7  Cavapoo Breeders in Georgia (GA)

Cavapoos are the hybrid or the mix between two purebreds – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle dog breeds. They are cute little furballs that are playful, cheerful, and curious. Their mesmerizing appearance and ability to bond with humans make them one of the best dog breeds. These affectionate little creatures tend to live in ‘packs.’ They become incredibly loyal and attached to their human companion. Tiny stress busters follow you to the nook and corner of your house.

Because of their tiny appearance, they can perfectly live in a small apartment too. These furballs might be your stress buster to your snuggling partners. 

Usually, they live from 10-12 years. When raised with the care they can live up to 15 years. The maintenance for these pups can range from $1,000 to $2000 per year. Since they’ve been descended from the Poodles, they’re very intelligent in nature. They are incredibly easy to train and can make a better fit for first-time dog owners. 

It’s vital to handpick your companion pup that is healthy and nourishing. Because, in this world, people are driven away by money rather than the value. It’s hard to find breeders who take care and love while farming the puppies. Many factors should be taken into account before choosing your new puppy. 

Puppies are like human babies. The environment they grew in largely influences their character. The love and care shown by the breeders make these puppies trust their owners. Lack of these emotional sentiments harms the puppies which will more likely become a huge behavioral issue in the future. 

Don’t you worry! We will lead you right to the best Cavapoo dog breeders in Georgia. They don’t only provide you with fully vaccinated and healthy pups. But also the puppies of champion lineage. 

Since they’re AKC certified and more loving breeders, they make sure their pups are free from any genetic or chronic diseases. They take care of taming these puppies at their early stages of life. 

Here is the list of breeders who can provide you with these adorable and disciplined paw-friends. 

1. Ayers​ Pampered Pets

Cavapoo Breeders in Georgia

Ayers Pampered Pets are the best-rated breeders in Hull, Georgia. They employ extensive health checks by a certified Vet for any abnormalities shortly after the birth. Each of the pup’s bloodlines has been tested with PennHip/OFA, PRA and, PRCD. 

Each puppy has their vaccination shots and de-worm when they’re eight weeks old. They’ve been rated in the top 5% on bloodline purity in the whole country. Puppies’ temperaments are tested and provided therapy to ensure an intelligent and trainable puppy. They’ve been taught basic obedience and potty training to make it easy for the customers. It is easier for the new puppy parents to train these puppies. 

After a thorough examination by the vets, these puppies are ready to be adopted provided with a 2-year warranty. You will also receive a pet license and an inspection report. 

Ayers Pampered Pets Information

  • Address: 131 Bradley Dr. Hull GA 30646
  • Phone: (706)353-7222
  • Website: https://www.ayerspamperedpets.net/
  • Price Range: $2500

2. Georgia Puppies Online

Georgia Puppies Online started in 2017 but, they have been breeding since 2004. Each puppy is up to date with shots, de-worming, and carefully checked by the local vets. The puppies are well socialized and groomed in the house. And their intelligence remains unquestioned. If you have decided on a specific name in your mind, they will train the dog to respond to that by a series of practices. 

They also help you find the right puppy that suits your family and lifestyle by walking you through each puppies’ personality and behavior. These puppies come along with Georgia Health Certificate and a 1-year warranty. Also, with lifetime free counseling and support on the pup’s health. 

Georgia Puppies Online Information

  • Address: 2365 Powder Springs Rd SW, Marietta, GA 30064
  • Contact: sales@gapuppiesonline.com 
  • Website: https://www.gapuppiesonline.com/our-story/
  • Price Range: $2999

3. Georgia Dog Club

Georgia Dog Club members pride themselves on providing well-bred healthy puppies. They understand the customers’ sentiment on adopting a puppy and help them to welcome the puppies into their life. They have a dedicated team to provide customer support to help them identify the right pup. 

One thing they can’t compromise is the quality of the puppy. They make sure that the parent puppies are in their prime and free of any kind of chronic or genetic disease. Hence, the new offsprings are typically healthy. Utmost care has been taken to ensure the puppies’ physical and mental health by the breeders. ’10 Year Health Guarantee’ program helps the customers; in case of any hereditary or congenital concerns.

