7 Boxer Breeders In Virginia (VA) | Moral & Loving Certified

Boxers are adorable. They’re super expressive, super goofy, super smart, and just a complete joy to hang around with.

But, if you’re already looking for boxer puppies for sale in Virginia, hold on.

Getting your dog from a reliable, moral, and loving breeder, is the most important thing to make sure of.

So, to help you do that, I did some research and found some of the best boxer breeders in Virginia.

You should still do your own due diligence with these, call and ask questions, read online reviews, etc. But this gives you a good starting point.

Pro “C” BoxersNewport News, VA, United Statesproc-boxers@proc-boxers.com
Melendez Puppies 467 River Road, Farmville, Virginia 23901, United Statesmelendezboxers@gmail.com
Brick House Bulldog Winchester, Virginia, United Statesbrickhousebulldogs.net
AKC Boxer Puppies for Sale Louisa, VAakcboxerpuppiesforsale.com
My Next Puppy13991 Metrotech Drive, Chantilly, VA, 20151petcounselor@mynextpuppy.com
Puppy City LLC3343 Valley Pike Suite 400 Winchester, VA 22602/ 1790 E Market St.info@puppycityllc.comcastbiz.net
Puppy Love 4802 Valley View Blvd. NW #UF290 Roanoke, VA 24012www.puppyloveusa.com

Pro “C” Boxers

Pro C Boxer is considered one of VA’s best and most reliable boxer breeders that offer boxer puppies for sale.

The philosophy is very easy and simple; this breeder does their absolute best to produce happy, healthy as well as sound boxer puppies with good conformation and temperaments.

Pro C Boxers are extremely selective in their breeding practices to make sure that these objectives are met.

Pro C Boxers will give mothers and newborns the best of care, love, nutrition, as well as socialization and, will be very discerning where you place each of your puppies.

All the puppies they offer are of high quality and pass the standard of the dog experts and organizations.

Melendez Puppies 

Melendez Puppies take pride in being a family-run and owned business. They have been in the breeding industry since the year 2009, with a focus on family and quality.

One thing that sets them apart from the rest is that their dogs are really part of their family.

Every dog that lives in their home is loved and cared for from the time they’re whelped until the time comes for them to go off on the new journey to forever home.

Their boxer puppies for sale are well rounded as well as socialized and ready for their new parents as they’re and will always be part of the extended family.

Because of this belief, which is the main priority, and each puppy for sale is for them to be placed into a loving and excellent family home.

Their boxer puppies for sale have lots of space to play and run and get enough exercise in their fenced-in play yard.

All the boxer puppies for sale are high quality ACA and AKC puppies and offered only to families who understand the physical and health needs of a puppy.

Brick House Bulldog 

This is also one of the best boxer breeders in Virginia and nearby places. They have been in the business for 2005 and actively began the breeding program in 2008.

They aim to become the premier producer of stunning companion Boxers and other breeds of dogs.

This small in-home kennel home has a restricted but well-planned breeding plan.

A well-made breeding plan means that every breeding is of extra significance to them, as they choose every pairing accurately to obtain the best and high quality one.

They focus on socializing and caring for their puppies and mothers daily, as you would with any much-loved fur family member.

Brick House Bulldog followed an exceptional puppy rearing as well as a development plan catered to the needs of every puppy so that it provides all of its puppies, regardless of their future.

At this breeding house, the first concern is wellbeing.

The extensive breeders and vet connection allow them to carry out an academic study that includes going to vet lectures regarding the new developments in vet reproduction and breeding methods.

After wellbeing, they balance conformation and temperament. They strive to breed Boxers who are playful, loving,

AKC Boxer Puppies For Sale 

This Boxer breeder is situated in Louisa, VA. They handpicked just the best and high-quality Boxers to be part of their family.

This dog breeder has a wide array of colors for dog lovers to select from. Color is vital, but their focus is on conformation and temperament. They have CKC and AKC puppies.

Boxers are a good family pet. The loyalty to their master and kindness with kids is unsurpassed. A life with this kind of dog is a life full of love and joy.

They provide CKC and AKC puppies, and some come with documents, and some don’t. You can ask so you are aware.

All have docked tail, dew claws removed, vaccinated, dewormed, vet check as well as microchip.

