14 Boxer Breeders In Ohio (OH) | Moral & Loving Certified

Boxers are very high-energy, playful, and intelligent dog breed. They make happy, affectionate, and loyal pets. They would definitely be a delightful addition for any family.

But, if you’re already looking for Boxer puppies for sale in Ohio, hold on.

Getting your dog from a reliable, moral, and loving breeder, is the most important thing to make sure of.

So, to help you do that, I did some research and found some of the best Boxer breeders in Ohio.

You should still do your own due diligence with these, call and ask questions, read online reviews, etc. But this gives you a good starting point.

Boxers BlvdHolmesville, Ohio, USAinfo@boxerblvd.com
JW BoxersSabina, Ohio, USAjwboxers.com
Ohio State BoxersCovington, Ohio, USAohiostateboxers@hotmail.com
Ohio Valley BoxersBremen, Ohio, USAohiovalleyboxers.com
GC BoxersMarengo, Ohio, USAgcboxers1@aol.com 
Preferred PuppiesHamilton, Ohio, USAwww.preferredpuppies.com
Circle Y BoxersCardington, Ohio, USAwww.circle-y-boxers.com
Boxers R USDayton, Ohio, USAnicole@boxers-r-us.com 
Chasin Tails AcresBowling Green, Ohio, USAchasintailsacres.wixsite.com
White Pine BoxersMedina, Ohio, USAwhitepineboxers.com
Maxwell’s Hidden Acres BoxersBurbank, Ohio, USAmaxwells-hidden-acres-boxers.business.site
Serenity View PuppiesSugarcreek, Ohio, USAinfo@serenityviewpuppies.com 
Obeng Boxer’s UnlimitedColumbus, Ohio, USAobengboxersunlimited@yahoo.com
The Boxer Man KennelsMonroe, Ohio, USA1 513-668-9513

Boxers Blvd.

Boxers Blvd. are one reputed breeders of Boxer dog breed in Ohio since 2003. They have happy and healthy Boxer puppies for sale in Ohio. These popular Boxer breeders have AKC registered purebred, loving, playful, and adorable puppies for sale. 

These breeders offer many puppies from different bloodlines and also some specific Boxer puppy breeds.

Some Boxer breeds that you will find with this breeder are mahogany boxers, German boxers, black and white boxers, reverse brindle boxers, brindle boxers, euro boxers, fawn boxers, sealed boxer puppies, etc.

Boxers Blvd. breeder information:

JW Boxers

JW Boxers are another trusted Boxer breeders in Ohio with years of experience. They are dedicated Boxer breeders with a simple goal, to introduce their customers to their new best friends. They have healthy and happy Boxer puppies available for sale in Ohio.

JW Boxers have helped hundreds of customers complete their families through helping them in finding the ultimate pet for their homes.

These breeders are dedicated towards raising loving, happy, and adopt-worthy Boxer puppies. They are passionate Boxer breeders that teach their Boxer puppies to become responsible family companions.

JW Boxers breeder information:

Ohio State Boxers

Ohio State Boxers is another trusted Boxer breeder in Covington, Ohio, USA. They are excellent Boxer breeders with high quality Boxer puppies for sale in Ohio.

They have limited registered puppies available for sale with them. Their puppies have all their vaccinations, deworming, and first shots complete. 

These breeders strive to place their top-notch quality Boxer puppies in healthy and safe homes. They keep in touch with their customers’ family for frequent updates. They have helped many wonderful families get the perfect Boxer pup home to date.

Ohio State Boxers breeder information:

Ohio Valley Boxers

Located in Bremen, the Ohio Valley Boxers is a family breeder dedicated to raising Boxers for over 15 years. They aim to empower the Boxer enthusiasts or interested families with happy and healthy Boxer puppies. 

Their Boxer puppies are raised in a homely environment by all the members of the breeding family. You can expect loving, attentive, and well-mannered puppies from the Ohio Valley Boxer breeders. 

They have AKC inspected Boxer puppies for sale in Ohio available with them. They have all AKC registered Boxer puppies as well. 

Ohio Valley Boxers breeder information:

GC Boxers

GC Boxers have been raising Boxer show dogs since 2000 in Marengo, Ohio, USA. They have showed and owned Boxers for many years.

The breeders pay incredible attentions upon details such maintaining high-quality Boxer standard puppies, raising them with good temperament, health, and behaviour as well. 

GC Boxers are knowledgeable Boxer breeders with good experience of raising Boxer puppies for sale in Ohio.

You can learn more about these genuine and authentic Boxer breeders through the following details given below. 

GC Boxers breeder information:

Preferred Puppies

Preferred Puppies is a dedicated Boxer puppy breeder from Hamilton, Ohio. They have been selling local-bred and quality Boxer puppies since 1968.

These breeders provide socialized, healthy, and well-bred Boxers to prospective puppy owners in the tri-state area.

These breeders have local-bred Boxer puppies available for sale. They are determined Boxer breeders with a good track record. If you have been looking for top quality Boxer puppies raised in the best living conditions then you can rely on Preferred Puppies. 

