acres Dachshunds is a pretty option to look into. Unlike all the other choices available, this one has been in business for quite a few years now and has been breeding high-quality AKC-certified puppies for families and buyers. 

The business is run from the business owner’s home, which means that you won’t have to worry about mistreatment or other health issues and concerns with them at all. Also, none of the dogs is force bred and every puppy is brought up with optimal health, temperament, and well-being to ensure that they blend in well with your family.

Address: 7243 W Co Rd 175 S, French Lick, IN 47432, United States

Phone: +1 812-936-2183

Social media: http://www.wilsonacres.net/


Email: N/A

3. PuppyLove Dachshunds

PuppyLove Dachshunds has been in business since 2013, so you know that they have been in business for quite a while, catering to all your basic needs when it comes to finding the best Dachshund puppy for your home. Their aim with their small-scale breeding business is to raise high-quality and healthy puppies. They do specialize in breeding mini-Dachshunds and even offer lifetime support following your purchase.

They do have a very prominent online presence with a highly informative website that enables you to keep track of the available puppies and then choose the one that best suffices your needs. The puppies are well-priced, so you know for a fact that you won’t be unnecessarily overcharged.

Address: Wakarusa

Phone: +1 574-862-1075

Social media: https://www.puppylovedachshunds.com/

Email: N/A

4. Von Wolff Kennel

With so many different types of breeders available in Indiana, finding one for mini-Dachshunds just became a lot easier. Von Wolff Kennel is a popular name among the local community, all thanks to their ethical breeding programs. They have a very limited litter in a year, especially because they don’t forcefully breed any of their dogs. They do offer AKC-certified and high-quality puppies, which means that you get good temperament dogs for your forever families.

Besides mini-Dachshunds, they also have a separate business that focuses on standard-sized Dachshunds, if that is something you are interested in. Just ensure that you contact them ahead of time to secure your spot on their waiting list.

Address: 1033 N County Line Rd, Michigan City, IN 46360, United States

Phone: +1 219-801-4807

Social media: http://jodachskennels.com/


Email: N/A

5. Dog breeder

Moving ahead from Von Wolff, the next option on the list is from around Indianapolis. The business is a small-scale business that is run from the family home, which is why they don’t have a formal listing or name for their business. So, if you are around the area of Indianapolis, especially around the English Ave, this is a dog breeder you can contact for getting your hands on standard and mini Dachshund. 

Although they are a small-scale kennel with a very limited litter of puppies each year, we’d highly recommend contacting them ahead of time. This is primarily because they are popular among the local community there. This means that their puppies are often sold out the moment they are set up for sale. They do have an easily accessible contact number where you can check the availability of the puppies and book one for yourself.

Address: 2538 English Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46201, United States

Phone: N/A

Social media: N/A

Email: N/A

6. VIP Puppies

Dachshund Breeders in Indiana

Don’t get intimidated by the name of this breeding business, VIP Puppies won’t charge you any more than you should be paying. However, their name lives up to the quality of puppies that they sell. They breed, raise and sell hypoallergenic and family dogs that will fit right into your family dynamics and win over your heart before you even know it. 

Not just the quality of the coat and fur, the puppies that you get from them are perfect for apartments and small spaces. Since Dachshunds are very sociable, you shouldn’t have to worry about tending to them day in and day out. They also have a very interactive website, which enables you to check through the list of available pups and choose the one best suited to your needs

Address: Brush College Rd, Woodburn, IN 46797, United States

Phone: +1 260-868-7877

Social media: https://vippuppies.com/




Email: N/A

7. Summer Breeze Kennels

With 4.9 stars rating, Summer Breeze Kennels deserves a place in this list of the best Dachshund breeders in Indiana. They are not just a popular but extremely busy breeding business around the local area, which suggests that you’d have to keep a check on their availability before all the slots are booked and filled out. The business has been in practice since 1988, which again is a reason enough for you to indulge in them without any further questions at all.

The available Dachshunds under their business come with a variety of color and coat options. You can also find standard Dachshunds and mini Dachshunds from their business, which is quite promising too. If you are from the Vevay area in Indiana, this is where the breeding business is based.

Address: 3881 Marsh Road. Vevay, IN 47043

Phone: 812-427-3587

Social media: http://summerbreezekennels.com/contact-us/


8. Family Puppies

Just like the name suggests, Family Puppies brings you the joy of welcoming the best quality family puppy that you wouldn’t regret indulging in. They do specialize in smaller puppies over larger breeds. So, not just Dachshunds, you will find a variety of other smaller dog breeds like French Bulldog, Havanese puppies, Cavachons and so many more.

However, with their variety come to a lot of busy applications. If you want to secure your slot on their waiting list, be assured that you’d need to optimally focus on contacting them ahead of time. All the dogs under their business are AKC-registered, which again provides you with the assurance that you need. Besides Indiana, they are also serviceable to Ohio, Cincinnati, Columbus, etc.

Address: 30868 Co Rd 146, Nappanee, IN 46550, United States

Phone: +1 574-354-2428

Social mediahttps://www.facebook.com/Nappanee.Indiana.46550/ 


Email: N/A

9. Fairhaven Dachshunds

Fairhaven Dachshunds is focused and specializes in breeding long-haired Dachshunds with thicker and darker coats. All the puppies available from their breeding program are AKC-registered, which is another reason why they are so trusted and reliable among their local community. The business primarily focuses on three factors – health, temperament, and the overall soundness of the puppy.

They aren’t a large-scale breeding program and have 10 family dogs that are bred from their in-house breeding program. Every dog that is bred is health tested and undergo optimal genetic screening, which is another reason why they have gained reliability among their customers in the local areas.

Address: Illinois and surrounding areas

Phone: 847-951-9734

Social media: https://fairhavendachshunds.com/

Email: N/A

10. Southern Indiana Holiday Kennels

The Southern Indiana Holiday Kennels was created to fulfill the dreams of a deceased man who loved bigger dog breeds like Retriever and Labradors. The business is run by the wife is a completely home-based family-run business where every family member is a hands-on-deck with the project. They do specialize and focus on larger breeds but also breed Dachshunds time and time.

If you are considering getting a Dachshund puppy for your home, we’d recommend that you contact them ahead of time to fix an appointment and check in with the availability of the puppies. All of the dogs are under regular health and genetic screening to ensure that the pups are not just healthy but in their optimal pedigree quality too.

Address: 13855 Corydon Ramsey Rd. N.W., Palmyra, IN 47164, US

Phone: (812) 406-7626

Social media: https://southernindianaholidaykennels.com/


Email: N/A

11. Angela’s Dogs

Last but not least is Angela’s Dogs. This is ideally perfect for individuals who are from the Bluffton area in Indiana. They do specialize in toy breeds like Schnoodles and mixed breed puppies. However, you can also contact them for mini and standard-sized Dachshunds, in case you are on the lookout for one. Just ensure that you contact them at the start of the year since they do have limited puppies in a litter and they get sold out easily.

This family-run business is quite hands-on with their puppies and provides them with the best care that they need and deserve. All the dogs are family dogs, so they are never forcefully bred and taken care of throughout their life. 

Address: 2559 N. Main Street Bluffton IN 46714

Phone: 260-728-2500

Social mediahttps://www.facebook.com/AngelasSchnoodles 




If you are consistently on the lookout for the best Dachshund breeder in Indiana, we hope this article gives you a brief rundown of all the best breeders available in the state. Always make sure you check the availability and reliability and reviews of the breeder before you buy a puppy from them. Also, always compare the prices to get yourself the best deal.

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