Georgia Dog Club Information 

  • Address: 4434 Red Bud Rd, Calhoun GA 27013
  • Phone: 706-809-5072
  • Website: https://georgiadogclub.com/
  • Price Range: $3495

4. Happy Tail Puppies

Happy Tail Puppies breeder offers exclusive designer Cavapoo puppies. If you’re worried about the allergies caused by the pets, you don’t need to. Because these pups are F1b type of dogs that are well known for their hypoallergenic characteristics. The puppies are well trained and are obedient. This breeder presents puppies with different colors, coat layers, and other physical traits. 

Their goal is to provide families with a healthy, sound, and cheerful puppy. Their unique customer support lets the customers know about their soon-to-be adopted puppy’s every move for seven days until adoption. You can lock your puppy for yourself after paying a minimum of $200 deposit. 

Happy Tail Puppies Information

  • Address: 2911 Oak Ridge Rd, Oak Ridge, NC 27310
  • Phone: 855-221-3662
  • Website: https://happytailpuppies.com/
  • Price Range: $1,995 – $4,495

5. A&J’s Love Our Pups:

A&J’s Love Our Pups breeders have gained popularity due to their unique method of farming Cavapoo. They raise puppies in their own house to ensure their mental health. It has been proven more efficient than other traditional methods. In other words, they provide you with “homemade paw-friends.”

Additionally, they are Georgia State Licensed Breeders with AKC and CKC certified parent dogs. And the puppies are ACC registered with optimal health conditions. They provide safe and reliable service for the customers. 

A&J’s Love Our Pups’ Information

  • Address: Dacula, GA 3019-4820
  • Phone: 855-647-0770
  • Website: https://ajsloveourpups.com/
  • Price Range: $2,200

6. Jerries Pet Place

Jerries Pet Place presents exceptionally healthy puppies. They’ve been breeding puppies for more than 30 whole years in Georgia. These puppies are more affectionate towards children. They make better emotional support dogs. And there is no space for questioning their loyalty towards their owner.

The hybrid puppies are the first-generation crossbreed between two pure breeds. Thus, these newborn puppies don’t carry any of the genetic disorders of their parents. 

The puppies are raised in optimal temperature and other conditions. Despite intensive care, they have been checked by a certified vet every 48 hours. The puppies are AKC, CKC and DBR certified.

Jerries Pet Place Information

  • Address: 272 Deerwood Cir, Fort Valley, GA 31030
  • Phone: 478-825-0846
  • Website: https://jerriespetplace.com/
  • Price Range: NA

7. Sherrys Poos

Cavapoo Breeders in Georgia

Sherrys Poos breeders are known for producing high-quality puppies. These puppies are booked out sooner than they could walk because of the standard of the breeds. The breeder trains the puppies to sleep inside the crate and potty trains. The puppies are incredibly friendly just like the customer support team who’ll walk you through every step of the process.   

Medical records, certification, inspection reports, etc., will be provided along with the puppy. You’ll be delighted to get your snuggle partners adopted from our breeder here. Since they’re more of the quality than the quantity, the puppies are very limited. Not to worry, you can reserve your puppy before anyone else picks it up by calling them with the number given below.

Sherrys Poos Information

  • Address: Fitzgerald, Georgia
  • Phone: 229-457-4658
  • Website: https://www.sherrysmaltipoos.com/
  • Price Range: $1,500

In Summary

Getting a new puppy might be exciting or could be scary sometimes because of the wrong decision we could make. Because we know that the pups aren’t just accessories. They’re to become one of the members of the family. The choice should be mutual so as the connection between the parent and the pup. A good breeder takes time to shape the pup’s personality, character, and behavior. He cares for its health. He invests himself in the betterment of the pup because he knows the smile on the faces of his customers is more valuable than money. 

The above-mentioned breeders invest their time, soul, and sweat to give the best quality puppies. They also offer Cavapoo puppies for sale at a more reasonable price. These breeders in general train your puppies to sleep inside crates and provide basic obedience training. I have included the necessary information to contact these breeders. They would love to see you pay a visit to their kennels. It’ll be the best opportunity for you to interact with the puppies and their breeders. 

Wishing you all the best in finding your “paw-mate!”

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