17 Maltipoo Breeders in Alabama (AL)

The Maltipoo dog breed is a famous cross dog breed sourced from the Maltese and Poodle dog breed. They are affectionate and fun-loving dogs with an active and charming personality. This dog breed would definitely make the perfect fit for all kinds of homes, apartments, kids, family, or elderly owners.

Have you been to keen to get a Maltese puppy for yourself? Do you want to know where you could find the best Maltese puppies for sale in Alabama? Then, have a look at the below-mentioned list of the top Maltipoo breeders in Alabama to get a reasonably priced and quality Maltipoo pup home sooner than ever. 

#1 Frisky Dream Puppies

The Frisky Dream Puppies breeder is one reputed breeder located in Arab, Alabama, USA. They are acclaimed breeders dealing in a large selection of small, registered, designer, and pure bred puppies. Technically, the Frisky Dream Puppies are not a dog breeder. They source their small puppies including their Maltipoo puppies for sale in Alabama from a group of retired friends.

Frisky Dream Puppies breeder information:

#2 Alabama Toys & Teacups

Maltipoo breeders in Alabama

The Alabama Toys & Teacups have been breeding quality Maltipoo puppies for over past 15 years. They are excellent Maltipoo breeders offering beautiful, healthy, and good temperament Maltipoo puppies. They are highly standardized Maltipoo breeders that strive to deliver healthy and happy puppies. You can learn more about them through the details given below.

Alabama Toys & Teacups breeder information:

#3 Patsy’s Pups

Patsy’s Pups are another leading Maltipoo breeders located in La Fayette, Alabama, USA. They are hardworking and dedicated breeders dealing in Shih Tzus, Maltipoos, Yorkies, and Yochon puppies for sale in Alabama. They are known for empowering their customers with well-trained, wormed, socializing, and loving puppies.

Patsy’s Pups breeder information:

#4 Quality Chumaly Maltese & Yorkies

Located in Anniston, AL, the Quality Chumaly Maltese and Yorkies breeders are established breeders in Alabama, USA. They are reputed small hobby breeders that specialize in breeding top quality bloodlines. They have excellent quality and healthy Maltipoo puppies available with them. With up-to-date worming and vaccinations.

Quality Chumaly Maltese & Yorkies breeder information:

#5 Imperial Puppy Palace

Located in Montevallo, the Imperial Puppy Palace breeders are a full-service canine breeding facility in Alabama, USA. They are specialist breeders dealing in sale of quality Maltipoo, Shih Tzu, and Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale in Alabama. They have CKC and AKC registered puppies along with stud service available with them.

Imperial Puppy Palace breeder information:

#6 Ace Farms Poodles & Doodles

Another reputed breeders located in Arab, AL are the Ace Farms Poodles and Doodles breeders. They are standard Poodle breeders occasionally dealing in the sale of Maltipoo puppies. They are experienced and selfless breeders that strive to bring love to thousands of families through providing authentic and genuine Maltipoo puppies to them.

Ace Farms Poodles & Doodles breeder information:

#7 Puppy Den

The Puppy Den breeders are another trusted breeders locate din Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA. They are pioneer Maltipoo breeders with over 15 years of breeding experience. From supporting local animal rescue groups to helping rehome all the adult rescues, the Puppy Den breeders are small local breeders aiming to empower families with the best Maltipoo puppies for the right price.

Puppy Den breeder information:

#8 Lisa’s Pets

The Lisa’s Pets breeder has been breeding and raising quality Maltipoo puppies for over past 30 years. All the puppies available with the Lisa’s Pets breeder have been raised in a clean environment, have been wormed along with current shots. They have CKC and ASDR registered puppies for sale available. Their health guaranteed puppies would make the perfect choice any day.

Lisa’s Pets breeder information:

#9 Red Poppy Pets

The Red Poppy Pets are another fine Maltipoo breeders located in Crane Hill, Alabama, USA. They are responsible and acclaimed Maltipoo breeders in Alabama with good years of experience. You will find quality Maltipoo puppies along with some other popular designer breeds here. 

Red Poppy Pets breeder information:

#10 Sweethaven Kennels

Sweethaven Kennels is one established breeder located in La Fayette, Alabama, USA. They are responsible Maltipoo breeders that strive to empower families with the perfect pups for their home. They are passionate and enthusiastic Maltipoo breeders with over 20 years of experience in breeding. They have healthy and professionally trained Maltipoo puppies for sale in Alabama available. 

Sweethaven Kennels breeder information:

#11 2 Sisters Doodles

The 2 Sisters Doodles breeders are pioneer Maltipoo breeders having tons of recommendations for their customers. They are caring and attentive breeders with strong and healthy Maltipoo pups available. They have well-tempered, family-oriented, and socializing Maltipoo pups. Their health-guaranteed and good tempered Maltipoo puppies are worth checking out.

2 Sisters Doodles breeder information:

#12 Mountain Spring Farm Doodles

Maltipoo breeders in Alabama

The Mountain Spring Farm Doodle have been breeding top quality Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, and Maltipoo pups for over 17 years now. They offer excellent temperament and health puppies to help families get home the perfect family pet. 

Mountain Spring Farm Doodles breeder information:

#13 Lighthouse Puppies

The Lighthouse Puppies are another popular breeders located in Steele, Alabama, USA. They are specialist breeders dealing in well-behaved, good temperament, and healthy Maltipoo, Miniature Dachshunds, and West Highland Terrier puppies for sale in Alabama. Learn more about these breeders or get in touch with them through the details given below.

Lighthouse Puppies breeder information:

#14 Angel Paws Breeders

Located in Valley, AL, the Angel Paws Breeders are another established breeders in Alabama, USA. They are family run and family-owned business breeders that strive to offer beautiful and healthy Maltipoo puppies for sale in Alabama. Their pre-spoiled and highly socializing Maltipoo puppies come with appropriate shots, wormed, and one year genetic health guarantee.

Angel Paws Breeders breeder information:

#15 Sugar Creek Kennels

Located in Athens, the Sugar Creek Kennels are another trusted breeders in Alabama. They are quality breeders dealing in genuine and affordably priced Maltipoo puppies. You can connect with through call or book an appointment to learn more.

Sugar Creek Kennels breeder information:

  • Address: Athens, Alabama, USA
  • Phone: +1 256-729-0202
  • Website: N/A
  • Social Media: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Price Range: $1500

#16 ColbyDoo Bull Terriers 

Founded in 2001, the ColbyDoo Bull Terriers breeders are also famous breeders located in Blountsville, Alabama, USA. These acclaimed breeders have helped thousands of families in the state of Alabama get home some of the best Bull Terriers and Maltipoo pups.

ColbyDoo Bull Terriers breeder information:

#17 Dixie Darlin’ Dogs

Located in Baileyton, the Dixie Darlin’ Dogs are also genuine Maltipoo breeders in Alabama. Their genuine quality, good temperament, and healthy Maltipoo pups would also make great family pets any day. 

Dixie Darlin’ Dogs breeder information:


Finding the right Maltipoo puppy for your home is not at all an easy task. But getting in touch with some of the most reputed and established Maltipoo breeders in Alabama can more than help. In this article, we have included all the essential information about some of the best breeders located in Alabama. With the main objective to help you get home one of the best Maltipoo puppies for the right price. We hope our detailed breeder information will help you find the best Maltipoo pup amongst all the available Maltipoo puppies for sale in Alabama.  

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