Preferred Puppies breeder information:

Circle Y Boxers

Located in Cardington, Circle Y Boxers are another highly acclaimed Boxer breeders in Ohio. They have the happiest of Boxer puppies with unbeatable quality as well as compassion available with them.

They have AKC registered Boxer puppies along with some Champion Boxers available. They are proud puppy or dog breeders with good experience of dealing with versatile puppy clients so far. 

With their great years of experience in delivering the wisest of pups, we are incredibly certain you will find the perfect puppy to complete your family here.

Circle Y Boxers breeder information:

Boxers R US

Boxer R US are small kennel family breeders located in Dayton, Ohio, USA. The passionate Boxer breeders are committed to empower their customers with nothing less than the best Boxer puppies for their homes. 

They have 100% European amongst other Boxer breeds. They have international champion bloodline Boxer puppies for sale in Ohio. They have health-tested Boxer puppies along with excellent health and temperament. 

The Boxers R US breeders also have several litters throughout the year. These breeders also have black and white Boxers available for sale with them.

Boxers R US breeder information:

Chasin Tails Acres

Chasin Tails Acres are another reliable Boxer breeders in Bowling Green, Ohio, USA. They are pioneer Boxer breeders that have been breeding Boxer dogs from over the past 27 years.

They are dedicated and overwhelmed breeders raising excellent show quality, healthy, and good temperament puppies for sale in Ohio. 

These breeders train and raise their puppies in their homes in clean and healthy environment. They also breed their puppies along with proper veterinarian care.

Their AKC registered champion Boxer puppies are definitely a must have for most Boxer enthusiasts across Ohio.

Chasin Tails Acres breeder information:

White Pine Boxers

White Pine Boxers is one of the finest Boxer breeders in Media, Ohio, USA. They are committed Boxer breeders with 20 years of experience. They have raised and bred many dog breeds to date but their most favorite one is the Boxers.

White Pine Boxers have well-socialized Boxer puppies due to their serious commitment towards raising them mindfully.

The champion Boxer puppy breeders are also member of the American Boxer Club, Medina Kennel Club, and the Ohio Boxer club. You can always reach out to these breeders to learn more.

White Pine Boxers breeder information:

Maxwell’s Hidden Acres Boxers

Maxwell’s Hidden Acres Boxers are one more trusted Boxer breeder in Burbank, Ohio, USA. They offer fair priced and well-behaved Boxer puppies that would fit into any basic family sooner than ever.

They a good health, well-mannered, and genuine temperament Boxer puppies. 

If you have been looking for affordable, well-rounded, calm, and obedient Boxer puppies, then the Maxwell’s Hidden Acres Boxers make must-have pets for any home.

You can reach out to these breeders to learn more about their Boxer puppies or more anytime anywhere.

Maxwell’s Hidden Acres Boxers breeder information:

Serenity View Puppies

Serenity View Puppies are also popular Boxer breeders you should not miss out if you are planning to get Boxer puppies in Ohio.

The acclaimed and reliable Boxer breeders have been connecting Boxer puppies with their families from the past 20 years. 

They are selective and careful Boxer breeders that ensure their customers supply of quality Boxer puppies.

These breeders only deal in puppies with a good genetic history. They strive to breed healthy, good temperament, loving Boxers with assured longevity. 

If you are looking for champion bloodline Boxer puppies, then reach out to these breeders any time soon.

Serenity View Puppies breeder information:

Obeng Boxer’s Unlimited

Obeng Boxer’s Unlimited is a small yet famous Boxer breeder situated in Columbus, Ohio, USA. They are focused and specialized Boxer breeders with exclusive Boxer puppies for sale in Ohio

These breeders only deal in a few Boxer puppy litters in a year. They are responsible Boxer breeders with great breeding management skills. 

These breeders raise their puppies with extreme care and comfort. Reach out to these breeder if you have been looking for affordable and quality AKC registered puppies.

Obeng Boxer’s Unlimited breeder information:

The Boxer Man Kennels

Another reputed breeder in Monroe region of Ohio is The Boxer Man Kennels. They are specialist Boxer breeders that aim to preserve good conformation and temperament of their Boxer puppies.

The Boxer Man Kennels are extremely particular Boxer breeders that produce Boxer puppies with traditional appearance and temperament.

They have healthy and strong Boxer puppies that would make the ultimate companions any day. You will surely find the perfect Boxer puppy to fit into your family here.

The Boxer Man Kennels breeder information:

  • Address: Monroe, Ohio, USA
  • Phone: +1 513-668-9513
  • Website: N/A
  • Social Media: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Price Range: $2400


Looking for Boxer breeders in Ohio can turn out to be an incredibly difficult task. However, its quite necessary to find the right Boxer breeder to get 100% authentic, genuine, affordable, healthy, and suitable pet home.

And, only a well-experienced and reputed breeder can provide you with the ultimate pet for your home.

With the help of the above-mentioned Boxer breeders, we are incredibly certain that you would find a loyal and well-mannered pet for your home.

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