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It’s not often that people come across a puppy that turns their world upside down. However, if you own a larger and more ferocious breed like Boxer, you are going to think otherwise. As beastly as they look, Boxers are pretty amazing when it comes to companionship and affection. If you are particularly looking for a gentle giant that will be your travel partner, guard dog and your cuddle buddy, you can easily get it all with a Boxer. This article contains all the information about Boxer breeders in Texas.

However, since this breed is frowned upon because of their past aggression reports, finding good-quality and ethical Boxer breeders in Texas (TX) can be quite difficult. Don’t worry though because we have done all the research for you and sorted through the list of all the best breeders that you can find.

This article will explore everything that you need to know about the different Boxer breeders and how you can bring one home to the best of their health.

Following are some of the best Boxer breeders in and around Texas that you can consider looking into.

1. Brilliant Boxers

Like the name suggests, Brilliant Boxers is one of the best available ethical and reliable breeders around Texas. The business is a family run business, headed by Lynda. Every dog that is bred under her business are ethically bred and undergo consistent screening to ensure that they are in the best of their health. The business started as a way of giving back the companionship and affection that Lynda received from her dogs.

She runs the business from her home and everything done is AKC certified, which means that you won’t ever have to complain or worry about the quality of the pups that you pay for. Every puppy is hand raised. You can also find references to the puppies that you wish to buy from them. Just make sure you book an appointment ahead of time.

Address: Cleburne, Tx, 76033

Phone: 817-240-4413

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/brilliantboxers/


Email: N/A

2. Southern Belle Boxers

Southern Belle Boxers is another popular dog breeding business around Texas that you won’t regret spending your time and money in. They do specialize in Boxer puppies if the name is anything to go by. Also, you have a choice between American boxers and European boxers to choose from. They are based out of East of Texas, which is again a reason why they are so popular around.

Their dogs are in their primary health, which means that you wouldn’t ever have to compromise on the quality, health and temperament of the puppies. All the puppies are AKC standard tested, which means that they are bred to be loved and full of personality. The puppies are very tame and amazing for children and very smart too.

Address: PO. 1234, Livingston, TX 77351, US

Phone: (281) 433-9336

Social media: https://southernbelleboxers.com/Email: N/A

3. Grayson Boxers

The Grayson Boxers are one of the few options that offer breeding and grooming services, all in one. This is hands down one of the biggest reasons why their business has gained the kind of popularity that it has. The business is run by Ashley, who has been in the business for close to 15 years as a dog groomer. She has a separate kennel business, which means that you can buy high-quality puppies from them. Also, you do need to get an appointment with them by booking in advance.

Boxer breeders in Texas

All the puppies and the breeding process is AKC certified, which assures quality, purebred bloodline and premium quality puppies. All the dogs that you take home are family puppies, so you can find your children bonding with the dogs pretty much immediately without any complaints. If you are considering getting a puppy from them, you do need to enrol on their waiting list ahead of time.

Address: 1219 FM 1486, Anderson, TX 77830, United States

Phone: +1 936-524-1054

Social media: https://www.graysonboxers.com/

Email: N/A

4. Black Champion Boxers

The Black Champion Boxers is hands down one of those few underrated breeders that you won’t regret indulging in. They are a family-owned and operated business that you can easily make the most use out of. Also, they are known locally for breeding healthy and high-quality breeds of dogs, so you are assured of the bloodline and the quality of the pups that you take home.

Since they are so popular locally, their demand for puppies is often quite high, leading to overbooked waiting lists. However, none of the dogs is forcefully bred, which means that you might have to wait a little bit before your turn comes on to take a puppy home.

Address: 421 Private Rd 4011, Decatur, TX 76234

Phone: +1 940-841-2754

Social media: http://www.blackchampionboxers.com/contact.html

Email: asu88_2000@yahoo.com

5. Carbine Boxers

The Carbine Boxers is a locally and family-run business, managed by Donna. She has been in the business for quite a few years now and has been surrounded by dogs since she was 13 years old. She knows how to handle dogs, how to care for them, and that is why she wanted to translate that into a business that brings families joy and the kind of companionship that they can hold onto for life.

Their primary objective is to provide loving families with high-quality and highly impressionable Boxer puppies that they can connect well with. All the puppies sold from their business are AKC registered, which assured the quality and health of the individual puppies. You also get to make the most out of the ease of purchase. They do not offer financing at this point.

Address: 7930 Airport Blvd, Houston, TX 77061, United States

Phone: +1 805-750-4664

Social media: https://donnacarbine.wixsite.com/carbineboxers


Email: donnacarbine@gmail.com

6. K & J Boxers

Located in Honey Grove, K & J Boxers is a very laidback and small-scale breeding business owned by a local family. They are into the business primarily to connect the Boxer puppies with their forever families; hence you won’t find them online. They don’t have a website or social media page where you can contact them virtually.

However, they are so popular around Honey Grove that you can find them when you visit the place. Their puppies are under genetic and health screening right after their birth to ensure optimal quality guarantee of their health without any compromise at all. Just ensure that if you want to play with the puppies before buying one, you’d have to book an appointment prior.

Address: FM100, Honey Grove, TX 75446, United States

Phone: N/A

Social media: N/A

Email: N/A

7. Houston Boxer Rescue

Since Boxers are often mistreated and left out to die after they book unworthy, the primary objective of the Houston Boxer Rescue was to provide these puppies with a loving and forever home. This is a rescue organization and not necessarily a breeding business.

However, since they are so popular around, it isn’t surprising that they do stand out by connecting the Boxers with the right families. They are based out of Houston, hence the name.

Address: Houston Boxer Rescue 1450 W. Grand Parkway S Suite G-439

Phone: (832) 582-2166

Social media: N/A

Email: info@houstonboxerrescue.org

8. Mer Bar Boxers

Mer Bar Boxers have been in the Boxer breeding business for years and offer some of the best quality puppies that you can bring home. All the dogs are genetically tested and undergo frequent health screening to ensure they are in the best of their health. The born puppies are AKC health tested to ensure they are in their prime health as well.

This is again a family-run and operated business. This means that you won’t have to worry or complain about the quality of the dogs that are being bred. Everything is done ethically with proper care of the dogs and the pups.

Address: 8206 Hills Pkwy Montgomery, TX 77316

Phone: 936-443-6977

Social media: https://www.merbarboxers.com/


Email: merbarboxers@yahoo.com

9. TAC Team Kennels

Last on the list is TAC Team Kennels. The business is owned and run by the Stern family, who have been in the dog breeding business for years now. Besides Boxers, they also breed Toy Fox Terriers, which is a very rare breed of mixed-breed dog available in Texas. All the dogs that are bred in their business are AKC and UKC registered to ensure optimal health and pedigree.

Since they are a small-scale business, the dogs are often just bred once a year to ensure that they are healthy and comfortable throughout the process. This also means that they collectively have a few puppies from the breeding program every year. So, if you want to get your hands on a pup, you’d have to sign up for their waiting list ahead of time.

Address: 317 Co Rd 229, Briggs, TX 78608, United States

Phone: +1 254-383-9637

Social media: https://tacteamkennels.com/


Email: N/A


If you are looking for registered, licensed and loving ethical Boxer breeders in Texas, we hope this article gives you an idea of some of the best ones. Always ensure that you verify all the available options and pick the one that best suits your needs. We hope this article gives you a starting option.

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