They accept a deposit on current boxer puppies for sale. Deposits are non-refundable, so make sure you are ready.

My Next Puppy

If you are searching for the best Boxer breeder in VA that offers boxer puppies for sales, look no further than My Next Puppy.

This breeder has been in the business for many years now, so you are assured of quality puppies.

At MNP, they are a family of loving and caring, responsible dog breeders and also a member of the community of pet lovers.

The main purpose of this dog breeder is to look for amazing homes for their treasured bundles of happiness.

It is their greatest objective to give the happiest and healthiest breed of Boxer for sales as possible that is why they can extend their lifetime puppy protection. 

My Next Puppy works with the best breeders in VA and nearby areas and provides lifetime support from vet care you can trust to the leading standards. 

They are committed to assisting you to make an informed decision on a Boxer dog that best match you and your family.

  • Address: 13991 Metrotech Drive, Chantilly, VA, 20151
  • Phone:  (703) 870-7555
  • Email: petcounselor@mynextpuppy.com
  • Website: https://mynextpuppy.com/
  • Social Media: https://web.facebook.com/MyNextPuppy?_rdc=1&_rdr
  • Price Range:  $1500 and up

Puppy City LLC

If you are in Winchester, VA, and are looking for the best breeder of Boxer for sales, look no further than Puppy City LLC.

This dog breeder chooses to just deal with the best and reliable breeders in the US. Their kennels are USDA inspects as well as conventional hobby breeders.

This is a reliable puppy store that is dedicated to offering superb customer service to pet parents. They will give healthy micro-chipped puppies in a clean and very welcoming environment.

This dog breeder was established on the 20th of June, 2015, in VA. It is a small pet store that expert in Happy Healthy Puppies.

With the superb and excellent customer service, and is able to match you with a dog that fits your lifestyle.

Recently, Puppy City LLC has recently opened another location in Harrisonburg, VA, to meet the growing needs of families searching for a new best friend or buddy. 

This is a reliable dog breeder that is dedicated to offering superb customer service to fur parents. They will provide you with the best and high quality boxers puppies for sale.

Puppy Love 

This is a local dog breeder who has been in the business for many years. With an accessible location, this dog breeder offers a fun and hands-free approach to knowing about Boxer puppies and their needs.

They want to look for every puppy in a caring and loving home.

They are dedicated to the utmost level of commitment to their puppies.

The families that Puppy Love chose to buy from the need to meet their strict store standards and government laws. They only work with breeders who love and care for their dogs.

The Boxer puppies for sale have been checked and examined by a licensed vet. They are microchipped with lifetime enrollment as well as access to a dog trainer. 

Dogs are up-to-date de-wormings and vaccinations and skilled team to give in the whole buying process.

  • Address:  4802 Valley View Blvd. NW #UF290 Roanoke, VA 24012
  • Phone: (540) 265-7387
  • Website: https://www.puppyloveusa.com/
  • Social Media: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Price Range: $1500 above

Things You Need To Know About Boxer Dogs

There are things you need to know about Boxer dogs if you have a plan of getting one:

They Are A Healthy Breed

Boxers, in general, are a healthy breed of dog with 10 to 12 years of life expectancy. But, as all purebreds, there might be some health issues, like hypothyroidism, allergies, and cardiomyopathy.

These problems can be reduced by dealing with a responsible and trustworthy breeder who knows the diseases and health issues of the breed.

They Have A Long And Interesting History

Together with their cousins, Mastiff and Bulldog, Boxers have ancestors which can be traced to the olden Assyrians many years ago.

They were brave and powerful dogs, often utilized in war. Many years later, this breed of dog was named for the old city of Molossis, or Albania today.

Can Succeed An Dog Sports like Rally And Agility

This dog can be glorious if he is racing the agility course, doing in a rally, and strutting his stuff in obedience trails. However, this is a very smart dog. Like his master, you should be patient, creative, and consistent.

He becomes bored with repetition and might, given his inventing his idea, sense of humor, agility during dog training, and performance.

They Are Lovers And Not Fighters

Despite the heritage as courageous and mighty hunters, one modern breed’s most striking trait is the tremendous affection for their humans as well as a need to be loved and adored in return.

He is happy when he is with his master, particularly kids. He is also patient and protective with children and makes a perfect family dog.

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